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#BlogBlitz! #Review – The First One to Die by Victoria Jenkins @vicwritescrime @Bookouture

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Happy publication day to Victoria Jenkins and ‘The First One to Die’! Super excited to be taking part in the blog blitz today – thank you to Bookouture for the invite as well as the ARC. Here is my review:


Four friends. A house full of secrets. And a killer picking them off one by one…

She tried to break her fall, twisting desperately, but there was nothing to catch hold of, nothing with which she could stop herself. Her single scream cut through the night air.

Keira North falls to her death at a party. It initially seems like an accident, but Detectives Alex King and Chloe Lane suspect foul play: they are convinced they are dealing with a murder.

When the detectives start to investigate, they soon find that all of Keira’s closest friends have secrets that someone might kill to keep.

And as Alex and Chloe are fighting their own demons and struggling to stay on top of the case, Keira’s killer is circling the group of friends, who one by one find that their lives are in danger…

What does TWG think?

I have to be honest – the cover of this book pulled me in something chronic. I mean, just look at it! How can you NOT be intrigued by it? I crossed every part of my body in hope that the contents of the book would be as much of a belter as the cover was.

My goodness, I never expected what I read, that’s for sure! What a book! Victoria Jenkins is a new author for me so I was looking forward to finally reading one of her books. It’s safe to say that I devoured the book in a mere few hours. Usually I update my Goodreads status as I go, but because my nose was stuck in the storyline just like my hand in a packet of cookies, I only had chance to update it the once and that was it.

Er hello, I wasn’t lifting my head for nobody!

‘The First One to Die’ reminded me of the game Cluedo…except more twisted and a slim chance of a candlestick being used as a weapon in the drawing room. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but y’know.

A girl has died at a house party. Some say that it was an accident yet the DI’s seem to think otherwise. Only the people at the party knew what had happened yet they seem to be withholding vital information from the police which could land one of them, if not more, in severe hot water. How did she die? Was it actually an accident or did someone push her?

Without coming across cheesy, this book really does have the ‘DUN DUN DUNN’ effect. I was on the edge of my seat whilst trying to work out what the truth was behind Keira’s death, especially as a lot of people seemed to know something but weren’t saying anything. Even though it was like getting blood out of a stone with several of the characters, I couldn’t help being hooked on the overall situation. It really was a storyline that I was able to sink my teeth into without coming up for air.

As the storyline progressed and another case came in for Alex and Chloe, I weirdly found myself becoming extremely excited about what that meant for the storyline overall. Were the two cases linked? Did others know things but not saying anything, just like the first case? I couldn’t help feeling intrigued once again.

Victoria Jenkins is a severely addictive author. In a minimal amount of time the author seemed to know exactly what her readers wanted – suspense, intense and grit, and Jenkins delivered. Boy she delivered.

‘The First One to Die’ is a brilliant, fast paced storyline which is guaranteed to increase your heart rate tenfold. Addictive, thrilling and severely intense – Victoria Jenkins really is an author to watch.


Thanks Bookouture.

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