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#BlogTour! #Review – The Trouble With Words by Suzie Tullett (@SuzieTullett) @bombshellpub


Trouble 5
Annabel is desperate to have a baby – there’s just one problem. She’s single, and after losing her husband in a hit and run accident she’s just not ready for a relationship. 

Dan is on the hunt for the perfect woman – but when his mother drops a bombshell, he starts to feel the pressure.

When Dan and Annabel’s worlds collide, both think that maybe they’ve found the solution to their problems…but things start to get messy.

Can both Dan and Annabel get what they want?

Both will soon find out that the trouble with words is finding the right thing to say.

What does TWG think?

You know, I had absolutely no idea what to expect with ‘The Trouble With Words’. Ironically enough, I struggled to find the words to gauge a first impression based on the cover alone. However, as soon as I began reading Suzie Tullett’s novel, I soon started to realise that ‘The Trouble With Words’ goes a lot deeper than the cover suggests.

Would I read the book based on the cover alone? Probably not.

Would I read the book based on the strength of the content? Damn right I would!!

I cannot find the words to tell you exactly how much I loved this book! The storyline is unique, the characters are complex and original, and the heart-warming factor is off the Richter scale.

Annabel would do anything to become a mum, but the thing is, she can’t exactly pop into her local Hobby craft for a DIY baby kit! She needs an important ingredient to make her dream of motherhood, became a reality. Annabel’s family and friends think that she is losing her marbles, but will that stop her from getting what she wants?

I wasn’t expecting Dan to be the type of character that he ended up being, if that makes sense. I guess that because of the way he and Annabel met, I half expected a character less three-dimensional. I adored Dan’s character. It’s was just a shame that his life within the storyline wasn’t as plain sailing as he would have hoped it would be. My heart went out to him multiple times, even though at times his mother got on my nerves (that was before the bombshell, just to clarify!).

Once I became invested in the storyline (pretty quickly actually), I couldn’t put Suzie Tullett’s novel down. I didn’t want to put it down. Would Annabel make her dream come true? Will Dan’s mother accept Dan’s life? I had to find out those answers, and more, to many questions that seemed to invade my head throughout this novel.

‘The Trouble With Words’ made me teary, made my heart swell, made me laugh, but, most importantly, it made me finish reading it with a smile upon my face. It’s not often that a book can leave me smiling like that, but Suzie Tullett’s novel did just that.

Beautiful, heart-wrenching, and totally satisfying; ‘The Trouble With Words’ melted a bit of the ice around my Ice Queen style heart. The perfect antidote for any bad days, ‘The Trouble With Words’ has zero trouble with the words in this fantastic story. Absolutely loved it. A very glittery and well deserved 5 stars.

Thanks Bombshell Books.

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