#BlogTour! #Extract – Perfect Silence by Helen Fields (@Helen_Fields) @AvonBooksUK

Today I am breaking the perfect silence by taking part in the blog tour for Helen Fields’ brand new novel! For my stop on the tour, I have a fabulous extract to share with you all. I am currently reading Helen’s new book so please keep an eye out later on in the week for my review! Thank you, as always, to Avon for the blog tour invite and the ARC. I hope you enjoy the extract!

When silence falls, who will hear their cries?

The body of a young girl is found dumped on the roadside on the outskirts of Edinburgh. When pathologists examine the remains, they make a gruesome discovery: the silhouette of a doll carved in the victim’s skin.

DCI Ava Turner and DI Luc Callanach are struggling to find leads in the case, until a doll made of skin is found nestled beside an abandoned baby.

After another young woman is found butchered, Luc and Ava realise the babydoll killer is playing a horrifying game. And it’s only a matter of time before he strikes again. Can they stop another victim from being silenced forever – or is it already too late?

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‘Luc, call the station. Ask them if they have a young woman
listed as missing in the last forty-eight hours. Just say between
sixteen and twenty, long brown hair, red-brown dress. No other
description for now,’ Ava instructed Callanach.

‘It’s not,’ Jonty said.

‘Not what?’ Callanach asked.

‘It’s not a coloured dress,’ Jonty replied. He slid a gloved
hand under the girl’s left shoulder to raise her a few inches off
the fl oor, exposing a small section of the dress behind her
shoulder blade. The bright white patch of cotton glowed in
the floodlights.

Ava took in a sharp breath. ‘It’s a white dress?’ she muttered.

‘How the fuck did she . . .’

Jonty answered the question by raising the hem up over the
girl’s thighs and abdomen. A massive section of skin had been
cut from her stomach, the raw sections of fl esh curling back
where her body had begun to dry out. Blood was crusted over
the whole of her lower half, washing down her legs and her
bare feet.

If that extract doesn’t make you head to Amazon to pick up a copy of ‘Perfect Silence’, I don’t know what will!

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#BlogBlitz! #Review – The Goodnight Song by Nick Hollin (@vonmaraus) @Bookouture

Happy publication day to Nick Hollin and ‘The Goodnight Song’! I am delighted to be kicking off the blog blitz today with a review. Many thanks to Bookouture for the blog blitz invite and the ARC of the book.

When the cold, lifeless body of a policeman is pulled from the Thames in the early hours of the morning, it appears at first glance to be a terrible accident.

But when old diary pages predicting the exact details of the crime start appearing online, ex-criminal psychologist and owner of the diary, Nathan Radley, becomes the number one suspect in the most terrifying murder investigation the London police has ever seen.

Nathan’s partner, Detective Katie Rhodes knows that he is innocent, because she was with him the night of the attack.

But as more extracts are posted, and more bodies begin to surface, how much longer can she ignore the connection?

The trail leads Katie from one dead-end to another, until a tiny clue buried deep within the pages leads them to a new suspect; someone dangerous, someone close, someone they trusted…

What does TWG think?

Wow! I must admit that I was very impressed by the suspense in ‘The Goodnight Song’ as I had absolutely no idea how the story was going to end. Well, let’s face it, I had absolutely no idea where the storyline was going to take me full stop! Should I be in a similar mindset to others where Katie and Nathan were concerned? Would it be better if I ‘kept’ my friends close and my enemies closer?

Honestly, I really didn’t know what to think. Of course, deep down, I wanted to think positively of Nathan, but his actions made him come across as though he had something to hide. As for Katie, I could see why her anger decided to surface…to a point, but was there another, deep rooted reason as to why she was letting her anger reach the surface? Even though I started the book being on the sides of Radley and Rhodes, my opinion kept changing throughout the book. I won’t tell you what my opinion was towards the end of the book as I think it’s definitely a ‘personal’ thing – one reader may find themselves leaning towards one character, whereas other readers may find themselves putting another character in the firing line even if evidence says otherwise.

I have to say that, whilst I find the entire storyline a continuous case of ‘lets put my heart in my mouth’, there were times where I felt as though the to-ing and fro-ing was a bit Tom and Jerry. I totally appreciate that there was a lot of content within the book which needed to be explained or to have the suspect put in the spotlight, yet I found it to be a little drawn out at times.

That said, I cannot fault Nick Hollin at all on his witty and highly intense storyline – put it this way, if I were wearing a heart monitor whilst I was reading the book, the bloomin’ thing would be beeping something chronic! ‘The Goodnight Song’ certainly was a gripping read and, despite the slightly drawn out sections, I sped through the book like a bookworm spotting a sign for Bookshop.

An intricately woven, gripping and fast paced read which kept me breaking multiple speed limits in my mind – throughly enjoyed!

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About the author.

From bookbinder to gardener to forensic analyst, Nick has enjoyed an extremely varied working life. At home his interests are equally diverse, but nothing beats books. Collecting, reading, writing, they have always been a passion in one form or another. A graduate of Royal Holloway’s Creative Writing Masters, he’s fulfilling a long-held dream of being published and hopes to be at this for a good while yet. He lives in Cambridgeshire with his partner, young son and cat. 

 Author Social Media Links:


#BlogBlitz! #Review – Suspended Retribution by Rob Ashman (@RobAshmanAuthor) @BloodHoundBook

B L O G B L I T Z (6)
Third and final post of the day is for Rob Ashman and ‘Suspended Retribution’. Many thanks to BloodHoundBooks for the blog blitz invite and the ARC. Here is my review:

Rob Ashman - Suspended Retribution_cover

Alex Jarrod is a war veteran. When a flesh-eating parasite destroys his face, he returns from Afghanistan with a head full of nightmares. His world crumbles around him until he realises there is work to be done. Another war to fight.

DI Rosalind Kray has her hopes pinned on becoming the new DCI after tracking down another serial killer, but those in charge have other ideas.

After a small-time crook is killed in a hit and run and a serial burglar is brutally murdered, Kray suspects a vigilante is at work. But her bosses disregard her theory – until they discover a third victim.

Once again Kray finds herself on the trail of a serial killer but this one is different. This one lives in his own private war zone.

With her bosses on her heels Kray has her work cut out and the body count is rising. 

But he’s not going to stop until the mission is complete … and Kray’s not going to stop until she finds him.

What does TWG think?

I’m pretty sure I may have said this already where Rob Ashman was concerned, so I will say it again – what the HECK is in his mind?!?! Seriously! Look, I’m not knocking it at all because, lets face it, Ashman can definitely write!!

I have only read the first book in this series, so don’t fret if you haven’t read the previous book as ‘Suspended Retribution’ can be read very well as a standalone. If you’re a fan of highly graphic, intense novels then Rob Ashman is the author for you.

I loved being able to get to know DI Rosalind Kray even more as this storyline progresses. The character has come on in leaps and bounds since where I left her in the first installment, which in itself proves how the depth of Rob Ashman’s writing style has increased throughout the series.

I found the parts of the book set in Afghanistan very humbling as we were able to see just how raw death can be when it’s not in a murder sense. Of course Rob Ashman makes up for the murders though! Honestly, the pace seems to be on fast forward from start to finish!!

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Suspended Retribution’, even if it wasn’t has hard-hitting as the previous book I had read. Rob Ashman never fails to deliver with his unique, ‘omg what did I just read?!’ type of writing. I cannot wait to read more of this author as he has swiftly become one of my top authors of 2018!

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About the author.

Rob is married to Karen with two grown up daughters. He is originally from South Wales and after moving around with work settled in North Lincolnshire where he’s spent the last twenty-two years.

Like all good welsh valley boys Rob worked for the National Coal Board after leaving school at sixteen and went to University at the tender age of twenty-three when the pit closures began to bite. Since then he’s worked in a variety of manufacturing and consulting roles both in the UK and abroad.

It took Rob twenty-four years to write his first book. He only became serious about writing it when his dad got cancer. It was an aggressive illness and Rob gave up work for three months to look after him and his mum. Writing Those That Remain became his coping mechanism. After he wrote the book his family encouraged him to continue, so not being one for half measures, Rob got himself made redundant, went self-employed so he could devote more time to writing and four years later the Mechanic Trilogy is the result.

When he is not writing, Rob is a frustrated chef with a liking for beer and prosecco, and is known for occasional outbreaks of dancing.

Rob published the Mechanic Trilogy with Bloodhound Books in 2017 and will be releasing three new books during 2018. These are titled: Faceless, This Little Piggy and Suspended Retribution.


#CoverReveal! ‘The Perfect Betrayal by Lauren North (@Lauren_C_North) @TransworldBooks

Weekly Wrap Up! (1)
Cover reveal time!!!!!

I just love cover reveals, do you? I already know that the author of this book has already revealed the cover on her social media channels, so if you have already seen it just pretend that you haven’t ;).

It gives me great pleasure to be revealing the cover for Lauren North’s upcoming debut novel, ‘The Perfect Betrayal’ which will be published by Transworld Books in March 2019 – how exciting!!

Are you ready for this?

No, I mean REALLYYYYY ready?!

‘I thought she was our friend. I thought she was trying to help us.’

After the sudden death of her husband, Tess Clarke is drowning in grief. All she has left is
her son, Jamie, and she’ll do anything to protect him – but she’s struggling to cope.

When grief counsellor Shelley knocks on their door, everything changes. Shelley is beautiful, confident and takes control when Tess can’t bear to face the outside world.

But when questions arise over her husband’s death and strange things start to happen, Tess begins to suspect that Shelley may have an ulterior motive. Tess knows she must do
everything she can to keep Jamie safe – but who can she trust?

I don’t often read blurbs before I read a book, but seeing as I will be a whole year older when this book is released (haha), I thought one wouldn’t hurt. OMG it sounds fabulous! I cannot wait to read it.

What do you guys think?
Will you be pre-ordering it?

Let me know in the comments!

If you do wish to pre-order Lauren North’s upcoming novel, you can do so now via Amazon.

Roll on March 2019!

About the author.

Lauren writes psychological suspense novels that delve into the
darker side of relationships and families. She has a lifelong passion for writing, reading, and all things books. Lauren’s love of psychological suspense has grown since childhood and her dark imagination of always wondering what’s the worst thing that could happen in every situation. 

Lauren studied psychology before moving to London where she lived and worked for many years. She now lives with her family in the Suffolk countryside.

Readers can follow Lauren on
Twitter @Lauren_C_North and Facebook @LaurenNorthAuthor

#BlogBlitz! #Review – In The Silence by M R Mackenzie (@landofwhimsy) @Bloodhoundbook

Today I am on the blog blitz for debut novel ‘In The Silence’, by M R Mackenzie. Thank you to BloodHoundBooks for the blog blitz invite. Here is my review:

Anna hasn’t set foot in Glasgow for ten years. And for very good reasons…

Anna, a criminology lecturer, returns to Glasgow from Rome during the coldest winter in memory. While out with her best friend from school, Anna has a chance encounter with a former flame, Andrew. Tragedy strikes later that night when Anna discovers Andrew stabbed and dying on a blanket of snow.

Soon Anna finds herself at the centre of the investigation as the star witness for the police, and embarks on investigating the case herself. But Anna doesn’t realise the danger she is in and soon finds herself in trouble.

When another body shows up, who has links to the first victim, it appears that the motive may lie buried in the past.

As Anna gets closer to the truth, the killer starts closing in.

But can she solve the gruesome mystery before the killer strikes again?

What does TWG think?

What an intriguing debut this is! I was really impressed by the way the author described the setting, as well as the way that he had the suspense of the ‘whodunnit’ nailed almost straight away. Don’t panic, the hook isn’t given away right at the beginning, it was only cemented which meant that I couldn’t help but want to know the ins and outs of the situation.

Whilst I was impressed by a lot of ‘In the Silence’, I found myself sitting on the fence a lot throughout, as I felt like something was missing from the overall storyline. Even now, I’m not too sure what that may have been, all I know is that Anna’s character seemed to require a lot of ‘padding’ as she didn’t seem to make much of an impression on her own. By ‘padding’ I mean that I felt as though there was a lot of additional storyline added to certain sections where it wasn’t a make or break situation. Like I say, that’s only my opinion.

However, I did really enjoy the mystery elements of the book as they managed to keep me on the edge of my seat with the carefully thought out suspense. Even though I had a few reservations about the novel as a whole, I must say that M.R.Mackenzie has such a unique writing style which made me laugh as well as make my jaw drop. I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

Buy now.

About the author.

M. R. Mackenzie was born and lives in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied at Glasgow University and has a PhD in Film Studies. In 2016, he contributed a chapter on the Italian giallo film to Cult Cinema: An Arrow Video Companion.

In addition to writing, he works as an independent Blu-ray/DVD producer and has overseen releases of films by a number of acclaimed directors, among them Dario Argento, Joe Dante and Seijun Suzuki.

When he’s not doing any of the above, he works in a library, which tests his sanity and keeps him in touch with the great unwashed.

In The Silence is his first novel.


#BlogTour! #Review – After He Died by Michael Malone (@michaeljmalone1) @OrendaBooks @AnneCater

After He Died Blog Tour Poster
Second blog post of the day is for #TeamOrenda and ‘After He Died’ by Michael Malone. Thank you to Anne Cater for the blog tour invite and the ARC. Here is my review:

thumbnail_AFTER HE DIED cover

When Paula Gadd’s husband of almost thirty years dies, just days away from the seventh anniversary of their son Christopher’s death, her world falls apart. Grieving and bereft, she is stunned when a young woman approaches her at the funeral service, and slips something into her pocket. A note suggesting that Paula’s husband was not all that he seemed…

When the two women eventually meet, a series of revelations challenges everything Paula thought she knew, and it becomes immediately clear that both women’s lives are in very real danger. Both a dark, twisty slice of domestic noir and taut, explosive psychological thriller, After He Died is also a chilling reminder that the people we trust the most can harbour the deadliest secrets…

What does TWG think?

When a storyline starts with a funeral, you can’t help but feel a little bit emotional, regardless of the circumstances. I mean, it’s not like we know anything, right? We’re not associated in any way. We don’t have any insider information. All we know is that someone has died, with their loved ones and possible acquaintances coming together to give them a send off. However, Michael Malone isn’t the type of author who would leave this type of setting without doing something with it. No. The funeral is a small teaser. An amuse bouche if you will.

Paula has just lost her husband. The man she knew inside out. The love of her life. Her lobster….you catch my drift. However when a random person passes her a note on the day of her husbands funeral, everything Paula had ever known is thrown into turmoil. Has her marriage been a waste of time? With a bucketful of questions looming over head, Paula has to decide whether the random stranger is attempting to throw a spanner in the works because she missed an episode of Emmerdale, or because they know more than they’re letting on..

Michael Malone certainly hit the ground with ‘After He Died’, raising the suspense level with every turn of the page. I cannot help but be impressed by this authors writing style as he always delivers with everyone book he releases, and I have to say that, despite having only read a couple of this authors novels, ‘After He Died’ has got to be my most favourite so far.

I loved how the author kept me guessing for the entire duration of the novel! Although I think my heart rate may have been raised to a dangerous level, but that’s neither here nor there ;). I have no doubt that many readers may relate to the theme running throughout the book as we have all come across someone who has more skeletons in their closet than a dress up shop, whilst also keeping the truth under lock and key and pretending to be someone they’re not. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Paula either as her emotions were extremely conflicted, and whilst that made my intrigue of the book grow, it was quite heartbreaking to witness.

Overall, ‘After He Died’ is an intense, rollercoaster ride of a novel which had me falling off the sofa in shock multiple times. Michael Malone has set the bar high with this one, I am so looking forward to what journey he takes us on next.

Buy now!

About the author.

Michael Malone is a prize-winning poet and author who was born and brought up
in the heart of Burns’ country. He has published over 200 poems in literary
magazines throughout the UK, including New Writing Scotland, Poetry Scotland
and Markings. Blood Tears, his bestselling debut novel won the Pitlochry Prize
from the Scottish Association of Writers. Other published work includes:
Carnegie’s Call; A Taste for Malice; The Guillotine Choice; Beyond the Rage; The
Bad Samaritan and Dog Fight. His psychological thriller, A Suitable Lie, was a
number-one bestseller, and the critically acclaimed House of Spines soon
followed suit. A former Regional Sales Manager (Faber & Faber) he has also
worked as an IFA and a bookseller.

#BlogTour! #Review – #TruthandLies by Caroline Mitchell (@Caroline_writes) @Amazonpub

It’s my turn to host Caroline Mitchell and her latest novel, ‘Truth and Lies’. Big thank you to Midas PR for the blog tour invite and the ARC. Here is my review:


Meet Amy Winter: Detective Inspector, daughter of a serial killer.

DI Amy Winter is hoping to follow in the footsteps of her highly respected police officer father. But when a letter arrives from the prison cell of Lillian Grimes, one half of a notorious husband-and-wife serial-killer team, it contains a revelation that will tear her life apart.

Responsible for a string of heinous killings decades ago, Lillian is pure evil. A psychopathic murderer. And Amy’s biological mother. Now, she is ready to reveal the location of three of her victims—but only if Amy plays along with her twisted game.

While her fellow detectives frantically search for a young girl taken from her mother’s doorstep, Amy must confront her own dark past. Haunted by blurred memories of a sister who sacrificed herself to save her, Amy faces a race against time to uncover the missing bodies.

But what if, from behind bars, Grimes has been pulling the strings even tighter than Amy thought? And can she overcome her demons to prevent another murder?

What does TWG think?

I don’t even know where to begin with this one! If you have an interest in serial killers, Caroline Mitchell’s latest novel will be right up your street. I’ll tell you something else, if you had mentioned this type of book to me several years ago, I would have said no to reading it, ten times over – it’s funny how things change, eh!

‘Truth and Lies’ is an extremely uncomfortable, yet highly addictive read which made my toes curl, make me feel incredibly nauseous, as well as making me rub my hands together wanting more. I know, I know. I shouldn’t feel excited about reading a book where serial killers are the running theme, but Caroline Mitchell’s addictive story telling brings that excitement to the top of the pile, time and time again.

Even though this book is the work of fiction, I couldn’t help but think of a certain serial killer duo whilst I was reading this (there’s quite a few so I’m not giving anything away by saying that!), especially as I felt like I was reading a non-fiction novel. Yep. That’s how strong the writing was in this book. Caroline Mitchell certainly knows what she’s talking about, yet even though a lot of her readers may not have the knowledge of police talk or the like, the author refuses to let that be an issue by teaching her readers indirectly, instead of patronising them like other books I have read in this genre.

Lillian is an absolute -insert bad word here beginning with C-, yet she makes the book the twisted, uncomfortable, jaw-dropping read this is. Well, not just her, obviously. I just don’t think that ‘Truth and Lies’ would have made me react in the same manner if Lillian’s character hadn’t been the psycho that she was.

I am so, so pleased that this is the start of a new series because there are quite a few characters I must find out more about. Don’t get me wrong, they had their time in the spotlight in this novel, but even then I felt like their guards were up and I wasn’t able to see the entire picture where a couple of them were concerned. Namely Paddy and Pike – something just didn’t sit right with me with either them.

I’ve often wondered whether blood could be tainted or whether a family member could end up like one who broke the law. Does it go down the family tree? If one person commits a murder does that mean that anyone related to them would have a higher chance of following in their footsteps? I thought it was very clever that Caroline Mitchell had that thought running throughout the storyline as it made me more intrigued about what lay ahead. The psychology behind serial killers psyche is one that interests me greatly, and after reading ‘Truth and Lies’, that interest has been cemented so deeply, I must act on it and educate myself further.

What an out of this world, deeply unsettling, jaw-dropping, spine tingling, and phenomenal read this is. Caroline Mitchell has upped her game once again as this book, in my opinion, is her best book yet.

Buy now!

#BlogTour! #Review – Perfect Ten by Jacqueline Ward (@JacquiAnnC) @CorvusBooks #PerfectTen @AnneCater @AtlanticBooks

Second blog tour for the day is for ‘Perfect Ten’ by Jacqueline Ward. Thank you to Anne Cater for the blog tour invite, and thank you to Atlantic Books for the ARC. Here is my review:

Caroline Atkinson is powerless and angry. She has lost more than most – her marriage, her
reputation, her children. Then one day, she receives an unusual delivery: lost luggage
belonging to the very man who is responsible, her estranged husband Jack.

In a leather holdall, Caroline unearths a dark secret, one that finally confirms her worst
suspicions. Jack has kept a detailed diary of all his affairs; every name, every meeting,
every lie is recorded. He even marks the women out of ten.

Caroline decides it’s time to even the score. She will make this man pay, even if it means
risking everything…

What does TWG think?

Quick question – are you sure that this is a debut novel? Seriously?
Wow…I had no idea that this was a debut!

I knew straight away that I had to read this book after taking one look at the cover! Such a simplistic cover yet extremely effective. Pretty much proves that things aren’t always as they seem on the outside, eh?

I wasn’t too sure on the narrative of the book to begin with as it felt like I was reading continuous diary entries. However, it didn’t take me too long to get used to it. In fact, I actually found it quite clever as it made the entire storyline feel more cryptic. That sounds daft, I know, especially as we always want answers in books, but I just mean that the way in which the book was written made me compelled to read more as the intensity was off the radar.

Caroline is on the warpath. Wait. She’s more than on the warpath, but I’ll let you see that for yourself! She’s lost her lifelines. Her reason to live. Her everything. And it’s all down to one person. A person who she trusted with her life. A person who she vowed ’til death us do part’. A person who couldn’t give a monkeys about anyone except himself. A person who rates the notches on his bedposts more often than a reviewer rates books. Can you tell that I didn’t like him? Well, that’s pretty tame if I’m honest. My reaction to this character results in language that Amazon would find deeply unsuitable. I may have even thought it was a c-bomb….if you catch my drift. I know that there is two sides to every story and all that jazz, but come on, he would have needed to be extremely convincing for people to carry on believing his story. I don’t get how he thought he could get away with it all, I really don’t. I was with someone like him. Thankfully, after long enough, I was able to see clearly and find my way out, but it’s heartbreaking that other women (and even men) aren’t as lucky.

‘Perfect Ten’ is definitely a book about revenge and making people pay. Okay, Caroline’s actions aren’t entirely excusable, yet who are we to judge how someone reacts to a situation like hers? We can’t. We didn’t live it. Can we honestly sit there and say that we would have acted differently? No, I don’t think I could say that. I was in awe that Caroline had the guts to go through with what she did though!

Jacqueline Ward deserves to be treated like royalty after writing this book. Why? Because not only does it take a lot of guts to write about such a misunderstood and ‘taboo’ subject in societies eyes, it also takes a lot of belief, strength, research, and determination from the person writing about it to do the subject justice whilst also approaching it sensitively. Jacqueline Wards ticks all of those boxes and more – I was so close to screaming ‘FINALLY!!!!’ when I realised that someone was being the voice of reason for so many women (and men) who no longer have the strength to use their voice, or are too afraid to.

This is a one of a kind read. A dark, twisted, and psychologically brilliant novel which will have everyone reaching for the #teamcaro and #teamjack wristbands. I am amazed that this is just a debut novel, but if this is the standard of other books to come by Jacqueline Ward, us readers are in for an absolute treat. ‘Perfect Ten’ blew my mind and if the book rating system had a lot more stars, I would be giving it a PERFECT TEN without fault. Bloomin’ brilliant.

Buy now!

#BlogBlitz! #Review – The Secrets We Keep by Kate Hewitt (@katehewitt1) @Bookouture

Today is the third and final day of the blog blitz for Kate Hewitt’s ‘The Secrets We Keep’. Big thanks, as always, to Bookouture for the blog blitz invite and the ARC of the book. Here is my review:

My whole body aches. I trawl memories of her, now so precious… my darling child. I can’t lose her…

When Tessa arrives at the little house by the lake with her two children, it is an escape. The rental house may be a bit small – but it’s theirs for the summer. A place to hide…

However, their isolation is disrupted by the family from the big house next door. Three children and their glamorous mother Rebecca – who seems determined to invite Tessa into their lives.

Rebecca, however, is harbouring a dark secret. And when it becomes too much for her to bear, Tessa seems to be the only person she can turn to.

But as powerful bonds form between the two families, choices will be made that can never be undone.

And as the summer comes to an end, nothing can keep everyone safe. And one family will pay the ultimate price…

What does TWG think?

Oh bloomin’ ‘eck, how on Earth am I going to review this one?

‘The Secrets We Keep’ had me on the fence to begin with – it’s not that I didn’t like it, I just couldn’t gel with it. I couldn’t seem to figure out the truth behind Rebecca’s actions, Tessa’s emotions, and the children’s personalities. I know that that is the whole point of a story, but as the answers seemed to come very late on in the book, I knew that I wasn’t going to change my opinion until I was able to figure out where the storyline was headed in terms of the characters.

Now, before you ask why I didn’t give up on the book, ‘The Secrets We Keep’ had something about it. I’ll be honest, I had no idea what that was yet the idea of giving up on reading this book didn’t even cross my mind. Maybe it was because I was curious about the answers to the questions I had. Maybe I was intrigued by the path that the storyline could head down. As I say, there was just something about Kate Hewitt’s storyline which kept my hands firmly gripped on my e-reader, and my eyes firmly glued to Rebecca’s life.

I suppose I can feel slightly smug here and extremely pleased, as I am SO pleased that I gave ‘The Secrets We Keep’ the time it deserved to blossom fully. For a book which had me gathering splinters on my bottom from sitting on the fence for a while, my opinion couldn’t have changed much quicker if it had tried. Seriously. I finished this book with tears in my eyes, hope in my heart, and a loss that was so strong, I could hear something shattering deep within.

Yes, ‘The Secrets We Keep’ is a slow starter. Yes, the characters keep their cards very close to their chests for a good portion of the book. But oh my flipping goodness, just like one character in the book said; ‘once the tape is ripped…’, everything came spilling out. Basically this book, in my eyes, was like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Not just any butterfly either.  A ‘Marbled White’ – understated yet undeniably beautiful. Simple on the outside yet complex in its choices.

So, if you hadn’t guessed by now, I ended up falling head over heels with Kate Hewitt’s novel and everything it stood for. Rebecca was proof that it is okay not to be okay. She proved that the hardest choices in life are the ones which have the biggest rewards. She highlighted the importance of speaking out. For a character who came across as a highly strung, unsure, and emotional person, Rebecca ended up showing herself, and me, that there was a lot more to her than originally thought. As for Tessa, from the very beginning I yearned to take her in a hug. I yearned to kneel down in front of Katherine, look into her eyes and tell her that it’s okay to talk. I only hoped for the best for Tessa and her family, I really did. I just didn’t expect the conclusion for these characters at all, and weirdly it hurt.

‘The Secrets We Keep’ is a deeply emotional, raw, and devastating novel which shows the reality of what can often lay beneath a person’s smile, a person’s laugh. I could relate a lot to Rebecca unfortunately, and I think that is why I ended up being emotionally bound to the book and its characters. I will not be forgetting this book anytime soon, as it is one of the most poignant and life affirming novels I think I have read so far this year. It’s harrowing. It’s hard hitting. It’s emotionally draining, but it is beautiful, thought-provoking, insightful….and everything in between. One last thing I will add – keep the tissues handy, you’re going to need them.

Buy now!

#BlogTour! #Review – He Will Find You by Diane Jeffrey (@dianefjeffrey) @HQDigitalUK

Day four of the ‘He Will Find You’ blog tour and the tour stops with me, TWG! Massive thank you to HQDigitalUK for the blog tour invite and the ARC of the book. Here is my review:

No matter where you hide…

Kaitlyn Best is stuck in a rut. So when she discovers she’s pregnant after a one-night-stand with Alex, her school crush, she throws caution to the wind and accepts his offer to make a new life together in the depths of the Lake District, far from her home… and her demons.

He will find you.

But Alex is not what he seems. And when Kaitlyn’s world begins to crumble before her eyes, she realises she barely knows the man she has agreed to spend the rest of her life with.

Since Alex won’t tell her his secrets, Kaitlyn vows to find them out for herself. But when she uncovers the truth, she realises she has made a terrible mistake…

What does TWG think?

Anyone know a locksmith who can put 2385869483 locks on my door like….now?

Oh my goodness – what a book! I actually think that ‘He Will Find You’ might just be the fastest full length novel I have ever read. No joke. This bad boy was started and finished within about 2.5 hours – I just couldn’t put it down. What would happen to Kaitlyn if I did? I know, this is fiction, but after losing myself in Kaitlyn’s story and investing myself in her emotions, the line between reality and fiction was pretty much non-existent. As far as I was concerned, Alex was going to be knocking on my door any moment. He wasn’t….clearly! Most people end up regretting a one night stand and Kaitlyn is just another person to add to that list as, after her one night stand, she finds out she’s pregnant and does what she thinks is the right thing. She moves in with her one night stand, Alex.

I couldn’t help but feel off about the whole Alex situation from the very beginning, I just couldn’t put my finger on why. Some people may say that Alex seems to good to be true, yet I felt that he was hiding a lot more than he was letting on.

‘He Will Find You’ is such a rollercoaster ride of a read which gripped me from the very start. Kaitlyn’s life was rather difficult and uncomfortable to read at times, yet that created a much higher level of suspense and intensity, pulling me into the hard-hitting situations a lot quicker than I had anticipated.

Despite becoming extremely nervous and very uncomfortable, I couldn’t stop reading and I thought that Diane Jeffrey did an incredible job at creating characters who were both highly unlikeable, and highly likeable. Putting domestic abuse at the forefront of a storyline, in my opinion, is a very brave move as every single human being has an opinion on the subject whether they’re involved or not. I would like to think that readers will side with the victim in this instance and not to what society seems good at at the moment by victim shaming, but I would be very intrigued to see why anyone, if any, would side with the culprit. I am being very vague with my review as there is a lot of scenes in the storyline with twist in with various others, however, I knew very early on which side I was on.

‘He Will Find You’ is such a gripping, dark, twisted, and highly uncomfortable read which highlights Diane Jeffrey’s outstanding story telling in the way that it deserves – outstandingly. If you fancy a read which will leave you needing an oxygen mask and questioning your personal information, I cannot recommend this book enough.

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