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A book review of The Insignificance of You by Tammy Robinson.

The Insignificance of You by Tammy Robinson.
Published on the 10th December 2015.
Available to buy for your Kindle from Amazon UK.

‘After the death of her father when she was twelve years old, Skye Levene finds it easier to stick to her daily routine and keep her heart firmly closed against love. Without love, there is no possibility for hurt. At least so she thinks.

However, when she falls off the edge of a cliff and is saved by the mysterious Tai, routine goes out the window and suddenly she’s feeling things she never even knew were possible. Tai, fascinating, funny and sexy as hell, has his own burdens to bear, the reason why he’s camping out in the old abandoned lighthouse on the top of the cliff.

As snow falls and winter deepens, he introduces her to new experiences; card games, hot chocolate and the magic of stargazing. Most of all, he introduces her to love.

But when his past catches up with them, Skye is left wondering whether love is worth risking your heart for after all. 

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to THE Book Club and Tammy Robinson for the chance to read this book!

Skye hasn’t had the easiest of childhoods due to learning to cope with the death of her father. She tries to carry on with her life as best as she can, but, as the anniversary of her father’s death arrives, Skye’s life gets turned upside down. Again. But will Skye ever get her happily ever after? Or will she be faced with more heartbreak?

‘The Insignificance of You’ was the very first book that I have read (and come across) of Tammy’s, and now the bar is now raised incredibly high! Within the first few lines of the story, you’re transported to New Zealand (which is handy if you have never been!). The way Tammy has written about the surroundings is unbelievable. She has described them in such a way that I felt like I was standing on the edge of the cliff, looking out at the ocean. Tammy has stayed with the descriptive writing all the way through the story meaning that everything comes to life, and it’s like you’re in the story yourself.  I certainly felt that way because of the emotion and raw feelings that presented themselves within the story. Skye lives with her mum, and despite being in her late teens, her mother still worries about where she is and whether she can cope on her own. Rightly so if you think of their history!

I found every chapter to have a gripping moment which most certainly kept me even more interested as I carried on reading. I couldn’t wait to see what else happened and ended up reading faster than I do usually! More often than not, I was gasping in shock at the events unfolding before my very eyes. Although I will admit that I cried at the end…for two reasons. One: the ending of the story, and two: because the book was finished!! I didn’t want it to end and I was extremely disappointed that I had finished it. It was an unbelievable book to read from start to finish. I cannot find one thing that I didn’t like about it. There were no dull or slow moments and there was always something to keep you guessing. Personally, I found that the story spoke to me and contained very special messages. A message of following your heart no matter what the circumstances may be. A message of taking chances before it is too late and doing what YOU feel is right. I am in awe at what I read and I am (for once) struggling with my words. The Insignificance of You is such a brilliant and special read and I most certainly recommend this to anyone and everyone. You will not be disappointed. Even if you aren’t a big will love this!

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Which would you choose? Review of ‘Truth or date?’ – Portia Macintosh.

Truth or date? by Portia Macintosh.
Published: 11th April 2016 by Carina.
Available on Amazon in Kindle format.

‘Falling for the man of her dreams…

Ruby Wood is perfectly happy playing the dating game – until she has a red-hot dream about her very attractive flatmate, Nick. He might spend every day saving lives as a junior doctor, but he’s absolutely the last man on earth that fun-loving Ruby would ever date!

The solution? Focus on all of Nick’s bad points. And if that fails, up her dating antics and find herself a man! So what if she manages to make disapproving, goody two-shoes Nick jealous in the process…

Only, after a series of nightmare first dates, there’s still just one man on Ruby’s mind. Maybe it’s time to admit the truth and dare to ask Nick to be her next date?’

Well!! What can I say about ‘Truth or date’? Thank you to Netgalley and Carina for the early copy! Apparently blue balls are a ‘thing’, and I don’t mean the bouncy kind. According to Ruby, you’ll meet her in a moment, it is a line guys use to lure women into their love shack! Who knew?! Ruby Ruby Ruby!! Ruby is the person whose life you will follow, I say life, but I mean dating and alcohol central.  She has the ‘I don’t give a fudge cake’ about everything, mainly guys, relationships, oh and walking around with partly pink hair! Who here has been in a situation where you get nowhere with dates and always fall into the ‘friend zone’? Or having a massive crush on somebody and trying to change yourself to be like all the ‘popular’ people? Yes? If that is the case, you’re going to love this book.
As you can gather by what I have mentioned already, Ruby seems to have one or two problems with dates. The main reason being that they’re only after one thing. Think Netflix and chill…without the Netflix. Following? Good. Ruby seems to be stuck in a bit of a rut with all the dates, going to bars with her guy best friend, and mucking about instead of working. Now Ruby has a choice to make, should she follow her heart or live with regrets for the rest of her life?
Should Ruby carry on believing that everything about her is an issue due to the guys that have let her down, or should she believe that there is someone out there for her? But which path does she choose…..truth….or date….
Truth or date? is an absolutely hilarious read. By the second chapter I was having a coughing fit by laughing so hard. There is sarcasm and humour is all the way through, including mentioning ‘punched lasagne’ (that phrase is following me everywhere this week!) Everyone is Ruby. Everyone has been Ruby. I have been Ruby. Unfortunately I have been in the situation where I have been treated like scum by guys, and still am. Just like Ruby, my confidence was shattered (and still is), so instead of feeling self worth, it’s a natural defence mechanism to use humour. That is exactly what Portia has portrayed within Ruby. She acts like she doesn’t give a muffin, but she really does. She is such a relatable personality that I am sure her outlook may help those who always get let down. Her best friend Millsy, is the typical lad and he is hilariously annoying, but he is the only one that has stuck by her since she will little. I felt so sorry for Ruby, she was trying to be strong throughout all of her issues, but still was getting trodden on and made to feel like she wasn’t enough. It is so refreshing to read a book that covers a real-life situation like dating; especially in today’s society with social media and so-called ‘role models’.
Having been the first book that I have read of Portia’s, I had no idea what to expect, but I am thrilled that I found her books. Hilarious and refreshingly brilliant all the way through. Quote me if you like, but this is my heart-warming humorous book of 2016. Fantastic!