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Review – ‘Bossy Flossy’ by Paulette Bogan (@paulettebogan1 ) & guest post! @iReadBookTours


I am extremely honoured to be part of this blog tour today, as I used to be called ‘Flossy’ when I was a little girl. Thank you so very much to Paulette for giving me a copy of this wonderful book, & to Laura at iReads for making it happen. Such a lovely childhood reminder to have.


Flossy is the bossiest girl around. She’s bossy at home and she’s bossy in school. She’s bossy to her friends and she’s bossy to her cat. Sometimes she’s even bossy to her teacher! Flossy doesn’t understand why no one will listen to her. One day, Flossy meets Edward, a boy who may be just as bossy as she is. Has Flossy finally met her match?

What does TWG think?

What a wonderful children’s book! As I’m sure a lot of you are aware, children tend to go through a ‘i’m the boss’ phase. But, it is an important phase as they learn independence and their boundaries. However, there will come a point when the ‘i’m the boss’ phase is a bit TOO much and sitting down with the child over a cup of coffee (or hot milk for them) having a discussion, doesn’t quite give the best result. Luckily, Paulette Bogan thought of an alternative. Children gravitate towards colourful and bold images, whilst adults gravitate towards the words (bonus), ‘Bossy Flossy’ hits both nails on the head (the book not the child).


Flossy is a very bossy child, she believes that the only way people will listen to her, is if she TELLS them what to do. All she wants is someone to listen to her, but she just cannot quite work out how to make that happen (aside from being bossy). Then one day, Flossy meets her match; Edward, another bossy child. Thing is, only Flossy OR Edward want to tell the other one what to do, not BOTH of them.


With such bold and striking illustrations, Paulette Bogan creates a visual representation of the words she has written, such an added bonus for the child. After all, what’s not to like about pretty pictures? When I first picked up the book, I noticed the illustrations first because of the way they stand out and are really well drawn. I love them! As for the story, I think that it is such a cleverly written book that will show children the effects of being TOO bossy and how they might be able to come out of that themselves, along with showing the benefits (through illustrations). When you’re a young child, communicating and trying to understand their own emotions, can be such a daunting experience. Thanks to Paulette, those daunting experiences can be eased into positive experiences with the help of this work of art. I adored it, and I know my daughter will too when she’s bigger.

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Guest Post from Paulette Bogan.

Everyone Loves a Good Back Story


Paulette Bogan 

We had the chicken pox, all four of us. My mother called us into the playroom and handed each of us a paintbrush and said, “Get started! This wall is boring.” And so we spent the whole afternoon painting a mural on the playroom wall.

People often ask me why I became a children’s book author and illustrator. The fact is I’ve always wanted to be an artist, and I’ve always loved writing stories.                                    


In third grade I gave my mother a drawing of a chariot and written on it was, “I want to be an artist when I grow up.”  In the fifth grade, I got in trouble for not paying attention. I was writing stories during math class. I told my parents, “I’m going to be a writer.” 


When I was at Parsons School of Design, a teacher of mine, Ivan Powell, was talking to the whole illustration department. He was talking about how difficult it was to be a freelance illustrator. He said that all of us in the room had talent, but you need drive and determination and a little desperation to make it. He said that most likely only TWO of us would go on to be freelance illustrators.

I looked around the room and thought, “Who is the other one?” I wasn’t being egotistical. (Well, maybe a bit at that age.) I was driven. This is what I wanted come hell or high water. Nothing was going to stop me.


My father wanted me to get a teaching degree along with my BFA in Illustration. (Now looking back, what a smart idea!) But I said no. I didn’t want anything to fall back on. So I waitressed at Blazing Salads till I could support myself as an illustrator.

My mother told me I should be writing and illustrating children’s books. Of course I didn’t listen and did political illustration and editorial illustration.

 flo13                                                                       (My wedding invitation)

I finally listened to my mother when I was pregnant with my first child. I decided to try children’s books. After a lot of research, hard work, and many rejections, I got my first book published. I loved it and have never looked back. (Okay, Mom was right!) 

                        (My family 1998)                                                     (Spikey and Mufasa)

 Now three children, two dogs, and twelve books later I couldn’t be happier. I get very frustrated sometimes when I cannot draw something. And writing doesn’t always come easy, but I am stubborn. I am doing exactly what I was meant to do.

 What’s the moral of the story? My mother would say, “Listen to your mother.”

My father would say, “Whatever you do whether it is digging a ditch or writing a novel, do your best.”

My husband would say, “Get over it and get going.”

I would say, “Don’t give up, don’t give in, when in doubt, take a nap.” 

PS. I’ve actually always wanted to be a back up singer too. I thought they got to wear really cool dresses and I could do it part time because you don’t have to learn the whole song.


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