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#BlogTour! #Review – Locked Down by G.B.Williams (@GailBWilliams)

Sixth and final blog tour of the day is a review of ‘Locked Down’ by GB Williams. Many thanks to the author for the blog tour invite and ARC.

What DCI Piper dredges up when investigating the cold case of Terrence Whittaker’s disappearance is unexpected and unwelcome – especially when it links to a current missing persons case.

Charlie Bell’s only goal in life is ending the tyranny of the Mansel-Jones crime family.  

While Ariadne Teddington recovers after a car crash, her missing brother’s case is reopened, and a past she has always struggled to deal with comes back to haunt her. 

Finding the new lodger isn’t who she was expecting makes life a rollercoaster she can’t get off.

What will it take to get a criminal locked down for once and for all?

Can the present overcome the past?

And can any of them afford the price?

What does TWG think?

Before you get stuck into ‘Locked Down’, please do bear in mind that it is the third book in a series, so you may wish to purchase and read the previous two books before reading this one. I would advise that you do read the books in order so that you are able to build a better timeline in your mind of the main characters journeys, however that is your choice.

Wow, Ariadne has come a long way since I first met her in book one! She has drastically changed as well, but I suppose enduring the things that she has would certainly change a person!

‘Locked Down’ isn’t an easy book to read as it does contain some rather hard hitting themes. Kudos to the author for creating awareness about a subject which does actually happen in real life, and keeping the realistic nature there the entire way through. Things that happen in this book aren’t ones which can be taken lightly, yet GB Williams is brilliant at keeping her readers hooked and entertained throughout the book.

For me, the latest instalment wasn’t as fast paced as the other books, however the fact that we were able to see different sides to characters we have come to know and love (and sometimes dislike), I really don’t think that the pace needed to race by anyway.

‘Locked Down’ is such a gritty, powerful read which left my emotions bubbling and my mind racing. A highly suspenseful conclusion to a brilliant series.

Buy now.

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