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#BlogTour! #Review – The Frog Theory by Fiona Mordaunt (@fionamordaunt) @AuthorightUKPR


The Frog Theory by Fiona Mordaunt is a tale of survival and love, blending the eye-opening dangers of domestic violence with the hope found in the healing power of love and others.

What does TWG think?

With a book title like ‘The Frog Theory’ and a cover full of frog faces, how can you be anything BUT curious? I did think to myself at first, ‘what the tadpole is the frog theory?!’, but I could have kicked myself once it became clear as it’s pretty well-known! Doesn’t mean it’s listened to mind you, but it’s still well known to say the least.

I found that this novel split into two separate groups as it were; the loyal lads and the dramatic diva’s. On one ‘side’ there were lads who were loyal to those close to them, including girls. On the other ‘side’ though, you have the girls who think they could do anything they wanted (even things that they probably shouldn’t), and as long as they kept it to themselves it was deemed ‘okay’. Overall, they were all, to me, seen as the ‘popular’ groups at school. The ones you wanted to be, hang out with and would go along with them on anything and everything, regardless of the outcome. But, is that just a façade?

Fiona Mordaunt has highlighted such an important factor within her novel; the fact that everyone is FAR too quick to judge people based on what they can see or what they choose to believe. One of the characters in the novel has a lifestyle many would probably dream about; but that’s from the outside. Nobody knows what Clea is dealing with.

Overall, I thought the underlying message was such an important one to convey, especially in this day and age. I thought that the novel was written really well, it didn’t become too heavy even despite of what subjects the storyline contained. ‘The Frog Theory’ was a pleasant read, more so as it had me chuckling several times and feeling the love. Not my usual reading material I’ll admit, but most definitely a welcomed change.

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