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It is an absolute pleasure to be involved in the paperback blog tour for ’25 Days in December’ by Poppy Alexander. I was on the e-Book blog tour for this last year, yet my thoughts remain the same. This book is what Christmas is all about! Huge thanks to Orion for the ARC and for inviting me on the tour. Here is my review:

You can’t plan for the unexpected…

Kate Potter used to know what happiness felt like.

A few years ago, she was full of energy, excited by every possibility. But that was back when everything was different, before Kate’s husband went away with the army and didn’t come home. She can’t even remember what it felt like to be in love.

Then Kate meets Daniel. Recognising her loneliness reflected in his eyes, Kate vows to try and help bring him out of his shell. But as Kate plans to bring life back to Daniel, she might have stumbled on the secret to happiness…

Can one chance meeting change two lives?

What does TWG think?

‘What is your Christmas wish this year?’ – when I saw that question on the back of a postcard, I racked my brain trying to think of something dazzling, when in fact my ACTUAL Christmas wish seemed a bit selfish as I would love my body to be pain free on Christmas Day. If only. I asked my 5 year old the same question and her answer was ‘to actually meet Father Christmas’. I know – why do kids have the best answers to everything? So, with Christmas on my mind, meeting a main character who would like nothing more than to go to sleep on Christmas Eve and wake up on the 26th, was definitely a wake up call.

Why did Kate dislike Christmas? She sold Christmas trees for a living (well, kinda). In hindsight, maybe that’s why she wasn’t exactly feeling jovial. Of course the real reason comes out eventually and my goodness I felt like I was winded. How on earth must Kate and her little boy, Jack, feel? Not only that, the other main character in the book, Daniel, was trying to keep is head above water on an emotional level, as he tried to find his new purpose in life after losing his reason to live so to speak.

With my heartstrings being tugged on with some great force from the get go, I had absolutely no idea how I was going to get through the rest of the book. I’m not complaining at all, don’t get me wrong! The author was very generous with her writing as this storyline was certainly one that just kept on giving! It was as though I was opening my own little advent calendar every time I turned the page!!

I’m trying very hard not to spill any spoilers in my review, and yes it’s bloody difficult as all I want to do is shout about the storyline. Especially little Jacks situation. All I will say on that front is that I am sure a lot of readers will be able to relate to the unfortunate situation the poor boy and Kate got put in. It was tough to read and just like Kate, my ‘mama bear’ instinct came out, even though he wasn’t my child nor real. I thought that Poppy Alexander was brilliant in writing that particular theme into her storyline in a way that is going to shock people.

I did feel for Kate big time – would that woman ever catch a break? I wanted to give her a big cuddle and help her, but alas I couldn’t.

I adored the festivities throughout the story as they helped to highlight the fact that everyone celebrates Christmas in their own ways, and that the meaning of Christmas is different with every person you ask. Not everyone has money to spend on gifts at Christmas, yet they create memories in other ways and, on the other hand, some people can afford to splash out at Christmas – either way, as long as the important people in your life are happy, why should anyone judge someone else on how much or how little they spend, who they spend it with, or whether they actually celebrate the day or not?

As the book neared the end, a massive lump formed in my throat because it really was magical book to read. I tried my best not to cry but I was so overcome with emotion for Daniel, Kate, Jack, and Noel, the tears just kept on falling.

’25 Days til Christmas’ is a beautiful, beautiful story which had my heart under its Christmas tree from the very beginning. I loved how every little detail in the book was an important part of the storyline. I loved being a part of the magic and the incredible hidden messages throughout. I loved being able to laugh one minute, turn into a lion the next minute, and then bawl like a baby the next. I have been on a journey with ’25 Days til Christmas’ and I absolutely LOVED every single moment of it.

Honestly, wow – this is the creme de la creme of Christmas books and definitely one of my top books of the year. I don’t think I can find enough adjectives to describe how much I adored this book, so I urge you all to grab yourself a copy now and just trust me when I say that this is a definite must read.

Wholeheartedly one of the best books I think I have ever read, ’25 Days til Christmas’ puts the jingle back in ‘Jingle Bells’ and will light up more hearts than the lights on the Christmas tree in NYC. Stunning!!!!

The e-Book version of Poppy Alexander’s festive treat is out now, with the paperback following on the 28th November.

To purchase/pre-order click here.

Has anyone seen ‘My Christmas Fake Fiance’? I can’t find him! @RaRaResources @morningmayan #blogger #review

Third RaRaResources blog tour of the day, and fifth and final tour of the day! Many thanks to Rachel for inviting me to take part in the blog tour for ‘My Christmas Fake Fiance’ by Linda West, and for the ARC. Here is my review:

Snowflakes are falling on Kissing Bridge Mountain, and Devlin is going home at last. But he can’t go home without a fiance, even if it has to be a fake one!

When he meets smalltown girl, Allie, who has a Christmas crisis of her own -they strike up a deal. Soon, the fickle snow flurries of fate send them down a destined road they never expected…

What does TWG think?

I’ll be honest. The whole ‘fake fiance/boyfriend/girlfriend’ thing has been done many, MANY times before, so for me the surprise element wasn’t really there. However, I have never read a version that has had me laughing out loud from the get go.

Seriously! Almost straight away I was giggling at Allie and her bambi on ice type personality! She was such a breath of fresh air, and was such an antidote to Devlin’s foul nature. A match made in heaven some might say!

With the amount of times I giggled, the predictability factor didn’t seem as important anymore. Yes, I could see what was coming, and yes, it was incredibly clear what the intentions of the characters were, yet Linda West very cleverly wrote her story in a way that enticed me and left me wanting popcorn like a good movie.

This book may be short, but it sure packs a punch with its lighthearted, laugh out loud, and cosy vibe. I throughly enjoyed escaping into a Linda West novel – it definitely wont be the last!

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Move over Cinders! I’ve found #ThePerfectFit! @maryjaynebaker @MirrorBooks @RaRaResources #blogger #review

Thank you to RaRaResources for the blog tour invite, and thank you to Mary Jayne Baker for my special copy of the book a while back. I’m delighted to be kicking off the blog tour for ‘The Perfect Fit’. Apologies for the lateness, I’m currently writing this blog post with a headache from hell, so if it doesnt make sense, blame that!

Escape to the frost-sparkling Yorkshire Dales for some festive fun under the mistletoe! A saucy comedy-romance with more than a sprinkle of Christmas spice – this will lift your spirits!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for costume shop owner Becky Finn. Leaving London to move back home to the twinkly rural village of Egglethwaite, she plans to build a new life for herself with fiancé, Cole.

Keen to raise funds for the struggling village hall she loved as a child, Becky finds herself at the head of a colourful group aiming to revive the Egglethwaite Christmas pantomime. But when that festive feeling sets in, she discovers there’s more to panto than innuendo and slapped thighs.

Falling in love was not in the script! But as opening night grows closer, she starts to wonder if the panto will ever make it to the stage and, with handsome co-star Marcus on the scene, if she has chosen her right leading man…

What does TWG think?

Its beginning to look like Christmas!!!

Oh no it’s not….

Oh yes it is!

Oh no it’s not….

Oh yes it is!!


Have you ever wondered how a local pantomime is created? I hadn’t, but lets be honest, after reading this book you’ll be glad to know about the ins and outs of the local talent! Or in Maisie’s case, literally….

It’s been a while since I last was in the company of Mary Jayne Baker’s unique mind, however this book was the perfect fit (see what I did there?) as it felt like I had never had a breather between Baker’s books.

Becky has a fiance who is a cactus with a capital P! No, I havent spelt that wrong, but if I put the insult beginning with a P, Amazon wont accept it! Cole infuriated me! What an utterly selfish, selfish man. As for Ryder, well, I was genuinely surprised that he didn’t have the rest of the Paw Patrol gang with him!

‘The Perfect Fit’ has a jam packed cast, full of people with so much colour in their personalities, I needed sunglasses! At times I felt a little bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people that I had to keep in my mind, and the confusion as to who was related to who and what not, dented my enjoyment a little.

That said, I throughly enjoyed reading this! I adore Baker’s humour and the way the dialogue flowed brilliantly between each character, and i thought that the banter amongst the residents was great fun.

Humour aside, Baker does include more serious topics such as adoption and IVF, as well as slightly more emotionally based topics to do with mental health and the sense of feeling lost in life. The inclusion of the above topics kept the storyline varied and ensured that the humour wasnt too ‘try hard’ or forced. It worked bloody well.

‘The Perfect Fit’ literally was the perfect fit for me and, during a time where my own mental health is suffering, I couldnt have asked for a better book to escape into.

Buy now.

Sparks are flying in Coming Home to Merriment Bay Part 2! @EmilyHarvale @RaRaResources

Coming Home To Merriment Bay Part 2 Full Tour Banner

Part 2 is here! Thanks so much to Rachel, as usual, for the blog tour invite and ARC of Emily Harvale’s next instalment in the ‘Coming Home to Merriment Bay’ series. Here is my review:

ComingHtoMB - P2-Sparks fly

Part Two of this heartwarming four-part serial about finding the strength to put the past behind you and to reach out for a future filled with happiness and love.

Cat Devon knew she couldn’t avoid Amias Wells for long. She also knew sparks would fly the moment they came face to face. They never did get on and nothing has changed in eighteen years – except that Amias is even more annoying. So why does Cat still catch her breath whenever he looks her way?

The fact he flies a vintage Spitfire for the Merriment Bay WWII Museum doesn’t interest Cat, but his knowledge of the former RAF pilots stationed there certainly does. She wants to find out all she can about the man in the photo in Viola’s trunk. And what with hospital visits, dealing with her mum, and sorting out problems with Viola’s house, Cat could use more than just Kyra’s help.

But Kyra makes it clear she thinks Cat and Amias should spend more time together. Which is ridiculous. Apart from the fact they don’t get on, Amias wasn’t interested in Cat before the accident that left the ugly scars on her face and body, so he definitely won’t be attracted to her now. Besides, Cat’s not looking for romance. She’s happy with her life just the way it is.

What does TWG think?

It was so good to be back with Cat and co in ‘Sparks Fly’ as part one left me in a little bit of a quandary! Who was Cat’s dad? And why was her mum refusing to give her more details about her father? What was the big secret?

The identity of Cat’s father didn’t seem to be the only secret that had fallen at the family’s feet as, during a clear out of Granny Viola’s things, a random man tumbles out of a pile of letters. Not the ACTUAL man, because that would be a little bit weird and, quite frankly, Viola could get into quite a bit of bother if that were the case! No, I mean a photograph of a random man. Who was he and why does Viola have a photo of him in her possessions?

So many questions, so little answers. Unfortunately, the only person who would be able to shed some light on both of the secrets is the one person who simply cannot. And, to be perfectly blunt, that person may never even be able to either!

Cat really isn’t doing herself many favours at all. I know that she can’t get over some things that were said when she was pregnant with her daughter, Kyra, and afterwards, yet she is using that against people (well, one person in particular) who is only trying to help. I can see why she thinks that they have an ulterior motive, but surely she needs to understand that 18 years is a long time? I can’t help but feel as though she is living in the past and clearly there are reasons for that, what with the unanswered questions and what not. I have everything crossed that Cat won’t come down with a bang and realise that she has pushed people away. Although, that said, her mother is far worse and why someone hasn’t told her, and her gentleman friend to go and do one, is beyond me!

Once again I was left in a quandary as not many of the questions were answered in this instalment, however it has certainly made me more eager to dive into part three. I simple adore Emily Harvale’s addictive storytelling and her ability to get the most out of each and every one of her characters.

Sparks certainly did fly in this book and I have a huge feeling that it won’t be the only time either!

Another fab little read, and another brilliant addition to a series that looks to be shaping up quite well! Part three here I come!

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‘A Christmas Wish and a Cranberry Kiss at the Cosy Kettle’ – can’t say fairer than that really, can you? @Bookouture @LizEelesAuthor

thumbnail_Christmas - Blog Tour
I adore this series! Thank you so much to Bookouture for inviting me to take part in the blog tour for Liz Eeles’ latest book, and for the ARC! Here is my review:


Running from heartbreak, twenty-five-year-old Becca has moved to the cosy village of Honeyford. Living with her best friend Zac in a little stone cottage and serving mince pies and steaming gingerbread lattes at the Cosy Kettle, is the perfect escape from her past.

But starting over isn’t always plain sailing, and Becca’s shyness is holding her back from making her mark on the café. To make matters worse, her crush on blond-haired, blue-eyed local heartthrob Logan gets stronger by the day – but he can barely remember her name. So as the snow starts to fall in Honeyford, Becca has one big Christmas wish: to completely reinvent herself. Becca dreams of bringing the Cosy Kettle success and finding romance with Logan under the mistletoe.

As she gets a makeover, cosies up to Logan over mulled wine and plans the most festive celebration the café has ever seen, Becca wonders why she waited so long to step out of her comfort zone… Zac, on the other hand, thought she was perfect before – always caring for others – and he misses the quirky girl with the bright blue hair.

When Logan turns out to not be all he seems, Becca is left wondering if he’s really the one for her. With her party plans also going awry, can Becca save her beloved Cosy Kettle in time for Christmas? And has the key to her happiness been in front of her all along?

What does TWG think?

Third instalment of the ‘Cosy Kettle’ reads is here, and goodness me, it certainly lives up to its Christmas-esque vibes of the cover! If you have yet to read this series, each book can be read as a standalone and don’t really need to be read in order. That said, if you’re a reader who prefers to know the in-depth details of characters friendships and how they got to the place they are in this book, then I wholeheartedly suggest that you start with book one. Just my opinion of course!

In previous books, Becca has taken more of a backseat and, whilst we do get to know her a bit, this is the first time that we get to really get to know her and what makes her tick. The Cosy Kettle book group are also back again, with Stanley shocking people with his youthful decisions. Ahem. I say youthful…it’s Stanley…enough said!

The premise of this book is super lovely, and it made such a change to have Becca at the heart of the story for once. I enjoyed catching up with all of the characters again, and I especially enjoyed to see a different side to Millicent. For once she came across a bit more human than merely showing her Maleficent tendencies.

Becca doesn’t have much confidence and constantly compares herself to her twin sister, Jasmine. To try and do something about her confidence, Becca makes a Christmas wish list for herself in the attempt to reinvent herself and make her personality more….Jasmine. Now, I’m sure a lot of us have wished that we were someone else, or wished that we were a bit more assertive and what not. I certainly have…until I realised that changing myself because other people had an issue, was actually a lot more problematic than I had originally thought. I found the whole situation to do with Becca, a little disheartening because it came across that her personality traits were not good ones to have. I couldn’t help but feel that, in order to be happy, one had to change themselves and that left me with a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

However, I was very pleased that the storyline took the route that I thought it would, and I was very happy that Becca was able to see herself in a light that was right for her and nobody else.

I enjoyed the festivities of this Cosy Kettle read and, despite my slight irks, I found the book to be a very thought-provoking and cosy read. I now have a massive craving for mince pies though….I wonder why!

Cosy, hopeful, and full of Christmas hope (and mince pies) – a lovely little series!

Buy now.

I’m looking forward to that #OneChristmasNight in particular…. @HayleyThough #HayleyWebster @KatieVEBrown @TrapezeBooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n #blogtour

OCN blog tour
I have been SO looking forward to this book, and I am absolutely delighted to be hosting Hayley Webster and ‘One Christmas Night’ on my blog tour. Huge thanks to Tracy Fenton and Trapeze for the tour invite and ARC.

‘One Christmas Night’ by Hayley Webster will be published by Trapeze on the 14th November.


Nine lives. One street. And a secret behind every door.

Christmas is ruined on Newbury Street, Norwich.

Presents have been going missing from resident’s homes. There are rumours going around that it’s one of their own who’s been stealing from the neighbours. Festive spirit is being replaced with suspicion and the inhabitants of Newbury Street don’t know who to trust. The police presence isn’t helping matters, especially when they all have something to hide.

But Christmas is a time for miracles… and if they open themselves up to hope and look out for each other, they might discover the biggest miracle of all..

What does TWG think?


I have literally not long finished reading this book so I am still in a ‘One Christmas Night’ bubble of excitement. I mean, WOWZA!

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block…..

Well, evidently I’m NOT, but what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t be fooled by the cover of this book. I’m not saying it isn’t pretty, because it is! There is just truck loads more to the storyline than the cover lets on.

Firstly, there is a strong mysterious, crime element to the book as a thief is on the loose and they’re making the most of the fact that people have been Christmas shopping for their pilfering.

Secondly, the storyline is set during the most festive time of the year, so all of the characters are getting into the Christmas spirit with their families. That said, I think that that one was evident due to the title!

Thirdly, the author has lightly touched on topics such as grief, coercive control, emotional abuse, blended families – just to name a few.

So, you see, there is so much for readers to discover under the cover, and I still cannot quite believe just how much the author has spoiled us with all of this content! If I could liken ‘One Christmas Night’ to something, I would say that Hayley Webster’s book is like a pick’n’mix; a story that jam packed with treats of all different sizes, with something for everyone in the never-ending paper bag of joy. I absolutely ADORED ‘One Christmas Night’! I loved the mixture of topics and the way that the author created many colourful characters that seemed to blend together like a rainbow. I thought the opening to the story was such a brilliant hook! I was so eager to turn the pages and find out more, yet there was also a part of me that didn’t want to turn them as I didn’t want the book to end, or the bubble to pop.

My heart went out to Irma, Mrs Finch, and Joanie mainly, however I also had a soft spot for Rocky. He struck me as such an understated character who would have appreciated being noticed for who he was, rather than being noticed for everything he wasn’t, just like his brother. I did wonder whether Rocky felt a bit stuck in the background due to being a ‘nice guy’, or whether he just blended in because he couldn’t deal with the firework type confrontation.

As I have said multiple times, there is so much in this book to sink your teeth into and, whilst I would usually find a book like this to be a bit overcrowded and overwhelming, I thought it worked BLOODY well. Not only that, the humour in the story was laugh out loud brilliant, and definitely an antidote for all of the other heartbreaking elements of the book. If you’re after a book that leaves you in a bubble of hope, power, and festive fun, I couldn’t recommend this one more if I tried!

Can I just say that Hayley Webster has written one of my all-time favourite books with ‘One Christmas Night’. This read was everything I could have wished for, and more. I am honestly in awe of the authors incredible talent to combine such diverse topics in a storyline that has literally rocked my world! This is One Christmas Night that I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Absolutely flipping brilliant! If I could rate this as high as all the stars in the sky I would, without a doubt!!!!

Pre-order now! Published 14th November.

Uhoh! I’m #SnowedInAtThePractice! @CotswoldPenny @SimonschusterUK @AnneCater

Thank you Anne Cater for the blog tour invite, and thank you to the publisher for the ARC of Penny Parke’s upcoming novel, ‘Snowed in at the Practice’. This book is set to be published by Simon & Schuster on the 14th November.

Larkford Surgery is the heart of a tightknit community in the Cotswolds, as well as a hotbed of drama, rivalry, resentment and romance – and that’s just the doctors …

Dr Holly Graham is finding life with two sets of twins exhausting. Even with husband Dr Taffy Jones and devoted friend Elsie by her side, she is completely outnumbered. Making the transition back to work will be no easy feat but a regular slot on Radio Larkford as their on-air doctor might be the perfect stepping stone, until an unexpected job offer changes everything.

Dr Alice Walker’s new canine clinic at Larkford Surgery with Coco, her assistance dog, has been a storming success. If only shipping her best friend, Dr Tilly Grainger, in from South America to cover for Holly had been such a smooth transition. It seems that Tilly isn’t finding life in the peaceful Cotswolds valley as rewarding as she’d hoped, and she is causing chaos …

What does TWG think?

Emotion? Check.

Heartwarming? Check.

Thought provoking? Check.

The perfect escapism? Double check!

What I love most about Penny Parkes’ novels is the way she captures the heart of her characters, whilst captivating her readers at the same time. In my eyes, that is a talent that you either have or you dont, and Parkes certainly has that talent!

Dr Holly Graham has swapped her scrubs and latex gloves, for nappies and dribbles. Holly loves being a mum and wouldn’t change it for the world, yet she cant help but miss her patients and the job she has temporarily left behind. Some people think that mothers cant have it all, yet Holly is determined to prove them all wrong.

Holly isnt the only one finding her feet, there is a new resident to the town who is finding it difficult to settle in and is worrying that she may have made the worst decision she has ever made.

In this story there is sunshine and rainbows mixed in with rain clouds and gales – you honestly get the best of both worlds in terms of uplifting storyline, and a storyline which makes your eyes close to leaking. The dynamics of the book were brilliant, and the variation between light and shade was incredible, as I felt that it kept me on my toes due to being unable to work out what to expect. I didn’t know what was going to be around the corner on the next page, and the fact that there were several characters with colourful personalities, made the element of surprise all the more addictive.

I thoroughly enjoyed the latest installment in the Larkford series. It was such a joy to lose myself in, and the festive frolics were an additional bonus in an already incredible read.

Heartwarming and memorable, ‘Snowed in at the Practice’ is THE perfect escapism for every single day of the year. I loved it.

Pre-order now.

Sit tight, its reunion time as I’m #ComingHomeToMerrimentBay #Partone @emilyharvale @RaRaResources

Next up on TWG is my review of another delightful, Emily Harvale treat, ‘Coming Home to Merriment Bay – Part One’. Many thanks to RaRaResources for the tour invite and ARC.

After eighteen years apart, reclusive Cat Devon still recognises her mum’s handwriting. Plucking up the courage to open the letter, its contents send Cat and her teenage daughter, Kyra racing to Merriment Bay, the seaside village where Cat grew up.

But Cat is shocked to find the situation is worse than expected. Despite everything, Cat considers herself to be an optimist at heart and Kyra takes after her. Looking on the bright side may not improve things, but it definitely can’t make them worse.

Clearing out the house that, even now, Cat fondly thinks of as home, she stumbles upon more than just memories in the battered leather trunk in Granny Viola’s bedroom. She discovers a faded photo of an RAF pilot, a pile of unopened letters, and a mystery waiting to be solved.

Who is the man in the – clearly treasured – photo? Cat and Kyra are intent on finding out. But that’s not all Cat’s determined to do. It’s time she came to terms with her past and made peace with her mum and her gran. All the while avoiding bumping into the one man she never quite got over … and keeping a few secrets of her own.

What does TWG think?

Ever wondered how to kick start a new series? THIS is the way to do it! What a brilliant, brilliant start to a new series! The only downside to it is that I have to wait for the next installment (not long though, but still).

Cat Devon is about to taking a stroll down memory lane after receiving a letter from her mum after so many years of no contact. Why did Cat and her mum stop talking? Why have the family not made the journey to see each other over the years? A lot of things have happened since Cat and her mother were together, and now that Cat’s daughter, Kyra, has turned 18, the feeling of keeping issues a secret is no longer at the forefront of Cat’s mind. She knows that her daughter deserves to know the truth, especially given the fact that her dad is no longer around to tell her the story himself.

Interesting family dynamics makes for excellent reading. As weird as this sounds, it’s nice to read a story about a family who’s life is marginally worse than yours. I know that families are prone to problems and can often go a while without talking, so in a dodgy way it was refreshing to see that lives aren’t perfect even in fiction.

Cat is an interesting character to get to know as her personality is one that I cant quite seem to get a handle on. As for her mother, geez, I took an instant dislike to her for reasons that make themselves known near enough straight away. Perhaps there is more to the overall story that meets the eye, and I would be interested to see how their personalities develop over time.

To say that this is an intriguing start to the series would be an understatement. I really enjoyed the start of the new series and I have high hopes for what may follow after reading this book. I am so delighted that Emily Harvale has decided to write a new series, and I just love the way she writes multi-layered stories flawlessly and in a way that I always want more. Fabulous start!

Buy now.

#TheChristmasWishList, yes please!! I hope I’m on the nice list this year!! @heidi_swain @TeamBatc

Thank you so much to Simon and Schuster for the blog tour invite and ARC of ‘The Christmas Wish List’ by Heidi Swain. I am delighted to be today’s stop on the blog tour today!

After being let go from her job in a swanky hotel just weeks before Christmas, Hattie is feeling lost. Even more so when her high-flying boyfriend announces he’s landed his dream job in Abu Dhabi and asks her to move with him. Luckily, Hattie’s long-time friend Dolly is on hand to help and invites Hattie to spend one last holiday in the small, festive town of Wynbridge, determined to give her a Christmas to remember . . .

Upon Hattie’s arrival, holiday preparations are in full swing. But for Hattie, whose Christmas cheer has long since run out, it’ll take more than mince pies and mistletoe to open her heart to the season once more. Relishing the task of reigniting Hattie’s Christmas spirit, Dolly suggests they create a wish list of all the things the season can offer, and with the helpful hands of Wynbridge’s resident handyman, Beamish, Hattie finds her frosty exterior is starting to thaw.

As Wynbridge prepares for its most spectacular Christmas yet, will Hattie leave snowy England behind for life in a sunnier clime, or will she in fact realise that her heart’s desire lies much closer to home?

What does TWG think?

Heidi Swain is one of my ALL TIME favourite authors and I now have every single book that she has published, reading ‘The Christmas Wish List’ just cemented my love for the author and the way she makes her characters come to life in her own I unique way.

Even though this book is another installment in the ‘Wynbridge’ series, each book in the series can be read as a standalone. Of course, I highly suggest that you read each and every one of Heidi Swain’s novels just so that you can experience the magic in each book.

What I loved most about this read, was the way we got to see other characters from other books as they made this storyline come to life and it was such a joy to catch up with characters from the very beginning.

‘The Christmas Wish List’ is full to the brim of festive delights, Christmas antics, and enough magic to make the Christmas dreams of all ages come to life. Despite that, there is quite a dark theme to the story as the main character, Hattie, is going through something which is quite difficult to read in terms of the subject of coersive control, something which needs a lot more awareness than its currently getting.

Hattie is such relatable character, and her situation is one that people will be able to find strength in. I think that Heidi Swain’s addition of such a misunderstood subject, is a genius move and one that should be applauded due to her sensitivity and poignancy.

I fell in love with ‘The Christmas Wish List’, and I loved feeling as though Christmas was just around the corner. From start to finish, the storyline captured my heart and left me bereft at the very end. Another absolutely stunning, iconic read that is full of heart, hope, and sheer beauty. Heidi Swain, you’ve done it again!

Buy now.

I know its only November, but is anyone up for #AChristmasKiss? @ElizaJScott1 @RaRaResources

Happy publication day, Eliza.J.Scott and ‘A Christmas Kiss’! I am so excited to be sharing my review today, thank you so much to RaRaResources for the tour invite and ARC.

A sparkling festive romance that will warm your heart this Christmas.

The week before Christmas, GP Zander Gillespie finds his festive plans in tatters. He’s supposed to be flying out to his parents’ chateau in Carcassonne with his high-maintenance girlfriend, Melissa. But she has other ideas. She wants to spend Christmas in London with her party friends – and he’s not invited.

The prospect of facing his family, with their questions and their sympathy – not to mention the ‘I told you so-s’ – just isn’t an option. Instead, Zander decides to head to his holiday cottage in the quaint moorland village of Lytell Stangdale, where he intends to hide away with his faithful rescue Labrador Alf.

Eighty miles away, Livvie’s world has come crashing down. With plans to cook a romantic meal for her boyfriend, she heads home early and walks in on him in a compromising position with their neighbour. Fed-up of his lies and philandering ways, this is the final straw.

With her Christmas plans up in smoke, the thought of spending it with her parents and her smug, married sister with her pompous husband in tow, is enough to bring Livvie out in hives. So, when she fires up her laptop and finds the perfect little holiday cottage in Lytell Stangdale available to rent over the festive period, it seems the perfect solution. Or is it…?

Zander didn’t believe in love at first sight until he set eyes on Livvie.

Livvie had sworn off men until she met Zander.

The pair may be reluctant to give in to temptation, but fate seems to have other ideas…

What does TWG think?

Any book that has me reading it from start to finish in 2.5 hours without putting it down once, in my eyes, is a bloody belter of a read!

I don’t usually state my star ratings in my reviews, however this is one of the easiest 5 stars I have EVER awarded a book. I really do wish that I could bottle up my feelings of the story, just so everyone else can experience what I did. But, because I cant, I can only cross my fingers that you pick up this read instead.

The absolute star of the show who deserves to be a mascot of the entire series, is little Alfie boy. That four legged little cutie hasn’t had the best of times and his owner, Zander, briefly explains what happened to him. I’ll be honest, it brought tears to my eyes. How anyone can treat a defenceless animal like dirt, causing them harm, is beyond me. Alf’s antics had me in hysterics and his personality was such fun to read about. I loved him!

As for the rest of the storyline, I loved that too. Whilst the general vibe of the story is fun and full of humour, the author does touch upon several topics such as coersive control, manipulation, infidelity, and emotional abuse. For some readers, those topics may be difficult to read, however the author has written them with such sensitivity and grace, and I thought that they were all delivered very well and had a strong reason to be a part of the overall storyline. I’m not saying that I wasnt affected by what I read, because I have, just like many, been in a similar position myself. In fact, I was utterly livid with the way that Livvie was treated, and the way it had the dominio effect on her confidence. She really didn’t deserve that at all, but I was so glad that she had someone in her corner.

I’m not really a believer of love at first or people falling in love in a short space of time. Now I’m not saying that it doesnt happen, because evidently it does, I just personally cant see it….probably because it has never happened to me. Anyway, despite my slight pessimism surrounding that, I truly did believe the connection between Zander and Livvie. I felt the sizzling tension, the crackling romance fizzing in the air between them, and that is all down to the outstanding talent of Eliza.J.Scott. If it wasnt for her beautiful character creation, the well thought out romance, and her incredible, incredible writing talent, I would have sat and eye rolled Zander and Livvie’s ‘love at first sight’ stuff.

It just goes to show that, if something is written well, readers will believe anything. It’s all in the power of the craft and I am very, very impressed at what Eliza.J.Scott achieved in this book.

It was so lovely to recognise some of the other characters who popped up in this story as, weirdly enough, I had missed them and it was fab to catch up as though we were all long lost friends.

I hope that this series keeps on going because i will be absolutely devastated should it end. I have loved ALL of the previous books in the series, yet they just keep on getting better and better each time – I really have no idea how she does it.

Like I said, I’m not a believer in love at first sight, but I can assure you that once you meet Alf, you’ll be inviting that four legged cutie into your bed!

Sublime, addictive, enchanting, poignant – utterly, utterly brilliant. I dont know what else I can say except buy it, read it, and I can guarantee that you will love ‘A Christmas Kiss’ as much as I did.

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