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#BlogBlitz! #Review – Searching For Sylvia by Joanna Stephen-Ward (@OperaLover12) @bloodhoundbook

Many thanks to BloodHoundBooks for the blitz invite and ARC, here is my review of ‘Searching For Sylvia’ by Joanna Stephen-Ward.

Sylvia has been missing for thirty years. Will her daughters ever find her?

Tordorrach is 70,000 acres of drought stricken land in the Australian outback. Why do a group of wealthy people from London want to buy it?

Shamus, the owner of Tordorrach, lives in poverty. His homestead is derelict and he is heavily in debt. The new owners run Outback Experience holidays on Tordorrach. Shamus becomes one of the gardeners, and he and his wife Mary move to a comfortable cabin on the property. Why does he hate the new owners so much that he plans to murder one of them?

The idyllic life of the new owners is shattered when the body of a woman is found buried on Tordorrach. Forensics find a bullet in her body. Who was she? And who murdered her?

What does TWG think?

‘Searching For Sylvia’ had me hooked from start to finish. This really is a storyline which keeps you guessing, makes you wonder ‘what if’, and puts an unsettled feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Set in the Australian outback, Joanna Stephen-Ward piqued my interest with her highly descriptive story telling. Instead of just reading the book, I felt as though I was transported to the setting itself, watching the journeys of the characters pan out.

Family dynamics play a big part in this book, for reasons which I won’t detail due to spoilers. However, all i will say is that, i couldn’t even begin to imagine what the Sylvia’s daughters were going through.

I throughly enjoyed the mysterious and emotive edge to the storyline. It was such a gritty book to be able to sink my teeth into, without getting confused. An absolute pleasure, and highly suspense joy to read.

Buy now.

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#BlogTour! #Review – The Ringmaster by Vanda Symon (@vandasymon) @OrendaBooks @AnneCater

Many thanks to Anne Cater and Orenda Books for the blog tour invite and ARC; here is my review of The Ringmaster by Vanda Symon.

Marginalised by previous antics, Sam Shephard, is on the bottom rung of detective training in Dunedin, and her boss makes sure she knows it. She gets involved in her first homicide investigation, when a university student is murdered in the Botanic Gardens, and Sam soon discovers this is not an isolated incident. There is a chilling prospect of a predator loose in Dunedin, and a very strong possibility that the deaths are linked to a visiting circus…

Determined to find out who’s running the show, and to prove herself, Sam throws herself into an investigation that can have only one ending…

What does TWG think?

I really suggest that, before reading ‘The Ringmaster’, that you read the previous book in the series. I didn’t do this and I wish I had, as I feel like my experience of the latest book would have been more in depth if I had.

‘The Ringmaster’ is rather clever and full of wit. I didn’t know want to make of Sam Shephard though, to be honest. I felt that the character had so much to give, yet had the type of personality which was multi layered and only available to those she trusted. Again, very cleverly done as my interest to Sam’s psyche, was constantly piqued.

I enjoyed the unique setting of the book, and felt that it put the storyline on the map in a way I have never seen before. I was very impressed by the well written passages, and complex storyline which left me wanting more.

I did, however, feel as though something was missing so for me personally, I struggled to gel with the pace of the book and the notion that I had missed out on something, whatever that may have been.

All in all, it was a pleasure to pop my Vanda Symon cherry, and I am very looking forward to losing myself in the authors witty and atmospheric words once again.

Buy now.

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#BlogTour! #Review – Bridesmaids by Zara Stoneley (@ZaraStoneley) @HarperImpulse @RaRaResources

Finalllyyyyyyyy!!! I am soooo excited to be able to FINALLY share my review of Zara Stoneley’s pretty in pink new book, ‘Bridesmaids’. Thank you to the publisher for the ARC, and to RaRaResources for the blog tour invite. I must say that the cover is making me rather hungry….


Meet Rachel, the beautiful bride with BIG plans for the perfect day! The venue is a castle and the dress is designer.  It’s just a shame her husband is a rat.

Maddie and Sally have only one thing in common – they both love the same man!
Beth is a newly single mum with a mystery baby daddy.  Surely the father isn’t someone the girls all know?
And then there’s Jane, the glue holding them all together, but being dumped doesn’t make her the happiest bridesmaid…especially with gorgeous flatmate Freddie complicating things.

Will the bride say, ‘I Do!’?  Or will her bridesmaids save the day…and find love along the way?  

What does TWG think?

Those with children, or those who have been around children, know that they are OUTSTANDING at doing things to shock people. Now, there is a little boy in this book who goes by the name of Joe. He sounds a cutie to be honest, and that was before he timed something perfectly!

Have you ever watched the rom-com ‘Bridesmaids’? Remember the scene where the characters are in an extremely posh, extremely expensive wedding dress shop when suddenly their stomachs make sounds to be people with IBS to shame. You know the one I’m on about? Yeah, that’s the one…the one where you should have just put your carrot stick in your hummus for your mid movie snack**. Don’t fret, baby Joe didn’t do what THEY did – there was only one of him, obviously. However, his perfectly timed, similar incident in a similar shop had me bursting out laughing screeching, ‘GO JOE!’. Let’s just say that karma is a bitch, and so is a particular character – he got her right where it hurt!!

** carrot stick? Try family sized bar of chocolate….

Apologies…I veered off a little bit…

Be prepared for mega amounts of drama in this book. Every single character has an entire cemetery of skeletons in their closets, with some of them waiting to do more damage than others. The main character, Jane, has a huge heart and is willing to do anything for anyone, even if it makes her upset or makes her run around like a blue bottomed fly. She’s had her heart broken big time and is now afraid to put her heart back out there in case it happens again. The perfect person to be a bridesmaid for her best friends wedding!!!!!!!!!

I adored Jane’s character, even if she annoyed me at times due to her stirring the pot and refusing to set the record straight instead of turning a situation into a ‘he said she said’. Granted, she wasn’t the only one to do that and yes, I won’t lie, it did annoy me because they were grown adults who were caught up in playground antics which could have easily have been rectified if they, surprisingly enough, actually spoke to each other! Too easy though, I know. As for her roommate, Freddie – I want one….

Beth, one of Jane’s old school friends, is an absolute legend. Omg. She is the person who will see someone looking like they have just been dragged through a hedge backwards, and tell them exactly that. Yes, I know that people like that get people’s backs up because of the, erm, bluntness of their words (I may or may not be speaking from experience), but wouldn’t you rather honesty than fakery? Again, yes, I do know that there is a way of saying things. Unfortunately I haven’t worked that out myself yet!!!

If you think that ‘Bridesmaids’ is going to be a sickly sweet, candy floss type of read due to the pretty in pink cover, then you will be most mistaken. I don’t do candy floss reads at all, and I can safely say that Zara Stoneley’s new book is anything BUT! It’s hilarious. It’s down to Earth. It’s modern. It’s romantic in the ‘staring you in the face’ sort of way. It’s relatable. It’s cosy. It is a bloody brilliant book which puts relationships of all shapes and sizes to the test, proving that if they’re true and meant to me, any relationship or friendship will stand the test of time.

I loved how relaxed and engaging Zara Stoneley’s story telling was, speaking to her readers as though they were best buddies instead of the ones on the other side of the paper. This author constantly surprises me with each book she produces, putting romance in the spotlight in an extremely realistic, relatable way which even makes the most UN-romantic of people, IE me, want to grab a piece of the action! And of the cake….

Buy now!

About the author.

Zara Stoneley is the USA Today bestselling author of The Wedding Date.

Born in a small village in the UK, she wanted to be a female James Herriot, a spy, or an author when she grew up. After many (many) years, and many different jobs, her dream of writing a bestseller came true. 

She writes about friendship, dreams, love, and happy ever afters, and hopes that her tales make you laugh a lot, cry a little, and occasionally say ‘ahhh’.

Zara now lives in a Cheshire village with her family, a lively cockapoo called Harry, and a very bossy (and slightly evil) cat called Saffron.

Zara’s bestselling novels include ‘No One Cancels Christmas’, ‘The Wedding Date’, ‘The Holiday Swap’, ‘Summer with the Country Village Vet’, ‘Blackberry Picking at Jasmine Cottage’ and the popular Tippermere series – ‘Stable Mates’, ‘Country Affairs’ and ‘Country Rivals’. 

Where you can find her-


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#BlogTour! #Review – The Dare by Carol Wyer (@carolewyer) @Bookouture

I think Carol Wyer has her own chair here at TWG, I feature her books that much! Anyway, today i am delighted to be closing the blog tour for #TheDare. Thanks to Bookouture for the tour invite and ARC. Here is my review:

Jane’s daughter is a good girl. But what is she hiding?

When thirteen-year-old Savannah Hopkins doesn’t come straight home from school as she always does, her mother Jane immediately raises the alarm. With her blonde ponytail and red school jumper, someone must have spotted Savannah.

Detective Natalie Ward is determined to help the distraught mother – her own daughter is the same age as Savannah. But before Natalie and her team can get started, their worst fears are confirmed when the teenager’s broken body is found in nearby shrubland.

Evidence points towards a local recluse, but just as Natalie closes the net around him, one of Savannah’s friends, Harriet, is reported missing. Harriet might look grown up and sophisticated but she is only fourteen…

As Natalie delves into the lives of both girls, she soon discovers a sinister video on both their phones, daring the girls to disappear from their families for 48 hours. She’s sure this is the key to the case, but before she can act, Harriet’s body is found discarded on a roadside.

Natalie’s superiors don’t have to put any extra pressure on Natalie. Devastated, she and her team work without sleep, watching that video over and over. But just as she thinks they’re getting close, the person Natalie loves more than anything goes missing.

Natalie is no stranger to loss. She is terrified and the clock is ticking. Can she push through her fear to catch this depraved killer, before her loved one becomes the next victim?

What does TWG think?

How are we on book number three in this series already? It’s gone so quickly!!! Do I think you should read the books in order? That’s a tough one to answer because, whilst the main storyline itself can be read as a standalone, there are a lot of hidden agendas between some of the characters which would have been discussed in previous books. It all depends on whether you like to know the history of the characters.

Back to this book – I flew through it like a dog on heat! Plus, considering that there was a certain reptile mentioned once or twice, I managed to not soil my pants in fear. Proud moment? I certainly think so!!! If it was any other author, I would have been all ‘nah thanks’ but, seeing as this author is one of my top favourites, I tried to ignore the fact that she included one of my ultimate fears in her book. Big of me, I know ;).

#TheDare is brilliant at highlighting the pressures behind, you guessed it, peer pressure between youngsters, and the devastating repercussions which could happen as a result of a bad decision.

Natalie, once again, has her stress levels raised and her patience regarding trust, pushed to the limit. At times I thought she was going to collapse because of everything, yet she showed what a strong and highly stubborn woman she is.

This book had my pulse raising, and the uncertainty of the conclusion left me extremely nervous. I wasn’t expecting the path the storyline took, and I thought the teasers and red herrings were brilliantly placed, upping the intensity several notches.

A sublime, atmospheric, twisted novel which gave me ‘the fear’ and left me wanting more….just without a reptile next time!

Buy now.

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#BlogBlitz! #Review – Rosie and Ruby by Patricia Dixon (@pbadixon) @bombshellpub

Many thanks to Heather for the blog blitz invite and ARC, here is my review of ‘Rosie and Ruby’ by Patricia Dixon.


Is their family bond unbreakable?

Ruby lives one-step away from poverty on a rundown, crime-infested estate in Manchester, with Stella, her feckless, self-centered a mother.

In the quiet suburbs of Cheshire Rosie, Ruby’s cousin leads a charmed, middle-class existence but feels suffocated by her domineering mother Doreen.

Although Stella and Doreen have little in common, they share the inability to show the love and loyalty that their daughters deserve.

Meanwhile, Olivia, a member of the elite Cheshire set, is aloof and distant, rattling around in her sprawling mansion, attending charity functions and hosting infamous bridge nights.

Her errant son Marcus lives his life in the fast lane, maximising the perks of the family firm whilst enjoying his jet setting bachelor existence, well away from the watchful eyes of his disapproving mother.

But when Ruby meets Marcus her life begins to crumble and one by one the secrets she has kept are exposed.

Can Rosie and Ruby’s bond survive? And in Ruby’s hour of need, will her cousin keep her promise, and come to her rescue?

What does TWG think?

I will hold up my hands here and say that I am on the fence with this one. For me, the premise of the book was brilliant and the differences between how other people live, regardless of whether are family or not, was such a poignant addition to the storyline. The fractured, family relationships were both heartbreaking and heartwarming, and unfortunately I was able to relate to a certain character and the situations they were thrown into.

However, whilst I 100% appreciated the power this storyline held, I found it exceptionally difficult to get into, and at times I thought that there wasn’t overly much for me to sink my teeth into, family dynamics aside. I know that Rosie and Ruby’s relationship was the heart of the book, but I did feel as though it was unnecessarily dragged out at times.

There is an air of suspense and secretive notions within the book, which did have me intrigued.

Overall, Rosie and Ruby is a story which has been written from the heart, with such soul and poignancy, highlighting just how heartbreaking society and relationships can be, regardless of what stage in life you are at.

Buy now.

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#LoveReadingBookBuzz! #GuestReview of #JasperSpaceDog by @HilsRobinson, from Eva, aka #BabyGarnet aged 5. @lovereadingkids @jasper_space

Jasper Space Dog smaller
It gives me great pleasure to welcome properly, for the first time ever, a guest reviewer to TWG! Now, some of you may already know of this person, and most of you won’t. However, I am absolutely positive that this won’t be the first time that you’ll see this person guest reviewing on my blog! So, without further ado, I am proud as punch to welcome my guest reviewer, my daughter Eva, aged 5, who will be reviewing ‘Jasper Space Dog’ by Hilary Robinson. Huge thanks to LoveReadingKids for the book buzz invite and ARC.

Jasper – Space Dog is the first in a series of hilarious stories about the ambitions of Charlie Tanner and his dog, Jasper. Released to mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, the story cleverly weaves facts about space missions with hilarious ideas about space. In their quest, Jasper and Charlie consult space experts to see if Jasper might make history too. Several considerations regarding the design and layout of Jasper Space Dog have been made including the use of dyslexie font and cream paper stock to assist those who may find some aspects of reading challenging.

Guest review – what does #BabyGarnet, Eva, think?

Jasper is too funny. the part about a cow jumping over the moon and the hot dogs made me really laugh. I liked how a man got called a superhero – I like superheroes. I liked the pictures of the doggy. the things about the man walking on the moon was interesting. I didn’t want the book to end. I loved it all, mostly the parrot and the dog, Jasper. I am looking forward to reading more books about Charlie and Jasper.

A little note from TWG.

To be perfectly honest, Eva has said it all really, but I just wanted to add my own thoughts on the book. I actually read ‘Jasper Space Dog’ before Eva’s bed time, saying that we would read a couple of chapters, not the entire book. Did that happen? Did it heck! She was so engrossed (and so was I), in the story, that she ended up staying up past her bedtime just so that we could finish reading. I thought it was absolutely brilliant – such a brilliantly written, humorous book which puts such a fun spin on learning. The addition of Neil Armstrong and the information about Apollo II was very well incorporated into the story, and at times Eva asked me if I was joking about someone walking on the moon. I am so looking forward to reading more about Charlie and Jasper’s adventures – I think we have now found a firm favourite bedtime story….especially seeing as I am currently reading it for the second time in two days.

Fabulous book!



(aged 29 and 4 months) – that won’t make sense unless you have read the book ;).

Purchase ‘Jasper Space Dog’ from Amazon now!

About the author.

Hilary Robinson is an award-winning radio producer and author of over 50 picture books. Awards include the 2016 Historical Young Quills Award for ‘Flo of the Somme.’ Radio credits include Private Peaceful for BBC Radio 2 and her series for Barry Humphries Forgotten Musical Masterpieces was listed as one of the top 30 artistic triumphs of 2016 by the Telegraph. Extracts from her book ‘A Song For Will and the Lost Gardeners of Heligan’ were read on BBC Radio 4.

About the Illustrator

Lewis James was supported by the Prince’s Trust through the Enterprise programme. Following the successful launch of his business, he continued his involvement with the Prince’s Trust as young ambassador. Lewis is mentored through Strauss House Productions by illustrator and branding expert, Mandy Stanley.

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#BlogBlitz! #Extract from ‘Caught in a Web’ by Joseph Lewis (@JRLewisAuthor) @RaRaResources

Anyone feeling as though they’re a spider right now? No? Just me…..

Anyway!!! Day four of the mini blog blitz is here, and for my stop today I have an extract from ‘Caught in a Web’ by Joseph Lewis. Many thanks to RaRaResources for inviting me to take part in the blog tour. Enjoy!


The bodies of high school and middle school kids are found dead from an overdose of heroin and fentanyl. The drug trade along the I-94 and I-43 corridors and the Milwaukee Metro area is controlled by MS-13, a violent gang originating from El Salvador. Ricardo Fuentes is sent from Chicago to Waukesha to find out who is cutting in on their business, shut it down and teach them a lesson.  But he has an ulterior motive: find and kill a fifteen-year-old boy, George Tokay, who had killed his cousin the previous summer.

Detectives Jamie Graff, Pat O’Connor and Paul Eiselmann race to find the source of the drugs, shut down the ring, and find Fuentes before he kills anyone else, especially George or members of his family. The three detectives come to realize that the ring has its roots in a high school among the students and staff.

Buy now from Amazon US
Buy now from Amazon UK

About the author.

Joseph Lewis has written five books: Caught in a Web; Taking Lives; Stolen Lives; Shattered Lives, and Splintered Lives. His sixth, Spiral into Darkness, debuts January 17, 2019 from Black Rose Writing. Lewis has been in education for 42 years and counting as a teacher, coach, counselor and administrator. He is currently a high school principal and resides in Virginia with his wife, Kim, along with his daughters, Hannah and Emily. His son, Wil, is deceased.

Lewis uses his psychology and counseling background to craft his characters which helps to bring them to life. His books are topical and fresh and appeal to anyone who enjoys crime thriller fiction with grit and realism and a touch of young adult thrown in.

Social Media Links 





Introduction to Brian, an Unofficial Member of the Evans’ Family.

Brian’s twin brother, Brad, died the summer before in a tragic shooting at a soccer game the summer before. His family hasn’t been the same since. His parents mourn the loss of their son, and Brian is neglected. He seeks comfort and receives it from Jeremy and his sons. He overheard the conversation between Brett and Jeremy, but didn’t enter the room because he didn’t want to intrude.

Sitting on the floor in the hallway near the doorway with his knees drawn up to his chest, Brian heard most of the conversation between Jeremy and Brett. He hadn’t intended to eavesdrop, but he didn’t want to butt in either. Still, he found he couldn’t leave. 

He never worried about getting hurt in soccer. It had never occurred to him. Sure, there was a sprained ankle and a bruised knee here or there and sometimes his hip pointer bothered him. Sometimes even his hamstring bothered him, but all of that was expected. Eventually they went away. Never did he ever think of quitting. He liked soccer too much, probably better than basketball, but he liked both. 

Twice, he heard Jeremy say that he was as important as Randy and Billy, George and Brett and Bobby. Twice, he heard Jeremy say that he was part of their family. Well, not actually a part of the family, but kind of. And he had heard Jeremy and Brett say that they loved him.

Ever since Brad had died, his parents had changed. In the year and a half since, he never had a conversation with his mom or dad like Brett had with Jeremy and that was unusual, because he and his brother always talked to his parents. Little things, big things, mostly everything. 

But all that changed the night Brad was shot and killed along with so many others. Part of the summer of death. Ever since that summer, his parents sat around the house like extras in The Walking Dead. 

Quietly, slowly, Brian stood up and walked back to the family room. 

George was covered with a light blanket and asleep on the couch with his dog, Jasmine, on the floor beside him. Billy was covered with a blanket and asleep on the floor next to the couch. 

Jasper, with his tail wagging, looked up at him from the floor next to the recliner. Brian knelt down and scratched the dog behind the ears and in return, Jasper licked Brian’s face. He hugged the dog and Jasper responded by snuffling into his neck. 

Brian stood up and sat down in the recliner and patted the chair, signaling to Jasper to join him. The dog jumped up and nestled in Brian’s lap as Brian curled up and fell back to sleep.

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#BlogTour! #Review – #AsFarAsTheStars by Virginia Macgregor (@VirginiaWrites) @HQStories

Many thanks to the team at HQStories for the blog tour invite and ARC, I am delighted to be reviewing ‘As Far As The Stars’ by Virginia Macgregor this evening on TWG.

How do you change what’s already written in the stars?

Christopher is the sort of guy that no one notices, yet when Air catches sight of him making intricate paper birds in the airport, she can’t look away.

But their worlds are about to collide in ways they never expected. Someone they love is on Flight 0217 from London Heathrow. And it’s missing.

Convinced that her brother was on a different flight, Air drives them hundreds of miles across the country, on a trip that will change their lives forever.

But how do you tell the person you’re falling for that you might just be the reason their life has fallen apart?

What does TWG think?

Have you ever sat and pondered about the stars, wondering why some are much brighter than others?

Have you ever sat and questioned your existence, your family relationships, and wonder whether you have ever truly belonged?

Have you ever been faced with a situation you don’t want to believe, knowing full well that, when you finally admit to yourself that it is indeed true, your world is about to come crashing down?

Air has. Christopher has. Up until that faithful day, Air and Christopher were strangers. They didn’t know the other one existed, nor did their paths unknowingly cross. Until that day in the airport. The day both of their lives changed forever…

The main character of this book, Air, is a 17 year old girl whose main aim in life is to go into space. Impressive. Reading a book from the viewpoint of a teenager isn’t something that happens very often. Not the entire book anyway. I was in awe at how in tune the author was with her character, and just how much detail she put into the personality of a young girl. It must be quite hard to channel an inner age, just so a storyline becomes more authentic.

I felt empathy towards Air as I felt that she had the whole world on her shoulders at times. It was a shame that, despite knowing which route to take career wise, her family dynamics were quite fractured and stressful.

‘As Far As The Stars’ has a premise which is highly emotional and one which caught me off guard. I mean, how can anyone deal with the aftermath of a plane missing at sea, hoping their loved ones will reappear as though the event never happened? I would be lying if I said I wasn’t affected by the turn of events, because I was. I thought that the author dealt with the topic incredibly sensitively and realistically and, whilst I found it very emotional, i couldn’t help but be impressed by the way in which it was delivered and incorporated into the overall storyline.

Personally, i found the storyline to be very slow at times, which made it a little difficult to regain my focus when things picked back up again. I thought that the soul searching between Air and Christopher was very powerful, but the storyline itself didn’t flow as seamlessly as I would have hoped.

However, I did enjoy the poignancy of the book and I adored Leda – what a character. An insightful, emotive read with an eye opening premise.

Buy now from Amazon

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#BlogTour! #Review – Swallowtail Summer by Erica James (@TheEricaJames) @OrionBooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n

Huge thanks to Tracy Fenton for the blog tour invite, I am excited to be reviewing Erica James’ new novel, ‘Swallowtail Summer’ today. Thanks go to Orion Books for the ARC.

They thought they were friends for life – until one summer, everything changed . . .

Linston End on the Norfolk Broads has been the holiday home to three families for many years. The memories of their time there are ingrained in their hearts: picnics on the river, gin and tonics in the pavilion at dusk, hours spent seeking out the local swallowtail butterflies. Everyone together.

But widower Alastair has been faced with a few of life’s surprises recently. Now, he is about to shock his circle of friends with the decisions he has made – and the changes it will mean for them all. For some, it feels like the end. For others, it might just be the beginning . . .

What does TWG think?

Okay, so I may have been a little impatient at first, wanting to be gripped from the get go. Erica James’ novels don’t work like that, and I don’t mean that negatively. ‘Swallowtail Summer’ is the type of read which takes patience for it to flourish, with the beauty of the authors words coming alive as the storyline progresses.

This is such a cosy, comforting and heartwarming read which made me sigh with contentment and apologise to the story for my lack of patience at the beginning. I’m being vague on purpose as I urge readers to discover the storylines beauty themselves, instead of me divulging too much.

Erica James is such a descriptive and magnetic writer, it was a delight being able to follow Alistair’s journey.

Buy now!

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#BlogTour! #Review – #YouSayItFirst by Susan Mallery (@SusanMallery) @MillsandBoon

Tonight I am squealing with excitement to bring you my review of ‘You Say It First’ by Susan Mallery. Huge thanks to Mills and Boon for the tour invite and ARC.

You’re invited to visit a wedding destination found only in a fairy tale…

Pallas Saunders adores running her quirky wedding venue, Weddings in a Box. But if she can’t turn the floundering business around, she’ll have no choice but to trade taffeta for a stable career.

Sculptor Nick Mitchell is struggling to fill his time between commissions, so takes a day job as carpenter at Weddings in a Box… The job has its perks—mainly the captivating owner, Pallas.

Then when a desperate bride wants something completely new, Nick inspires Pallas to think outside the box. Could building a dream wedding be the start of their fairytale?

What does TWG think?

I think Cinderella has finally met her match!!! This isn’t just a story with a fairytale element to it, it’s a story which puts fairytales on the map! Wow – I’m certainly not the romantic type, nor am I a woman who has been planning her wedding since she was knee high to a grasshopper, however after reading ‘You Say It First’, if someone asked me to marry them now, I would say yes! Strangers included!

Well, slight exaggeration there….I would need to know them first! ;). I’m sure you catch my drift anyway.

Pallas has been given a gift which has pushed her mothers nose out of joint so far, it requires its own postcode. It’s safe to say that Pallas and her mother don’t always see eye to eye, which is a shame but it does happen!

With her own love life being non-existent, Pallas spends her days coordinating the dream weddings for her clients. Zombies? Easy. Seahorses? How many do you want? Hunky Roman gods? Consider it done. The business, ‘Wedding in a box’ is certainly an ‘out of box’ experience, one which requires the entire village. I loved the unique premise of the story, and I just loved watching people’s dreams come true.

As i said above, I’m not the romantic type yet I felt the romance burning through the pages! Seriously, this book should come with a free fan or something, it was sizzling!!!! I believed the lust between certain characters. It seemed so natural and unforced which was even better.

Even though this wedding filled book contains a lot of va va voom and dancing in the sheets, there is a good dose of drama, family issues and emotional situations to keep you hooked while the characters recharge their batteries.

I throughly enjoyed ‘You Say It First’ as I was able to be transported to the village where the magic happens, making this a perfect escapism. Its cosy. Its fun. It was an absolute dream to read. My only little irk was that I felt the ending was a little rushed, but after going online to check out the author, I found out that ‘You Say It First’ is book one in the ‘Happy Inc’ series. I have now found a new favourite author!

A delightful, funloving novel, full of sizzling passion and brilliant comforts. Cannot recommend this enough!

Buy now!