Review Policy.

Review policies for books and product campaigns (please scroll to get to the latter).

If you are looking for me review your book(s), please read the guidelines below:


-I only accept review etc requests via e-mail, please do NOT contact me via social media asking me to review your book, because there is a chance I might miss it, and I find it more personal via e-mail.
-If I don’t respond to your e-mail it’s because the book wasn’t for me personally and I will only reply to e-mails of books that catch my interest. Nothing personal.
-If you require a review done by a set date, please contact me a minimum of 2 weeks before the date to allow me enough time. However, there is no guarantee I will accept so it’s best to contact as early as possible to see if I can fit you in.
-If I accept your requests, I will adhere to any dates that I personally give to you via e-mail. If that were to change in any way, or if the book wasn’t for me, I will contact you.
-I am based in the UK but I do reviews and features for international authors as well.

Genre’s that I DO accept:
Chick Lit.
Contemporary Fiction
Romantic Comedies
Psychological thrillers
(*note – not gory)
Women’s Fiction
Young Adult
(*note – only some)

Genre’s that I WONT accept:
– Gay/lesbian
-Science Fiction
-Extreme erotica.

Please note: if you feel your book doesn’t come under one main genre, please do contact me, HOWEVER, if there are any topics of the above list included, I won’t accept.

I accept the following for review copies:
– ARC copies/widgets
-Actual books

If you would like to send me a physical copy of a book, please e-mail me for my address.

I accept most types of authors, as long as the guidelines are adhered to, and polite. If you do come to me first, I would like to know what made my blog stand out for you.

The types of posts you can request:
-Book reviews (always honest and constructive, everything written in my own words and quoted if not ie, blurb)
-Author Interviews (If you would like one of those done and I haven’t worked with you before, please give me information about your background first. I am more likely to accept authors for interviews if I have worked with you prior.)
-Character Interviews (Please allow me time to read your book before I do the interview.)
-Guest Posts (Happy to discuss guest post ideas with you over e-mail.)
-Cover Reveals (As long as ALL information is sent via e-mail with plenty of notice. More likely to accept if I am familiar with you and your work.)

I do also accept requests to be part of book tours. Same guidelines apply with the tours as stated above. If I have been part of a tour for one of your previous books, there is a high chance I would want to be involved again, so if that is a possibility for future events, please do state. (I’m eager).

If you would like to feature on my blog, and you’re happy with the guidelines set (please ask any questions if needed), then e-mail me at: with the following:

Your name and any pen names used.
Your background and any links for me to nose at.
Book title and genre(s).
Cover and blurb.
Release date.
How I will be able to help you.

If you require multiple features please outline it clearly in the e-mail in order of priority. For example, if you NEED a review done as opposed to wanting an author interview, put the review as your main requirement. Note: if multiple requests are sent in one e-mail, there is no guarantee that I will agree to all of them. Please only send the details for ONE book per e-mail. Don’t try sending a couple of your books in one e-mail because I won’t accept any if you do that.

All reviews will be posted on Amazon UK/Amazon US (if possible), as well as Netgalley (if book has been given via there) and Goodreads.

If you wish for me to be involved in a product campaign on the blog or social media, or to review a product, please read the guidelines below:

I am open to social media campaigns for products relating to:

Children’s clothing.
Children’s toys.
Mental health.
General wellbeing (including pamper products).
Animals (predominantly dogs/rabbits).

If your product doesn’t fit any of the criteria above, but you still think that I am a good fit for the product, please still get in touch at:

I look forward to working with you!

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