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Apologies for how late in the day this is, but I’m sure you’ll all agree that it is such a weird time for everyone just now. I hope you’re all keeping as safe as you can, both physically and emotionally. Thinking of everyone that has been directly affected by the virus, or is struggling with their mental health due to the uncertainty.

Thank you, Head of Zeus, for asking me to kick off the blog tour for ‘For Better, For Worse’ by Jane Isaac, and for the ARC. Here is my review:

Stuart Ingram was once a respected local councillor…

The first time the police knocked on Gina’s door, they arrested her husband.

The second time, they accused him of child abuse.

But he died a guilty man.

This time, the police are here for Gina – to tell her that her husband is dead. Murdered, just two weeks before his trial.

Gina always stood by her husband. Even when everyone else walked away. She believed the trial would clear his name. But now Stuart is dead.

And his wife is the suspect.

It’s a race against time for DC Beth Chamberlain to uncover the truth – especially when a second man turns up dead.

Previously published as Presumed Guilty.

What does TWG think?

What would you do if people turned their backs on you and your family, all because of an allegation? Would you stand by your husband like your had promised in your vows? Or would you side with the masses and presume him guilty?

The allegation against Gina’s husband, Stuart, was one that could break someone’s reputation whether they were guilty or not. The evidence was stacked against him, and even his own daughter wanted nothing to do with him. I could see why!!

Just like other books in this genre, the storyline is a slow burner which increases in tension gradually, and in such a way that kept me hooked. This book is the second book in the DC Beth Chamberlain series, something I wasnt actually aware of until after I had finished reading it! It can be read as a standalone, yet I probably would have gelled with Beth a little bit more if I had had a bit more insight to who she was. I couldnt take to her and I felt like something was missing. I’m not saying she was a bad character, because she was far from it. I just wish I had had more to go on where she was concerned, you know?

Despite that, the premise of the storyline and levels of intensity, I was really taken by the investigation and the uncertainty which surrounded the entire thing. I thought it was very cleverly done and kept me on my toes!

The star of the show, for me, was the psychological elements of the novel – I just loved how Jane Isaac went about them, incorporating well thought out red herrings and emotional blackmail into an already complex storyline.

All in all, ‘For Better, For Worse’ was a really enjoyable, suspenseful read that showcased Jane Isaac’s addictive story telling.

Buy now.

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