#CoverReveal! Just For The Holidays by Sue Moorcroft (@SueMoorcroft) @avonbooksuk

Sue Moorcroft is BACK! It only feels like yesterday that we were helping to reveal the cover of Sue’s previous novel, ‘The Christmas Promise’! Getting us all ready for any upcoming sun, sea, sand and….err, shoes, Sue Moorcroft is set to release her summer treat, Just For The Holidays, in May, and I am delighted to be able to help reveal her beautiful new book cover!




The #1 bestselling author returns for summer! Grab your sun hat, a cool glass of wine, and the only book you need on holiday…

In theory, nothing could be better than a summer spent basking in the French sun. That is, until you add in three teenagers, two love interests, one divorcing couple, and a very unexpected pregnancy.

Admittedly, this isn’t exactly the relaxing holiday Leah Beaumont was hoping for – but it’s the one she’s got. With her sister Michele’s family falling apart at the seams, it’s up to Leah to pick up the pieces and try to hold them all together.

But with a handsome helicopter pilot staying next door, Leah can’t help but think she might have a few distractions of her own to deal with…

A glorious summer read, for you to devour in one sitting – perfect for fans of Katie Fforde, Carole Matthews and Trisha Ashley.

If Sue’s new book will follow in the same vein as her previous novels, we are in for an absolute treat. Looks like this is going to be yet another book for my TBR pile!!!

Blog Tour! Review of ‘The Christmas Promise’ by Sue Moorcroft (@SueMoorcroft) @AvonbooksUK


Countdown to Christmas with your new must-have author, as you step into the wonderful world of bespoke hat-maker Ava Bliss…

For Ava Bliss, it’s going to be a Christmas to remember…

On a snowy December evening, Sam Jermyn steps into the life of bespoke hat maker Ava. Sparks fly, and not necessarily the good ones.

Times are tough for Ava – she’s struggling to make ends meet, her ex-boyfriend is a bully, and worst of all, it’s nearly Christmas.

So when Sam commissions Ava to make a hat for someone special, she makes a promise that will change her life. She just doesn’t know it yet…

What does TWG think?

Absolutely thrilled to be today’s stop on Sue Moorcroft’s blog tour for #MyPromise!!
‘The Christmas Promise’ is definitely a book that shouldn’t be judged by its cover this Christmas. Whilst the cover is very beautiful, the storyline has incredible depth to it and it managed to change my original perception of the book as a whole. Why? Because I did what I’ve just said that shouldn’t be done; I judged the book by its cover. I thought it was going to be a twinkly, dancing in the snow type of read. But, even though it has the Christmas magic element perfected, Sue’s story tells a shockingly honest tale.

Ava’s working life hasn’t been going to plan if her dreams are anything to go by. Unfortunately she finds herself in the position of worrying about money and ensuring she can keep a roof over her head. That in itself is enough to stress anyone out. Ava’s bad luck doesn’t stop there though. Her ex-boyfriend thinks he is being big and clever, when in reality, he’s being a bully. An evil, repulsive bully that could cost Ava everything that she has worked hard for, and more. The bully’s actions are the basis of the shockingly honest tale. One that even made me stop and think, as well as being outraged at his actions, obviously.

I am sure that the tale will make a lot of people stop and think. Hats off to Sue for writing about a very important topic in a truly honest, yet sensitive way. Speaking of hats, oh my gosh!!! Finding out about how hats are made, was absolutely incredible! The way that Ava managed to create a ‘basic’ hat so simply blew my mind, and I wasn’t even there. Until now, hats had been off my radar and I thought of them to be just that, hats. However, after ‘watching’ Ava at work, I see hats in a completely different light. To be fair, it was all in Sue’s writing as the way she described all of the intricate details was outstanding. I hope that if I decide to get a hat made, that I can just take Sue’s description of one in the book with me and say ‘make that’!

For me, the storyline got better and better the more of it I read; characters became stronger and there was even more things popping up to keep me hooked. ‘The Christmas Promise’ is definitely a book that gets top marks for holding my attention, as just when I thought a situation was on the up, something else swooped in and made me think ‘where the hell did that come from?’. The whole book caught me by surprise on more than one occasion, even when I had, cough, something in my eye, cough.

I cannot fault ‘The Christmas Promise’ at all, even though it was a rollercoaster of emotion, it was a magnificent one. An enticing, shocking and loveable read that managed to keep my attention from chapter to chapter. A true Christmas work of art and hats off to Sue Moorcroft for writing her best book yet!

Thank you to the publishers for my copy of the book.

The Christmas Promise by Sue Moorcroft, published by Avon, is available to buy now from Amazon UK. The paperback will be available to buy from the 1st December but can be pre-ordered here.


TWG’s Don’t-Snooze-You’ll-Lose Deal Day With…

What better way to start off a Monday than with a TWG Deal Day. Today’s deal is a belter! I don’t have just ONE book for you, not even TWO books for you, how does a book deal containing THREE books sound?

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking; ‘hurry up and tell us TWG’! The author behind the incredible deal is the very talented…..Sue Moorcroft!

Three e-books, one deal. How does 99p sound for all three?

Yes, you heard me right.

99p is all it will cost for you to get THREE Sue Moorcroft novels onto your kindle within minutes! This is one you definitely do NOT want to miss. Introducing ‘Three Hot Heroes’!


Three Hot Heroes contains: Starting Over, All That Mullarkey and Love and Freedom by Sue Moorcroft.


Starting Over:

New home, new friends, new love. Can starting over be that simple?
Tess Riddell reckons her beloved Freelander is more reliable than any man – especially her ex-fiancé, Olly Gray. She’s moving on from her old life and into the perfect cottage in the country.

Miles Rattenbury’s passions? Old cars and new women! Romance? He’s into fun rather than commitment. When Tess crashes the Freelander into his breakdown truck, they find that they’re nearly neighbours yet worlds apart.

Despite her overprotective parents and a suddenly attentive Olly, she discovers the joys of village life and even forms an unlikely friendship with Miles. Then, just as their relationship develops into something deeper, an old flame comes looking for him …

Is their love strong enough to overcome the past? Or will it take more than either of them is prepared to give?


All That Mullarkey:

Revenge and love: it’s a thin line…
The writing’s on the wall for Cleo and Gav. The bedroom wall, to be precise. And it says ‘This marriage is over.’ Wounded and furious, Cleo embarks on a night out with the girls, which turns into a glorious one night stand with…

Justin, centrefold material and irrepressibly irresponsible. He loves a little wildness in a woman and he’s in the right place at the right time to enjoy Cleo’s.

But it s Cleo who has to pick up the pieces of a marriage based on a lie and the lasting repercussions of that night. Torn between laid-back Justin and control freak Gav, she s a free spirit that life is trying to tie down.
But the rewards are worth it!


Love & Freedom:

New start, new love.
That’s what Honor Sontag needs after her life falls apart, leaving her reputation in tatters and her head all over the place. So she flees her native America and heads for Brighton, England. Honor’s hoping for a much-deserved break and the chance to find the mother who abandoned her as a baby. What she gets is an entanglement with a mysterious male whose family seems to have a finger in every pot in town.

Martyn Mayfair has sworn off women with strings attached, but is irresistibly drawn to Honor, the American who keeps popping up in his life. All he wants is an uncomplicated relationship built on honesty, but Honor’s past threatens to undermine everything.

Then secrets about her mother start to spill out … Honor has to make an agonising choice. Will she live up to her dutiful name and please others? Or will she choose freedom?

Love & Freedom won the 2011 Best Romantic Read Award from the Festival of Romance.

All novels are full length. Please note: this deal is on for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. I do not know when the deal will end at all so if you really don’t want to miss out, you’re better off buying them as soon as possible. It really is such an incredible and generous deal so please do take advantage while you can, and please do share in case anyone you know would like these books too! Order your books now from Amazon UK.

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