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#BlogTour! #Review – The One Who’s Not the One by Keris Stainton (@Keris) @Bookouture

If you saw my posts on twitter the other night, you’ll know just how excited I am to be sharing my review of Keris Stainton’s new novel today. Huge thanks to Bookouture for the blog tour invite and ARC.

Cat’s life has hit a brick wall. Since her ex ditched her without ceremony five years ago she’s quit stand-up comedy, landed in a steady but dull job, and lives in a tiny flat with roommates she knows only as The One Who Eats All My Food and The One Who Has Really Loud Sex.

So when she bumps into old friend Harvey and sparks fly, Cat is surprised – and horrified, because Harvey is her ex’s brother, and so absolutely, 100% off-limits romantically. Even if his dimples do make her insides fizz…

When she’s offered a new job abroad, Cat is tempted to accept – and leave her depressing flat and mess of a love life behind her. But will running away from her problems really solve them?

What does TWG think?

Have you ever sat and pondered how bees mate? I can’t say that it’s something I say and googled whilst drinking my brew, however I will hold my hands up and say that, after reading ‘The One Who’s Not the One’, I unashamedly Googled a bees balls. I’m not even joking, and no, I won’t tell you why I did that, but if you read this book it will all make perfect sense!

OMG the sounds that were coming out of my mouth were very questionable – I could NOT stop laughing!!! Cat has got to be THE most funniest character I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Her one liners are absolutely brilliant, and the way that she always has something funny to say about every situation had me channeling my inner seal and pig mating. As you do, obviously!

Now, there is a young lad in the story who is, even at the young age he is, a dude you want to have as your best friend like right now. Plus, with a name like ‘Arnold’, I couldn’t help but picture the popular namesake from the TV show, ‘Hey Arnold’. You’re welcome…

Cat’s relationship with her best friend is one of a kind and made for excellent reading. However, don’t hate me when I say this but geez there were times where I just wanted to shake Cat and tell her to stop being so selfish! I mean, not everything is about her and yet she seemed to make most situations into the ‘Cat Show’. I did like her, don’t get me wrong, I just wished that she would change the record more often!

‘The One Who’s Not the One’ is such a charismatic, energetic, addictive and utterly hilarious read which left my sides needing sewing and my brain thinking ‘whaaaaa?!’ (In a good way, obvs). I absolutely loved this book and, like Keris Stainton’s previous books, this author has knocked it out of the park once again in more ways than one.

Full of witty anecdotes, brilliant friendships, budding romances, and of course the knowledge of bees, ‘The One Who’s Not the One’ is definitely The One for me.

Buy now!

About the author.

Keris Stainton was born in Canada, grew up on the Wirral, lived in London for a while and now lives in Lancashire with two boys, two guinea pigs, and an unhealthy (but enjoyable) obsession with One Direction. 

She’s written books for children, teenagers, and adults and can almost always be found on Twitter.


Author Links: 



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#BlogTour! #Extract from #BadSeed by Heleyne Hammersley (@hhammersley66) @BloodHoundBook @LifeBookish

Stepping in last minute to take part in the Bloodhound Books blog tour for ‘Bad Seed’ by Heleyne Hammersley. Before I share an extract, here is a little bit more about the and the all important ‘buy’ link:

When the body of a woman is discovered near Doncaster’s red light district, DI Kate Fletcher is called to the scene. 

The victim has an abdominal wound that looks like a Caesarean incision, leading the police to believe she may have been pregnant.

Kate’s team establish the woman’s identity but it soon becomes clear that those close to her have something to hide.

The post-mortem reveals the victim wasn’t pregnant and, when a second body is discovered with similar wounds, the police realise they are hunting for a serial killer with a sinister fixation.

Can Kate solve the case before another woman dies?

And can a ruthless, methodical killer be brought to justice?

Buy now from Amazon UK


DI Kate Fletcher unbuttoned her jacket, breathing heavily in the humid air as she studied the scene in front of her. The body of a woman was lying on her back amid the lush vegetation which bounded much of Doncaster’s Town Fields like the hair around a monk’s tonsure. The body was surrounded by crimescene technicians who continued their work as Kate approached. She kept back beyond the blue-and-white crimescene tape and followed the step plates with her eyes, knowing that she wouldn’t be welcome to approach until she’d donned protective clothing.

She could make out dark hair and pale limbs but little else from where she was standing, as the body had been dumped amongst nettles and cow parsley that were as high as Kate’s waist in full June growth.

‘What have we got?’ she asked the nearest overall-clad figure. He turned to face her and she recognised her colleague, DC Barratt. He took a couple of steps towards her and lowered the hood of his overalls, messing up his hair and revealing patches of pink scalp through the thinning strands.

‘Body of a woman. Looks like she’s about thirty or so. Undressed from the waist down so possible sexual assault, but obviously we won’t know until the test results are back.’

‘Cause of death?’ Kate asked.

Barratt glanced round at the other people attending and then lowered his voice. ‘They haven’t been able to establish that yet but there’s a whacking great wound in her abdomen. They were just debating whether it was pre- or post-mortem when you arrived. There’s also bruising round her neck and throat so strangulation’s another possibility.’

Kate nodded and glanced again at the body. She was tempted to find a set of overalls and get a closer look but she didn’t want to undermine Barratt. She knew that there would be photographs and notes and she also knew that Barratt’s report would be fastidiously detailed.

‘Who found her?’

Barratt gestured to a support van parked on the running track that went around the top section of the field. A man in sports clothes was sitting on the back step, nursing a cardboard cup of something that Kate hoped was hot and sweet. Another of her DCs, Hollis, was standing next to the van but he didn’t appear to be talking to the man.

‘Bloke over there with Hollis. He was setting up a football training session for a team of pre-teens. Does it at weekends and in the school holidays. Thankfully he found the body before the kids arrived.’

Kate thanked Barratt and crossed the grass to the van where the man had stopped studying his drink and was looking up at her expectantly.

‘DI Fletcher,’ Kate introduced herself. ‘I understand that you found the body?’

He nodded and stood up, holding out his hand, which Kate ignored. ‘Duncan Cawthorne.’

‘Okay, Duncan. I want you to tell me what happened this morning. My colleague, DC Hollis, will make notes if that’s all right with you?’

Cawthorne watched as Hollis took a notebook and pencil from the inside breast pocket of his suit jacket. ‘I get down here early on a Sunday,’ he began. ‘Have a bit of a run and then set up for the kids.’

Kate appraised him as she listened to his account of arriving at the car park, jogging for half an hour and then retrieving the cones and balls from his car so he could set up a course for ‘the kids’. He was probably in his early thirties, well built and tall. He was wearing baggy grey tracksuit bottoms and a zip-up red hoody with a Doncaster Rovers badge below the left shoulder. His hair was hidden under a tight-fitting grey beanie hat with DRFC emblazoned across the front. He’d obviously dressed for his role as a football coach. His broad face was clean-shaven and tanned – Kate suspected a sunbed or a spray considering the grey cloud that seemed to have enveloped Doncaster for much of the spring and early summer.

‘And then I saw her,’ Cawthorne was saying. ‘Just lying on her back in the bushes.’

Kate glanced across to the police tape. It was a few hundred yards away from the neat row of miniature traffic cones that had been set up next to the running track. She looked at Hollis. He’d stopped making notes and was looking at where the body lay. He’d also spotted the anomaly.

About the author.

Heleyne Hammersley is a British writer based in Cumbria. She writes psychological suspense thrillers and crime novels.

Heleyne has been writing since junior school – her first work was a collection of poems called ‘Give Them the Works’ when she was ten years old. The poems were carefully handwritten on plain paper and tied together with knitting wool. 

When she’s not writing, Heleyne can often be found wandering on the fells or in the local park with her dog.



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#BlogTour! #Review – Finding Stevie by Cathy Glass (@CathyGlassUK) @HarperNonFic

I am a huge fan of Cathy Glass, so it gives me great pleasure to be today’s stop on the blog tour for her new release, ‘Finding Stevie’. Many thanks to Rosie and the team at HarperNonFic for the blog tour invite and review copy.

Finding Stevie is a dark and poignant true story that highlights the dangers lurking on online.

When Stevie’s social worker tells Cathy, an experienced foster carer, that Stevie, 14, is gender fluid she isn’t sure what that term means and looks it up.

Stevie, together with his younger brother and sister, have been brought up by their grandparents as their mother is in prison. But the grandparents can no longer cope with Stevie’s behaviour so they place him in care.

Stevie is exploring his gender identity, and like many young people he spends time online. Cathy warns him about the dangers of talking to strangers online and advises him how to stay safe. When his younger siblings tell their grandmother that they have a secret they can’t tell, Cathy is worried. However, nothing could have prepared her for the truth when Stevie finally breaks down and confesses what he’s done.

What does TWG think?

Wow – this book knocked me for six. Now, as a fully fledged Cathy Glass fan, I am well aware of just how emotional her books can be, yet nothing prepared me for what my eyes were going to digest in ‘Finding Stevie’.

Stevie has been put into care voluntarily, and it’s now Cathy’s job to guide the lost boy that he is. I say ‘lost’ because underneath of the bravado, Stevie is incredibly lost. He’s at a point in his life where he isn’t sure about his gender, identity, and doesn’t quite understand that his actions can have disastrous outcomes. That said, it angered me at times how Stevie just couldn’t see how much danger he had put his loved ones in. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that he may not have had the guidance regarding technology, like other teenagers, but he clearly knew his actions were wrong so why go through with it?

I’m not shaming at all as I do appreciate how much of a uncertain personality he was, which was heartbreaking to see. I wanted him to do well, and I wanted him to finally be comfortable in himself to be happy.

The undercurrent theme in this book really got under my skin and I won’t lie, I couldn’t shake the feeling of my skin crawling long after I had finished the book. With that in mind, it just goes to show how close to the bone and real Cathy’s stories are because, of you aren’t already aware, they are true stories and the fact that she was able to convey that on paper was utterly mind blowing.

I have never ‘seen’ Cathy lose her cool in any of the books I’ve read, yet my heart went out to her and her family because they couldn’t help but be affected by the choices that Stevie made.

Cathy Glass has written a book which makes you think just how difficult life can be if you don’t have the correct guidance. I admire Cathy for what she does and how much she gives to all of the children she fosters. Yes, ‘Finding Stevie’ played with my emotions and had me cuddling my daughter even tighter, but Cathy Glass has outdone herself once again with this eye opening, poignant, and heartbreaking read. Never mind Cathy giving others hugs, I want to give her one!!

Buy now!

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#BlogTour! #Review – #TheScentOfDeath by Simon Beckett (@BeckettSimon) @HJ_Barnes @TransworldBooks

Fifth and final blog tour of the day is for yet another suspenseful read; ‘The Scent of Death’ by Simon Beckett. Many thanks to Hayley Barnes for the blog tour invite and ARC. Please do excuse my late posting – I was fighting with my daughters pet bunny (don’t worry, no bunnies were harmed!!). Here is my review:

It’s been a good summer for forensics expert Dr David Hunter. His relationship is going well and he’s in demand again as a police consultant. Life is good.

Then a call comes from an old associate: a body has been found, and she’d like Hunter to take a look.

The empty shell of St Jude’s Hospital now stands awaiting demolition, its only visitors society’s outcasts, addicts and dealers. A partially mummified corpse has been discovered in the hospital’s cavernous loft, but not even Hunter can say how long it’s been there. All he knows for sure is that it’s the body of a young woman. And that she was pregnant.

But the collapse of the loft floor reveals another of the hospital’s secrets. A sealed-off chamber, still with beds inside. Some of them occupied…

For Hunter, what began as a straightforward case is about to become a twisted nightmare that threatens everyone around him. And as the investigation springs more surprises, one thing is certain.

St Jude’s hasn’t claimed its last victim . . .

What does TWG think?

My poor bank account! I think I’ve found another series I need to stock up on! I cannot believe I have never read a Simon Beckett novel before. I am pleased to say that, despite ‘The Scent of Death’ being the sixth book in the series, it works well as a stand-alone. Obviously if you wanted to know more about the history of the characters, reading previous books would be advantageous I assume….seeing as I haven’t done that. Sniff.

If it were anything other than fiction, dead bodies wouldn’t really be something I would lean towards, however when Simon Beckett makes his readers aware of a dead body or two at the very beginning, I was gripped right there and then.

I thought that the storyline was very well thought out and clearly meticulous planned, especially as there was a lot going on and a lot of events seemed to interlink with each other. The main character, David Hunter, is a tough personality to gauge. He is admirable what with his job and what not, but there were several kinks in his personality which left me a little bit unsure about him overall. Not complaining though!

‘The Scent of Death’ is definitely a story which takes the readers on a journey. I loved witnessing things from David Hunter’s point of view as and when he found them, as it added to the suspense and kept my attention focused on the storyline for the duration.

I am gutted that I didn’t find this series sooner, but I cannot wait to binge read from book one. Simon Beckett is such a captivating storyteller who delivers grit and intensity in a way which makes my toes tingle – an author who is now high on my radar!

Buy now!

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#BlogTour! #Review – #AsSickAsOurSecrets by A.B.Whelan (@AuthorABWhelan) @AnneCater

Fourth blog tour of the day, and second one for RandomThingsTours, is my review of A.B.Whelan’s ‘As Sick As Our Secrets’. Many thanks once again to Anne for the blog tour invite and ARC. Here is my review:

As Sick As Our Secrets Cover
What would you do if you found out your husband was a serial killer?

Olivia Campbell has the life most women want. A respected husband, beautiful home, and the freedom that only financial security can provide.

But not all is as it appears…

Olivia has secrets, and after discovering a hidden journal in her husband’s study, she realizes that she’s not the only one.

As her picture perfect world starts to fall apart around her, Olivia wonders just how deep the secrets run as she finds herself immersed in the investigation of a young missing girl.

Some coincidences are just too hard to ignore, but how far is she willing to go to discover the truth?

What does TWG think?

Oh bloomin’ eck – I cannot fault this book for its intensity, suspense, and mind-blowing level of grit, but sheeeeeesh it really is like the title suggests; sick!! Of course I don’t mean that rudely, I mean that in the ‘sick and twisted’ sense, because it really is!!

‘As Sick As Our Secrets’ isn’t the type of thriller which describes the characters actions and leaves a little bit of mystery for the readers to decipher in their own mind. Instead it’s the type of thriller which describes actions in such intense and chilling detail, explaining the twisted event in such a manner which creates a picture in the reader’s mind which includes feelings of nausea and thoughts such as; ‘WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?’. To be brutally honest, my mind couldn’t decipher the storyline any other way than what the author wrote! Again, no, I’m not saying that as though it’s a bad thing, it was just difficult for me to digest at times because I couldn’t get over just how ‘what the f…..’ the characters in this book could be.

A.B.Whelan is a very clever and dynamic author who certainly knows how to grab her readers by their anatomy! Even if I wanted to put this book down, I don’t think I would have been able to, purely down to my level of intrigue. This book may be very twisted and a bit nauseating, but it works in a way I never, ever imagined myself saying.

A magnetic, stomach churning, twisted read which took over my mind, body and soul. I was certainly put under A.B.Whelan’s spell…will you be?

Buy now from Amazon UK
Buy from Amazon US

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#BlogTour! #Review – Say You’re Sorry by Karen Rose (@KarenRoseBooks) @Headlinepg @AnneCater

Halfway now! Third blog tour of the day is for ‘Say You’re Sorry’ by Karen Rose. Many thanks, as always, to RandomThingsTours for the blog tour invite, and thank you to Headline Books for the ARC. Here is my review:


Special Agent Gideon Reynolds has tried hard to put his past behind him. He escaped the violence of his cult upbringing when he was just thirteen, and since then routine and discipline have been his way of making sense of the world. But when a petite blonde woman crashes into his life, he begins to realize that a little bit of chaos might not be so bad.

Daisy Dawson has had more than her fair share of pain too – but she’s done being a victim. Daisy’s determined to explore every new experience she can – including getting to know the dark and serious FBI investigator she meets when she fights off a masked attacker one night.

It soon becomes clear that Daisy’s attack was just the beginning. Now the bloodied bodies of young women are showing up all over California, and, as Gideon tries to find the killer, it’s clear that Daisy is in more danger than they ever realised…

What does TWG think?

Not only is ‘Say You’re Sorry’ a brand new series, it is the very first book written by Karen Rose that I have ever read. Not bad for one book!

Oh I was hooked straight away!! Gideon didn’t strike me as your ‘typical’ agent and I felt that that added to his charm and likability factor a lot more. Don’t get me wrong, his character seemed to be a tough nut to crack at times, but again that added another dimension to the novel which gripped me even more. Why wasn’t he so forthcoming? What was he trying to ‘run’ from?

There is a lot more to this storyline that meets the eye, a lot of which takes a while to become clear to the readers. I loved the intense level of suspense and the feeling of not knowing was around the corner. I felt that the characters were brilliantly crafted and absolutely perfect for the overall vibe of the book as their uncertainty allowed goosebumps to fill my body.

I am being intentionally vague with my review as ‘Say You’re Sorry’ is a very complex and interlinked storyline, so I don’t want to give anything away to jeopardise anyone else’s opinions of the book.

What I will say, however, is that I am shocked at myself for not picking up a Karen Rose novel until now, and I am very looking forward to delving further into this new series.

A complex, crafty, and highly suspenseful novel – a fantastic start to a new series!

Buy now!

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#BlogTour! #Review – #MyLastLie by Ella Drummond (@DrummondElla1) @HeraBooks @BOTBSPublicity

20th FEB_ Nicki's Book Blog My Chestnut Reading Tree Nemesis Blog Rather Too Fond of Books 21st FEB_ Cheekypee Reads And Reviews Hooked From Page One Ginger Book Geek Novel Deelights 22nd FEB_ Jennifer - Tar Heel Re
Second blog tour of the day is for ‘My Last Lie’ by Ella Drummond. Many thanks to BOTBSPublicity for the blog tour invite, and many thanks to Hera Books for the ARC. Here is my review:


New beginnings. Old secrets.
Theo and Pilar. The perfect couple.

Successful, beautiful and very much in love.
Until a year ago – and the tragedy that nearly tore them apart.
When their baby died, a part of them died with him.
Now they’re trying to rebuild themselves, moving to a stunning house in rural Cornwall.
But someone knows all their secrets – and will stop at nothing to disturb their fragile peace.

Theo and Pilar are about to learn that you can try to hide – but you can never outrun your past

What does TWG think?

At the very start of the book we are introduced to a very happy and loved up couple, Theo and Pilar. I couldn’t help but feel happy for the couple I had only just met – they were going to have a baby and their family was going to go from two, to three. So, when tragedy struck, I felt devastated for them both and the journey they were about to endure. How could they come back from the death of their child? How can ANYONE move on from that? Theo and Pilar tried their best to move forward by moving house and starting again, but, with the feeling of constantly looking over her shoulder weighing on Pilar’s mind, the storyline of ‘My Last Lie’ didn’t take long to turn sinister.

If you enjoy stories which contain a truck load of characters and a toppling mountain of red herrings, all wrapped up in highly suspenseful wrapping paper, then you will absolutely adore ‘My Last Lie’. There is a lot going on throughout the book, and there are a lot of characters coming and going who do their own fair share of making the tension between Theo and Pilar mount. It’s safe to say that poor Pilar hadn’t gotten over their tragedy, nor has she managed to put her faith back in her husband after what he did. However I could see that she was trying – I really did feel for her, I must admit.

Ella Drummond’s novel isn’t one which screams ‘ROLLERCOASTERRRRRR’ from the onset, it’s more of a story which drip feeds readers snippets of information, upping the level of suspense with each new chapter. Yes, it is a slow burner but given the nature of the storyline and the main characters lives, I don’t think it would have worked if it was anything but. I’m not saying that the story doesn’t pick up speed as it progresses, because it does, but it’s very subtle and cleverly done which, in all honesty, knocked me sideways as I wasn’t expecting it to happen.

I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of things mucking with my head and being unsure of whom to believe in the storyline, and I adored just how engaging Ella Drummond’s storytelling was – this author certainly knows how to set the scene and get her readers on side. Well, we’re led to believe that!

A gritty, psychologically twisted novel which left me trusting nobody, not even myself. I cannot WAIT to read more from this author if this ‘debut’ is anything to go by. Such a cracking read.

Buy now!

About the author.

Ella Drummond recently signed a two-book deal with Hera Books. Her first psychological thriller, My Last Lie will be published in February 2019 and is available for pre-order now.

She lives with her husband on the island of Jersey and you can follow her on Twitter @drummondella1 and Facebook:

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#BlogTour! #Review – Where Angels Fear by D.K.Hood (@DKHood_Author) @Bookouture

thumbnail_Where Angels Fear - Blog tour
It’s another busy day here at TWG, and the first of five blog tours is for ‘Where Angels Fear’ by D.K.Hood. Many thanks to Bookouture for the blog tour invite and ARC. Here is my review:


As she opened her eyes and took in her surroundings, a feeling of terror ran through her weakened body. She knew exactly where she was. And she knew exactly what was about to happen to her…

 When Ella Tate stumbles into Black Rock Falls, her exhausted and bloodied body is a terrifying sight, but not as frightening as the story she has to tell. Ambushed on their way into town when they stopped to help a man by the side of the road, Ella and her friend Sky ran when he pulled a knife on them. But only one of them got away.

 As Detective Jenna Alton investigates the case, she looks into the history of missing persons in the town, and uncovers more cases – all young people. All stopped on the same stretch of road into town. All vanished without a trace.

When a distinctive pink sweater belonging to Sky turns up in Black Rock Falls, Jenna follows the trail to a derelict building on the outskirts of town. But she isn’t prepared for what lies behind those doors. Can she stop the killer before more lives are lost?

What does TWG think?

Kane and Alton are back!!! Boy, do I love this series or do I love this series?!? I cannot believe we are up to book number five already! The beauty of this series is that all books can be read as a standalone, so you don’t have to read the books in order to appreciate the storylines. That said, because I am a HUGE fan of the two Detectives, I would of course recommend that you read all of the books anyway.

Black Rock Falls doesn’t really have a good reputation really, does it? I mean, there seem to be A LOT of people who end up losing their lives in that place! Alton and Kane have their work cut out once again when they become aware of a murderer who insists of being ‘invisible’, taking their victims with them. But how long can they stay ‘invisible’ for? If Jenna Alton had her way, the culprit would be locked up faster than she and Kane could reach their local eatery. Unfortunately that is not the case and yes, I found myself becoming rather frustrated by the killer. Why couldn’t they just slip up already?

I would say that the contents of ‘Where Angels Fear’ is quite graphic due to the nature of the murders and the events which come afterwards. It does make for a very chilling read, I shan’t lie, but goodness me it works. I think I would have been more surprised if one of D.K.Hood’s storyline was tame.

‘Where Angels Fear’ is definitely one of those spine tingling, constantly look over your shoulder, type of read which left my mouth dry and my heart racing. I loved the slow burning first half of the book as it set the scene and created such an intense and toe curling vibe for the rest of the storyline. Yet, on the other side of the coin, I adored the racy, rollercoaster feel of the second half of the book when Kane and Alton were hot on the killers tail. And Rowley…well!!!

Another absolutely fantastic instalment to the series, D.K.Hood has upped the ante once again and left me wanting more. I hope this series continues for many, many more books…although could they please come with free oxygen masks or paper bags? 😉

Buy now!

About the author.

I’ve always had a wicked sense of humour and was the kid who told the ghost stories around the campfire. I am lucky to have family all over the world and have spent many vacations in places from Paris France to Montana USA and Australia. I use the wonderful memories from these visits to enhance my stories.
My interest in the development of forensic science to solve crime goes back many years. I enjoy writing crime, mystery and thrillers. With many stories, waiting for me to write I’ll look forward to sharing many spine-tingling stories with you.

D.K. Hood is an active member of International Thriller Writers.

Author Social Media Links:





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#BlogTour! #Review – The Girl Next Door by Phoebe Morgan (@Phoebe_A_Morgan) @HQStories

Apologies for the late in the day posting, but I have just this moment finished reading the book after a little mix up! I am very excited to be reviewing Phoebe Morgan’s latest novel, The Girl Next Door, on my blog today. Many thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

One little lie just became deadly…

Perfect mother. Perfect wife. Jane Goodwin has spent years building her picture-perfect life in the quiet town of Ashdon.

So when the girl next door, sixteen-year-old Clare Edwards, is found murdered, Jane knows she must first protect her family.

Every marriage has a few white lies and hers is no exception. Jane’s worked hard to cover up her dark secret from all those years ago – and she’ll do anything to keep it hidden…

What does TWG think?

Bloomin’ eck!!! I feel like I need to sit in a cold, dark room and think after reading that!

There’s one thing being an inquisitive neighbour, and then there’s another thing being the type of neighbour who breathes the movements of who they live next door. Jane is definitely the latter, however to other people she is the creme de la creme of the village, and her neighbour, Clare, is like a big jar of honey for Winnie the Pooh. Basically all the boys want her!

‘The Girl Next Door’ is a psychological rollercoaster ride of a read! I didn’t know who to believe, where to look, or what to think! I felt sorry for Jane because of the situation I thought she was in, yet she had to be brave for her children – at what price though?

I am knackered after being severely invested in the comings and goings of the villagers in Ashdown. And no, that is not a bad thing as Phoebe Morgan kept me on my toes throughout the entire novel.

What I loved most about this book was just how twisted the storyline was and how much it mucked around with my mind. It was as though the author put me into a false sense of security, what with the sheer level of turns and red herrings she had incorporated into the story.

‘The Girl Next Door’ is a brilliant, suspenseful novel which left my mind racing. The level of grit in the book was outstanding and I loved the fact that I was left questioning every little detail in the book, as well as the characters actions. I absolutely loved losing myself in the twisted lives of each and every character – I can not recommend it enough!

Buy now!

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#BlogTour! #Review – Locked Down by G.B.Williams (@GailBWilliams)

Sixth and final blog tour of the day is a review of ‘Locked Down’ by GB Williams. Many thanks to the author for the blog tour invite and ARC.

What DCI Piper dredges up when investigating the cold case of Terrence Whittaker’s disappearance is unexpected and unwelcome – especially when it links to a current missing persons case.

Charlie Bell’s only goal in life is ending the tyranny of the Mansel-Jones crime family.  

While Ariadne Teddington recovers after a car crash, her missing brother’s case is reopened, and a past she has always struggled to deal with comes back to haunt her. 

Finding the new lodger isn’t who she was expecting makes life a rollercoaster she can’t get off.

What will it take to get a criminal locked down for once and for all?

Can the present overcome the past?

And can any of them afford the price?

What does TWG think?

Before you get stuck into ‘Locked Down’, please do bear in mind that it is the third book in a series, so you may wish to purchase and read the previous two books before reading this one. I would advise that you do read the books in order so that you are able to build a better timeline in your mind of the main characters journeys, however that is your choice.

Wow, Ariadne has come a long way since I first met her in book one! She has drastically changed as well, but I suppose enduring the things that she has would certainly change a person!

‘Locked Down’ isn’t an easy book to read as it does contain some rather hard hitting themes. Kudos to the author for creating awareness about a subject which does actually happen in real life, and keeping the realistic nature there the entire way through. Things that happen in this book aren’t ones which can be taken lightly, yet GB Williams is brilliant at keeping her readers hooked and entertained throughout the book.

For me, the latest instalment wasn’t as fast paced as the other books, however the fact that we were able to see different sides to characters we have come to know and love (and sometimes dislike), I really don’t think that the pace needed to race by anyway.

‘Locked Down’ is such a gritty, powerful read which left my emotions bubbling and my mind racing. A highly suspenseful conclusion to a brilliant series.

Buy now.