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If you knew how your love story ends, would you dare to begin?

From the outside, Lorelai is an ordinary young woman with a normal life. She loves reading, she works at the local cinema and she adores living with her best friend. But she carries a painful burden, something she’s kept hidden for years; whenever she kisses someone on the lips, she sees how they are going to die.

Lorelai has never known if she’s seeing what was always meant to be, or if her kiss is the thing that decides their destiny. And so, she hasn’t kissed anyone since she was eighteen.

Then she meets Grayson. Sweet, clever, funny Grayson. And for the first time in years she yearns for a man’s kiss. But she can’t…or can she? And if she does, should she try to intervene and change what she sees?

Spellbinding, magical and utterly original, With This Kiss is one love story you will never forget.

Many thanks to HQ Stories for providing me with an ARC of the book. All thoughts are written unbiasedly.

TWG’s Thoughts

The blurb has a really good question right at the top; ‘If you knew how your love story ends, would you dare to begin?’

Would YOU? In all honesty, I hadn’t really thought about it before. I mean, I didn’t really have a reason to sit down and ponder whether my life choices would be different if I knew what the repercussions were for every decision made. I guess it’s like people asking whether you would read the ending of a book if it was written about your life. But what if you could change the course of those events?

That is the scary thing with life I suppose. You have to make decisions, sometimes really BIG decisions, completely oblivious to whether they will end positively or negatively, or whether they are indeed the right decision. It wasn’t until I read ‘With This Kiss’, that those thoughts started to swirl around my head. Lorelai was afraid of finding the one, afraid that once she locked lips with them their life would flash right before her eyes (literally) and she would know exactly how their life would end. No wonder she didn’t want to start a relationship with Grayson, especially once she realised that there was more to it than harmless flirting. But as I’ve just rambled, would it be worth it to take the chance?

Even though the storyline had quite a deep storyline to it, I actually found it to be quite uplifting and touching. I’m not saying that I found it entertaining reading about how characters reached their demise, however what I am saying is that, despite all of the uncertainty, the storyline was strong enough to stand on its own two feet and give the reader food for thought, even without the main prospect of death.

I wasn’t sure at all what to think when I first started reading, in fact I thought ‘With This Kiss’ was so far away from my usual reads, that I wouldn’t like it, as though it was a bit away with the fairies. Oh how wrong was I! ‘With This Kiss’ was my kind of read big time, and it wasn’t away with the fairies in the slightest, in fact I thought it was such a well rounded, life affirming, tender read and yes, I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it.

‘With This Kiss’ is guaranteed to give you hope in life, especially when life is one of the most uncertain things in the world.

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