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#Review! A Year Of Being Single by Fiona Collins (@FionaJaneBooks) @UKCarina


Three friends. One year. Absolutely no men…

Imogen is supposed to be on the most romantic weekend of her life and instead she’s quickly realised that her current boyfriend definitely isn’t ‘The One’ and actually One Big Mistake.

Frankie is fed up. Fed up of her good-for-nothing husband and her four, unappreciative children. Well, they hardly notice her anyway, maybe it’s time to shake it up a little…

Grace thought she had the perfect life. Gorgeous little boy and perfect, hardworking husband. Or rather, she did, until she realised her husband was shagging his ‘work’.

These single ladies don’t need to put a ring on it…right?

What does TWG think?

I’ll be honest, as soon as I saw the title I thought to myself, ‘how hard can it be, being single for a year?’, after all, I have been single for OVER a year and I am owning that shizzmanizzle. However, I’m not Imogen, Frankie OR Grace. Three very different women with one main thing in common; they all have been surrounded by scumbag, male partners. A cheater, a lazy good for nothing and a ‘we are never, ever, getting back together’ type. To be honest, looking at the summary of the three men, you can see why the ladies think that the single will be for them!

Will all three ladies channel their inner Beyoncé and become ‘ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, PUT YOUR HANDS UP’?  Will they keep to their agreement and stay away from ‘what a man, what a man, what a might good man’? Only time will tell….

My first thoughts of Frankie’s lifestyle and her husband actually made me grit my teeth. I was surprised she put up with it for as long as she did as I got angry just be reading about it. Sheeeesh. That said, I found her far easier to gel with than the other two women. For me, Frankie came across more real and the most relatable character. I’m not saying that I disliked the other two characters, not at all, it just took me longer to warm up to their personalities.

Like many other reviewers, I thought that they would stay single for a whole year and reinstate the GIRL POWER. But, halfway through the book, I had absolutely no idea which way the storyline was headed. A few of the ladies choices left a lot to be desired and spoke volumes about their dedication to the infamous girl code. I mean, what did they expect living on the same street as each other, and all of them being as nosy as Norris Cole in Coronation Street!

TWG’s verdict? A refreshing take on the ‘typical’ chick lit storylines, with plenty of giggles thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed the bizarre choices in both men and lifestyles and the whole book kept me entertained the whole way through. A truly fabulous light read, perfect to cosy up with as the nights draw in.

A Year Of Being Single by Fiona Collins, published by Carina (HarperCollins), is available to buy from Amazon UK.

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