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#Review! The First Last Kiss by Ali Harris (@AliHarrisWriter) @simonschusterUK


How do you hold on to a love that is slowly slipping away from you?

Can you let go of the past when you know what is in the future?

And how do you cope when you know that every kiss is a countdown to goodbye?

This is the story of a love affair, of Ryan and Molly and how they fell in love and were torn apart. The first time Molly kissed Ryan, she knew they’d be together forever. Six years and thousands of kisses later she’s married to the man she loves. But today, when Ryan kisses her, Molly realises how many of them she wasted because the future holds something which neither of them could have ever predicted…

What does TWG think?

I have seen Ali’s books as I have nosed on Amazon in the past, yet never gotten round to reading one. Until now that is. Well, this book was recommended by THE Tracy Fenton on TBConFB (she gets everywhere! Don’t tell that I said that!), and I thought that if the Queen Bee herself thought it was fabulous, then it must be!

I will need to be incredibly vague in this review! I don’t want to give anything away by writing something that could potentially be linked to a spoiler; I wouldn’t be popular if I did that. ‘The First Last Kiss’ was yet another book that I read without looking at the blurb as all I went by was recommendation, and the title/cover. I didn’t seem to twig what the book was about based on the title, it wasn’t until the storyline unfolded that things became a lot clearer.

Imagine being in love; completely head over heels in love with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Got it? Now, try to imagine how you would feel if your relationship and life together was sitting on a mound of uncertainty….
You’re probably thinking that you would fight, regardless what life throws at you both, you’d fight, yes?
But what if it wasn’t up to you, or your partner to fight?
Life is about to shake things up for Ryan and Molly, and the only thing that is a guarantee in their lives…is devastation…

I’ll admit, I read this book completely unaware. I had no idea what to expect in regards to the storyline, or even Ali’s writing style.
It didn’t take me long at all to warm to both Ryan and Molly’s personalities, for completely different reasons. Don’t get me wrong, they had bad days as characters, just like us and I did find myself getting a bit frustrated with their choices sometimes. The fact that both of them came across very realistic and relatable was a big bonus. They also make such a lovely couple…when they get their act together of course!

As the storyline developed and the characters grew, I found myself incredibly settled. I didn’t want the book to end, nor did I want anything to change! No sooner had I thought that….WHAM.

What happened next completely caught me off guard. I couldn’t prepare myself or my emotions as I was in shock. Put it this way, I wasn’t moving my toosh off the sofa until the book was completely finished. Not that I was going to anyway mind you, but the change of pace in the storyline cemented that fact.

The way that Ali Harris wrote the entire novel, especially the last third, was exceptional. My hat goes off to her for the way she handled such a harrowing, and devastating topic with incredible sensitivity, yet still kept it realistic. I am sure a lot of readers have been able to relate to the circumstances the characters faced, and I am sure a few tears may have been shed along the way.

For me, I didn’t just shed a few tears; I sobbed my heart out at the powerful image Ali Harris’ writing had stamped in my mind. I sobbed my heart out due to the emotion that was jumping off every page and making itself known. I sobbed my heart out because the characters were emotional at times and because I had warmed to them, their pain was my pain…in a roundabout way.

Ali Harris has written such a powerful, intense yet beautiful read that is guaranteed to leave you with something in your eye. ‘The First Last Kiss’ will show you the true meaning of love, promises and honesty; all you need to do is focus on Ryan and Molly. I am in awe of Ali Harris and her incredible delivery of such a heart breaking subject. She has done it proud, beautifully written.

The First Last Kiss is available to buy from Amazon UK


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@millsandboon author @EllieDarkins, talks about the ‘perfect ring’! @RNATweets #tuesnews

It’s very close to publication day for author Ellie Darkins and her latest release; Holiday with the Mystery Italian, courtesy of Mills and Boon! Ellie Darkins has written a guest post especially for TWG about choosing the perfect engagement ring. An important ring to choose…so I hear! I don’t know about you, but I am rather intrigued…

Choosing the perfect engagement ring
Ellie Darkins

One of my favouring things to do when I’m writing a brand new Happy Ever After is to think about what would make the perfect proposal and engagement ring for my heroine. I’m a diamond solitaire girl myself – classic, timeless, goes with anything. But I know that that’s not the choice that’s right for everyone. And then there are so many other things to consider for a proposal – does the hero buy the ring in advance, or pop the question without any forward planning? So, each of my happy couples, here’s what I consider!

Is the hero a planner?        

My husband definitely was. In fact, he put a good eight years of thought into deciding to propose (but that’s another story…). There was crafting involved in the ring box. Spontaneity wasn’t the order of the day, but he scored very high for effort! Some of my heroes have been planners, some haven’t. One hero was even proposed to by his very spontaneous heroine! In some ways, I think the more of a planner the hero is, the bigger risk he has to take. My BFF’s hubby was a planner and a researcher. Not only did he want to find the perfect diamond, he found a jeweller who used the same technique as is used to make samurai swords – so so perfect for my comic-loving friend. I was commandeered to provide advice on design and sizing, and – oh my goodness the pressure! Luckily, he got it totally spot on and she still loves her totally unique ring.

Is the heroine quite … particular?

Ahem, this may have applied to me (something to do with spending my teenage years working Saturdays in a jewellery shop). After all the planning and crafting, and eight years to think about it, my husband decided he wanted to choose our ring together. So my hand-made ring box held a placeholder ring, and then we had an amazing day out in the jewellery quarter of Birmingham, looking at tiny (and not so tiny!) diamonds displayed in glass cases and wrapped in folds of paper. Quite a few of my friends felt the same – if you’re going to wear something for the rest of your life, you better be sure that you like it! But a fair few of the others were in the opposite camp – they’d been surprised, loved what their other half had chosen, and were happy not to have the pressure of choosing something!

What makes their love story unique?

This is where I really get to have fun as a writer. For the sculptor hero in my second book, who worked mostly in wood, I knew that this had to influence the ring that he designed for his love. And for my latest hero and heroine, whose love was forged on the side of an active volcano, I knew that nothing short of a fire opal would capture the heat and the spark of their relationship. And as for how he proposes? You’ll have to read their story to find out!

How can anyone fall in love on the side of an ACTIVE volcano?! Surely that is enough to get anyone to read! If you feel like picking up the book when it is released on Thursday 1st December, here are a few more details as well as the all important buy link.

Thank you to Ellie Darkins for her glitzy guest post!



Since the accident that paralyzed him, Italian tycoon Mauro Evans vowed to embrace life. So when he stars in a dating show for charity, picking prickly journalist Amber Harris as the winner to take on holiday is a challenge he can’t resist!  In Amber’s experience, relationships equal pain, so she’s determined to ignore her attraction to charismatic Mauro. But his bravery and strength threaten to tear down her defenses, giving her a new Christmas dream—ringing in the New Year with wedding bells!

Buy from Amazon

About the author.

Ellie Darkins  writes heart-warming stories about falling in love, finding your soul mate and fighting hard to make real relationships work. The HEA is guaranteed, but nothing else along the way is. Expect to see surprise babies, breath-taking settings and alpha heroes by the bucketload. Plus steamy kisses, heaps of sensual tension, and fireworks just audible from behind a closed bedroom door.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Influenced by a book, TWG lets loose with her thoughts.. #honestpost #awareness #bullying

I need to type. I need to try and free my mind from whatever seems to be constricting it right now. I have no idea what that may be. All I know is that my mind feels trapped..
I have just finished reading a book that reopened many of my wounds, although to be honest, I’m not too sure that they were even fully closed. Throughout this post, the book title, author and overall information of it will remain anonymous. No, it’s not because I thought the book was rubbish, or any other negative views at all. The book was brilliant yet incredibly harrowing; yet I need to keep my thoughts of the book in my head for now.

I have been through many, many things in my life already. Most of which I have pretty much glazed over, acted like things are ‘fine’ and believed that my feelings and experiences aren’t worthy of peoples time…because others believe them not to be. How do you ever come back from that though? Being stuck in a place you have been made to feel as though it is the right place to be, yet all along it is wrong, and you have now lost the chance of breaking free.

When I was a little girl I used to be so afraid of growing up, yet I would dream of wearing sparkly clothes, having long, flawless hair and walking with such swagger and confidence. From the time I was a little girl to the time I became an adult, a lot of things changed. Innocence was lost and my dream of wearing sparkly clothes and walked with swagger, became no more. Instead, I just saw…black. There was no sparkle and no swagger. Instead, there was fear and trying to find my own way of surviving through the black times. Some people may use that moment to try and shine or to fight back, yet others may decide to think of everything as….FINE.
‘Are you okay?’ Yeah, I’m FINE.
‘Nothing on your mind?’ No, I’m FINE.
‘You look grumpy…’ I’m not, i’m just…FINE.

Instantly, you’ve lured yourself into a sense of false security. You know deep down that you’re not fine, but seeing as ‘fine’ seems to be your most favourable word, you tend to believe it.

The book that has influenced my thoughts tonight, has given me a real kick up the booty. It has made me realise that I need to learn to talk. I need to learn to talk about MY deepest and darkest feelings without feeling guilty. I need to realise that my feelings are just as important as JimBob’s across the road, or Phoebe’s in Central Perk…

Whilst it is extremely easy to realise those things, it is even harder to put them into practice, especially when you’re surrounded by people that seem to think that is okay to downplay your feelings and take away YOUR moment to express what you feel is important. Nobody has the right to do that, EVER. It is NOT theirs to take. Jodi Picoult made an extremely valid point (one of many) at her event recently. She was talking about what you should and shouldn’t say to a person of colour, and I also believe that those things should be taken into consideration with multiple other situations too. Jodi said that when you’re in a conversation with another person who is talking about their concerns, what you do NOT say is ‘ah I know someone with X Y & Z too’, or ‘that happened to me too’. Why? Because you then downplay their moment and cast it aside like it is of no importance, all because Clementine over the road is the same.

Whilst typing this waffle, it has made me realise even more so that I need to say F………….YOU to a lot of things and a lot of people, and say HIYAAAAAAAA to myself and my daughter. I can do it for her, I just don’t know how to do it for myself.

Maybe one day I will find the confidence to talk about situations that haunt me to this day, one that is even more important after reading that book. I will never rid myself of that situation completely, well, hardly a situation as such. All I know is, my experience of it may help others. If I can’t do it for myself, I will do it for them….whoever they are…it may even be you.

Over and out.

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The Goblin Princess Book 1 – J.O’Connor & Kate Willis-Crowley @inkydoodlesplat @faberbooks


Everything is topsy-turvy in Goblin world and Matty, the Goblin Princess, just doesn’t fit in! Her mum, the Goblin Queen, is always telling her to un-tidy her room and eat up her slug porridge (yee-uk!). Most of all goblins HATE nice things, including their enemies the sparkly Forest Fairies.

Matty has a problem. Her new pet baby dragon, Smoky, is far too good and her parents, the Goblin King and Queen, are threatening to send him away! But Smoky is her best friend – can she find a way to make him naughty enough to keep? She just might need the Forest Fairies’ help…

What does TWG think?

‘Smoky The Dragon Baby’ is the first book in ‘The Goblin Princess’ series written by Jenny O’Connor and illustrated by Kate Willis-Crowley. I am truly thankful for having an excuse to read children’s books nowadays without anyone saying anything, as I have a three-year old bookworm!

Firstly, let me talk about the illustrations. Wow. Will you just look at that cover? As we all know, book covers are really important. They are the first thing that readers see and most opinions of whether to pick up a book is based on that one cover. This cover in particular, however, has nothing to worry about in my opinion! The illustration of the Goblin Princess is beautifully drawn and it changed my opinion of what I assumed goblins to look like. As for the dragon, cutie! I think that the colouring works well in the background, subtle enough to catch your eye without overpowering the illustrations. Overall, my first impression of the cover was a big thumbs up.

When it came to reading the story itself, I knew that I had to get my mini-me to help, even though it did mean waiting until her bedtime to read it! Luckily for us, we got to savour the book over a few nights as I just knew she wouldn’t sit still for the whole story. Nothing against the story, she is just a fidget (and rightly so). I actually don’t think I asked her opinion at all, I didn’t have to. The belly laughing that was coming from the right side of me was enough of an answer! The names of the goblins and characters in this book are brilliant, they most certainly gave the story a fun edge.

The storyline is very easy to follow and I believe that it would be an excellent book for children of all ages to sit down and enjoy. There are a few tongue twister words involved so maybe children might be hollering for your help with the words. Either that, or hollering for the fact that they want their very own dragon!

The beautiful illustrations carry on throughout the book and match Jenny’s enchanting writing superbly. Even as a twenty-something, cough, adult, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this to my daughter and seeing her face light up every night that we read it.

Highly recommended and would be a perfect stocking filler for a little person this Christmas. Beautiful book.

Thank you Faber & Faber.

The Goblin Princess – Smoky The Dragon Baby can be bought from Amazon right now.

Keep your eyes peeled for the second book in the series; The Goblin Princess – The Grand Goblin Ball, coming in 2017!

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#Tour! Who Killed The Mince Spy by Matthew Redford (@matthew_redford) @authorightUKPR



Tenacious carrot, detective inspector Willie Wortell is back to reveal the deviously delicious mind behind the crime of the festive season in this hugely entertaining, and utterly unconventional, short story.  When Mitchell the Mince Spy is horrifically murdered by being over baked in a fan oven, it falls to the Food Related Crime team to investigate this heinous act. Why was Mitchell killed? Who is the mysterious man with a long white beard and why does he carry a syringe? Why is it that the death of a mince spy smells so good?

Detective Inspector Willie Wortel, the best food sapiens police officer, once again leads his team into a series of crazy escapades. Supported by his able homo sapiens sergeant Dorothy Knox and his less able fruit officers Oranges and Lemons, they encounter Snow White and the seven dwarf cabbages as well as having a run in with the food sapiens secret service, MI GasMark5. With a thigh slap here, and a thigh slap there, the team know Christmas is coming as the upper classes are acting strangely – why else would there be lords a leaping, ladies dancing and maids a milking?

And if that wasn’t enough, the Government Minister for the Department of Fisheries, Agriculture and Rural Trade (DAFaRT) has only gone and given the turkeys a vote on whether they are for or against Christmas.   
Let the madness begin!

This short story by Matthew Redford follows his deliciously irreverent debut Addicted To
Death (Clink Street Publishing, 2015).

What does TWG think?

I need to admit something; I only chose this book because I am obsessed with mince pies! How sad is that?! Wait, no, that isn’t the sad part. The sad part was when Mitchell the Mince Spy got murdered!!! I got so emotional that it made my pastry have a soggy bottom. Devastation right there!
It’s pretty safe to say that this book is absolutely bonkers. You will come across a carrot named Willie Wortel, fruits officers named Oranges and Lemons, and, if that isn’t enough for you, you will also meet seven dwarf cabbages!

‘Who Killed The Mince Spy’ is a book that should not be taken seriously overall. However, if you read between the pages of the recipe books, you might find yourself trying to work out whether the storyline has a true hidden agenda. It might even open your eyes to food, glorious food!

I did have a few problems trying to follow the storyline, but I didn’t let it dampen my spirits at all. I enjoyed the uniqueness and sheer hilarity of what I was reading, whether I followed it or not. Reading this book was such a breath of fresh air considering the amount of negativity that the world projects just now. If you fancy something a little bit different and have a good imagination, I would suggest giving this one a go. Don’t leave your mince pies unattended though!

Thank you Authoright.

Available to pre-order (released 6th December) from Amazon UK


About Matthew Redford

Born in 1980, Matthew Redford grew up with his parents and elder brother on a council
estate in Bermondsey, south-east London. He now lives in Longfield, Kent, takes
masochistic pleasure in watching his favourite football team snatch defeat from the jaws
of victory, is a keen chess player and is planning future food related crime novels. To
counterbalance the quirkiness of his crime fiction Redford is an accountant. His
unconventional debut crime thriller, Addicted to Death: A Food Related Crime
Investigation was published by Clink Street Publishing last summer.

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TWG interviews June Taylor (@joonlt), author of ‘Losing Juliet’! @KillerReads #interview

I would like to say a HUGE welcome to June Taylor as she pops her TWG cherry! Also, a massive congratulations on the release of her novel, Losing Juliet, which was released yesterday (25th November 2016)! Today June answers a few of my questions; handy for getting to know her a little bit more! Take a look!

I’m very pleased to welcome Killer Reads author June Taylor, today’s Author in the Spotlight.  Her latest book, Losing Juliet, is published on 25th November, 2016 as an eBook.  Paperback on January 10th, 2017.  You can order a copy here


TWG – What inspired you to start writing?

Once I realised the power of my imagination, I was away! The discovery that I could do anything, be anyone, go absolutely anywhere, was quite a revelation.  And as I was a quiet child at school, growing up in the “should-be-seen-but-not-heard” generation, the written word became an outlet for me.  I had a brilliant English teacher as well.

TWG – Tell me about your journey to publication

I’ve been writing for many years.  I come from a scriptwriting background originally, creating short plays, radio, and then I had a full-length play produced.  In 2011, I was runner up in the Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition with a YA novel I’d always been meaning to write.  Three agents and several near misses later, I finally found my niche writing adult psychological thrillers.  I wrote the first draft of Losing Juliet five years ago.  After several drafts the deal finally came through with Killer Reads.  I’ve had a long apprenticeship but it’s all about becoming the best writer you can be in that time, not wasting opportunities along the way.  Even the best writers at the top of their game tell you it’s forever tough and that you can never stop learning.

TWG – In a nutshell, what is your latest book about?

Losing Juliet is a twisty psychological page turner about a friendship gone bad, inspired by a road trip I made in the late eighties to France.  There were so many What if? moments, I just knew there was a good story in there somewhere.  I love books which challenge you to think: What would I do in that situation? 

TWG – How did you come up with the title for your book?

In earlier drafts it had a different title, but HarperCollins weren’t keen.  So we had a brainstorming session, me and the Killer Reads team batting ideas back and forth.  They wanted to get the name Juliet in the title because it’s striking and memorable, but then we needed a word to go alongside it to capture the intrigue, danger and suspense of the story.  Losing Juliet was the favourite.  Titles are the hardest things! 

TWG – How will you celebrate publication day?

Hiding under the duvet probably! 

TWG – Do you have a work in progress just now?

Yes, I’m working on the next book.  I can’t say any more than that just yet as it’s in the early stages and I’m sworn to secrecy.  But it will be another psychological thriller/suspense. 

TWG – What’s your favourite book you’ve read in the past few months? Or favourite three if you really can’t choose!

I did enjoy Girl on the Train actually.  I felt it did live up to the hype.  It’s well written and feels different.  In a ridiculously crowded market you have to write a thriller which stands apart from the rest, with good plot, skilled writing, and this one nails it.  (I prefer the book to the film, before you ask!)   

TWG – What are you reading just now? (November 2016)

I’m reading Helen Cadbury’s Bones in the Nest.  I don’t instinctively lean towards crime fiction per se, as I’m down the other end of the genre – psychological thrillers/suspense being more my thing – but if one is recommended to me or catches my eye then I can get just as hooked.  Helen’s writing is pacey and filmic.  She comes from a scriptwriting background like myself. 

TWG – Tell me about your reading habits:  book or kindle, bed or bath, morning or evening?

Rather ironically, as Losing Juliet is initially an eBook, I prefer the magic of an actual book to an electronic version.  I still like to smell and turn the pages, flick back over them and savour the magic of holding an actual book in my hands.  However, when I’m on the move or going on holiday a kindle is brilliant.   

I’m generally a bedtime reader, but if I ever have to go anywhere I try to get the train so I can get stuck into a good book.  I’m a very slow reader.  I have been known to read in the bath, yes.  (Probably not kindle though!) 

TWG – How can people follow you or connect with you on social media?

Via Twitter @joonLT or my website:

Ooooo a secret W.I.P, I am intrigued! Many thanks to June for letting us get to know her a little bit more, and good luck with the work in progress!
Curious about ‘Losing Juliet’? Details below:


You can’t escape the past…

Juliet and Chrissy were best friends until one fateful summer forced them apart. Now, nearly twenty years later, Juliet wants to be back in Chrissy’s life.

But Chrissy doesn’t want Juliet anywhere near her, or her teenage daughter Eloise. After all, Juliet is the only person who knows what happened that night – and her return threatens to destroy the life that Chrissy has so carefully built.

Because when the past is reawakened, it can prove difficult to bury. And soon all three of them will realize how dangerous it can get once the truth is out there



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#Tour! What Alice Knew By T.A.Cotterell (@TACotterell1) @penguinrandom @beckyh1712


Day 6 sees the  blog tour bus for ‘What Alice Knew’ by T.A.Cotterell, stop here; TWG! As soon as this book came through my letterbox, my curiosity went through the roof. At that time, I couldn’t read the book straight away and had to make do with reading the very first page until I could wangle it into my list. Big mistake! Luckily I am sharing my review with you so you can find out why ;).


Alice has a perfect life – a great job, happy kids, a wonderful husband. Until he goes missing one night; she receives a suspicious phone call; things don’t quite add up.

Alice needs to know what’s going on. But when she uncovers the truth she faces a brutal choice. And how can she be sure it is the truth?

Sometimes it’s better not to know.

What does TWG think?

Why was it a big mistake to read the first page, even though I knew I couldn’t read the book until I could wangle it on my list? Because, all I did after reading that very first page was think about the book, despite being occupied with others! It was a big mistake of mine because I wanted to keep on reading but I had to put it down! That’s all it took to hold my attention; one little page..

This review will probably be one of THE hardest reviews that I have ever had to write. Not because I don’t know what to write, I do;  but due to the complexity of the storyline, as well as interlaced circumstances, I need to be really careful not to give anything away. For me, ‘What Alice Knew’ has a pretty spot on blurb as it tells you a hint of information and that’s it. Nothing else. Not even any little pieces of information that might have you trying to work things out. All blurbs should be like this one because it allows you to find every vital thing out for yourself as you read.

As readers, we follow Alice’s life. As far as she was aware, her marriage and her lifestyle were perfect. Alice believed she knew her husband inside and out, and was even telling those close to her, how their relationship was solid and built on honesty. But is it? Is it really?

I’m going to be honest, ‘What Alice Knew’ had me rather frustrated! Just as I was trying to work out what Alice knew and where the story might be heading, the storyline got whacked with a curveball and I was left thinking ‘what the hell happened there?!’. Not a negative comment in the slightest as the author has obviously set out to make his readers think and question everything. That most definitely was the case with myself.

One piece of advice before you begin reading, switch off phones or put them to mute and make sure you do not have anything distracting you from reading. You will need to focus solely on T.A.Cotterell’s gritty writing. If you don’t, you might miss the slightest piece of information that may be needed later on the storyline. Plus, it’s a fantastic book so I don’t see why you wouldn’t focus your attention on it!

‘What Alice Knew’ had me hooked, completely gripped! The power and intensity of T.A.Cotterell’s words do not let up until you reach the end of the book. With such consistent writing, a gritty storyline and characters whose personalities change far quicker than a chameleon’s skin, you’re quite likely to end up under T.A.Cotterell’s spell. Incredibly clever, ‘What Alice Knew’ does not shout a debut novel. But guess what folks, it is. I am rather looking forward to what the author comes up with next!
A nail-biting, gripping page turner that will have you questioning everything you’ve ever known. Brilliant!

Huge thanks to Becky Hunter and Penguin Random House.

‘What Alice Knew’ by T.A.Cotterell will be released on Kindle on the 1st December 2016. You can pre-order it from Amazon UK | Amazon US
The paperback version will be published in April 2017 and is available to pre-order right NOW from Amazon UK


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#CoverReveal! Secret & Fries at the Starlight Diner by Helen Cox (@helenography) @HQDigitalUK

Author of the tantalizing ‘Milkshakes and Heartbreaks at the Starlight Diner, Helen Cox, returns with the next book in the series! -dances-. If you fancy spending New Year in NYC (via a book), you’re going to LOVE this. I have been asked to help reveal the STUNNING cover of Helen’s new book, so, without further ado I bring you……

Secrets & Fries at the Starlight Diner!!

What brings Bonnie Brooks to The Starlight Diner? And why is she on the run?

As the front-woman in a band, Bonnie is used to being in the spotlight, but now she must hide in the shadows.

Bonnie only has one person who she can turn to: her friend Esther Knight, who waitresses at the Fifties-themed diner. There, retro songs play on the jukebox as fries and sundaes are served to satisfied customers. But where has Esther gone?

Alone in New York City, Bonnie breaks down in front of arrogant news reporter, and diner regular, Jimmy Boyle. Jimmy offers to help her. Can she trust him?

When the kindly owner of the Starlight Diner offers Bonnie work, and she meets charming security officer Nick Moloney, she dares to hope that her luck has changed. Is there a blossoming romance on the cards? And can Bonnie rebuild her life with the help of her Starlight Diner friends?

Luckily you won’t have too long to wait to get back to Starlight Diner as it will be released on the 16th December! Nice little Christmas present to yourself eh! Secrets & Fries at the Starlight Diner is available to pre-order right now from Amazon UK

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#BlogTour! Brides & Bouquets by Rebecca Raisin (@jaxandwillsmum) @LoveReadRomance @HQDigitalUK


Whoop! It’s publication time again for the fabulous Rebecca Raisin and book two in the Cedarwood Lodge series, Brides & Bouquets! Congratulations! Not too long ago you saw social media buzzing as the first book in the series, Celebrations & Confetti, was published. In case you missed it, you can find my review for the previous book here: #Tour! Celebrations & Confetti by Rebecca Raisin (@jaxandwillsmum) @LoveReadRomance @UKCarina



Christmas has come to Cedarwood Lodge in the second part of the feel-good romance serial from best selling author, Rebecca Raisin!

Dreaming of a happily ever after at Cedarwood Lodge is Clio Winters’ current focus, especially with a winter wonderland wedding expo planned. But with brides coming from far and wide the heat is on for Clio to fulfil everyone’s dream of a Christmas wedding!

It seems like Clio’s new business might be off to a rocky start and surrounded by love struck brides she can’t help but hope for a little Christmas romance of her own…

Cedarwood Lodge is a delectable romance told in three parts – following Clio Winters journey back to her hometown of Evergreen. This is Part Two.

What does TWG think?

It only feels like yesterday that we were giving a warm welcome to Clio Winters and Cedarwood Lodge! Luckily for us though, barely any time at all has passed and she is BACK! Well, technically she isn’t back as she didn’t leave Cedarwood Lodge in between books…you know what I mean. ANYWAY!

Brides & Bouquets is centred around what Clio does best; wedding planning. However, wedding planning at Cedarwood Lodge is a bit different for Clio this time around, as she is working with an unfinished lodge. Will Clio and her Cedarwood army be able to turn Cedarwood lodge into a wedding haven for her bride visitors?

I have been so excited about this book ever since I finished reading ‘Celebration’s and Confetti’. Such a moreish storyline with intriguing characters, my expectations were rather high for Brides & Bouquets! I believe that this series can be read standalone, but in my honest opinion, I would advise that you read them in order, from the beginning otherwise you might end up wondering who the pansy everyone is.

It did take me a little while to warm up to the storyline. I genuinely thought that I could slip back into it as if I hadn’t been away, but I felt like a bride with cold feet. It could be the fact that I had read the first book a few weeks ago, read quite a few books and come back to the series again…I may have sabotaged myself. Anyway, once I got into it, the storyline warmed me up like a cup of hot cocoa by the fire!

The descriptions of each room, the Christmas tree, as well as items from the bridal expo made me feel as though I was in Cedarwood Lodge myself, seeing everything with my very own eyes. Surreal feeling!

I must admit, this review is a bit difficult to write as I am having to be super careful not to give anything away, especially as every situation in the book is very closely linked to another. Just to clarify, that isn’t a bad thing! Not for you anyway, it is for me as I want to tell you ALLLLLL of it, but I can’t. That would be mean.

I found myself liking Clio even more in this book as we got to see more of her personality, as well as watching her grow as a person. She has more of an edge to her this time but I have a feeling that there is more to her that we haven’t seen yet. Compared to the first book in the series, Brides and Bouquets felt more emotional in a way I can’t really explain, definitely positive though!

Brides and Bouquet is a heart-warming tale that may leave you wanting to change your career straight after reading it. Full of fabulous humour, likeable characters and a truly cosy setting, this book will warm you from the inside out and fill your heart with a bouquet of joy!

Thank you LRR, Rebecca and HQDigitalUK

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I hope the bridal expo goes off without a hitch. Have I told you yet that I’m glad you came home? Life was never really the same after you left. Looking forward to that dinner whenever you’re free.

Timothy x

Life was never really the same? But he got married and had a family about three minutes after I was out of sight! I’m sure I wasn’t on his mind one little bit. I didn’t hold any grudge or strong feeling about it – we’d been so young, really. But still, he had moved on fairly quickly. Would something bloom between us if I just let go and lived for the moment? The same niggle bothered me. Kai. Even if nothing happened with him, would it be fair to date Timothy when secretly my heart beat a double rhythm when I thought of my Australian surfer guru?

Taking my cell, I hastily sent Timothy a thank you text back, avoiding any talk about the dinner date invitation.

This was why I loved work. Being busy gave me the ability to shelve any boy dilemma and focus on the task at hand. I found a crystal vase and took the bouquet to my office. That done, I went back to the ballroom and checked off my list.

Every vendor was accounted for, set up and ready to go. Isla and Micah had the activities organized. Aunt Bessie was getting her donuts out of the van and ready to serve… so what was I missing? I’d forgotten something, I could feel it.

I wandered around the tables we’d set up in different themes, lifting champagne flutes, checking for smudges. The cutlery was lined up perfectly reflecting prisms of light from the chandeliers. Georges would serve canapes as soon as the guests –

Georges! Normally he’d be singing and bellowing in the kitchen, foodie scents wafting down the hallway making my mouth water, but I hadn’t seen him arrive yet. I dashed down the hall to check. The kitchen was empty, not a pot on the stove and more worryingly not a sign of Georges. Snatching up the phone I called him, picturing the worst – a car crash, the roads were slippery this time of year. My heart was in my throat by the time he answered on the third ring.

“Hi Clio, did you get my message? I’m sorry to let you down like this, but I couldn’t say no, you understand, don’t you?”

Blood drained from my face as I checked my watch. Three hours until our brides were due and my chef was telling me he wasn’t coming. Trying to halt the erratic beat of my heart I said, “What message, Georges? Where are you?”


Author Info

Rebecca Raisin is a true bibliophile. This love of books morphed into the desire to write them. She’s been published in various short story anthologies and in in fiction magazines, and is now focusing on writing romance. Rebecca aims to write characters you can see yourself being friends with. People with big hearts who care about relationships, and most importantly believe in true love.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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#Review! My Husband’s Wives by Faith Hogan (@GerHogan) @Aria_Fiction #AriaAddict



One man, three wives, too many secrets. A heart-warming story of love, loss, family and friendship.

Paul Starr, Ireland’s leading cardiologist dies in a car crash with a pregnant young woman by his side. United in their grief and the love of one man, four women are thrown together in an attempt to come to terms with life after Paul. They soon realise they never really knew him at all.

The love they shared for Paul in his life and which incensed a feeling of mistrust and dislike for each other, in his death turns into the very thing that bonds them and their children to each other, forever. As they begin to form unlikely friendships, Paul’s death proves to be the catalyst that enables them to become the people they always wanted to be.

What does TWG think?

How the wife do I even begin this review?! You’ll probably know by now that blurbs and I aren’t always on speaking terms; they usually go on the naughty step unread as I like to find everything out for myself! Faith Hogan’s book was no exception. The only hint of information I took was from the title. I pretty much assumed that a woman’s husband was wanting wives for a rainy day. That said, he could have been competing with Ross Gellar for the most amount of divorces!

The first chapter of the book was a bit like a stepping stone to the storyline, as you get to learn A LOT of information about the main man, Paul, and his love life. I did find it a little tricky to keep up at first, and sometimes I felt as though I was trudging through mud slowly, trying to digest every piece of information. However, the more of the book I read, the quicker the information was filed into its relevant places and things started to make a little more sense.

My first impression of Paul wasn’t exactly a positive one. The way he acted upon things from the moment he appeared in the storyline, got my back up. He came across as a rather possessive natured man, and very self-assured (in a negative way). Don’t get me wrong, it is good to have confidence in your own abilities, but when it turns pompous and up their own bootyshakalakalah that’s when it can become a flaw. I must be one of the few to think that as he wasn’t exactly short on lady friends!

Each one of the ladies involved, have completely different personalities to each other. There was the ‘level headed’ one, the ‘straight to the point, emotional’ one, the ‘glamorous, rich daddy’s girl’ one and lastly, the ‘new ‘kid’ on the block’. I’m not being judgemental, but without giving too much of the storyline away, I’m having to describe the characters differently. I also found that my opinions of the ladies (as above), helped me keep track of the storyline and each of the events.

My Husband’s Wives is certainly full of ‘what the….’ moments, as well as ‘omg! what a dic…tionary’ moments. The storyline is out to shock you, squeeze you for emotions, as well as making you wonder what else is going to crop up!

After my initial mud workout during the first chapter, I managed to go with the flow and found myself rather immersed in their Pandora boxes of life. My advice to you whilst reading Faith’s book though; ensure that you’re completely focused on what’re you’re reading otherwise you won’t pick up on little pieces of information that just may help hit the nail on the head.

A surprising, jam-packed, rollercoaster of a read, ‘My Husband’s Wives’ is a book that will keep you on your toes, as well as realising that people you thought you knew aren’t always as they seem.

Thank you Faith Hogan!

My Husband’s Wives by Faith Hogan, published by Aria Fiction, is available to buy now from Amazon UK | Amazon US