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#BlogTour. #Review – The Elephant of Frimley by Nicholas Rawls. @AuthorightUKPR

The Elephant of Frimley Cover

Two sisters and an elephant embark on an exciting adventure in this charming illustrated children’s book.

After the discovery of an elephant in their back garden, sisters Hannah and Emily make it their adventurous mission to return it back home. 

Originally written as a bedtime story for his two daughters, and beautifully illustrated by Louise Jewell, The Elephant of Frimley is a delightful and fun read that parents, primary school teachers and extended families will enjoy sharing with young children.

What does TWG think?

As soon as my three-year old daughter saw the front cover, she asked me a question; ‘Mumma, was is the elephant sad? Its eyes are dripping near the baby bit of her eye, why she crying?’.

Before I was able to answer her questions, I flicked through the book myself and tried to see if the story gave me any clue. Personally, it didn’t. The illustrations were delightfully drawn and completely different to other books I have read with my daughter, that’s for sure.

I still didn’t answer my daughter’s question, so I sat down with her and read the book with her, just to see what her thoughts were and whether her question got answered in its own little way. She adored the illustrations of the elephant the most. But, where the storyline was concerned, her little face began to frown when she couldn’t realise why the elephant was involved in certain things. Don’t get me wrong, it’s uniquely written and has a certain charm about it, and I adore the touching background story of it being written for the authors two daughters. Super cute!

It was a lovely, little book as far as the elephant was concerned, and as far as my little girl was concerned. She didn’t seem to find that answer for her question, nor did it keep her attention like other books.

I enjoyed reading something different with my daughter, even though it wasn’t really for us. I am sure many other children will adore the story as much as we adored the elephant.

Thanks Authoright.

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