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Review – ‘A Cornish Christmas’ by Lily Graham (@lilywritesbooks) @bookouture.


Nestled in the Cornish village of Cloudsea, sits Sea Cottage – the perfect place for some Christmas magic …

At last Ivy is looking forward to Christmas. She and her husband Stuart have moved to their perfect little cottage by the sea – a haven alongside the rugged cliffs that look out to the Atlantic Ocean. She’s pregnant with their much-longed for first baby and for the first time, since the death of her beloved mother, Ivy feels like things are going to be alright.

But there is trouble ahead. It soon emerges that Stuart has been keeping secrets from Ivy, and suddenly she misses her mum more than ever.
When Ivy stumbles across a letter from her mother hidden in an old writing desk, secrets from the past come hurtling into the present. But could her mother’s words help Ivy in her time of need? Ivy is about to discover that the future is full of unexpected surprises and Christmas at Sea Cottage promises to be one to remember. 

What does TWG think?

Having fallen in love with Lily’s previous book; The Summer Escape, I had extremely high hopes for ‘A Cornish Christmas’. I just couldn’t wait to see where it was going to take my imagination. When the story begins, it feels as though you’re walking into a story half way through, there is no gradual build up to each character or their lives as they’re right there, waiting for you to find out more about them. What a way to start a book, it pulled me in straight away and the book didn’t leave my hands until I had finished it. I just couldn’t put it down, something special had me hooked, but at that moment, I couldn’t quite place what it was.

‘A Cornish Christmas’ follows the lives of Ivy (a children’s book illustrator) and Stuart (mr jam man). After jumping many, many hurdles, Ivy is finally pregnant. The thing is, when you’re pregnant, the only person you really want…is your mum. Ivy’s mum passed away a few years prior, and she is now getting round to looking through her mum’s old desk. Ivy stumbles across a little something that unearths a lot of questions, some that may be left unanswered.

At first when I met Ivy and Stuart, I thought that their life would be straight forward. After all, their relationship is cosy, I didn’t want to think that the storyline would go any other way except happiness! Such wonderfully written characters. Further into the story, a little Christmas magic begins to happen, and oh my goodness me!!! I could not fathom exactly what was happening. I was in shock, my arms were covered in goose bumps, and I had to work out how to prop my kindle up as one hand was covering my mouth. Beautiful, just…beautiful. Whether you believe in a bit of magic or not, I don’t think it matters as the way Lily wrote the Christmas magic into the storyline, will have anyone and everyone believing it. I did.

Unfortunately, there is one character that made me think ‘oh mistletoe!!’, quite a few times in my head. There is nothing worse than an interfering person, but, after a few stern words with Rudolph, I had to grit my teeth and just go with the snow…sorry…flow. Ahem.

The Christmas magic situation does pop up multiple times with the storyline and as the book went on, the more powerful the magic became. I’m sure you know where I am going with this now, yes? Yes, I sobbed my heart out; not in a devastatingly sad way, but in a ‘that melted all the ice around my heart’ type of way. The emotion that poured from the book was unbelievable, so much feeling and heartache in so few words, yet the story became an intense and powerful work of art.

When it comes to Christmas, everyone associates it with magic and cosiness. ‘A Cornish Christmas’ is both of those. Not only does the book contain heartache, tragedy and jam, it oozes love, warmth and magic. I cannot fault Lily’s novel at all, the whole thing from start to finish was absolutely magnificent. I knew that Lily was a fantastic author, but after reading this, wow, I am in awe.
Inspiring, emotional and completely magical; if I could have ‘A Cornish Christmas’ under my Christmas this year, I will be one very happy lady. Another fantastic book from Lily Graham, ‘A Cornish Christmas’ is one of my favourite books of all time. Just, wow.

Thank you to Bookouture and Netgalley – I received a complimentary copy in return for my honest opinion.

‘A Cornish Christmas’ by Lily Graham, published by Bookouture, is available to buy 30th September from Amazon UK

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TWG talks to blogger royalty, Rebecca Pugh (@beccasbooksuk)! #spotlight @UKCarina

The Writing Garnet (2)

I am sure most (if not all) of you know the gem that has stopped by for a chat today. If you don’t, I want to know where the Daffodil have you been! Maybe in your home in Sunset Bay? Or did you return to Bluebell Hill?
Well, at least you’re here now, but please do refrain from foul language as I have -whispers- blogger royalty with me today, and I don’t wish to scare her off!

Author of Return to Bluebell Hill, A Home in Sunset Bay and most recently; Down on Daffodil Lane, Rebecca Pugh is here! I was lucky enough to nab her for a chat, and seeing as TWG is rather nosy, I didn’t hold back either! Enjoy!

TWG: Hi Rebecca, thank you for stopping by TWG! It’s your very first time here so I hope I don’t scare you away! Before we begin, could you tell my readers a little bit about you and your background please?

Absolutely! First of all, I’d like to thank you for hosting me on your wonderful blog, Kaisha. I’m certain you won’t scare me away!

My name’s Rebecca Pugh and I live in the green county of Shropshire UK with my partner and Bonnie the dog. I’m an avid writer, reader and book reviewer. I’m the eldest of seven children, so I come from a lovingly chaotic family, where dinner is noisy and squabbles are often overheard. I’m the author of Return to Bluebell Hill, A Home in Sunset Bay and the recently released Down on Daffodil Lane, all of which are published by Carina UK.


TWG: I like to help my guests warm up a little bit, so I am going to do give you a quick fire round. Is that okay? Fab. You can only choose one!

Round 1: Quick fire round.

Manicure or pedicure?

Manicure, definitely.

Flat shoes or high heels?

Flat shoes.

Paperback or hardback?


Hair up or hair down?


Looking pristine or looking casual?

Casual, always.

Chic lit or psychological thrillers?

No! How can you make me choose? I’m massive fan of both but I’ll go with my first love which was and always will be chic lit.

Now time to be sensible, ish. Hope you enjoy those!

TWG: You are a very well known blogger, what made you decide to start writing your own books?

I’d wanted to write well before I began blogging. I suppose, in a way, blogging gave me an extra confidence boost before finally taking that nerve-wracking step towards submitting my work. I’ve always been in awe of authors and how they manage to take readers away from real life, even if just for a few hours a day. My hope is to be able to achieve that too.

TWG: Out of the three books you have written, which one is your favourite?

I think it may be A Home in Sunset Bay. I had so much fun writing this one, and the sister aspect is something that will always be close to my heart. I adored the setting of Sunset Bay too, as I love being beside the sea, and Dolly’s Diner was an absolute joy to create! Mia and Laurie will always hold a special place in my heart.

TWG: Where do you get your inspiration from for writing your books?

Here, there and everywhere! A real mixture of real life and my own imagination. Songs, pictures, things I’ve heard or seen. Life is the best place to gather your ideas from.

TWG: When I started my blog, you were one of the first bloggers I noticed. What made you decide to start your own blog?

After finishing a book, I really needed somewhere to share my thoughts and feelings, and after a bit of a peek on the internet, I found a few book blogs and thought, ‘I’d love to do this!’ It seemed perfect, and after a few reviews, I began to find my way. I find book reviewing cathartic. It’s a great way to let loose your thoughts and share them with other readers around the world. The book community is one I’m forever proud and happy to be a part of. It also allowed me to chat with other authors too, which never loses its sparkle.

TWG: How do you switch from author to blogger mode?

Oh, what a great question! I don’t think I really ‘switch’ between the two. Both involve writing which is something I love doing either way. When working on my own books, I set myself word-count goals etc. so I get a lot more organised that way, and a lot stricter too. 

TWG: You strike me as a very upbeat and positive person, but, which book title would you choose to sum up your dark times?

I think I’ll choose ‘Beneath the Surface’ by Heidi Perks.

TWG: This is probably going to be a tricky one to answer, who are your favourite authors?

Jill Mansell, Holly Martin, Kath McGurl, Alexandra Brown, Sophie Kinsella. And then for the darker side of fiction, I’ll say Angela Marsons, Caroline Mitchell, Robert Bryndza and Stephen King.

TWG: What were your favourite books to read as a child and why?

Oh, gosh. I read so many books as a little girl, but the ones I absolutely LOVED were the Goosebumps series, and the Point Horror collection. I was always in the school library wanting to borrow these and must have gone through them all tons of times during my time there. I loved how creepy and strange they were, and became obsessed with the TV series of Goosebumps too. I think I liked them so much because each of them had a lesson to be learnt too.

TWG: Your latest novel ‘Down on Daffodil Lane’ was published recently, congratulations! What was your inspiration behind that particular book? I love the title by the way!

Thank you so much, Kaisha, I’m thrilled you love the title too.

My inspiration for Down on Daffodil Lane came to me one day as I was thinking about what it would be like for someone to need to get away and take some time out from life. We’ve all been there, right? I was going through a particularly rough patch at the time and would have loved nothing more than to head to a cottage in the countryside for some peace and quiet while I sorted myself out. Maria Charm was a woman who desperately needed this. I wanted to give this woman a new lease of life when things were going so badly for her, and so I whisked her away to Daffodil Lane where the promise of new friendships, a new job and perhaps even a new romance were on the cards.

TWG: One last question before you go, what can TWG readers look forward to seeing from you next?

I’m currently working on my fourth novel with Carina UK. I don’t have much to share on it just yet, but it should be arriving Spring/Summer of 2017. As soon as I have more to share, I most definitely will! I can’t wait to have another book out there with readers.

TWG: Do you have any exclusives for us?

Unfortunately not, at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted!

TWG: Thank you so much for being here with TWG today, I hope you have enjoyed the interview! It’s been great getting to know you a little bit more. Good luck with your latest release!

Thank you so much for inviting me here, Kaisha. The questions have been fabulous and I’ve really enjoyed it. Happy blogging! x

Huge, HUGE, thank you to Rebecca for stopping by TWG and answering a few (cough) questions! Please do come back and see me on the blog anytime you wish, it’s been an honour to have you with me today!

For those that want to know where you can get your mitts on Rebecca’s beautiful books, keep reading…

About Rebecca Pugh.


Rebecca Pugh grew up in the green county of Shropshire. Not an immediate reader, it took her a while to find her way towards the wonderful fictional words hidden between the pages of books. Ever since, she’s fallen under the spell of countless authors and the tales they’ve weaved. Her favourite authors include Jill Mansell, Cathy Bramley, Sarah Morgan and Holly Martin, to name but a few. She loves nothing more than tapping away at the keyboard, taking her characters from imagination to page and, when that isn’t the case, she adores curling up with a good book.

Rebecca is a fan of fairy tale romances that sweep you off your feet, dashing heroes and strong, lovable heroines. She can’t make up her mind whether she prefers a countryside escape, or a love story set in bustling New York. Either way, she’s more than happy to disappear into both.

When it comes to her own writing, Rebecca aims to whisk readers away to desirable locations, where they can meet characters who, she hopes, will begin to feel like friends. With a dash of romance here, and a shake-up of things there, she loves dreaming up stories and watching them come to life.

Book links

Rebecca’s books on Amazon UK –

Rebecca’s books on Amazon US –

Social Media Links

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#Review – The Perfect Gift by Emma Hannigan (@MsEmmaHannigan) @HachetteIRE @headlinepg


Happy Birthday, darling girl…

Ever since she can remember, Roisin has received a birthday card in the post. Signed with love from the birth mother she has never met.

Brought up by her adoptive parents, Keeley and Doug, Roisin has wanted for nothing. But on her thirtieth birthday a letter comes that shakes her world.

For Keeley, who’s raised Roisin as her own, the letter reminds her of a secret she’s been holding for thirty years.

And for Nell, keeping watch in the lighthouse, the past is a place she rarely goes. Until a young runaway arrives seeking shelter, and unwraps the gift of hope for them all…

What does TWG think?

Wow, how the monkeys do I begin a review for this one?! I bought this book back in May based on the cover alone, and I was also lucky enough to get a paperback copy from the publisher (thank you). I didn’t read the blurb of the book until AFTER I had read it, and I am glad that I did it that way because knowing nothing about the book increased the power of emotion. Plus, I hadn’t read any other books of Emma’s so I wanted to find everything out for myself. Yes, I am daft, the cover is beautiful though!

I found ‘The Perfect Gift’ to be quite a complex read to start with as I was learning about the characters ‘now’, as well as the circumstances of the past. Luckily, I wasn’t too confused as the past and the present entwined beautifully and kept me on my toes throughout the whole book. When the storyline went back in time, so to speak, I kept trying to work out where it fit in with the present circumstances but I just couldn’t work it out! I was keeping my eye out for any ‘clues’, but just when I thought I had worked it all out, the storyline took another turn and I was back to square one. I’m not complaining at all as it made my curiosity soar and kept the book in my hands.

Emma Hannigan has cleverly, and carefully, entwined multiple lives and personal stories into one complete storyline; perfectly. Each and every character stood on their own two feet and I didn’t feel as though any of them got lost along the way. However, some of the characters pleased me more than others, ahem, that’s a nicer way of saying that I wasn’t overly keen on one or two attitudes. I do enjoy it when I find a character within a book that grates me as it makes the book even more interesting. I don’t want to read a book with every character being ‘nice’, so the variation in personalities was very welcome.

As I read further into the book, a lot of situations were starting to add up. Well, I thought they were, at one point ‘it’ was right under my nose but my lightbulb didn’t switch on. But oh my, oh my, oh my, my lightbulb did switch on eventually and I can definitely say that the light wasn’t a dim one! I sat on the edge of the sofa, head in my hands, sobbing my heart out at what I had read. The intense emotions that jumped out of the pages at me, took me by surprise. Such, wow, sorry, I’m tearing up now…

Being a mother myself, the storyline shook me to my core in a way that I hadn’t felt before. Not in a bad way I must add, but in an exceptionally, powerful and deep way. I am in awe of the way Emma wrote about such a sensitive situation with such feeling; I felt as though I was reading someone’s life story, not a book.

It was raw. It was emotional. It was intense. It was mind-blowing. It was utterly amazing. I cannot seem to find the right words to express how much ‘The Perfect Gift’ blew me away, but it truly did. Emma Hannigan has written such a heart-warming tale about love, loss and truth. Never mind the perfect gift for Roisin, this was ‘The Perfect Gift’ for me. Breathtakingly beautiful.

The Perfect Gift by Emma Hannigan is available to buy now from Amazon UK.

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#Review: The Honey Trap by Mary Jayne Baker (@MaryJayneBaker) @HarperImpulse


The trap is set – but which one of them is the bait?

Journalist Angel Blackthorne is looking for her next big scoop. When her sleazy editor asks her to use her charms on super successful – and married – film director Sebastian Wilchester for a juicy exposé, Angel thinks what the hell? There’s a staff job on the horizon, and, let’s be honest, no one can make a cheater cheat if they don’t want to, right?

After the scandal breaks, Angel tries to put the story – and Seb – behind her, but fate seems to have other ideas. A near miss at a premiere after-party and a shared love of vintage film brings the honey closer to the trap.

But what happens when pretence leads to passion, and a ‘kiss and tell’ becomes something real?

What does TWG think?

Firstly, I would like apologise to Mary Jayne for only getting round to posting my review now, I’m sorry! Hopefully you’ll forgive me once you’ve read my review!

If you’re unfamiliar to the term ‘honey trap’ or unaware of what it entails, do not google it. Instead, turn off your phone, put your feet up and ensure you have copious amounts of chocolate as you’ll be finding out what a honey trap is and some. Make sure you’re in a well ventilated room too whilst reading, as this book gets pretty steamy and seeing as you will not be able to put it down once you begin, you’d better get comfortable.
Oh and FYI, I’m speaking from experience. Mary Jayne Baker’s ‘The Honey Trap’, honey trapped my backside to the sofa and it only let me leave when I had finished reading!

How far would you go, to ‘secure’ a permanent job position? Work extra late? Take on more work? Run around sucking up to all the managers? Or, would you honey trap a rather successful film director that may, oh I don’t married? Angel Blackthorne clearly wanted the job so honey trap she did! Oh dear, thought that was bad? Keep an eye out for Angel’s editor, just saying.

Oh my GOSH, have I just stepped into a sauna? Someone fan me now as this book is HAWT, HAWT, HAWT! ‘The Honey Trap’ is such an indulgent, steamfest from start to finish, I was hooked. I couldn’t peal my eyes away from the book even if I had wanted to (I didn’t want to). Despite the high levels of hotness, it was quite clear from the onset that it was all going to go tits up (excuse the pun). I mean, as much as I would like to say that the trapping part of the book was the most knuckle tapping, other parts of the storyline shocked me more!

Mary Jayne Baker sure knows how to keep your attention with her writing. Steam, lust, handsome male AND enough drama to give The Only Way Is Essex a run for its money, why would your eyes be anywhere else! The storyline was full of all the raunchy subjects that are always seen as taboo, yet it was written brilliantly. It definitely made me think about circumstances that I wouldn’t usually think about, and the aftermath of those decisions. That said, I didn’t think of the book as an eye opener in terms of the ‘serious’, underlying content. It was more of a ‘there is more to this world that meets the eye’, sort of eye opener. Basically, it put angels and devils against each other and the devils won by miles!

The humour within the book is on point, absolutely hilarious and timed to perfection;  Mary Jayne Baker definitely kept me on my toes in more ways than one. An absolutely brilliant read, outstanding!
It should come with a warning though: ‘Too hot to handle’!

Thank you to the author for allowing me a complimentary copy in return for my honest opinion.

The Honey Trap by Mary Jayne Baker, published by Harper Impulse, is available to buy now from Amazon UK


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Promo Blitz! The Last Dance by Kierney Scott (@Kierney_S) @NeverlandBT



American born Prima Ballerina Georgina Fairly made a mistake that could destroy her. Saving her career means selling her soul to the Russian government. Now a spy who uses her body to lure men and secure their secrets, Georgina is tasked with seducing Roman Zakharov, the most dangerous Oligarch in Russia.

Roman Zakharov a man with a past as ugly as his disfigured face. An assassination attempt left him horribly burned, but the scars go deeper than the frightening exterior. Jaded and cruel, Roman lets Georgina into his world but only to punish her and teach the pretty dancer that no one crosses Roman Zakharov. He will show her what it means to be used. And he will teach her to beg.

Buy ‘The Last Dance’ by Kierney Scott – Now!

About the author:

American born Kierney Scott, lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her kilt wearing husband and their daughter. When she is not writing, she is reading or drinking tea or spending far too much time on social media. She is fluent in Spanish, and by that she means she knows all the words to La Bamba. She loves hearing from readers. You can contact her on Facebook or Twitter.


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Book review! Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty. @PenguinUKBooks #LianeMoriarty


The electrifying new novel from the international bestselling author, Liane Moriarty

Despite their differences, Erika and Clementine have been best friends since they were children. So when Erika needs help, Clementine should be the obvious person to turn to. Or so you’d think.

For Clementine, as a mother of a two desperately trying to practise for the audition of a lifetime, the last thing she needs is Erika asking for something, again.

But the barbecue should be the perfect way to forget their problems for a while. Especially when their hosts, Vid and Tiffany, are only too happy to distract them.

Which is how it all spirals out of control…

What does TWG think?

I was introduced to Liane’s books not long ago and I soon became hooked on her enchanting writing. As soon as I heard that she was releasing a new book the excitement took over and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. However, I couldn’t read it as quickly as I would have liked to and I was incredibly surprised by the topsy turvy reviews of this book on Goodreads and Amazon. After all, Liane Moriarty is like a literary Princess and how can little ‘old’ me be allowed to review her books! Sacrilege!

Despite being aware of the reviews before I began reading, I did put them to the back of my mind as I wanted to make my own decision. I love Liane’s other books and my fingers were crossed that this one would follow suit.

The storyline predominantly focused on the background information; what happened before the BBQ from different people’s perspective. Every now and then the storyline switched back to ‘now’, teasing the readers curious mind.

Well, it most certainly teased my curiosity! So many questions went through my mind as different events unfolded. As soon as I tried to work out one situation, something else happened and I was left trying to figure out multiple situations and the characters involved. It is safe to say that by half way through, I became quite infuriated because I wanted to know what happened at the BBQ! Why was it such a big deal? Why were good friends now acquaintances? Once or twice, I did wonder why some pieces of information were brought to the reader’s attention as I couldn’t quite see where it fit within the storyline. However, if I had been patient and let the rest of the story unfold, I would have found out why those pieces of information were written. Every teaser, questionable circumstance and dodgy character traits, all had their own places within the story.

‘Truly, Madly, Guilty’ reminded me of a phrase that I used to get told as I child; ‘Never look at a piece half finished’. It’s the same with Liane’s book. If you try to work out circumstances halfway through the book, nothing will make complete sense. Certain pieces of vital information will be missing and you’ll end up being a very confused reader. Due to the complexity of the story and the emotional nature of the storyline, there is a lot to take in and can take a little while to settle into the book. However, it most certainly is worth it. I didn’t expect the book to turn on its head when it did in terms of emotion and ‘omg’ moments, so for me, that gave the story even more of an edge. Even though the background information was setting the scene for the big situation reveal, I didn’t expect it, it was as though it came out of nowhere.

I was constantly on edge reading the book and I LOVED it. Liane Moriarty has written such an emotional rollercoaster of a story that will definitely have you sitting on the edge of your seat, almost shouting at the book ‘WHAT HAPPENED?!’. ‘Truly, Madly, Guilty’ is very cleverly written from start to finish and it just oozes suspense.

Personally, I cannot see why anyone wouldn’t like this book as it definitely hit the mark for me. I thought Liane was a literary Princess before reading her latest book, but now? She gets promoted to literary Queen.

Another magnificent read from an incredible author. Absolutely brilliant.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher in return for my honest opinion.

Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty, published by Penguin, is available to buy now from Amazon UK.


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Blog Tour! A New York Love Story by Cassie Rocca (@cassierocca)@Aria_Fiction #Review #Extract

Brand new week and a brand new blog tour! What a way to kick off the week with a trip to New York and one or two Christmas Tree. After all, it’s only -calculates- 90 days until Christmas, surely a nod to Christmas is allowed, now? (TWG may or may not have had several nods to the festive season already. Cough.)


Giving a present is not always easy. Clover O’Brian knows that only too well: her job consists of helping people in the arduous task of choosing unusual gifts. Christmas is coming, New York is buzzing, and Clover, who has always loved the festive period, savours the atmosphere.

Cade Harrison already has everything in life. A Hollywood actor, he is handsome, rich, famous and popular. Success, however, has its downsides; having just emerged from a disastrous relationship with an actress, he feels a need to hide away in an area unfrequented by stars, in an apartment lent him by a friend, far from prying eyes – especially those of tabloid reporters. But as chance will have it, the apartment in question is right opposite the one occupied by Clover, who until now has seen Hollywood actors only on the big screen. Two quite different lives meet by chance, at the most exhilarating time of year…

What does TWG think?

What a job! Can you imagine being a personal shopper for people, helping them find gifts for their loved ones? Having to find out loads of information about the people the client wishes to buy for, finding unusual gifts, what’s not to like? I mean, you’re being paid to shop, win win really! It’s lucky that Clover O’Brian enjoys her job really,  considering that she gets all walks of life expecting her to find the right gifts for people she doesn’t know. Actually, come to think of it, it sounds like quite a difficult job! It’s hard enough buying things for people you do know, let alone for complete strangers! Add a top Hollywood actor to the mix and you have eye-candy with an unlimited budget. Simple really..if the press don’t see.

I didn’t know what to make of ‘A New York Love Story’ to begin with, it took me a couple of chapters to gel with the storyline and the characters. I found Clover, at first, a bit like marmite. She came across as a lost soul with a sharp tongue and extremely defensive, I tried to work out why she was like that. Although, as soon as her family popped up in the story, it soon became clear why defense seemed her go to mechanism.

Once I was able to sink my teeth into the storyline and more characters popped up in different ways, I found myself loving being in New York, especially seeing as I have never been there! The way that Cassie Rocca described the city made me feel as though I was sitting on the street kerb, watching everything unfold. I have no idea how close her descriptions were to the real city, but as far as I’m concerned, Cassie’s description is what New York looks like!

Even though the title of the book has ‘love story’ in it, I wasn’t expecting the book to have the true love story element. Part of me thought that it would be lightly touched upon, so I was pleasantly surprised when the topic of love took over the book. I tried to remain impartial to the characters and not choose a side, but I did, I admit it. I seem to get even more involved in storylines lately, and a love story is no different!

There was a lot of drama in ‘A New York Love Story’ which always kept my interest and allowed the love element to be an addition to the story, rather than the main focus. I liked that, very cleverly done.

‘A New York Love Story’ kept my interest all the way though (after I gelled with it), reached my emotions and made me want to curl up with a hot cuppa and watch someone put up my Christmas tree. Thanks to Cassie Rocca and ‘A New York Love Story’, I will make sure I have lights everywhere this Christmas as you need to light up your life somehow.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me a complimentary copy in return for my honest views.

A New York Love Story by Cassie Rocca, published by Aria Fiction, will be released on the 1st October 2016 and is available to pre-order now from Amazon UK.


“Then, next time you’re looking for peace and privacy go to a desert or wear a mask! You can’t force people not to notice you…” Clover sighed. “However, if it helps, this neighborhood is inhabited mostly by kids and middle aged people. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a hysterical woman at your door asking you to autograph her butt!” She noticed he was deeply embarrassed by her reference to the episode that all the tabloids had gleefully reported, and her animosity somehow weakened. 
“I’ve always wondered how you can keep an autograph on your skin intact. I guess you must avoid washing that part of the body: a kind of disturbing idea, don’t you think?”
“In that specific case, the autograph was immediately transformed into a tattoo.” He was trying to restrain an ironic smile, while turning towards home.

“Oh god! Are people really willing to go that far?” Clover laughed with incredulity. She was following him and was satisfied to have found something to embarrass the Prince of Hollywood with. This was the nickname that the gossip magazines had given him. “Now I understand your desire to stay away from people. It can’t be easy to have to sign a bottom every time you go out for groceries!”

“It’s not something that happens to me every day,” Cade replied and kept walking. “And anyway, these are displays of affection from my fans. I can’t complain: I owe my success to them.” Clover had doubts about the sincerity of this. It seemed as if he were acting in a screenplay, as though he’d been instructed to answer these kinds of questions in a diplomatic way.

“If this is how you feel, then you would enjoy meeting a client of mine, she’s really sweet. She has the biggest butt you can imagine! I think she would probably like to have her right butt cheek autographed by you, if you would sacrifice yourself in the name of love for a great fan of yours…”
“Very funny.”
“It could become a new trend, actually a full time job for you: the buttocks autograph artist. I’m sure it would be a big success in Hollywood.” When they reached the gate of his villa, Cade Harrison looked at her, said: “If you have finished with your bullshit, I will say goodbye…”
“Oh! Already? Don’t you want to sign my butt too? Maybe you would like to make a dedication on my back… if I remember correctly, I read somewhere that you did that too.”
“If you have an ice pick, I can start right now.”


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Cover Reveal! If I Ever Fall by S.D.Robertson (@SDRauthor) @AvonBooksUK

TWG has been asked to help reveal a cover for S.D.Robertson’s upcoming book, courtesy of Avon Books UK! Some of you may remember the sobfest that was ‘Time to say goodbye’, if you don’t remember then I want to know why as it was ALL over twitter round its release, and afterwards.

I have been told that you might need to stock up on the kleenex ready for S.D.Robertson’s newest book. If you think you might be ready to look like your face has just been dunked in water, with tissue stuck to your face, with the fact that THIS book is set to be even better than his first book, you do not want to miss this. I am quite partial to a real tearjerker of a book, so I am rather looking forward to the release of ‘If I Ever Fall’!


Publishing in eBook and Paperback: 9th February 2017

 Is holding on harder than letting go?

Dan’s life has fallen apart at the seams. He’s lost his house, his job, and now he’s going to lose his family too. All he’s ever wanted is to keep them together, but is everything beyond repair?

Maria is drowning in grief. She spends her days writing letters that will never be answered. Nights are spent trying to hold terrible memories at bay, to escape the pain that threatens to engulf her.

Jack wakes up confused and alone. He doesn’t know who he is, how he got there, or why he finds himself on a deserted clifftop, but will piecing together the past leave him a broken man?

In the face of real tragedy, can these three people find a way to reconcile their past with a new future? And is love enough to carry them through?

You can pre-order your copy right here: Pre-order from Amazon UK

February might be a few months away, but, judging by the blurb on this beauty, it definitely sounds worth the wait!

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Blog Tour. ‘Nice Day For A White Wedding’ by A.L.Michael (@ALMichael_) @UKCarina @NeverlandBT

Absolutely thrilled to be on the blog tour for A.L.Michael’s ‘Nice Day For A White Wedding’. It is the second book in the Camden Square series, but it can be read as a standalone. In my opinion though, the first book is a brilliant read so you will definitely be missing out if you haven’t already read it! You can find my review for it right here: Goodbye Ruby Tuesday by A.L.Michael. Book Tour!.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, ‘Nice Day For A White Wedding’ appeared on my blog, well, Chelsea, a character from the series did. If you fancy dabbling in a bit of wedding planning that will take you the same amount of time as eating a cake, you can: TWG kicks off ‘Nice day for a white wedding’ (@ALMichael_) #blogtour! What would YOU choose? @UKCarina.

Back to today’s blog post, as it is TWG’s stop on the tour, courtesy of NeverlandBT, I am sharing my review of the book!


Sometimes, Happy Ever After is where the real trouble begins…

Chelsea Donnolly wasn’t supposed to amount to anything. But if there’s one thing the bad girl from the estate liked better than trouble, it was a challenge. So, to the amusement of her best friends Evie, Mollie and Ruby – and the disbelief of her teachers – this bad girl turned good.

These days, Chelsea is the kind of girl people are proud to know – and, after a surprise trip to Venice, she has a ring on her finger to prove it. But to get there, she’s had to learn to keep her deepest secrets from everyone – even her fiancé. And when wedding preparations threaten to blow her cover, Chelsea can’t help but wonder: in her battle to the top, might she have left the best parts of herself behind?

What does TWG think?

This is one series of books that I have been extremely excited about, unfortunately though, the author has had me pestering her wondering when I would be able to read more! It is also bittersweet as the next book is the last one in the series, sniff sniff. That said, what better way to turn your frown upside down, than with a wedding. Right? As Billy Idol says ‘it’s a nice day, for a white wedding’!

In this book we follow Chelsea’s life whilst running into a few familiar names too. Those who know Chelsea well, know that she has a past, one that she thought she had broken away from as she grew up. It doesn’t quite work like that though, especially when there is a possibility of a wedding!

What did I like about this book? Seeing as it was yet another drama filled novel with bolshy characters and gritty storylines, what is there NOT to like? There was always something to sink your teeth into, regardless of what page you looked on. If the gritty storyline didn’t keep you hooked, a lot of the characters decided to show a different side to them, very interesting to say the least!

A.L.Michael’s trademark humour ran throughout the book like cookie monster down the biscuit aisle; very quickly and everywhere! I definitely had the giggles more than once while I was reading the book, the humour was just so matter of fact, I couldn’t help but laugh!

Despite the very humorous edge to the book, I did feel as though there was a hidden message. No doubt a lot of us are ashamed of our pasts, but I am quite sure that once you have read this book, you might think of it a different way!

Another brilliant book from A.L.Michael, whilst I don’t want the series to end, I am so looking forward to reading the next book in the series!

‘Nice Day For A White Wedding’ by A.L.Michael, published by Carina, is out to buy right now from Amazon UK.

If you fancy entering a little giveaway, courtesy of A.L.Michael, now is your chance!
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About the author.

A.L. Michael is hurtling towards the end of her twenties a little too quickly. She is the author of ‘Wine Dark, Sea Blue’, ‘The Last Word’, ‘My So Called (Love) Life’, ‘Driving Home for Christmas’, and ‘If You Don’t Know Me By Now’, based upon her experiences as a London barista. Her new three book series, The House on Camden Square, starts with ‘Goodbye Ruby Tuesday’ and focuses on three friends as they try to open an arts centre in Camden, in memory of their rock star friend.

She is a Creative Therapeutic Facilitator, currently researching the power of creative writing to be helpful in recovering from eating disorders, and likes running writing workshops that link together the body and the mind. When she’s not writing, she likes yoga, trying to bake healthy treats and was a hipster before hipsters were hipster. Well, she likes Chai lattes and owns a Mac.

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Review – ‘Take A Chance On Me’ by Carol Wyer (@carolewyer) @bookouture #publicationday

Happy publication day Carol!!


When Charlie’s husband leaves after ten years of marriage, her spirits hit an all-time low. She just isn’t sure how to pick herself up again. So, best friend Mercedes makes it her mission to put a spring back in Charlie’s step with the perfect bucket list.

As Charlie takes a chance and bungee jumps and belly dances her way through an array of adventures, her love life also begins to look up and she’s soon enjoying a few dates as a newly single woman. She begins to realise that finding romance, might not be so hard, especially when you’ve got someone like journalist Jake who has an adorable little boy and is very easy on the eye.

But is Jake too good to be true? As Charlie’s challenges on the bucket list get bigger, so do her questions about Jake. Should she continue to hold out for the fairy-tale? Or should she take a chance on Jake and hope for a happy ending?

What does TWG think?

Author of one of my favourite books, Carol Wyer, is back with yet another memorable story. However, it is memorable for a completely different reason than ‘Life Swap’ is. Before I read ‘Take A Chance On Me’, I was told that it would be nothing like ‘Life Swap in terms of the emotion and the hidden message. I did think to myself ‘nahhhh, it IS a Carol Wyer book afterall’. Oh how naïve I was!

Meet Charlie, a broken-hearted woman who tries to find her calling in life…again. With the help of her best friend, Mercedes, Charlie attempts things that are completely out of her comfort zone, thanks to the pact that she made with Mercedes. Despite all of the thrills and excitement the pact gives Charlie, a piece of her jigsaw is still missing. Will Charlie find the missing puzzle piece and be able to fix what she can control? Or will Charlie’s loss be too much to handle and the puzzle will forever be incomplete?

I can’t even begin this review properly with a joke, I may finish it with one, but it wouldn’t be right to begin with. I mean, how could I be anything but serious when the first few pages of the book gave me goosebumps and made me gasp? As I mentioned previously, I got told that this book would have a completely different edge to it than ‘Life Swap’, I didn’t quite believe just how much of an edge that it would have. I will now hold my hands up and say that the person who told me about the edge, was absolutely correct. After all, the author knows better about what they have written, right? -whistles-

When it comes to light in the book that Charlie and Mercedes have made a pact, also known as a good old bucket list, I couldn’t wait to see what challenges Charlie was going to face. There is powerful message behind the bucket list, but it isn’t what you would usually think. I’m not one for writing spoilers in my reviews and as this review is no different regarding that, I urge you to read the book and find out for yourself.

The complexity of each character and their personalities is outstanding. Every character has been beautifully written into the story, along with their own troubles and heartbreak, making ‘Take A Chance On Me’ extremely memorable for more than one reason. Memorable AND relatable.

Whilst Charlie and Mercedes’ bucket list has its own hidden message, ‘Take A Chance On Me’ has more than one powerful message hidden within. The word powerful is an understatement if I’m honest, the whole storyline had such a hold on me. It felt as though the story had put bricks in my feet to keep me from moving and then crawled into my soul and set up camp for the duration of the book. There was something about Carol’s writing that moved me,  I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was.

Many times as I was reading, I had to sit back and soak up what I had just read. The storyline felt real, incredibly real, and it is completely clear that Carol has written ‘Take a Chance On Me’ straight from her heart. To write such moving situations must have taken a lot of strength; as all of those intense situations moved me to tears (more than once). How does one person deal with so much heartbreak in such a short space of time, yet still be able to pay it forward for those around her? Charlie is such a beautiful character for sure, but Carol Wyer is such a beautifully, talented author for creating such, wow, intense moments. Plus, Carol has added her trademark humour all throughout the novel, creating a pillow for the emotional moments. A bit like chocolate for a women’s monthly moment, or bubbles for a bath, or a kazoo for….anytime. You know, comforting things. Where is my kazoo Carol, did you pinch it?!

I will never be able to find the words to fully describe how ‘Take a Chance On Me’ has left its mark on me. There aren’t enough words to explain how many tears I shed at the end of this book. If I could have given Carol a hug whilst reading her incredible book, I would have. I needed to. I needed to be there for her characters through her. I’m tearing up now writing this as Carol’s words hit home, I related a lot to the personal limitations of a couple of her characters. I was not expected to feel as though I was reading about my life, not a characters.

‘Take a Chance On Me’ is a story about love, loss and finding the strength to move forward. A story about just going for it and trying to accept life’s limitations in the moment, no matter how hard it is. A story about letting go (and no, not Disney’s Frozen) and believing that YOU are worthy and that you are NOT defined by your heartache. ‘Take A Chance On Me’ oozes emotion from start to finish and I cannot recommend this book enough. Yes, I cried. Yes, I laughed. Yes, I cried some more. But I will tell you this, Carol Wyer is a literary genius with a heart of gold, ‘Take A Chance On Me’ is now in my Top 5 favourite books, ever.

No, don’t ‘Take A Chance On Me’, take a chance on Carol Wyer and her beautifully written, powerful and intense book that will have you reaching for the tissues multiple times. Magically moving, with added hilarity, this book is incredible.

Take A Chance On Me by Carol Wyer, published by Bookouture, is available to buy from today (23rd September) on Amazon UK