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#Review Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop @janelinfoot @RNAtweets #TuesNews @harperimpulse


The snow is falling around Brides by the Sea, Cornwall’s cutest little wedding shop, and wedding dress designer Seraphina East is in her cosy studio designing exquisite dresses to make even the most demanding bride’s dreams come true.

Unless the bride is her big sister Alice of course. Saying that the two sisters don’t always see eye to eye is an understatement. Alice hasn’t even asked Sera to design her wedding dress. But when an absent groom and ill-fitting dress threaten to ruin Alice’s happiness let alone her big day, Sera’s determined to give her sister the winter wedding of her dreams – even if that means keeping not one but two irresistibly gorgeous best men under control…

Is Sera going to end up being the maid of dishonour…Or will repairing her frozen relationship with Alice be the icing on the wedding cake?

What does TWG think?

If you have ever been under the impression that weddings flow nicely without any glitches, Jane Linfoot’s book will change that impression in seconds! Where weddings are concerned, there is usually something quite not right. Well, in the brides eyes anyway. Every bride dreams of their perfect day and how it will all be plain sailing. In reality, a bridezilla swaps places with the bride and those in the wedding party end up mirroring a nodding dog! Wait…have I been watching too much ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ and ‘Bridezillas’?

I haven’t, honestly!
Sera designs wedding dresses, exquisite ones in fact. The thing is, her family doesn’t quite know that that is what she does for a living. The thing is, Sera’s sister, Alice, is getting married and it looks like Alice will NOT be wearing one of her sisters designs. The two sisters are like chalk and cheese; one goes with the flow yet the other one organises the coordinates of how to do just that. As soon as I realised how different the sisters were, I expected fireworks as Alice certainly knew her own mind. Not only that, she wasn’t afraid to let people know what she wanted, as well as making those around her cater to her ever whim. Alice’s juvenility bugged me a little bit as all I could see in my mind was a temper tantrum!

Jane’s description of the wedding shop was absolutely stunning. I have never walked into a wedding shop myself, but after reading ‘Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop’, I feel as though I have stepped over the threshold.

Deep down, I thought that ‘Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop’ was going to be a candyfloss type of book; rather fluffy and sweet. Most of it wasn’t! I was pleasantly surprised when the storyline took a different turn, as it left me wondering whether there would actually be a wedding! The wedding party’s antics had me giggling; absolutely hilarious! It was quite clear with the on point one liners, that Jane has a fabulous sense of humour; for me, that made the book come alive. Jane has passed her humour onto her characters which in turn gave them an exceptional amount of depth.

All of the characters had their own individual quirks and some of their mannerisms had me frowning, but I can honestly say that I loved each and every character in this book. Such a mixture of personalities.

I only have one critique about this book; I felt at times that the storyline became too fluffy and a bit difficult to gel with. However, as that is my own personal opinion and I have a nickname of being an Ice Queen, I wouldn’t read too much into that! I preferred the storyline when it had more substances to it (which it did end up with!).

Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop is a truly heart-warming, cosy, and beautiful book that you are just guaranteed to fall in love with.

Thank you Jane!

Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop is available to buy now from Amazon UK

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@millsandboon author @EllieDarkins, talks about the ‘perfect ring’! @RNATweets #tuesnews

It’s very close to publication day for author Ellie Darkins and her latest release; Holiday with the Mystery Italian, courtesy of Mills and Boon! Ellie Darkins has written a guest post especially for TWG about choosing the perfect engagement ring. An important ring to choose…so I hear! I don’t know about you, but I am rather intrigued…

Choosing the perfect engagement ring
Ellie Darkins

One of my favouring things to do when I’m writing a brand new Happy Ever After is to think about what would make the perfect proposal and engagement ring for my heroine. I’m a diamond solitaire girl myself – classic, timeless, goes with anything. But I know that that’s not the choice that’s right for everyone. And then there are so many other things to consider for a proposal – does the hero buy the ring in advance, or pop the question without any forward planning? So, each of my happy couples, here’s what I consider!

Is the hero a planner?        

My husband definitely was. In fact, he put a good eight years of thought into deciding to propose (but that’s another story…). There was crafting involved in the ring box. Spontaneity wasn’t the order of the day, but he scored very high for effort! Some of my heroes have been planners, some haven’t. One hero was even proposed to by his very spontaneous heroine! In some ways, I think the more of a planner the hero is, the bigger risk he has to take. My BFF’s hubby was a planner and a researcher. Not only did he want to find the perfect diamond, he found a jeweller who used the same technique as is used to make samurai swords – so so perfect for my comic-loving friend. I was commandeered to provide advice on design and sizing, and – oh my goodness the pressure! Luckily, he got it totally spot on and she still loves her totally unique ring.

Is the heroine quite … particular?

Ahem, this may have applied to me (something to do with spending my teenage years working Saturdays in a jewellery shop). After all the planning and crafting, and eight years to think about it, my husband decided he wanted to choose our ring together. So my hand-made ring box held a placeholder ring, and then we had an amazing day out in the jewellery quarter of Birmingham, looking at tiny (and not so tiny!) diamonds displayed in glass cases and wrapped in folds of paper. Quite a few of my friends felt the same – if you’re going to wear something for the rest of your life, you better be sure that you like it! But a fair few of the others were in the opposite camp – they’d been surprised, loved what their other half had chosen, and were happy not to have the pressure of choosing something!

What makes their love story unique?

This is where I really get to have fun as a writer. For the sculptor hero in my second book, who worked mostly in wood, I knew that this had to influence the ring that he designed for his love. And for my latest hero and heroine, whose love was forged on the side of an active volcano, I knew that nothing short of a fire opal would capture the heat and the spark of their relationship. And as for how he proposes? You’ll have to read their story to find out!

How can anyone fall in love on the side of an ACTIVE volcano?! Surely that is enough to get anyone to read! If you feel like picking up the book when it is released on Thursday 1st December, here are a few more details as well as the all important buy link.

Thank you to Ellie Darkins for her glitzy guest post!



Since the accident that paralyzed him, Italian tycoon Mauro Evans vowed to embrace life. So when he stars in a dating show for charity, picking prickly journalist Amber Harris as the winner to take on holiday is a challenge he can’t resist!  In Amber’s experience, relationships equal pain, so she’s determined to ignore her attraction to charismatic Mauro. But his bravery and strength threaten to tear down her defenses, giving her a new Christmas dream—ringing in the New Year with wedding bells!

Buy from Amazon

About the author.

Ellie Darkins  writes heart-warming stories about falling in love, finding your soul mate and fighting hard to make real relationships work. The HEA is guaranteed, but nothing else along the way is. Expect to see surprise babies, breath-taking settings and alpha heroes by the bucketload. Plus steamy kisses, heaps of sensual tension, and fireworks just audible from behind a closed bedroom door.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Book Review ‘I do? – Or do I? by Karen King (@Karen_king) @AccentPress


Local journalist Cassie is getting married to hot-shot, reliable Timothy and his mother Sylvia nicknamed ‘Monster-in-Law’ wants to plan the entire wedding. When Sylvia books the exclusive ID Images to take photographs of the extravagant do, Cassie has no idea what she’s walking into.

The elusive JM, ID Images’ newest photographer, just so happens to be Jared, Cassie’s first love and ex-fiancé, who broke off their engagement to travel and take photos of far-reaching wonders. He’s back to pay for his next wild adventure.

Cassie decides it’s best to pretend not to know him, but when she’s asked to write an article for her newspaper, she’s tasked with a column surrounding all things wedding related. When Cassie jokingly writes a column meant for herself depicting her situation, a co-worker submits it in place of the real article and it’s soon making headlines, with readers asking the age old question – Who Will She Choose?

What does TWG think?

Thank you to Accent Press for a copy of the book in exchange for my unbiased opinion!

Would you get married for safety? No, I don’t mean the protection from harm, type safety. I’m talking about being in a relationship that is….safe. That is it. Just…safe. Would you get married just for that? Add a monster-in-law to the mix and you’re pretty much walking into a marriage that you have no say in. Well, not you, Cassie. She is engaged to a popular, rich, ‘well respected’ man who is governed by his mother. A man who lets mummy make all the decisions, even when it comes to the wedding photographer. How much will Cassie be able to take before she says ‘I don’t’ instead of ‘I do?’?

Oh my goodness me! Sylvia is such an interfering witch, but Karen has written her absolutely perfectly! Such an on point description of an interfering family member, I’m sure a lot of readers will be able to relate with a personality such as Sylvia’s. I’m sure a lot of families have extended family members like her, I know I do!

I couldn’t put this book down at all, it only took me a few hours to read because I was absolutely hooked! I was eager to find out whether Cassie married Timothy, did Sylvia get put in her place, what else Sylvia interfered with….everything! It is definitely the type of book that shouts ‘drama’, I mean, look at the title of it! But the level of drama within the storyline will be determined by your perception of interference.

The nitty gritty, intense storyline was absolutely brilliant. I only found one part of the book predictable, to an extent, but then the drama train came along again and had me on tenterhooks! Every character within the book stood out, they all had a purpose, all be it some of them annoyed me, but they were still memorable. If Karen had written the same book but without the nuisance characters, it wouldn’t have the same effect. You need the drama and pain in the bouquet type people in amongst the rest, it gives the storyline that extra depth.

Not only did the storyline contain intense moments, the added hilarity was perfectly timed as well as creating a way for the reader to become more involved with the book. Such a cleverly written, hilarious and fun book with bucketful’s of drama. Absolutely loved it! Karen’s way of writing is so refreshing, modern and flows perfectly; a bit like a light breeze on a summer’s day: amazing.

I do? Or do I by Karen King, published by Accent Press, is available to buy now from Amazon UK.

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TWG kicks off ‘Nice day for a white wedding’ (@ALMichael_) #blogtour! What would YOU choose? @UKCarina

I am truly honoured to be kicking off A.L.Michael’s blog tour for her latest release ‘Nice day for a white wedding’! Everyone loves a good wedding, and seeing as TWG is kicking off the tour, I had to really think outside of the box!

TWG + The Wedding Singer + Billy Idol = Nice day for a white wedding!

Today joining me on the blog is the main character from ‘Nice day for a white wedding’; Chelsea. This book is the second in the House on Camden Square series, following ‘Goodbye Ruby Tuesday’. 
 I have given Chelsea a task, a very interesting one if I do say so myself! Feel free to play along and let me know in the comments which YOU would choose.

Let’s get this show on the road!

Welcome to TWG Chelsea! I hope you’re ready for this as we’re going to have a bit of fun (I hope!).

TWG: Have you have thought about your own wedding Chelsea? 
Chelsea: Hiya! Yes, well, weddings have been in the air recently, and whilst I’d never really thought about mine before, I guess now is the time! I have a feeling it’s going to be hard though.

TWG: Well, today on TWG you’re going to choose what YOU would like for your wedding if money was no issue. What I would like you to do is to pick just ONE choice from each heading. All headings have three options, except for the wedding dress which has four (most important thing, obviously).

Chelsea, are you ready to ‘say YES to the dress’, with the possibility of meeting the ‘wedding singer’?

Choose ONE wedding ring.

Option 1: Stand out like Ruby Tuesday?
Option 2: Pretty in pink like Esme?
Option 3: Bold like Evie?

Chelsea: I love the first one. It’s classic, elegant, but completely huge and a little edgy. Lots of drama!

Choose ONE wedding theme.

Option 1: Vintage and demure
Option 2: Winter wonderland
Option 3: Christmas theme.

Chelsea: I never had great Christmas experiences growing up, we didn’t have the tree and the turkey and the hundreds of presents. I hadn’t thought about it until now, but it would be so great to be able to correct that! To make Christmas something special for both me and Kit.

Choose ONE wedding venue.

Option 1: A castle fit for a Princess.
Option 2: Shake your tail feather in a barn.
Option 3: Get acquainted with nature.

Chelsea: I am definitely no princess! Mama always said I was born in a barn, and I”m afraid I’m not the outdoorsy type. Some dancing and drinking in a barn sounds about right.

Choose ONE wedding entertainment.

Option 1: THE wedding singer (do I even need to continue?)
Option 2: Boogie nights with a disco.
Option 3: Have you ‘White Wedding’ with Billy Idol.

Chelsea: My old bad girl ways would probably love some Billy Idol, but how can you choose anyone but the wedding singer! Plus, Kit loves cheesy music, more than he’d like to admit!

Choose ONE wedding cake (yes, sorry, just one).

Option 1: As white as dulux…
Option 2: Classy zebra cake
Option 3: Fruity and FABULOUS

Chelsea: Cake 2! Drama! So much drama! Love it, love it!

Choose ONE bridesmaid dress.

Option 1: Strapless, mid-length dress with flower embellishment and a ribbon belt.
Option 2: A strapless, full length gown with multi layers at the bottom and floral design. Option 3: Halter neck, full length chiffon gown with a bling belt.

Chelsea: I mean, I can’t see Evie getting into a bridesmaids dress either way, unless it’s got ripped bits and safety pins on it, but if she can be classy for a day, number three is definitely it for Evie and Molls!

Choose ONE bouquet.

Option 1: Subtle yet classy
Option 2: Beautiful in blue
Option 3: The Ruby Tuesday bouquet.

Chelsea: It would be so great to honour Ruby in the flowers, add a little colour and sparkle to everything. Like I’ve said, drama drama!

Choose ONE wedding shoe (yes, ONE, sorry!!)

Option 1: Sexy!
Option 2: ‘Runaway Bride’?
Option 3: Statement!

Chelsea: I’m slightly more traditional with shoes – the higher the heel, the better to stamp down the aisle with! Sparkle, lace and skyscraper heels – check, shoe 3.

Okay Chelsea. It’s now time for the BIG one; THE wedding dress. You ready?

wedding dress
Option 1: Lace, full length dress with capped sleeves.
Option 2: It’s a Pnina Tornai…need I say more?
Option 3: I think Ruby is trying to tell you something…!
Option 4: This dress is inspired by Cinderella (I’m being serious).

Chelsea: I know I said I’m no princess, but, well, it’s one day, right? Some ruffles and a happy ending, that’s all I’m after. (TWG: Chelsea, you SHALL the ball ;). Good choice with number 4!)

Have you chosen your dress? Ready for the big question?
Chelsea, do you say YES to the dress?!

Chelsea: I’m saying YES! Thanks so much!

Were you all picking your choices whilst you read this? This was the first feature that I thought of completely on my own. A.L.Michael gave me the true honour of kicking off her tour and I just want to do her and the book proud!

Speaking of which….



Sometimes, Happy Ever After is where the real trouble begins…
Chelsea Donnolly wasn’t supposed to amount to anything. But if there’s one thing the bad girl from the estate liked better than trouble, it was a challenge. So, to the amusement of her best friends Evie, Mollie and Ruby – and the disbelief of her teachers – this bad girl turned good.

These days, Chelsea is the kind of girl people are proud to know – and, after a surprise trip to Venice, she has a ring on her finger to prove it. But to get there, she’s had to learn to keep her deepest secrets from everyone – even her fiancé. And when wedding preparations threaten to blow her cover, Chelsea can’t help but wonder: in her battle to the top, might she have left the best parts of herself behind?

Nice day for a white wedding, by A.L.Michael, published by Carina, is available to buy right now from Amazon.
If you missed the first book in the series ‘Goodbye Ruby Tuesday’ (don’t worry, ‘nice day for a white wedding’ can be read as a standalone if necessary), you can pick up your copy from Amazon UK.

I hope you’ve enjoyed TWG’s wedding planning! Thank you so much to A.L.Michael for being an amazing sport with this feature, as always. Also, thank you to Chelsea for taking part!

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Melissa Baldwin states that it’s ‘Not Quite Sheer Happiness’, but what does TWG think? Book review time!

It has been 24 hours since Melissa Baldwin’s latest novel ‘Not Quite Sheer Happiness’ was released to the adoring public! I had the deadline of reading the book by the end of the month (thank you to Karan for giving me the ARC!), however, I didn’t do that, obviously, seeing as it’s only the 9th! I read 12 chapters of the book in under an hour and thought it would be rude to not finish it! (I finished it within a couple of hours.) -hands head in shame- I hadn’t read any of Melissa’s books until this one -sniff- and it is safe to say that I trawled goodreads last night and put her other books on my ‘want to read’ shelf. You’re probably wondering why I’m rambling still, don’t worry though, I always do this because I know you’re probably laughing   (ego boost 😉 ).
Let’s get back to the book, want to know a teaser aka the blurb? Of course you do!

‘Sienna Harris is back and appears to be on top of the world! Her company, Sheer Happiness Events, is booming, but personally she’s a mess. She never imagined that with amazing success would come tremendous pressure. Although her professional life seems in disarray at times, her relationship with the dashing Ace Eckelund is finally progressing.
Friendships are tested and so is her relationship when—once again—the past collides with the present. Sienna begins to question everything in her life and wonders if she should throw out her desire for constant certainty and live life on the edge for once. But, will she be able to change the person she has always been for who she wants to become?
Find out in this captivating third instalment of The Event to Remember series.’

‘Not Quite Sheer Happiness’ can be read as a standalone so you don’t have to read the previous two books in the series. However, I would recommend that you do so, unless you’re going to go buy them after you have a book hangover with the third book….like I did.
Sienna is such a lost soul. She wants to be happy but she can’t quite let her guard down enough to be able to give herself the happiness she deserves. But why? What has caused Sienna to question her life and other people’s motives? One word – past. Who has ever been in a situation in their life where their past begins to ruin the present and possibly the future? Some might say it only gets ruined if you let it. Or, some might say that if you’ve been hurt rather badly in the past, it can take time to rebuild yourself ready for the future.
When I started to get to know Sienna’s personality and her little quirks, I found myself nodding along to everything she said, like worrying that something is going to stuff things up for her if she’s happy. Or that she’s paranoid about her new relationship because of the old one. I’ve been there multiple times, I can relate to Sienna. To be honest, Sienna is pretty much me. I would say Melissa did that on purpose but I didn’t know her, wahhhhhhh. I love the way Melissa has written Sienna’s character because she has the likeability factor and she goes out of her way to please everyone else even if that means it makes her slightly naïve. Most of the characters I warmed to quite quickly, except one. I didn’t like her, pompous so and so! (I’m not going to tell you which one, spoilers and all that 😉 ). It’s not anything against Melissa’s writing because the character was on point in general, I just took an instant dislike to her as if she were a real person haha.
This novel is full of drama from start to finish, and it is brilliant! There is always something going on, arguments, mishaps, tears, everything! Now add all the drama to hilarity and romance. What do you think you might end up with? That’s right, a book that make you feel like you’ve lost a friend when its finished. As you read at the beginning of the blog, I couldn’t put the book down. Everything flowed, there was never a dull moment within the story and quite a few laugh out loud moments.
Amongst all the giggles and tantrums over decorations, I did read between the lines a little bit and came across a little hidden message. If you’ve read my other blogs, you’ll be well aware that I like to find hidden messages in books that I read, and this book was certainly no different. Not Quite Sheer Happiness taught me that every once in a while you need to follow your heart and do something YOU want to do without concerning yourself with other people’s opinions on the matter. Just go for it, let your hair down and make yourself happy instead of every other person in your life.
I absolutely loved the book from start to finish and I was extremely gutted that it ended because of its sheer brilliance. Melissa Baldwin is a truly talented writer and I regret not finding her books sooner. Not Quite Sheer Happiness is a hug in a book. A feel good, relatable and loving story that will make you want more, because I definitely do. Amazing book, definitely sheer happiness.

‘Not Quite Sheer Happiness’ can be bought from: Amazon UK/Amazon US

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*COVER REVEAL* – ‘The One With The Wedding Dress.’

Take a look at the special message recorded just for you:

Special message for special readers! Click here!

It is with great pleasure an honour that I am able to reveal an authors stunning book cover for her new release! Some of you may know this author by her previous releases such as ‘The best thing I never had’ and ‘Somewhere only we know’. Ring any bells? GOOD! Erin Lawless will be bringing us another book full of humour, sass and in this case, wedding dresses!

I shan’t keep you much longer. Drumroll please……

untitled (8)

How gorgeous does that look?! This latest novel from Erin is the second part of her ‘Bridesmaid series’ and is available to pre-order on Amazon right now, ready for its release in the summer. The first part in the series is also available to pre-order as well, I am impatiently awaiting my copy! Cannot wait for this one either! Can you?