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#BlogTour! #Review – The Lost Wife by Anna Mansell (@AnnaMansell) @Bookouture


Fans of Sheila O’Flanagan, Amanda Prowse and Kelly Rimmer will love The Lost Wife, the compelling story of a woman’s deepest secrets, and the friends and family who must learn to live without her.

‘An incredible, beautiful story of loss, love, forgiveness, moving on, overcoming grief, redemption and above all, hope.’ Renita D’Silva

When Ellie Moran passes away, she leaves her newborn son and husband Ed behind her. Their marriage was perfect, their lives everything they had hoped for. So why was Ellie keeping secrets from Ed?

Knowing he can never ask his wife the truth, Ed is struggling to cope. When the secrets threaten to tear his whole family apart, Ed turns to Rachel, the one person who sees him as more than just Ellie’s widower.

But then Rachel discovers something Ellie was hiding, something that would break Ed’s heart. Can Rachel help Ed to find peace without the wife he lost – and a second chance at happiness?

What does TWG think?

Oh Anna Mansell, what have you done to me, woman!! -snivvels-.

Ed Moran lost his beloved. Their son lost his mummy. Everything Ed does, reminds him of his late wife. Looking at his son, reminds him of his late wife. He has no-one to turn to, no-one on his side. Ed’s mother believes that his strength means that he can cope. What advice can you give to a man who has lost his wife?

I don’t really know what I was expecting with Anna Mansell’s new novel, but if I’m being perfectly honest, I wasn’t expecting what I read. I’m not saying that in a bad way either. For a storyline which is 100% heart-wrenching; it is unbelievably beautiful and, in a weird sort of way, it kept on giving. As readers we see Ed go through grief, trying to come to terms with not only his wife, but the mother of his son. How on Earth does he keep her memory alive for a son who would have no idea who she was?

Whenever I read books with an extremely high sentimental value, I try to spend time working out the emotion behind the actions (can you tell I’ve studied psychology?), yet with this book, I couldn’t. I had to let the storyline carry me until the end. I had to let the storyline become my brain so that I could focus on my own emotions whenever the storyline prevailed. In other words, I was an absolute mess and lost all sense of logical thinking.

‘The Lost Wife’ doesn’t just focus on grief and moving forward after death, it also focuses on family relationships and, most importantly; trust. I could see why Ed felt at the end of his tether due to his family, and he dealt with the secrets just like any human being. Who could blame him if he dealt with it any differently, and went off the rails?

I cannot, (as much as I have tried), put into words what Anna Mansell’s novel did to my heart. As a self-confessed Ice Queen, I think I now actually feel…..things! I’ve gone from being Elsa, to then being Snow White, all in a wave of a magic wand.

‘The Lost Wife’ needs to be experienced and devoured with your very own eyes. Reading second-hand thoughts on such a beautiful storyline does not do it justice at all. You need to be amongst Ed’s devastation. You need to be amongst Ed’s attempt of moving forward. You need to be amongst Rachel’s outsider advice.

You NEED to read ‘The Lost Wife’ and get swept away in its fairytale beauty of life, loss and finding your place in life.

Thanks Bookouture.

Buy now from Amazon UK

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Author Bio.

Anna had a brush with ‘fame’ as a magician’s assistant back in 1977. She later decided that being sawn in half by her father, at barely 6 months old, was too submissive a role, vowing to channel the trauma in to something much more pro-actively creative. Having failed at acting, singing and professional murder mystery parties (she was ALWAYs the one to die!), she fell to something much more solitary: writing. How To Mend a Broken Heart is her first novel and her life was not on the line in order to write it, or her second: The Lost Wife. Anna lives on a dairy farm in Cornwall with her two children, her husband, and her ex-racing greyhound, Olive Dog.

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#BlogTour! #Review – The Secrets of Villa Rosso by @LinnBHalton @BrookCottagebks

Secrets of Villa Rosso Tour Banner

Vill Rosso med
Escape to Italy for a summer romance to remember.

When Ellie Maddison is sent on a business trip to Southern Italy, she’s reminded why she loves her job – set amongst rolling vineyards and rich olive groves, the beautiful Villa Rosso is the perfect escape from her life back home. But what Ellie isn’t prepared for is the instant connection she feels to the estate’s director Max Johnson, or the secrets they share that are as intertwined as the rambling vines that cover Villa Rosso.

It’s not long before Ellie finds herself entangled in the history of the place, trying to understand the undeniable effect Max is having on her. As their relationship grows, what will Ellie discover about this idyllic villa and those who have walked through its doors?

What started as a simple work trip will change Ellie’s life forever.

What does TWG think?

Whenever Linn.B.Halton releases a new novel, it’s as though all of my Christmases have come at once. Yes, that’s every novel.

Expect this review to be short and sweet because, any review that I write, will not do the storyline justice at all. Even when I say that I absolutely adored ‘The Secrets of Villa Rosso’, that isn’t doing the book justice either. In all honesty, there aren’t enough words in the English language that can describe how much I adored this novel.

Ellie Maddison had to go to Italy at very short notice (shame!) to do with work. Whilst she is over the moon to have a change of scenery and time away just for herself, her husband back home isn’t happy that she is doing something for herself. Well, I thought that anyway! Arriving in Italy, Ellie felt an extremely strong connection to the country, the villa where she was staying and, weirdly enough, a strong sense of deja vu towards the estate’s director. Why does Ellie feel as though she knows the man already?

‘The Secrets of Villa Rosso’ is such a majestic and thought-provoking read. I don’t know how the author manages to produce flawless storylines every single time, but she does. Although, I felt like we were seeing a different side to Linn.B.Halton’s story telling as the storyline itself came across a lot deeper than the authors previous novels, and not in a bad way either!

The Secrets of Villa Rosso aren’t my secrets to tell, they’re Linn.B.Halton’s, which is why you need to read this book for yourself and get lost in the Italian magic.

I loved this book from start to finish; every single is written beautifully which allowed me to be transported to Italy from the comfort of my own sofa. As for the main character, Ellie; she really is a diamond in the rough, yet she is one of my most favourite characters from all of the books I have read.

Enchanting, mesmerising and beautiful addictive; The Secrets of Villa Rosso really is a book to watch for 2017. If you haven’t read a Linn.B.Halton novel yet – you must, you’re missing out on some incredible literary craftsmanship.

Highly recommended, I loved it.

Thanks Harper Impulse.

Buy now.




It isn’t just the sunshine and the electric blue sky, but the musical calls of the countryside that reach out to me. A chorus of low-level sounds play like a soft melody in the background. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and I feel like I’m watching a re-run of a favourite film. I could stand here for a long time simply taking in the detail and with each sweep of my eyes noticing something new. Spinning around I look back at the villa, taking in the rustic beauty of the stonework and the pale orange-red hue of the sun-bleached roof tiles. This is, quite simply, unreal. It’s a little piece of heaven and, so far removed from my daily life that it’s hard to believe this is on the same planet. The
sheer scale of the landscape literally steals your breath away. I’m a mere speck, small and insignificant in the grand scheme nature is presenting to me. But rather bizarrely, it doesn’t feel alien in anyway at all. The vastness isn’t overwhelming, but strangely comforting.

I walk back to a cluster of wooden tables surrounding a small fountain and take a seat. As I dive into my bag to extract some sunglasses, I hear a polite cough and look up at the face staring down at me.
‘Mrs Maddison? I’m Max, Max Johnson. Welcome to Villa Rosso.’
I stand, automatically plastering a pleasant smile on my surprised face as recognition kicks in. I know this man, I mean, I’ve met him before. At least I think I have, but there’s nothing similar reflected back at me, only a warm smile. The sort of smile that radiates out from mysteriously deep, hazel eyes. We shake hands. He’s younger than I expected, probably in his early forties and tall. Six foot something that’s for sure, because I feel he’s towering over me.
‘I’m sorry to disturb you. I just wanted you to know that I’m here at your disposal whenever you are ready to begin. Would you like me to fetch you a coffee so you can sit for a while and enjoy the view?’
Although I knew he was British, his tan and elegant demeanour lend an air of cosmopolitan sophistication. I would not have been at all surprised if he had been Italian. He’s hovering politely and I still haven’t answered him…


If you live in the UK and fancy winning the beautiful prize below, all you need to do is…… –> Enter the giveaway!<—

Good luck!


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#BlogTour! #Review – #IsMonogamyDead by @RosieWilby @AccentPress



In early 2013, comedian Rosie Wilby found herself at a crossroads with everything she’d ever believed about romantic relationships. When people asked, ‘who’s the love of your life?’ there was no simple answer. Did they mean her former flatmate who she’d experienced the most ecstatic, heady, yet ultimately doomed, fling with? Or did they mean the deep, lasting companionate partnerships that gave her a sense of belonging and family? Surely, most human beings need both. 

Mixing humour, heartache and science, Is Monogamy Dead? details Rosie’s very personal quest to find out why Western society is clinging to a concept that doesn’t work that well for some of us and is laden with ambiguous assumptions.

What does TWG think?

What an intriguing question; is monogamy dead? Do you think it is? What is the definition of cheating? Can you go through life just loving one person? What about when you enter into a relationship with another person, can’t you commit due to your commitment to your previous partner?

So many questions, so many answers. Whilst all of us will have different answers to such questions, author & comedienne, Rosie Wilby, sheds light with her opinion of relationships in her non-fiction book, ‘Is Monogamy Dead?’

Rosie Wilby’s honesty, and black and white approach to the her sexual orientation, as well as relationships themselves, is rather endearing. The topic of monogamy is an interesting, yet quite complex, subject which as a 27-year-old single female, still confuses the bejeezus out of me. Reading Rosie Wilby’s opinions of the subject made me feel as though I was less alone whilst battling with my confusion as she explored romantic relationships in great detail, whilst admitting that she too was confused by its entirety.

I have to be honest, the scientific element of this novel went over my head, whilst cementing the fact that ‘Is Monogamy Dead’ is a novel which requires a lot of dedication and minimal distractions. This isn’t a book that can be read as a ‘quick read’ – the subject is far too complex and detailed that attempting to sprint through to the end, could make your head go ‘boom!’. I was exceptionally glad that Rosie Wilby included her trademark humour alongside the technical wording as without it, I don’t think that I would have made it to the end of the book comfortably.

I am pretty certain that ‘Is Monogamy Dead?’ will get a lot of people conversing and debating about the subject in hand. However, in my opinion, monogamy is a subject that only a few people will wholeheartedly understand and, whilst Rosie Wilby’s novel didn’t change my level of understanding, I love the fact that she has put this topic out there for discussion instead of hiding it away in case the marshmallow man got offended.

‘Is Monogamy Dead?’ is bang on trend and perfect for the modern world right here, right now. Monogamy should be discussed. Relationships should be discussed. After all, if you’re about to embark on a romantic relationship, surely it’s better if you were both on the same page; monogamous or not?

Highly recommended, Rosie Wilby’s – Is Monogamy Dead? is refreshing, modern and totally engaging, as long as you read it with an open mind.

Thanks Accent Press.

Is Monogamy Dead? will be published on the 3rd August and you can pre-order your copy now from Amazon UK.

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#BlogTour! #Review – Till The Dust Settles by Pat Young (@py321_young) @Bloodhoundbook



til the dust settles FINAL
The lives of two women who never meet are about to collide.

Lucie married young. Her husband has become abusive, controlling and violent.  Having lost everything as a result of the marriage, Lucie decides it is time to walk away.

As she leaves the house on the morning of September 11th, heading to a job interview at the World Trade Centre and the promise of a new life, the unthinkable happens.

On a street in New York, choking on the dust, Lucie stumbles upon an opportunity for a new life.

She thought the grass would be greener. But starting again is never that simple…

Sometimes, what lies ahead is even more deadly.

What does TWG think?

Wow, wow, wow and WOW! What a book! Set during the devastation that was September the 11th, Till The Dust Settles mixes realism with fiction as we follow the life of one character, Lucie, who was caught up in the horrendous attack. The news bulletins you watched on T.V on September the 11th hit home once again as the terror that the victims faced, are re-visited.

Lucie was running for her life. Her windpipe became narrower with every breath she took. Bodies were strewn here, there and everywhere as multiple lives were destroyed in a spineless attack. Who’s looking for Lucie? Will her husband, the man who restricted her breathing on more than one occasion, wonder if she was still alive?

Wowza. Just like millions of people, I too watched the devastation unfold on my T.V screen on September the 11th. Unfortunately, around 3000 people lost their lives. How can you even put into words what happened that day? Pat Young, I’ll admit, has been exceptionally brave taking on a storyline which centres around one of America’s biggest tragedies. But, without sounding at all macabre, the author has done a brilliant job. I often wondered what went through the minds of the people trying to escape that day, and now, thanks to ‘Till The Dust Settles’, I have more of an idea.

With Pat Young’s novel, it was really difficult not to sit and take notice of the storyline that was unfolding before my eyes. I went through a range of emotions even though I wasn’t involved in the travesty directly, yet the author’s gut wrenching descriptions, and eye-opening events made me feel as though I was walking the same path as Lucie.

I also feel that Pat Young deserves a pat on the back (pardon the pun) for putting domestic violence back into the spotlight, in such a realistic and black and white manner. I can’t lie, Lucie’s situation with her husband sent shivers down my spine, but it’s topics like those which need to be written about.

‘Till The Dust Settles’ is an intense, powerful and heart-wrenching read about love, loss and ultimate devastation. Pat Young has included two extremely difficult and heart-breaking topics in her storyline, both of which have been written with such poignancy and realism. I sat and took notice. My heart ached for the lives lost and the emotional scars endured.

I feel a bit odd saying this considering the nature of the book, but, I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it had me hooked the entire way through (even though my heart was in my mouth as well!). Fantastic book.

Thanks BloodHoundBooks.

Buy now from Amazon UK

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#BlogTour! #Review – The Trouble With Words by Suzie Tullett (@SuzieTullett) @bombshellpub


Trouble 5
Annabel is desperate to have a baby – there’s just one problem. She’s single, and after losing her husband in a hit and run accident she’s just not ready for a relationship. 

Dan is on the hunt for the perfect woman – but when his mother drops a bombshell, he starts to feel the pressure.

When Dan and Annabel’s worlds collide, both think that maybe they’ve found the solution to their problems…but things start to get messy.

Can both Dan and Annabel get what they want?

Both will soon find out that the trouble with words is finding the right thing to say.

What does TWG think?

You know, I had absolutely no idea what to expect with ‘The Trouble With Words’. Ironically enough, I struggled to find the words to gauge a first impression based on the cover alone. However, as soon as I began reading Suzie Tullett’s novel, I soon started to realise that ‘The Trouble With Words’ goes a lot deeper than the cover suggests.

Would I read the book based on the cover alone? Probably not.

Would I read the book based on the strength of the content? Damn right I would!!

I cannot find the words to tell you exactly how much I loved this book! The storyline is unique, the characters are complex and original, and the heart-warming factor is off the Richter scale.

Annabel would do anything to become a mum, but the thing is, she can’t exactly pop into her local Hobby craft for a DIY baby kit! She needs an important ingredient to make her dream of motherhood, became a reality. Annabel’s family and friends think that she is losing her marbles, but will that stop her from getting what she wants?

I wasn’t expecting Dan to be the type of character that he ended up being, if that makes sense. I guess that because of the way he and Annabel met, I half expected a character less three-dimensional. I adored Dan’s character. It’s was just a shame that his life within the storyline wasn’t as plain sailing as he would have hoped it would be. My heart went out to him multiple times, even though at times his mother got on my nerves (that was before the bombshell, just to clarify!).

Once I became invested in the storyline (pretty quickly actually), I couldn’t put Suzie Tullett’s novel down. I didn’t want to put it down. Would Annabel make her dream come true? Will Dan’s mother accept Dan’s life? I had to find out those answers, and more, to many questions that seemed to invade my head throughout this novel.

‘The Trouble With Words’ made me teary, made my heart swell, made me laugh, but, most importantly, it made me finish reading it with a smile upon my face. It’s not often that a book can leave me smiling like that, but Suzie Tullett’s novel did just that.

Beautiful, heart-wrenching, and totally satisfying; ‘The Trouble With Words’ melted a bit of the ice around my Ice Queen style heart. The perfect antidote for any bad days, ‘The Trouble With Words’ has zero trouble with the words in this fantastic story. Absolutely loved it. A very glittery and well deserved 5 stars.

Thanks Bombshell Books.

Buy now from Amazon UK

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#CoverReveal – Eve Devon! @EveDevon #ImpulseChristmasInJuly @HarperImpulse

Weekly Wrap Up! (1)
How are we nearly at the end of July already? If you have just tuned into #ImpulseChristmasInJuly, where the Father Christmas have you been?! Unfortunately we are nearing the end of #ImpulseChristmasInJuly -sniff-, HOWEVER, I still have a cover reveal to share with you tonight!

Earlier this year, Eve Devon brought out the first book from her brand new series, Whispers Wood; The Little Clock House on the Green. If you haven’t read it yet, you must! Tonight, I get to help Harper Impulse reveal the SECOND book in Eve Devon’s Whispers Wood, series! I cannot wait for this!

eve devon
This beautiful book is due for release on the 3rd November, and you can pre-order your copy right now from Amazon UK. Isn’t it a beauty?!

Weekly Wrap Up! (1)

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#BlogTour! #Review – Say My Name by Allegra Huston (@allegrahuston) @HQStories

Blog Tour banner


Say My Name is a dazzling debut about a highly-charged and very sensual affair. Skilfully crafted, original and beautifully written, I loved it!’ – Santa Montefiore

‘This is the time to run away, she thinks, to call it a mistake, to race back to home and safety. If I don’t go home I will never feel safe again.’

On meeting Micajah Burnett, the son of an old school friend, Eve Armanton is faced with a choice. Years of a miserable marriage means she’s as broken as the beautiful antique violin she’s just found, and Micajah offers a spark of life, an opportunity to reawaken her sense.

If Eve takes a leap into this new world, she’ll be leaving behind her old self for good. Her happiness depends on forging a new life, but at the end of her journey who will Eve have become?

What does TWG think?

I knew straight away that ‘Say My Name’ would be a unique read, just take a look at that cover! The only reference I have to the title ‘Say My Name’ is from the song by Destiny’s Child, it’s quite clear that Allegra Huston is a lot more unique with her style of writing than Destiny’s Child are with theirs!

Whilst the cover reveals no secrets, requiring the reader to unwrap every single page as though it were a present, it seemed to raise my intrigue level exceptionally high. What was the cover hiding? I had to find out.

‘Say My Name’ explores the incredibly popular topic of moving on with your life, attempting to re-find the happiness you once lost, all whilst being aware of the personal losses that could occur. Eve isn’t happy in her marriage and, if she were to lay her cards on the table, she would admit that she hasn’t been happy for a while. Now, thanks to a new bunch of testosterone, Eve can take a chance with her life and jump out of her comfort zone. The thing is, does she want happiness enough, to go and do that? Is she able to say goodbye to the life she has grown accustom to? Or if she didn’t, will she end up being seen as a martyr? The world is her oyster, and her life is her journey; Eve needs to decide, and soon, before it’s too late.

There’s a particular line from the book which made me stop reading as soon as my eyes flickered over it;

“Do you really think it’s possible to have love without hurt?”

Such a simple question, yet it warrants such heart-breaking answers. How many readers will be on Eve’s side? How many readers will think Eve to be selfish?

Honestly, I don’t think that I can answer that, even now. There were moments when I was on Eve side’s and could see the situation from her point of view, but then there were times when I was sitting on the fence as Eve’s situation seemed to amplify when the moment suited her.

Allegra Huston has such an enchanting way of telling a story, I loved the way that the author was able to pull me into the storyline just by using a few select, yet beautiful, words.

‘Say My Name’ is such a unique and memorable read which has the capability to let you look at life from the outside, instead of inside. Allegra Huston certainly knows how to captivate her readers by taking them on a journey of a lifetime. That said, whether I was completely invested in Eve’s world, or whether I was merely on the fence, still remains unanswered.

Thanks HQ.

Buy now from Amazon UK

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#CoverReveal number 2 – Caroline Roberts! @_caroroberts #ImpulseChristmasInJuly @HarperImpulse

Weekly Wrap Up! (1)

It’s July; the month of sunbathing until you’re burnt, shaking your groove thang to the usual summer anthems, and complaining that your legs never tan. Luckily, Harper Impulse are WELL aware of that and have decided to bring the ‘C’ word forward by 5 months (or thereabouts). No, I don’t mean Coffee, and no, I don’t mean Cake….unfortunately. So what ‘C’ word AM I talking about?

Christmas of course!! Good ol’ Harper Impulse wanted to perk us up, so for a few days only, their Twitter & Facebook page is going nuts with cover reveals and giveaways, all relating to Christmas! How exciting!!

If you happened to miss the first cover reveal of the night, you can see it again here! We are onto the second cover reveal of the night from author Caroline Roberts! I’m ready if you are…?

If you’re a fan of a bit of chocolate, you may want to get some in your hand BEFORE you look at this cover 😉


*The new, deliciously festive ‘Cosy’ novel from Caroline Roberts is available to pre-order now!*

The snow is falling, the hot chocolate’s warming, and hearts are melting . . .

Emma is the proud owner of The Chocolate Shop by the Sea, nestled in the heart of the cosy seaside village that’s become her home. With Christmas right around the corner, she and her assistant Holly are busy cooking up the locals’ festive favourites.

From cinnamon hot chocolates to reindeer lollipops, Christmas wouldn’t taste the same without a little cocoa magic. And for Emma it’s the perfect distraction from her romantic pains of the past. So when the shop’s miserly landlord threatens to hike up the rent, Emma’s Christmas and New Year suddenly look a lot less cheerful.

With the whole village rallying behind her – and loyal spaniel Alfie by her side – Emma’s determined to hold onto her chocolate-box dream.

The chocolate calendar countdown is on. Can Emma rescue her business and her broken heart?

Ooooooooohhhhhhh this has just made my tummy rumble! I cannot wait to get my mitts on this! Unfortunately we have to wait until November. However, all is not lost as it can be pre-ordered right now! I know you’ll not get it on your kindle until November, but at least you know it’s coming, right? Pre-order now from Amazon!

Make sure you’re following Harper Impulse over on Twitter to get involved in their #ImpulseChristmasInJuly, but please note, it does come to an end soon! Although to be honest, following Harper Impulse is like Christmas every day as their books are just stunners!

Click here to follow Harper Impulse on Twitter!

Weekly Wrap Up! (1)

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#CoverReveal number 1 – Katey Lovell! @Katey5678 #ImpulseChristmasInJuly @HarperImpulse

Weekly Wrap Up! (1)

It’s July; the month of sunbathing until you’re burnt, shaking your groove thang to the usual summer anthems, and complaining that your legs never tan. Luckily, Harper Impulse are WELL aware of that and have decided to bring the ‘C’ word forward by 5 months (or thereabouts). No, I don’t mean Coffee, and no, I don’t mean Cake….unfortunately. So what ‘C’ word AM I talking about?

Christmas of course!! Good ol’ Harper Impulse wanted to perk us up, so for a few days only, their Twitter & Facebook page is going nuts with cover reveals and giveaways, all relating to Christmas! How exciting!!

Are you ready for the first Harper Impulse cover reveal of the night?

Katey Lovell come on down!!!

This Christmas she’ll give her heart to someone special…

As Christmas approaches Joe Smith knows he should be celebrating with friends and family, making the most of the season. But for Joe, Christmas only holds painful memories. Ones he can feel crushing his heart, a reminder of a time he can never forget.

Clara O’Connell loves Christmas. For her it is the most magical time of the year. And she’s determined to make Joe love it too! She knows he’s hurting, but maybe she can help to ease his pain. Her plan: One special gift every day to remind Joe just how loved he is.

But the clock is ticking. Will the Christmas magic wear off at midnight or will Clara’s Christmas countdown be the perfect gift to heal Joe’s broken heart? And in doing so, maybe she will get a gift in return…Joe’s love for Christmas and forever…?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cover!! The writing is displayed in the shape of a Christmas tree, how cute!! Please say you sang the first line of the blurb (in bold)….

If you’re wanting to get your Christmas book collection pre-ordered already, you can go ahead and pre-order to your heart’s content!

Katey Lovell’s ‘Jo & Clara’s Christmas Countdown’ is due to be published on the 13th October and you can pre-order it right now from Amazon!

Make sure you’re following Harper Impulse over on Twitter to get involved in their #ImpulseChristmasInJuly, where you too can enter the Christmas giveaways and see some truly magical Christmas book covers!

Click here to follow Harper Impulse on Twitter!

Join Harper Impulse at 6.30 for a Christmas inspired giveaway, and at 7.30 for yet another stunning cover reveal! Join me at 7.30 too when I’ll be revealing it right here!!

Weekly Wrap Up! (1)

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#BlogTour! #Review – It Was Only Ever You by @KateKerrigan @HoZ_Books

Kate kerrigan

This is the story of three women and one charismatic man. A glamorous historical romance, perfect for fans of Maeve Binchy.

It is 1950s New York, the time of dance halls, swing bands and the beginning of rock and roll. In The Emerald, Ava Brogan dances the night away, knowing that she will never be pretty like the other Irish girls there, wishing her mother wouldn’t keep plotting to find her a husband.

Here, too, Sheila Klein, Holocaust orphan, dreams of finding a star and making her name in the music industry. Tough and cynical, she has never let her heart be broken by any man.

Enter Patrick Murphy, with a sublime voice, a hit song in his back pocket and charisma to burn. Ava and Sheila‘s worlds are about to be turned upside down. They do not know that Patrick‘s first great love from Ireland is on her way to New York – determined to find and get her man at all costs. Beautiful Rose is used to getting what she wants in life and that’s not about to change any time soon.

What does TWG think?

I need to start this review by giving the cover some love; just look at how gorgeous it is! The picture does not do it justice at all! On the paperback version of this book, the lettering is embossed and the colouring makes the graphic pop; all that is quite difficult to see on a Jpeg version, granted. ‘It Was Only Ever You’ is my most favourite book cover of 2017, absolutely beautiful! It’s safe to say that as soon as I held the book in my hands and saw the cover, my excitement for the storyline grew immensely.

Kate Kerrigan is a new author for TWG, shamefully I had never heard of her before now so I never realised that she has quite a few books in her published backlog. On a positive note I now have a lot of new titles to binge read!

‘It Was Only Ever You’ is set in 1950’s New York & Ireland, when rock and roll was at its prime, and romance was fully appreciated. Patrick Murphy is our main character, with Sheila and Ava being two ladies on his radar. However, a certain ‘first love’ is about to get acquainted with Patrick’s new friends, much to the annoyance of everyone involved.

There is a lot to this storyline to get your teeth sunk into, which makes this review a little bit harder than usual as it means that a lot of the storyline is entwined and I don’t wish to accidentally give anything way.

All I will say is that the romance in this novel is beautifully described, enchanting and severely old-school. By ‘old school’ I mean old-fashioned; flowers, sweet words, gentlemanly behaviour and so on, instead of swiping right on Tinder and feeling like the most romantic person on the Earth. As a completely un-romantic sort of person, ‘It Was Only Ever You’ even managed to make ME feel nostalgic and ‘awwwww!!!!’ at the levels of heart-warming moments between certain characters. Readers; take note!

I love reading historical fiction/historical romance, and Kate Kerrigan’s novel was no different. I adored the fact that the storyline was set in the 1950’s as that is my favourite era (swing!). I thought Kate Kerrigan’s mesmerising writing gave the storyline such glittering depth, a depth that can only be achieved when, in my opinion, the author writes from the heart, truly believing in their characters and their lives.

People usually associate ‘Titanic’ (Kate Winslet etc) as being a truly romantic novel but, in my opinion, I believe that ‘It Was Only Ever You’ needs to get film rights or something, as it blew me away in such a way that ‘Titanic’ the movie never did.

Kate Kerrigan is such a wonderful story-teller, who can bring her characters to life at the blink of an eye. Enchanting, beautifully written, and perfect to lose yourself in; ‘It Was Only Ever You’ truly is a romantic, glistening gem of literary beauty.

Thanks HoZ.

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