#BlogTour! #Extract from ‘Spiral into Darkness’ by Joseph Lewis (@jrlewisauthor) @rararesources

Today as part of the ‘Spiral into Darkness’ blog tour, I will be sharing an extract from the book. Many thanks to RaRaResources for inviting me to take part in the blog tour. Before we get to the extract, however, here is a little bit more about the book:

He blends in. He is successful, intelligent and methodical. There are no clues. There are no leads. The only thing the FBI and local police have to go on is the method of death: two bullets to the face- gruesome and meant to send a message. But it’s difficult to understand any message coming from a dark and damaged mind. Two adopted boys, struggling in their own world, have no idea they are the next targets. Neither does their family. And neither does local law enforcement.

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UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spiral-Into-Darkness-Joseph-Lewis-ebook/dp/B07L15328K

US – https://www.amazon.com/Spiral-Into-Darkness-Joseph-Lewis-ebook/dp/B07L15328K

Author Bio 

Joseph Lewis has written five books: Caught in a Web; Taking Lives; Stolen Lives; Shattered Lives, and Splintered Lives. His sixth, Spiral into Darkness, debuts January 17, 2019 from Black Rose Writing. Lewis has been in education for 42 years and counting as a teacher, coach, counselor and administrator. He is currently a high school principal and resides in Virginia with his wife, Kim, along with his daughters, Hannah and Emily. His son, Wil, is deceased.

Lewis uses his psychology and counseling background to craft his characters which helps to bring them to life. His books are topical and fresh and appeal to anyone who enjoys crime thriller fiction with grit and realism and a touch of young adult thrown in.

Social Media Links – 

Twitter at @jrlewisauthor

Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Joseph.Lewis.Author

Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/Joseph-Lewis/e/B01FWB9AOI /


Introduction of a Main Character

Brian is one of my favorite characters because he has heart and depth.



As he did most often, Brian sat cross-legged on the floor, leaning against both the couch and Jeremy’s leg. As much as Jeremy and Vicky could tell, Brian never strayed too far from either of them in the two months he had lived with them. Yes, he got along just fine with the five other boys. They were best friends. He had known them long before he had moved in after his parents’ death. He would go hunting and fishing with Brett and George, and work the horses and shovel the driveway with George. He started and played on the same basketball team as Brett, Billy, and Randy, and he shared a room with Bobby by mutual choice. Still, where Jeremy or Vicky was, he was not too far away. And where Brian was, Bobby could be found.


#BlogTour! #Review – Her Pretty Bones by Carla Kovach (@CKovachAuthor) @Bookouture

thumbnail_her pretty bones - blog tour
Eeek!!!! It’s TWG’s turn on the ‘Her Pretty Bones’ blog tour, and I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing my review of Carla Kovach’s latest release with you all. Many thanks to Bookouture for the blog tour invite and ARC. Here is my review:


She’s just the girl he’s looking for…

A young woman falls from a van speeding down a quiet road. Battered and bruised, she turns her head to the person who comes to her aid. ‘Help her’, she whispers before her eyes close.

Days later, the body of another young girl is found in a shallow grave just a few miles away. The similarities between the two girls are startling – same age, same frail body, same shocking red hair.

As the town fears there’s a serial killer living amongst them, Detective Gina Harte must put aside her own struggles at home, and catch the killer before he finds another perfect girl.

What does TWG think?

DI Gina Harte is back, ladies and gentleman!! One of my all-time favourite detectives with her fiery personality and fierce determination to get results. Plus, she also wears her heart on her sleeve which, as she has found out on more than one occasion, it’s something she shouldn’t really make public knowledge incase anyone abuses it. Surely a detective in the police force shouldn’t be admitting they have a heart….right?

‘Her Pretty Bones’ is a firecracker of a read, with a prologue guaranteed to set your pulse racing before anything has really begun. How did the young girl fall from a van? Why was she in there to begin with? Who is she? DI Harte has her work cut out trying to find the answers to such simple yet in this instance, very complex, questions. Of course, hindsight is a wonderful thing and as the storyline progresses, it soon becomes clear that DI Harte wishes she only had the question of ‘who is she?’ to answer, and not everything else.

I certainly did find this book to be a rollercoaster ride of a read as there were moments where the storyline calmed down a little, then went off on a tangent at rocket speed the next. I didn’t find the pace constantly speedy as they were some slow parts (in no way a negative at all as it worked), but it was certainly bumpy which really heightened the urge to know more.

The storyline switches between different points of view which I thought was very cleverly done as I had absolutely no idea who the other point of view was, nor did I have any idea as to how they played a part in the book. Well, I did to a point, but I couldn’t connect the dots…if that makes sense? It’s safe to say that I was hooked on every single event the storyline had to offer, even if they were a tad disturbing!!

Carla Kovach is a genius at creating intense and spine tingling moments in her storylines, leaving me reeling by every eventuality! I love how the author doesn’t just write characters to fill a space, she creates characters who she knows will add another dimension to an already complex storyline, even if its only for one chapter.

‘Her Pretty Bones’ left my pulse racing and my brain on high alert – it seemed to take ages for my breathing to regulate once I had finished the book. I could NOT have seen the conclusion coming if I tried and wow, what a brilliantly written lead up to a firework of an ending.

Chilling, complex, and off the Richter scale in intensity, ‘Her Pretty Bones’ is a beautiful book to look at and a phenomenal one to read. What a series!!!! More please?!

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About the author.

Carla Kovach was born in Birmingham, UK and now resides in Redditch, Worcestershire. Author of supernatural drama ‘Flame,’ psychological thriller ‘To Let,’ crime thriller ‘Whispers Beneath the Pines,’ and holiday comedy, ‘Meet Me at Marmaris Castle.’ Carla also writes stage and screenplays, some of which have been produced in the Worcestershire area. Her feature film ‘Penny for the Guy’ is being made and is set for release in 2019.

Her latest book, Her Final Hour, has been published by Bookouture. It is the second in the DI Gina Harte crime series.

 Author Social Media Links:

Facebook // Twitter // Website

#BlogTour! #Review – Fat Chance by A.B.Morgan (@AliMorgan2304) @books_n_all

blog tour banner - fat chance

Day two of the ‘Fat Chance’ blog tour, and I have a review of the book to share with you all. Many thanks to Juliet for the blog tour invite and review copy.

A missing barrister, a severed thumb and fat chance of finding out the truth.

Ella Fitzwilliam’s world is about to spiral out of control. She’s not cut out to be a private investigator. With little or no aptitude for the job, she’s been sent undercover to expose the hidden lives of two men who meet nearly every week at Buxham’s – a private members’ club where portions are large and secrets are held in strictest confidence. 

One of those men is Harry Drysdale, a defence barrister, and the other is Marcus Carver, an eminent surgeon with a tarnished past and much to lose. Ella knows he has unhealthy appetites, she’s sure he’s feeding his perverted habits and putting his female patients at risk but she has to prove it. 

When Harry Drysdale goes missing, Konrad Neale TV journalist tries to reveal the truth behind the lies, but some of the secrets start to reveal themselves… and they are big.

What does TWG think?

This really is no like any other psychological suspense I have read before. ‘Fat Chance’ is packed full with bonkers circumstances, intense situations, emotionally based friendships, fetishes, as well as the end of a life. Or two.

There is a lot of to-ing and fro-ing going on, and I did get a little bit confused and ended up losing track of the story at times because of it. Storylines written in that way don’t usually bug me, but I think that due to the complexity of the relationships between the characters, confusion set in a lot quicker than normal. Now that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the book because, despite having moments of ‘what on earth….’, I actually quite enjoyed what I was reading.

I couldn’t take Ella seriously at all, and the reasoning behind her colourful personality did become clear later on in the book which allowed me to give her the benefit of the doubt a tad.

I thought that ‘Fat Chance’ was a very, very different read which left me highly entertained in a weird and wonderful way. Even though I found the storyline intense at times, I didn’t think it had high levels of suspense. That said, it did grip me due to the eyebrow theme, and for entertainment value alone – I thought that AB Morgan did a sterling job.

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#BlogTour! #Extract – The Foyles Bookshop Girls at War by Elaine Roberts (@RobertsElaine11) @Aria_fiction

Today I am excited to be kicking off the blog tour for Elaine Roberts’ new release; ‘The Foyles Bookshop Girls at War’ with an extract. Many thanks to Aria for having me involved, and congratulations to Elaine on the publication of her new book. Enjoy!

Swapping books for the bomb factory takes courage – and could be dangerous. 

Working at the Foyles bookshop was Molly Cooper’s dream job. But with the country at war she’s determined to do her bit. So Molly gathers her courage, and sets off for the East End and her first day working at Silvertown munitions factory… 

It’s hard manual labour, and Molly must face the trials and tribulations of being the ‘new girl’ at the munitions factory, as well as the relentless physical work. 

The happy-ever-afters Molly read about in the pages of her beloved books have been lost to the war. And yet the munitions girls unite through their sense of duty and friendships that blossom in the most unlikely of settings…

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Molly glanced through the large window, into a small square room. The soft grey walls were bare, apart from the round, oak-framed clock, sitting fairly high up, telling her it was quarter to seven. She breathed a sigh of relief. There were three desks in there, each covered with paperwork. A blue book with a red spine was on one of the desks, next to a pad of lined paper. Glasses sat open, on top of the pad. Molly fleetingly wondered if they were his. A calendar sat on a shelf over one desk, with a family photograph standing proudly next to it. Underneath the shelf, stood three cream bottles, each of them a different size, but the largest was no more than six inches tall.

The man opened the office door, stood aside and indicated for her to walk in.

Molly nodded and stepped past him, making sure no contact was made. She had no desire to get off on the wrong foot. She shook her head. He had barely spoken to her and she didn’t know his name, so how could she do anything to upset him?

‘Is everything all right, Miss Cooper?’

The man’s deep voice broke into her wayward thoughts, startling her back to reality. ‘Yes, yes of course.’

He smiled and immediately his face looked younger. She momentarily wondered how old he was, thirty maybe. There was also the niggling question of why he hadn’t signed up to the Great War.

He pulled out a dark wooden chair from under one of the desks and indicated for her to sit down, before quickly pulling out another for himself. ‘It can be difficult for people when they first arrive, because it’s very noisy, with all the machinery and everything.’

Molly noticed the window for the first time. No sunshine was going to break through the thick dirt that coated it. She tilted her head slightly. Was that a crack that ran down the glass? She squinted as she stared at it. It was hard to tell, but maybe it was the dust locked onto the glass. Her mother immediately jumped into her thoughts and a smile formed on her lips. She would have had a bucket of water and a cloth on it within a blink of an eye. That is, once she got over the fact her daughter was sitting in this dingy office.

‘Right, Miss Cooper.’ The man shuffled some paperwork around the desk, before opening one of the drawers and slamming it shut again. ‘We just have some form-filling to do and then I’ll get someone to take you to the lockers, where you can change into the rather fetching uniform of overalls and cap.’

Molly’s blonde ponytail bobbed, flicking the back of her neck as she nodded. Her hand went up to smooth it down and she caught her fingers in the bright red ribbon tied around it. It had been gifted to her mother as a child, when she had nothing. She treasured it, claiming it brought her and her husband, Jack, together. Molly often borrowed it, under the threat of death if she lost it. She regretted her ponytail, wishing she’d taken the time to put it in a bun. It would have been more elegant, as well as making her look older than her twenty-three years. Molly realised she was worrying unnecessarily, as he didn’t look at her. She sighed. There was a time before the war when she would have enjoyed a little innocent flirting with a man of his calibre, but those days were long gone. They had disappeared with Tony.

The man suddenly looked up at her and gave a little cough. ‘When we’ve finished the paperwork, someone will show where to get changed. It’s what we call the dirty area of the factory. You’ll remove your clothing and let your hair down. There can’t be anything metal about your person, including any material covered buttons or jewellery.’ He held out some forms and a pen. ‘If you can just read and sign these, then we’ll get you settled.’

Molly reached out. Their fingers brushed against each other and she snatched her hand away.

He stared at her for a moment, before dropping the papers on the desk.

Molly picked up the pen and quickly signed the forms.

He coughed again and colour rose in his cheeks as he looked down again at his paperwork. ‘If you’re wearing a corset, I’m afraid that will also have to be removed. You will be allocated a locker to store your things, then you will cross over to the clean area, where you will put on your overall and mob cap. Your hair must be completely covered by the cap.’

Her hand immediately reached for the gold heart around her neck and she swished it back and forth. Colour rose in Molly’s cheeks. Her mind started racing at this unexpected information. Would she have to undress in front of people? Her face was burning at the thought.

About the author.

Elaine Roberts had a dream to write for a living. She completed her first novel in her twenties and received her first very nice rejection. Life then got in the way until circumstances made her re-evaluate her life, and she picked up her dream again in 2010. She joined a creative writing class, The Write Place, in 2012 and shortly afterwards had her first short story published. She was thrilled when many more followed and started to believe in herself.

As a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and The Society of Women Writers & Journalists, Elaine attends many conferences, workshops, seminars and wonderful parties. Meeting other writers gives her encouragement, finding most face similar problems.

Elaine and her patient husband, Dave, have five children who have flown the nest. Home is in Dartford, Kent and is always busy with their children, grandchildren, grand dogs and cats visiting. Without her wonderful family and supportive friends, she knows the dream would never have been realised.

#BlogTour! #Review – #TheStoryKeeper by Anna Mazzola (@Anna_Mazz) @TinderPress @AnneCater

It’s TWG’s turn on #TheStoryKeeper blog tour, courtesy of RandomThingsTours! Many thanks to Anne for inviting me to take part in the blog tour, and many thanks to the publisher Tinder Press for the review copy. I am delighted to be able to share my review with you all today!

the story keeper cover

Audrey Hart is on the Isle of Skye to collect the folk and fairy tales of the people and communities around her. It is 1857 and the Highland Clearances have left devastation and poverty, and a community riven by fear. The crofters are suspicious and hostile to a stranger, claiming they no longer know their fireside stories.

Then Audrey discovers the body of a young girl washed up on the beach and the crofters reveal that it is only a matter of weeks since another girl disappeared. They believe the girls are the victims of the restless dead: spirits who take the form of birds.

Initially, Audrey is sure the girls are being abducted, but as events accumulate she begins to wonder if something else is at work. Something which may be linked to the death of her own mother, many years before.

What does TWG think?

Where on EARTH do I begin? I apologise in advance if this review ends up being a load of old gobbledegook – I’ll try my best to write sentences that actually make sense. Can’t promise anything though!!

‘The Story Keeper’ has intrigued me since I saw the cover of it on social media last year. I knew straight away that I wanted to delve into the darkness, yet I couldn’t really explain why. I mean, the cover gives nothing away and it is exceptionally dark, a world away from a lot of the other books I read. Maybe, thinking about it now, that was why I wanted to read it? Maybe the darkness of the cover piqued my interest? Maybe it was because it was so different, that I knew I just had to read it?

I didn’t know what to expect from Anna Mazzola’s novel before I started reading it so, because I don’t read blurbs, I read the book ‘blind’ so to speak, and wow, what a book this was!

Yes, the storyline is from a land far, far away (pardon the pun), and yes, the storyline is extremely dark with many chilling moments. However, none of that is a negative in the slightest! Set in Scotland in the mid 1800’s, ‘The Story Keeper’ follows Audrey’s journey in a place she holds dear due to the emotional ties with her late mother. Just like the title of the book suggests, it does contain ‘stories’. Not just any type of ‘story’ though – fairy tales and folklore. We have all heard of fairy tales and folk tales, but did you know about the secrets hidden beneath the words? I had no idea just how magical those stories could be perceived and, despite sitting on the fence in terms of belief, I couldn’t help myself becoming washed away with the rest of the believers every time a story was told.

Don’t fret though – ‘The Story Keeper’ isn’t merely fairy tales and magic, it also has a very creep undertone to it due to the death of a local girl and the fact that nobody knows the how’s, why’s, and wherefore’s behind the particular death. Some of the characters, the believers in the fairytales, were adamant that spirits were involved, yet the non believer type characters refused to belief that something untoward was going on. Why would they believe a young girl who was with child, when in those days that sort of thing was incredibly frowned upon and went against the grain of the religion?

It’s not that I didn’t think that I would enjoy this book, it’s that I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did, because I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the thrilling and highly suspenseful antics of the characters. I was gripped by the feeling of the unknown due to the spirits and strong belief where the fairy tales were concerned. I even adored the fact that I was able to lose myself in the chilling elements of the book, wrapping myself up in the darkness of the tale as the storyline progressed.

‘The Story Keeper’ is an outstanding, powerfully written novel which completely took my breath away. I thought Anna Mazzola’s writing style made the story come alive from all directions, and this author, in my eyes, has now become one to watch for me. I cannot wait to lose myself in more of her future novels if ‘The Story Keeper’ is anything to go about. What a phenomenal, phenomenal read!

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#CoverReveal! ‘The Talisman – Molly’s Story’ by Eliza J Scott (@ElizaJScott1) @RaRaResources

It feels like it’s been ages since I last did a cover reveal, but fear not loyal TWG followers, I have one for you all today!!

That’s right! Thanks to RaRaResources and Eliza Scott, I have the pleasure of helping to reveal the cover of ‘The Talisman – Molly’s Story’ – thank you for having me on board!

Without further ado, here it is:

Molly’s dream of taking over her childhood home at Withrin Hill Farm with husband Pip and their three children has finally come true. And, as they settle into the stunning Georgian farmhouse, with their plans to diversify into glamping nicely taking shape, the family couldn’t be happier.

But tragedy suddenly strikes, and Molly’s world is turned upside down.

Heartbroken and devastated, she struggles to face each day. True to form, her fiercely loyal best friends, Kitty and Violet, rally round offering love and support, but Molly doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to smile again. Until the day a tall, dark stranger with twinkly eyes arrives…


Follow Molly’s story in book 2 of the Life on the Moors Series set in Lytell Stangdale, a picture-perfect village in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors, where life is anything but quiet.


A heart-warming story of love, friendship and hope.


Pre-order Links 

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07MJ7PPXP

US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MJ7PPXP


Isn’t it pretty? If you’re eager to read The Talisman – Molly’s Story, it will be published on 4th February. Not too long to wait!

About the author.

 Eliza lives in a 17th-century cottage on the edge of a village in the North Yorkshire Moors with her husband, their two daughters and two mischievous black Labradors. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found with her nose in a book/glued to her Kindle or working in her garden. Eliza also enjoys bracing walks in the countryside, rounded off by a visit to a teashop where she can indulge in another two of her favourite things: tea and cake.

Eliza is inspired by her beautiful surroundings and loves to write heart-warming stories with happy endings.


Social Media Links –

Blog: elizajscott.com

Twitter: @ElizaJScott1

Instagram:- @elizajscott

Facebook:  @elizajscottauthor

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/ElizaJScott

Bookbub: www.bookbub.com/authors/eliza-j-scott

#BlogTour! #Review – Red Snow by Will Dean (@willrdean) @PtBlankBks #Tuva2 #RedSnow @AnneCater

Squeal! I am beyond excited to share my review of Will Dean’s ‘Red Snow’, the second book in the ‘Tuva Moodyson’ series. Huge, huge thanks to Anne Cater for the blog tour invite, and thank you to Point Blank Books for the ARC (and Will Dean for signing it!!). Here is my review as part of the blog tour:

red snow cover

Red Snow is the eagerly awaited follow-up to Dark Pines, selected for ITV’s Zoe Ball Book Club


One suicide. One cold-blooded murder. Are they connected? And who’s really pulling the strings in the small Swedish town of Gavrik?


Black Grimberg liquorice coins cover the murdered man’s eyes. The hashtag #Ferryman starts to trend as local people stock up on ammunition.


Tuva Moodyson, deaf reporter at the local paper, has a fortnight to investigate the deaths before she starts her new job in the south. A blizzard moves in. Residents, already terrified, feel increasingly cut-off. Tuva must go deep inside the Grimberg factory to stop the killer before she leaves town for good. But who’s to say the Ferryman will let her go?

What does TWG think?

I know the popular saying is ‘never eat yellow snow’, but who agrees that it should be ‘never eat yellow AND red snow’?! For those who aren’t aware, ‘Red Snow’ is the follow-up to Will Dean’s previous novel, ‘Dark Pines’. I hadn’t manage to read the first book before I read this one, and I still haven’t, however I managed to follow the story perfectly well without having the background information of the first. That said, I thought that ‘Red Snow’ was absolutely brilliant and I can assure you that I will be reading ‘Dark Pines’ as soon as humanly possible!!

I don’t even know how to write this review! Seriously! I have never, ever read a book like ‘Red Snow’ before! First of all, the storyline had me hooked before the page numbers reached double figures. Second of all, the entire storyline was laced with intricate complexities which were seamlessly brought together to create such an intense, and addictive read. Thirdly, those characters! Wow! I can’t even begin to imagine how long it took the author to create the multi-layered, flawed, realistic characters like the ones in this book.

Take Tuva for example – she just did not give a monkeys yet still seemed to have the largest heart of all. She was clearly good at her job, but she didn’t seem to understand just when to stop before she found herself knee-deep in snow. And there’s the Grimberg’s! I thought CiCi was absolutely brilliant in a weird and wonderful way. Creepy, I shall be honest, but she had a vibe about her that urged me to find out more.

It’s not often that I find myself reading a book set in Sweden, so when I do, it makes a nice change to ‘visit’ a place I know very little about. I ended up sitting on Google (not literally) to find out more about the place in question – I honestly thought Will Dean was joking when it came to the temperatures! Bloomin’ eck!!

As I said at the start, I thought that this book was absolutely phenomenal! I loved reading about the intense and extremely thrilling situations involving the Grimberg’s! Shivers just kept going up and down my spine whilst I read the book, and no, it wasn’t because of the minus temperatures! Will Dean is an exceptional, exceptional author whose attention to detail is mind-blowing. Usually when I read other books and they contain random pieces of information that make you think ‘what the….?, I can’t help but think the storyline is being padded out, however when Will Dean included those little snippets, it just worked. It was as though the description of the lights outside the pub NEEDED to be in the storyline. Everything Will Dean wrote in the book had a purpose – I really appreciated every word the author wrote. Like I say, I adored it.

I urge you all to put ‘Red Snow’ on your TBR piles pronto! Fantastically written, utterly addictive, and a very strong contender for my top book of 2019…already!!!

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#BlogTour! #Review – The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker by Jenni Keer (@JenniKeer) @AvonBooksUK @RaRaResources

the hopes and dreams of lucy baker full tour banner
Today I am delighted to be one of the bloggers hosting Jenni Keer and ‘The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker’. Many thanks to RaRaResources for the blog tour invite, and thank you to Avon for the ARC. Here is my review:

the hopes and dreams final cover
Meet Lucy, aged 25, and Brenda, aged 79. Neighbours and unlikely friends.

Lucy Baker is not your usual 25-year-old. She is more at home reading and knitting in her cluttered little flat than going out partying and socialising.

79-year-old Brenda is full of wise and wonderful advice, but when she’s diagnosed with dementia her life begins to change. Before her memories slip away for ever, Brenda is desperate to fulfil one last wish – to see Lucy happy.

Gifting Lucy the locket that helped Brenda find her own true love, she hopes to push her reticent neighbour in the right direction. But is Lucy Baker ready for the opportunities and heartbreaks of the real world? It’s about time she put her knitting needles aside and found out…

What does TWG think?

Isn’t it funny how we automatically assume someones situation based on what things look like on the outside? As much as we all sit there and say ‘nahhhhh’ I don’t judge, we still find ourselves doing it, intentionally or not. I mean, if you spotted people like Lucy and Brenda in real life, bonding over knitting, despite having over 50 years between the two of them – would you wonder?

An unlikely friendship may be, but Lucy and Brenda’s friendship is as real as a beating heart. They look after each other. They listen to each other. They make each other laugh. To be honest, I would go as far as to say that they’re each others lifelines. Brenda is such a heartwarming character whose personality makes you feel as though you’re coming home. Every time she had a part in the story, I felt her presence as though I was getting hugged from deep within. She was such a special character, and I will hold her in my heart for a long time to come.

As for Lucy – I couldn’t believe it when the story told me that she was 25! I don’t know why though. Maybe it’s because she acted like someone much older. I took a little while to gel to her because she wasn’t someone who was so forthcoming with her emotions and feelings – she was someone who would say ‘okay’ to keep the peace which meant for a while, she wasn’t showing exactly who she was. It was a shame that she felt like she couldn’t be herself though, but the storyline does delve a little deeper into the reasoning behind that.

I will admit that something got into my eye in the last part of the book. I won’t tell you exactly what it was though as it could be considered a spoiler and I’m not that mean!

I really enjoyed following Lucy’s journey, especially when she was able to get that all important lightbulb moment when it came to her own dreams instead of living the life that was expected of her. I did find the storyline a little confusing at times though because there was a lot to keep track of, and sometimes I struggled to link all of the relevant information to the relevant characters as there was more information to digest than storage to file it in. If that makes sense.

I loved Jenni Keer’s heartwarming style of writing as it was clear that she believed in her characters and wanted the best for them, even though she had to put them through a bit of heartache beforehand. Oh, and Scratbag deserves to get an uber special mention because he is just brilliant!!

‘The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker’ is a really uplifting, thought-provoking read which will have you reaching for your own hopes and dreams that you shelved long ago. Lucy Baker is proof that dreams can happen as long as you believe. Believe in what though? Social media? The latest fashion trends? No. As long as you believe in YOURSELF.

Buy now from Amazon UK
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About the author.

Jenni Keer is a history graduate who embarked on a career in contract flooring before
settling in the middle of the Suffolk countryside with her antique furniture restorer husband. She has valiantly attempted to master the ancient art of housework but with four teenage boys in the house it remains a mystery. Instead, she spends her time at the keyboard writing women’s fiction to combat the testosterone-fuelled atmosphere with her number one fan #Blindcat by her side. Much younger in her head than she is on paper, she adores any excuse for fancy-dress and is part of a
disco formation dance team.


#BlogTour! #Review – Wicked Game by Jo Lambert (@JoLambertwriter) @RaRaResources

Third and final blog tour for today! It’s day two of the ‘Wicked Game’ blog tour, and I have a review of the book to share with you all today. Many thanks to RaRaResources for the blog tour invite and ARC. Here is my review:


Fashion designer Thérèse D’Alesandro has recently moved into Westhead Manor with daughter Felicia and stepson Marco. Joining forces with neighbour Ella Benedict, she is about to open a bridal boutique at Ella’s exclusive wedding venue Lawns at Little Court.
Managing his father’s European restaurant chain, Marco has both the looks and charm to guarantee him any woman. Any woman, that is, except the one he wants: Ella’s niece Charlotte. Marco knows he should walk away as not only is she the most exasperating female he has ever encountered she’s currently in a relationship with rock star Christian Rosetti. But the chemistry between them is undeniable and sensing trouble brewing between Charlotte and the egotistical singer he is prepared to wait.

Charlotte’s cousin Lucy has discovered Christian’s guilty secrets – ones he has been keeping safely hidden from everyone. Determined to cause mischief and at the same time settle her own score with the arrogant star, she sets in motion a chain of events which eventually brings Marco and Charlotte together.

Thérèse’s husband Gianlucca has invited the granddaughter of an old friend to stay as a house guest while he undergoes heart surgery. Rossana Caravello is due to inherit the one of Italy’s premier vineyards on her twenty first birthday in September. Aware this would make an excellent addition to her husband’s international business portfolio, Thérèse plots to push the young heiress and her stepson together. Rossana is already besotted with Marco, but if the plan is to have any chance of success first she needs to get rid of Charlotte…

Please note Wicked Game was previously published under the title The Other Side of Morning.

What does TWG think?

‘Wicked’ is a slight understatement for the goings on in this book, that’s for sure!! I don’t think I have come across such a vindictive group of characters before! Sorry, I’m not tarring them all with the same brush, just a few of them were borderline nasty! Geez!!!

I am impressed at the author’s ability to guarantee a reaction from her readers, I mean, I would be extremely surprised if anyone reading this ended up unfazed by the events in ‘Wicked Game’! I think I surprised myself by my own reaction to be honest!

‘Wicked Game’ has quite a lot of characters to keep tabs of, and there is a LOT of drama filling up every inch of the storyline. I did enjoy the overall, bigger picture of the story, most definitely. I thought that a couple of the characters, for example Charlotte, Matt and Lucy, were brilliantly thought out and I really enjoyed following their journeys as the story progressed. However, I did feel as though there was way too much sabotaging going on from all angles. Thérèse was the most vindictive in my opinion, and she just didn’t seem to give it a rest, even when Marco and his father stood up to her. She just wasn’t getting the hint. As for Marco, I couldn’t understand why he still put his belief in that awful woman, despite being reassured from the most important person in question. It was as though he was sabotaging himself sometimes!

I do like drama, and I do like grit. Who doesn’t, right? Personally this was too much for me and I just wanted to shout, ‘WILL YOU ALL BLOODY TALK TO EACH OTHER!!!’, loudly at the book! That’s really all it would have taken! I mean no disrespect at all as I clearly was invested in the characters and the story to form an opinion as detailed as this one. It was also very clear that the author is brilliant at writing detailed pieces and making them flow seamlessly, because that is what happened here.

I do think that Lucy was the hidden gem of the book and, whilst I didn’t dislike Charlotte at all, I felt that the conclusion, on her part, ended up making her appear weak and was far too easy. But that’s just me, maybe it’s because I am incredibly hard-nosed – who knows?!

I didn’t dislike ‘Wicked Game’ at all, I did enjoy the grit and I thoroughly enjoyed the way the author crafted her storyline with all of the intricate details – I just think that the storyline was fit to burst!

A rollercoaster ride of emotion, drama, and intense discoveries – ‘Wicked Game’ trumps ‘Sunset Beach’ T.V. programme any day!

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About the author.

Jo Lambert lives on the eastern edge of Bath with her husband, one small grey feline called Mollie and a green MGB GT. She is the author of seven novels. The first five collectively known as the Little Court Series are saga/romances set in West Somerset. For book number six she ‘moved’ over the border into South Devon. Summer Moved On became the first of two linked contemporary romances. The second, Watercolours in the Rain was published in October 2016. In June 2018 Jo signed to Choc Lit and her eighth novel, The Boys of Summer, set in North Cornwall will be published in 2019 under their Ruby imprint. Jo is currently working on another coastal romance, this time set in South Cornwall. When she isn’t writing she reads and reviews. She also has an active blog. Jo loves travel, red wine and rock music and she often takes the odd photograph or two.

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#BlogTour! #Review – A Greek Affair by Linn.B.Halton (@LinnBHalton) @HarperImpulse @RaRaResources

a greek affair full tour banner
With temperatures hitting the minuses today (ahem…..it sure feels like it!), I couldn’t be more excited if I tried as I head to Greece for my stop on the idyllic looking, ‘A Greek Affair’ by Linn.B.Halton! Many thanks to RaRaResources for the blog tour invite, and of course thank you to the publisher, HarperImpulse for the ARC. Here is my review:

More than just a holiday romance?

Her daughter, her job and divorcing her untrustworthy ex are Leah’s main priorities. She isn’t really bothered that her life might be missing a few things. But after winning a prestigious travel blogger award, she’s inundated with offers to review glamorous holiday destinations. Lying around drinking exotic cocktails and being paid for it! What could be better?

Perhaps a romantic trip to idyllic Greece to find the one man who might make Leah risk her heart again…

What does TWG think?

I have been sitting on this feeling from the moment I read it in the book, so bear with me whilst I just put this straight out there:


-breathes-. Sorry. Who the heck does that?!?! Well, clearly he did but geez. I would say that I have no words but clearly I had a few above ha!!

I’m glad to have gotten that off my chest. So. Leah has tried her best to make a wonderful life for herself and her little girl, so much so, she ends up winning a travel blogger award! If Leah thought that she was busy before the win, she had no idea just how much has blog would blow up after the win. As weird as this sounds, I was so proud of her and what she had achieved whilst also bringing up her little girl herself. Yeah there were times where Leah felt like she couldn’t cope, but she kept going because she wasn’t going to be the second parent to walk out of her daughter’s life.

Like most, if not all, Linn.B.Halton’s novels, there is a man involved in this storyline, one which Leah ends up meeting unintentionally and finds that her world gets shaken up quicker than James Bond’s martini.

I adore Linn.B.Halton’s delectable storylines, and ‘A Greek Affair’ certainly was no different. Each of the characters were written from the heart, with so much care being taken as they were being created and their lives being built. I will admit that there was a character who left a sour taste in my mouth, aside from the god awful ex that is. Look, I was so happy for Leah, but there was something about the man who stole her heart which left me feeling nervous. Hopefully I don’t give anything away here, but the way he was so indecisive, needing to be convinced that Leah was the right way forward made me feel like he was being fake. You shouldn’t have to convince someone to be with you or make time for you. I wholeheartedly understand that he had his own personal issues, but he seemed to say one thing yet do something completely different, before changing his mind altogether.

Personally, I thought that the story was brilliantly written and I loved having such a strong, empowering woman as the main character. That said, I do think that the round-up, latter section of the novel wasn’t on par with the rest of the book due to the man in question. I actually think that ‘A Greek Affair’ could have come to a perfect conclusion whether he was there or not – his fakery annoyed me and I knew that Leah was far better than that.

Overall, ‘A Greek Affair’ left my heart cosy and my giggles exercised. A lovely, lovely, up-lifting novel, perfect for empowering readers everywhere.

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About the author.

From interior designer to author, Linn B. Halton – who also writes under the pen name of Lucy Coleman – says ‘it’s been a fantastic journey!’ Linn is the bestselling author of more than a dozen novels and is excited to be writing for both Aria Fiction (Head of Zeus) and Harper Impulse (Harper Collins); she’s represented by Sara Keane of the Keane Kataria Literary Agency.

When she’s not writing, or spending time with the family, she’s either upcycling furniture or working in the garden.

Linn won the 2013 UK Festival of Romance: Innovation in Romantic Fiction award; her novels have been short-listed in the UK’s Festival of Romance and the eFestival of Words Book Awards. Living in Coed Duon in the Welsh Valleys with her ‘rock’, Lawrence, and gorgeous Bengal cat Ziggy, she freely admits she’s an eternal romantic.
Linn is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and writes feel-good, uplifting novels about life, love and relationships.

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