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#CoverReveal! So, SO excited for this! @LisaStoneBooks @AvonbooksUK

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This is extremely exciting -bounces-. When this cover reveal landed in my e-mail inbox yesterday I squealed, bounced up and down and squealed some more. I ADORE this author, her writing is spectacular and I cannot wait to nab a copy of this.

I couldn’t even keep you in suspense! Cathy Glass is incredible and I am sure that ‘The Darkness Within’ will also follow suit. Here is the blurb:


 A gripping new crime novel from the global bestseller Cathy Glass writing as Lisa Stone
You know your son better than anyone. Don’t you?

When critically ill Jacob Wilson is given a life-saving heart transplant, his parents are relieved that their loving son has been saved.
However, before long, his family are forced to accept that something has changed in Jacob. Their once loving son is slowly being replaced by a violent man whose mood swings leave them terrified – but is it their fault?
Jacob’s girlfriend, Rosie, is convinced the man she loves is suffering from stress. But when his moods turn on her, she begins to doubt herself – and she can only hide the bruises for so long.
When a terrible crime is committed, Jacob’s family are forced to confront their darkest fears. Has the boy they raised become a monster? Or is someone else to blame?

How fantastic does this sound? Let me know what you think in the comments! Get sharing!

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#BlogTour! #Review of Bad Little Girl by Frances Vick (@franvicksays) @Bookouture


There really should be some sort of club for Bookouture addicts as they produce some FAB books from FAB authors, and I am hooked on their books! Can you tell that this book was published by Bookouture? Thrilled to be one of the two blogs that Frances Vick is stopping at today, especially as the other blogger is super lovely! For my stop, I will sharing my review of Frances Vick’s new release, Bad Little Girl.

‘I’m not safe – you have to help me…’

Little Lorna Bell is from a notorious family on a rundown estate. Everyone thinks she’s a nasty piece of work. The schoolchildren call her a thief. But Lorna’s hair is matted, her shoes pinch her feet and school teacher Claire Penny can’t help herself; some kids just need a bit more support, a bit more love, than the rest.

As the bond between teacher and pupil grows stronger, Claire sees Lorna’s bruises, and digs to uncover the disturbing tale behind them. Heartbroken, Claire knows she has to act. She must make Lorna safe. 

Just when Claire thinks she has protected Lorna, a chance encounter brings enigmatic stranger Marianne Cairns into their lives. Marianne seems generous and kind but there is something about her story that doesn’t quite add up. Why does she feel so at home, and why is Lorna suddenly so unsettled? 

Claire has risked everything to save Lorna. But what can save Claire from the shocking truth?

What does TWG think?

Oh, my; I wish I knew how to begin! ‘Bad Little Girl’ had me changing my opinion on the book, multiple times throughout. One minute I was showing empathy and the next moment I was reading the book through my fingers. I found the storyline a little slow to begin with, as the first few chapters seemed to be centred around Claire and her instincts.

As Claire Penny is a teacher, she takes her job rather seriously and holds herself personally responsible when it comes to the pupils. Well, one pupil more than the others, Lorna Bell. Claire’s concerns over Lorna’s wellbeing, ends up taking over her mind and leaves her on tenterhooks every day. Can you really care TOO much?

Claire came across as an incredibly naïve and weak character as she always seemed frightened to say what she thought, and many times I shouted ‘get a backbone!’. Once the storyline got going, I’m surprised I didn’t break my kindle from the furious tapping to change the pages. There was  A LOT of information and wild characters to sink my teeth into (not the actual characters, just to clarify); it was really hard to step away from the book.

Lorna, Lorna, Lorna; I don’t think I can say too much about her as like Claire, she is one of the main characters, yet Lorna has a lot of layers to her. Frances Vick has written such a marmite character where Lorna is concerned as she is just a child, however, her antics made me go from empathetic to angry to concerned to shocked. The whole shebang to be honest. I think Lorna is going to get a lot of readers talking that’s for sure!

All of a sudden, the intensity of the storyline completely changed from an ‘on edge, looking over shoulder’ type feeling, to a ‘what the actual f…..’ kind of feeling. I will admit that the pre-bedtime-for-three-year-old wording was fudge and not the naughty word (that was used when she was in bed)! From that moment on, for me, the storyline became exceedingly uncomfortable to read. Not due to how the author had written it, no, it was because every situation and outcome was SO vivid in my mind, it was as though it was happening right in front of me there and then. All of the noises surrounding the characters grew louder in my head, as though a recording was getting played. It was a really surreal feeling but yes, I found those circumstances to be an uncomfortable read.

However!! The fact I felt uncomfortable didn’t deter me from finishing the book, at all. The author has quite clearly done what she set out to do where her genre is concerned, with a reader like me! I didn’t even guess the outcome of the book either!

Overall, despite having many, many goosebumps all over my body, Bad Little Girl is an intense rollercoaster ride of uncertainty. Full of a fair few ‘what the f…..’ moments, Frances Vick has written a novel which most certainly packs a punch….or two. Gritty, dark and intense, Bad Little Girl is a book you need to read, even if you’re a wuss, as you’ll be missing out!

Thank you Bookouture!

Buy now from Amazon UK
Buy now from Amazon US

About the author

The only child of parents who worked at a top security psychiatric hospital, Frances grew up receiving disquieting notes and presents from the patients. Expelled from school, she spent the next few years on the dole, augmenting her income by providing security and crewing for gigs, and being a guinea pig for medical trials. Later jobs included working in a theatre in Manhattan, teaching English in Japanese Junior High Schools, and being a life model in Italy, before coming back to London and working with homeless teenagers and refugees.

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#Tour! #BookReview of The Promise by Casey Kelleher (@caseykelleher) @bookouture


Growing up in squalor with their drug-addicted prostitute mother, sisters Georgie and Marnie Parker have had to endure the very darkest side of life.

When their mother is sentenced for brutally murdering a client, Georgie and Marnie’s already precarious lives are blown apart and they now share a terrible secret. Sent to a children’s home, the sisters hope this might finally be their safe haven after years of neglect. But they soon discover they’re in real danger.

Desperate to find a place of safety, Georgie and Marnie run for their lives, but end up in the hands of Delray Anderton. A violent London gangster and notorious pimp, Delray has big plans for beautiful teenager Georgie, seeing her as a chance to make some serious money.

Fiercely protective of each other, Georgie and Marnie must escape the clutches of a man who will do anything to keep the sisters for himself. And, they must keep the promise they made to each other – no one can ever know the truth.

What does TWG think?

Oh my! Today is the first day of Casey Kelleher’s blog tour for her BRAND NEW BOOK (released today FYI), The Promise. It is SUCH an honour to be kicking off the tour with my review of the book, thank you!

Well the hell do I start with this one?! Georgie and Marnie haven’t exactly had a childhood to be proud of; not that it was their own doing of course. Having heard (and seen) a lot of things that children should most certainly NOT be hearing, the sisters need to find a way protect their sanity, and fast. Unfortunately, due to their mothers extra curricular activities shall we say, Georgie and Marnie’s sanity isn’t the only thing which they need to protect; their lives are now hanging in the balance.

How? What? When? Why? Geeeeeez Casey! ‘The Promise’ had me hooked straight away; the squalor Georgie and Marnie were living in, as well as wondering what the hell their mother was playing at, were two HUGE reasons for me to keep reading. To be honest, I felt weary of stopping the book for even one second, in case I was in danger myself! That’s my excuse to have had the book glued to me the whole time and I’m sticking to it!

I just wanted to reach into the pages and pull Marnie out into safety. My maternal instincts went through the roof for both of the girls of course, but I needed to save Marnie! Poor souls! Their lives were a complete mess and so was their mother to be honest, but oh my goodness the suspense! I didn’t know which character needed more focus, I had no idea where the storyline was heading, nor had I a clue as to who was going to be the next ‘client’ in the door! But I’ll tell you something, I could NOT tear my eyes away from the gritty storyline that was unfolding before my very eyes.

I got about halfway through the book when I had to pause. All of a sudden the storyline became much darker than I ever anticipated, and it became a little hard for me to read. I had to pause, gather my thoughts and then pick up the book again. The intensity of the storyline changed so suddenly, the events that were happening at that moment in time actually made me jump. Casey Kelleher managed to not only hold my attention for a very long time, she also managed to make me forget my surroundings and placed me IN the storyline. Have you ever had that when you’re so invested in a storyline and the slightest thing, like patting your arm whilst reading, will make you jump? It’s as though your own reality is an intruder and the storyline is your current reality.

I’ll admit, yes the storyline at times was a bit difficult to read in places due to the harsh and powerful circumstances within. However, if an author is able to make you feel as though you cannot continue with the book, yet is also able to make you return to the novel as though it’s your addiction; it means that the author is phenomenal at their craft. Yes Casey Kelleher, I’m talking about you! I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, just like you shouldn’t judge people, but Casey, WOW! I had NO IDEA that she had those disturbing, real, gritty and dark situations up her sleeve. It.Blew.My.Mind.

What a completely disturbing, hard-hitting, head funk of a book that will have you hanging off of every single word the author has written. To tear your eyes away from such an intense storyline would be a travesty; for you.
‘The Promise’ is full of gut wrenching, spine tingling and hair-raising moments, enough to keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more (as well as giving your heart a good work out). Casey Kelleher has showcased her true writing ability within this novel and by golly it’s not one to be missed. Shame on you if you do!

Thank you Bookouture!

Buy: Amazon UK // Amazon US.

About the author.

Born in Cuckfield, West Sussex, Casey Kelleher grew up as an avid reader and a huge fan of author Martina Cole.

Whilst working as a beauty therapist and bringing up her three children together with her husband, Casey penned her debut novel Rotten to the Core. Its success meant that she could give up her day job and concentrate on writing full time.

She has since published Rise and Fall, Heartless, Bad Blood, The Taken and her latest release, The Promise.

For all news and updates:

Twitter: @caseykelleher

Make sure you keep following the rest of blog tour!


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#BlogTour! #Extract of #PerfectRemains by @Helen_Fields @AvonBooksUK #FeelingBrave


For my stop on the blog tour for Perfect Remains by Helen Fields, I have an extract as well as the all important buying link, enjoy!



On a remote Highland mountain, the body of Elaine Buxton is burning. All that will be left to identify the respected lawyer are her teeth and a fragment of clothing.

In the concealed back room of a house in Edinburgh, the real Elaine Buxton screams into the darkness…

Detective Inspector Luc Callanach has barely set foot in his new office when Elaine’s missing persons case is escalated to a murder investigation. Having left behind a promising career at Interpol, he’s eager to prove himself to his new team. But Edinburgh, he discovers, is a long way from Lyon, and Elaine’s killer has covered his tracks with meticulous care.

It’s not long before another successful woman is abducted from her doorstep, and Callanach finds himself in a race against the clock. Or so he believes … The real fate of the women will prove more twisted than he could have ever imagined.

Fans of Angela Marson, Mark Billingham and M. J. Aldridge will be gripped by this chilling journey into the mind of a troubled killer.


The woman had given in more easily than he’d imagined. If it had been him, he’d have fought to the last, would have focused every ounce of anger and bile on resisting. She had pleaded, begged and in the end cried feebly and howled. Life was cheap, he thought, because the general populace failed to appreciate its value. He understood. He constantly pushed himself to the limits of his capability, strove to learn, to surpass. He burned with a thirst for knowledge like others craved money, making it hard to find an equal. That was why he’d been forced to kill. Without her sacrifice, he would forever have been surrounded by women unable to satisfy his intellect. 

He listened to a language CD as he drove. He liked to learn a new language each year. This time it was Spanish. Easier than many, he admitted to himself guiltily, but then he had an exhausting amount of other matters on his mind. He couldn’t be expected to pick up anything more complex whilst doing so much research and travelling. 

‘It’s not as if I’ve had any free time.’ A rabbit dashed out from the verge. He slammed on his brakes, less from a desire to avoid it than with the shock of the movement in his periph­eral vision. ‘Damn it!’ He was distracted and he’d been talking to himself again. He only did that when he was overtired. And stressed. He’d stayed up late arguing. Whoever thought it was an easy task persuading an intelligent woman to do what was best for her, was a fool. It was a challenge, even for a man of his faculties. The brighter the woman, the harder it was. But rewarding in the end. 

He pulled over at the outskirts of Edinburgh and drank passably warm coffee from a flask. He couldn’t risk going into a cafe. In spite of the lack of interest he was likely to generate – no one wanted to stare at a middle aged, saggy-bellied man with an unsightly bald patch – it would be stupid to have his likeness caught on CCTV returning to the city along this route. 

The Spanish voice droned in the background until he hit the off switch. It was such a big day, why shouldn’t he take a break for once? A lady was waiting at home, needing substantial care and attention. She wouldn’t be able to talk clearly for a while, in fact she would probably need speech therapy. Luckily for her, he was a gifted tutor in many fields. It would be his pleasure and privilege to assist.

Buy ‘Perfect Remains’ from Amazon – NOW


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#Darkminds – ‘By The Water’ #shortstory by @BetsyReavley @bloodhoundbook #charity #blogtour



A collection of short stories from some of your favourite authors

You think you know darkness? Think again.

Bloodhound Books presents Dark Minds – a collection of stories by authors who have come together to produce an anthology that will lure, tantalise and shock its readers.

What took place By the Water?

What goes on behind A Stranger’s Eyes?

And what is so special about Slow Roast Pork?

From master authors such as Lisa Hall, Steven Dunne, Louise Jensen and Anita Waller, readers can expect a one hell of a ride… 

All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Hospice UK and Sophie’s Appeal.

Dark Minds is a collection of 40 crime and thriller short stories from authors including; Louise Jensen, L.J. Ross, Lisa Hall, Steven Dunne, Betsy Reavley, M.A. Comley, Alex Walters and Anita Waller plus many more. For the complete table of contents, Look Inside.


What does TWG think?

I am incredibly honoured to be part of such an influential blog tour. A collection of authors have come together with their rather unique, dark and exceptionally talented minds, to create the collection also known as ‘Dark Minds’. Published by BloodHoundBooks and featuring a treasure chest of talent, ‘Dark Minds’ is for charity. Every time a book is purchased, Sophie’s Appeal and Hospice UK will benefit. You can find out about the work that they do via the links above. Not only are the charities benefitting, you are too; in my opinion it is a win win situation. You have THE perfect excuse to have a ‘Dark Mind’.

Today I am one of two bloggers closing the tour; I have a review of just one of the short stories featured in this collection. It’s safe to say that I fangirled a little when I got told that the short story I will be given is by THE Betsy Reavley.
It’s called ‘By The Water’.

Seeing as it is a short story, this will be a short review otherwise I would just end up giving you spoilers.
Yes, ‘By The Water’ took me a matter of minutes to read, however, those few minutes packed a punch. A thrilling and gripping, headfunk of a short story! In those few minutes I had gasped, covered my mouth with my hand and go cold. If those aren’t signs of a phenomenal story then I don’t know what is.

Another outstanding piece written by the incredibly talented, Betsy Reavley. Lets just say…I WAS hungry before I read that story; I’m now not….

‘By The Water’ is just ONE of the stories featured in the Dark Minds collection. The complete charity collection is available to buy NOW from Amazon.

Big thanks to BloodHoundBooks and the team for having me involved in the tour. A fantastic cause.


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#CoverReveal – After I’ve Gone by @Lindagreenisms! @QuercusBooks @QuercusFiction @TeamBookends

It feels like ages ago since the last cover reveal on my blog, but, fear not, as today I have a corker of a cover reveal for you all!! Author of ‘While My Eyes Were Closed’ is BACK with her new novel, ‘After I’ve Gone’. Here are all the details:

Here’s the blurb:
A gripping new thriller from the #1 bestselling author of While My Eyes Were Closed.
On a wet Monday in January, Jess Mount receives the devastating news that she hasn’t got long left to live. She doesn’t hear it from a doctor, though. She discovers it when her Facebook timeline skips forward eighteen months and friends and family start posting tributes to her, following her death in a terrible and mysterious accident.
At first, Jess thinks this must be a sick joke by a colleague jealous of her handsome new boyfriend. But as the posts continue and it becomes clear that no one else can see what she can, Jess is forced to confront that her impending death might be all too real . . .

I don’t know about you, but that cover just gave my goosebumps! I CANNOT wait to get my hands on a copy of this book. ‘After I’ve Gone’ will be published in e-book on the 18th May 2017, with the paperback following in July 2017. If you want to ensure your copy is…well…yours and waiting, you can now pre-order a copy from Amazon UK!

Big thank you to Quercus for asking me to be involved in the cover reveal, it looks fantastic! Roll on May!


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#Tour #Review – The Silent Pool by @philkurthausen @NeverlandBT #giveaway @HQDigitalUK



Brand new week with a brand new blog tour, what more could you want?! Today, the blog tour for ‘The Silent Pool’ by Phil Kurthausen kicks off! I am thrilled to be one of the blogs helping to kick things off! Sit tight as not only do I have a review for you, there is also a giveaway!


How long can the past be kept secret?

It is a time of austerity. Financial cuts are biting hard and the once great City of Liverpool finds itself now almost bankrupt. At the eleventh hour funding is found in the form of enigmatic billionaire Kirk Bovind, a religious zealot, determined to change the moral and religious fibre of his old hometown and bringing salvation to the streets.
So when a man disappears without trace solitary lawyer, Erasmus Jones, agrees to track down missing Stephen, but quickly discovers that this is more than just a missing person case. Men are being brutally murdered across the city and Erasmus suspects the deaths are all linked. As the search for Stephen grows and the ripples from the past begin to spread Erasmus has to ask himself whether Bovind could be behind the killings or if someone is trying to frame him and weaken the strangle hold he has over the city?
Who will be the next to die…?

What does TWG think?

 I am probably not the only one to say this, or the last, but WHAT A NAME! The hero of this book is sure to be remembered with a name like ‘Erasmus’! Again, what a name! There is more to ‘The Silent Pool’ than just the main characters name. A lot more in fact; I did have to pay a lot more attention to the storyline and the information given, in case I missed anything.

Truthfully, ‘The Silent Pool’ is a book that took me out of my comfort zone. I had a feeling it might, and seeing as I do like to push my book boundaries, I kept going. Erasmus has been asked to take on a ‘missing person’ case; a gentleman named Stephen. Erasmus soon realises that it isn’t just a case of a missing person and is about to uncover a lot more than he bargained for..

As I said above, there is a lot of information to get your head round as the storyline seemed to branch off in every direction and uncover even more red tape situations. I found myself trying to work out what had happened and who was involved in things throughout the whole book. I wouldn’t make a good detective though; I became rather indecisive and at one point, I put the blame on myself! Yes, I questioned my own sanity multiple times reading this.

‘The Silent Pool’ is full of mystery, gritty circumstances and a treasure chest full of ‘whodunnits’, it is exceptionally hard not to involve yourself in the storyline. Poor Erasmus gets pulled everywhere as his list of hero antics becomes even longer! I enjoyed the too-ing and fro-ing of evidence, as well as the constant turbulence in regards to the disasters.

Even though ‘The Silent Pool’ isn’t in my ‘go to’ genre, I am glad that I took a chance on it as I did enjoy the nitty gritty parts, even though I struggled to absorb all of the information written.

A nail-biting, busy read, which will keep you on your toes and have you questioning everything that you thought you knew.

Thank you HQ & NeverlandBT

The Silent Pool is available to buy now from Amazon UK

About the author:

Phil Kurthausen was brought up in Merseyside where he dreamt of being a

novelist but ended up working as a lawyer. He has travelled the world working as a flower
salesman, a light bulb repair technician and, though scared of heights, painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Ken Dodd once put him in a headlock for being annoying.
He has had work broadcast on BBC radio 4 extra, published some short stories and his novel ‘The Killing Pool’ won the Thriller Round in the Harper Collins People’s Novelist Competition broadcast on ITV in November 2011 and appeared in the final. It was later
shortlisted for the Dundee International Literary Prize in 2012. He lives in Chester.


The giveaway is for a £10 Amazon gift card (UK ONLY) and to have a character

named after the winner in Phil Kurthausen’s next book. It is for one winner. 
Ends 19th December 2016.


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#Blogtour! While You Were Sleeping by Kathryn Croft (@KatCroft) @Bookouture #Review

TWG is one of two blogs that are rounding up Kathryn Croft’s blog tour today, for ‘While You Were Sleeping’, published by Bookouture! Sniff!! I am thrilled to be surrounded by such fabulous bloggers on the tour, thank you Bookouture for asking me to be involved! So, lets get on with the review shall we?!


You wake up to find the man beside you is dead.  He is not your husband. This is not your bed.   Tara Logan adores her perfect little family: husband, Noah, and two children, teenager Rosie and eleven-year-old Spencer.   But her happiness is shattered when she wakes in her neighbour, Lee Jacobs’ bed, with no memory of how she got there or what happened between them. And worse – he has been stabbed to death.  Convinced she didn’t kill Lee, Tara flees home and stays silent, holding her breath as the investigation grips the neighbourhood. But as her daughter spirals out of control, and her husband becomes increasingly distant, Tara starts to wonder if someone in her own life knows what really happened that night. And when the police turn their questions towards her, Tara realises she has to find out.   But what will it take to uncover the real story, and can she survive the truth?

What does TWG think?

If anyone wants me I’ll be hiding under the duvet where its safe -trembles-. Wait, no I won’t…it’s not safe under there! Shout me when its safe to come out, okay?

Yes, I may sound like a wuss but when you usually read about couples having loving dovey moments between the sheets; reading a book where there is a dead man (between the sheets) can leave you checking your bed for ogres before you sleep! Well, it certainly did for me anyway! As soon as I finished reading the prologue, my arms were covered in goosebumps and my interest had reached its maximum level. I was intrigued yet slightly nervous for what I was about to uncover.

Tara has woken up to find a man in her bed, a man who isn’t her husband. Uh-oh. It gets worse as the man laying next to her is dead, and Tara has no idea how she got there let alone how HE got there. As for the death, who the hell did do it if Tara believes that it wasn’t her?

Such a twisty, rollercoaster of a read, I read the majority of the book with only one question in my mind; ‘whodunit?’. Characters behaviours seemed to change at the drop of the hat, yet it didn’t seem enough to pin the murder on them. I tried to work it out, but every time I believed to have found the answer and put the puzzle pieces together it seemed as though I was barking up the wrong tree.

Unfortunately, I did find the storyline a bit hard to gel with in some places as several situations had me thinking ‘hmm reallyyyy?’ and not quite relevant. However, the way Kathryn has written the suspense parts of the book is really clever. I felt like my head was getting messed with as I didn’t know who to believe! Every character seemed to have an ulterior motive but I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly what that was.

‘While You Were Sleeping’ most definitely kept me on my toes and made me realise that I would never, ever make it as an investigator in cases like the one in the book! I’d be too indecisive, reading Kathryn’s book taught me that, that’s for sure!

An intense, highly gripping, head screwing of a read, ‘While You Were Sleeping’ will leave you questioning your own name. Great read!

Thank you Bookouture.

Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US

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#AVerySecretBlogTour #KeepTheSecret @TheVenomousPen @AvonBooksUK

Did any eagle eyed Tweeters spot the third clue on @AvonBooksUK Twitter last night? As you can see by the above graphic, AvonBooks are keeping things very secretive.

‘Our third blogger is a bit of a gem. She’s not a RUBY but a…..’

I LOVE that clue! If you hadn’t guessed it last night, I’m pretty positive that you will guess it right now!

Tadaaaaaa!!!! The third blogger is me, The Writing Garnet! I’ll secretly hope that AvonBooks do genuinely think that I am a gem, obvs!!!

Today I will be bringing you an extract from the fantastic second novel; ‘The Secret’ by Katerina Diamond, as well as the all important ‘to buy’ links. Naturally!

The Secret – Katerina Diamond

She could hear Estelle and Hitchcock arguing at the front door before it slammed shut. A moment later, her bedroom door opened and Estelle walked in. Flustered, she took the bottle from Bridget and sat down next to the Baby, beginning to stroke his hair.

‘I can take over now; he had to go.’

‘What were you fighting about?’

‘He wasn’t happy about bumping into you, that’s all. I told him earlier I had the place to myself. I thought you would be out. Come on, Baby.’ She lifted the Baby’s head on to her lap and put the bottle in his mouth – he suckled away. Bridget supposed as kinks went, it was a pretty harmless one.

‘I’m going to take a shower, then,’ Bridget said, before quickly exiting the room.

Their hot water wasn’t working again so Bridget gathered her things and went to ask Dee, who lived upstairs, if she could use her shower.

‘Are you sure you don’t mind?’

‘No, it’s cool. I was just getting ready to go out. What do you think of this?’ Dee did a twirl in what was obviously a stolen dress: blue sequins with a low neckline. She was a notorious shoplifter; some of the gifts she had given Bridget in the past attested to that. Dee was in between flatmates – previous tenants always looked for another house share after spending a few weeks with Dee and her sticky fingers.

‘You know those earrings of mine you like, the vintage blue crystal ones? They would look really nice with that dress. They’re in our bathroom downstairs, if you want them.’ Bridget smiled at Dee. It was always better to offer her things before she took them anyway.

‘You’re a star. Maybe tonight I’ll meet my millionaire,’ Dee said, blowing Bridget a kiss as she made her way down the stairs to the floor below.

Bridget loved the feeling of hot water. Living in this house felt dirty, everything felt wrong. She wished she could be back home with her family, or even call her mother, but that wasn’t an option at the moment. She washed her hair for the first time in a week, feeling the filth and grime hidden underneath the layers of hairspray. Dirty hair held a style better. Estelle would make her hair pretty again with rollers and a curling iron. Bridget was never any good with that stuff. Luckily she was naturally quite appealing, in fact she looked better without make-up on, but the men here weren’t interested in natural beauty. They wanted the hot plastic on their arm, with the push-up bras and the fake tans; they wanted the glamour-model look, not the girl next door. Mostly Bridget just provided dates, unlike Estelle, who was all about the extra-curriculars – that’s where the real money got made, that’s where you got to meet the important men. Bridget hadn’t proved she could be trusted yet.

She turned off the water and ran her fingers through her hair, it squeaked between her hands as she worked through the tangles. It felt so good to get all that shit off her. She threw a towel around herself and headed into Dee’s lounge, where she spotted several things of her own that had gone missing in the last few days. She didn’t begrudge Dee; she knew it was something she had no control over, and none of those stolen things meant anything to her anyway. Nothing in this life meant anything to her, except Sam.

She walked down the stairs back to her flat, wearing just her towel. The door was ajar. Something was off. She pressed her back against the wall and peered through the gap. She could see Dee’s foot, her blue patent shoe hanging off at the heel. Bridget crouched down and peered in further, she could hear a noise coming from inside. Don’t panic, she thought to herself. You know what to do. Still, her stomach twisted as she saw what was inside the room. 

Dee was laid out on the ground, eyes wide open, her face frozen in an expression of surprise. Bridget could see her body moving as she struggled for breath. Blood pooled beneath her, and her legs were wet with red. Bridget could see a five-inch slash mark high up on the inside of her thigh. Her femoral artery had been cut; she would be dead within minutes. One thought entered Bridget’s head. 

Shit. They know who I am. 

Bridget started to move forward into the flat, knowing she had to get her phone. It was barely six feet away. Dee’s eyes moved towards her, flashing her a foreboding look, a warning. She saw a tear falling from the side of Dee’s head on to the floor as her eyes filled with an emptiness Bridget was all too familiar with. This wasn’t the first dead body she had seen, but it was the first time she had actually witnessed someone die. She couldn’t think about that right now. Remember. What do you do now? Whoever had done this was still in the flat. She couldn’t risk it. You need to warn Sam. Bridget needed to get to a phone. Sam would know what to do.

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Can you keep a secret? Your life depends on it…

When Bridget Reid wakes up in a locked room, terrifying memories come flooding back – of blood, pain, and desperate fear. Her captor knows things she’s never told anyone. How can she escape someone who knows all of her secrets?

As DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles search for Bridget, they uncover a horrifying web of abuse, betrayal and murder right under their noses in Exeter.

And as the past comes back to haunt her, Grey must confront her own demons. Because she knows that it can be those closest to us who hurt us the most…

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Blog Tour! #Review of ‘The Killing Game’ by J.S.Carol(@JamesCarolBooks) @bookouture #Tuesblog

Truly honoured to have been asked to be involved in the blog tour for J.S.Carol – The Killing Game! As you can see TWG is alongside a lot of highly rated bloggers; and that in itself is an honour!


Imagine you are having lunch at an exclusive restaurant, filled with Hollywood’s hottest stars.
And a masked gunman walks in and takes everyone hostage.
You must bargain for your life against a twisted individual who knows everything about you.
He also has a bomb set to detonate if his heart rate changes.
If he dies. You die.
You have four hours to stay alive.
What would you do?

What does TWG think?

I will shamefully admit that ‘The Killing Game’ was the very first book of the authors, that I had ever read. I know, I know, pretty diabolical really isn’t it? This particular book has been ALL over social media recently, accumulating nothing less than glowing praise. When I see that a book has had THAT amount of praise in a short space of time before I have read it, my level of curiosity soars. I have to find out what all of the fuss is about. Will I find the storyline as thrilling as others have found it?

The answer is a fear inducing, pulse racing: YES!

Oh my goodness, where do I begin? When you’re faced with a masked terrorist that means business, in public, you’re not exactly going to start singing ‘You got blood on your face, a big disgrace, kicking your can over the place..singing we will, we will, rock you’, are you? Well, you might but I don’t think the situation will end very well. To be honest, I don’t think the situation is going to end with everyone laughing and joking, do you?

No. Seeing as the terrorist gives the diners an ultimatum, you basically listen to him and do what he says, or you die. It’s as simple as that. The thing is, the diners in the restaurant aren’t short of a few bob or two and can easily buy their way out of anything, yet commoners are more likely to get their heads, arms and legs blown off.

After I finished reading the book I needed to rest, I was physically exhausted from the frightening rollercoaster ride that I had been on for the last few hours. My pulse was racing. My hands were clammy and beads of sweat had formed on my forehead. In any other circumstance it would be worrying, but in this circumstance, it was proof that the storyline had trapped me and sucked me into its petrifying existence.

The Killing Game is a book that you need to experience for yourself to get the true hair-raising reaction from the storyline. I still cannot comprehend fully what I had read, but I know for certain that this is a book NOT to be missed.

Gripping and thrilling, with a storyline that will make you forget to breathe momentarily; one that will also keep you on your toes the whole way through. The Killing Game by J.S.Carol is a must read of 2016 without fail.

Thank you Bookouture.

The Killing Game by J.S.Carol, published by Bookouture, is available to buy right now from Amazon UK.