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#BlogTour! #Review of The Song of the Stork by Stephan Collishaw (@scollishaw) @legend_press


Fifteen-year-old Yael is on the run. The Jewish girl seeks shelter from the Germans on the farm of the village outcast. Aleksei is mute and solitary, but as the brutal winter advances, he reluctantly takes her in and a delicate relationship develops.

As her feelings towards Aleksei change, the war intrudes and Yael is forced to join a Jewish partisan group fighting in the woods.

Torn apart and fighting for her life, The Song of the Stork is Yael’s story of love, hope and survival. It is the story of one woman finding a voice as the voices around her are extinguished.

What does TWG think?

Stephan Collishaw’s blog tour bus comes to a stop at TWG HQ today, as we round-up his tour for ‘The Song of the Stork! Here is my review:

Reading ‘The Song of the Stork’ took me completely out of my comfort zone as, whilst having read historic novels previously, I had never read one where the storyline felt completely black and white. Set during one of history’s most distressing times, WW2, Stephan Collishaw took the storyline up yet another notch by incorporating the life of a Jewish person. If you know your history, you’ll know that Jews were constantly looking over their shoulders in fear and just like the main character in this novel, Yael, they were forever on the run.

Yael, a fifteen year old girl had to find a safe haven away from the Germans, preferably somewhere where they wouldn’t even think to look (she hoped). Thankfully Yael found a gentleman who finally agreed to take her under his wing and, despite the fact that he was mute, Yael and Aleksei’s relationship began to blossom. However, the war continued around them…

A new author as well as a rather different take on historical fiction that I have grown to love, it didn’t take me long to realise that I had to keep my mind incredibly open with this book. It was intense due to the topics it covered, obviously, and I would have been a bit miffed if it hadn’t had that intensity flowing through it. However, I felt as though there was something missing from the overall book and I could not work out what it was. It just didn’t warm to me as much as I thought it would, overall. I think I was a little bit irked that I had to keep re-reading a few sentences to gain more clarity of where the storyline was heading. I dislike having to do that!

That said, the content itself was poignant, powerful and incredibly intense, which I rather enjoyed. For me, The Song of the Stork was a promising read with the bare bones of the storyline showcasing the authors intellect in regards to a devastating and memorable situation.

I didn’t dislike the book at all. I enjoyed the overall concept of the storyline; I just wanted more.

I am glad that I was given the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and embark on a journey with a new author. Despite my reservations, The Song of the Stork was a risk worth taking.

Thanks Legend Press.

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