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#BlogTour! #ReadingBetweenLines by Jo Merrett (@JMerrett87) @LoveBooksGroup

Delighted to warm up your Saturday evening with my review of ‘Reading Between the Lines’ by Jo Merrett. If you’re feeling a little bit chilly and need something to get you feeling rather toasty, then look no further. Big thanks to LoveBooksGroup for the blog tour invite, as well as a copy of the book itself. Here is my review:

Sexy, sassy, saucy…

…and a little bit unsure.

Ballsy reporter, Kate Cleaver, doesn’t just sit back and wait for things to happen. She’s a modern woman with a voracious sexual appetite who takes life – and men – by the balls.

But, like most women, Kate’s not immune to the inevitable hurdles and heartbreak that threaten to derail her carefully lain plans.

The Record is a dozy, weekly rag. It holds little appeal for someone like Kate, with her sights set on the glamour of national journalism. But, before she leaves the council meetings and cat shows behind, there’s one particular exclusive she’s itching to get her hands on: Chief Reporter, Aidan Tindall.

Reading Between the Lines is a rollercoaster of sexual freedom and angst-ridden rejection, self-doubt and reckless ambition, office flings and 2am gin soaked confessions.

Because what you want in life, isn’t always what you need…

What does TWG think?

Let me just start by saying one thing: I have as much romance in me as a brick. I’m not one of these lovey dovey, PDA, romantic type people. If anything, I could not be any further away from that if I tried. Seriously. That said, I LOVE reading books with a touch of romance. Maybe it’s because I am able to see what romance would be like without having to do all of the hard work that goes with it ;). Who knows. I just know that when I sit with a romance novel in front of me, that poor author has a lot of work to do to get me to believe their story. After all, if you can convince a un-romantic person that being romantic is the way to go, what else do you need to do?

Put it this way, Jo Merrett was able to melt the ice around my frozen heart a smidge – definitely a record! If you dislike reading books where sex is at the forefront of the characters minds, then look away now as this book isn’t for you. However, if you’re a person who wants to read a sexual book but has never had the confidence to pick one up yet, I personally would start the genre with this one. Yes, the erotic theme is severely evident in this book and yes, I did find it got a little bit too much for me at times. That said, the way in which it was brought into the storyline wasn’t as ‘in your face’ as I thought it would be, so I truly believe that ‘Reading Between the Lines’ is a good starting block for anyone trying out this particular genre for the first time.

I have to admit that I did have a few issues with Kate’s character as she seemed to rub me up the wrong way (pardon the pun) on more than one occasion – she came across as a little bit too easy and seemed to do anything where a man was concerned. Whatever floats her boat, obviously. But I personally thought that she lowered my opinion of her due to those actions.

Also, I was impressed at how the storyline had more to it than just sexual innuendos at times – it made the storyline flow a lot easier. I’m not a prude by any means, and whilst I appreciate that with this type of genre erotic themes will be laid bare, I don’t like it when they’re sticking out like a sore thumb. Even though that was the case with some parts of this book, I was really glad that those themes were incorporated well with the characters jobs, their lifestyles, as well as other parts of the storyline itself.

Overall, ‘Reading Between the Lines’ is a very saucy, hot to trot read which is guaranteed to leave you feeling a little bit hot under the collar. If you can see past some of Kate’s traits and actions, I really do think a lot of people will enjoy this. For me, Kate’s character did let the side down, but all in all, I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would.

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