#Review – The Vets at Hope Green Part 2 by Sheila Norton (@NortonSheilaann) @EburyPublishing

PART TWO of a heartwarming and inspiring story about living the simple life and the joy of animals. Perfect for fans of Appleby Farm, Ivy Lane and Alfie the Doorstep Cat

Working as the receptionist at her local London vets, Sam dreams of escaping to a quieter life in the country. Spending time with her Nana and her lovely but elderly dog Rufus has sparked something within Sam, and all she wants is to start afresh. But her boyfriend Adam is in London, and something tells her that it won’t be an easy conversation.

But then something happens that makes her going-nowhere receptionist job seem much more appealing: she finds a little stray cat called Ebony, in need of love and nurturing back to health. Faced with a dilemma, she must choose between her heart’s desire and the little ball of fluff burrowing her way into Sam’s heart…

Is it possible to have it all?

What does TWG think?

Time to head back to Hope Green as we re-visit Sam in Part 2 of The Vets at Hope Green – Follow Your Heart. The second instalment is published today (16th February) by Ebury Publishing, huge congratulations to Sheila Norton!

Lets just remind ourselves of Part 1 in the series: #Review – The Vets at Hope Green Part 1 by Sheila Norton @NortonSheilaann @EburyPublishing

Poor Sam ended up in a little bit of a pickle with her boyfriend, Adam, in part 1 and I was hopeful that her luck would change with this instalment. However, Sam is STILL having trouble with Adam and her luck doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.

Once again, it is quite tricky to write a review for a book series because it’s quite tricky to work out what to say without giving anything away. I really enjoyed returning to Hope Green; so much in fact I read the book in an hour and I wasn’t mentally prepared for it to end! Luckily for us, the third instalment should be here in a month!

I loved how Sam’s dilemma highlighted such relatable situations; especially given the fact that it looks a ‘happy’ sort of book. Which it is, don’t get me wrong. It just contains more depth to it that meets the eye, and I really do think a lot of readers will resonate with Sam. I must admit though, one character in particular managed to rub me up the wrong way in this part, too! I wasn’t really surprised that the leopard didn’t change its spots; but you gotta be positive, right?

Another cosy part to The Vets at Hope Green series. Re-visiting our friends in Hope Green with Sheila Norton, is like being cuddled in a big, soft blanket. I can’t wait to see how the storyline pans out in part three!

Thank you Ebury!

Buy now from Amazon UK.

Guess what Jennifer Bohnet! Surprise! ‘I’m Virtually yours.’

I’m Virtually Yours by Jennifer Bohnet.
Published 9th December 2013 by Carina UK.
Available to buy in E-book format from Amazon UK.

‘Polly Jones is taken aback when a new client asks her to investigate the Robertson family business in Devon, after all, a ‘virtual assistant’ doesn’t usually leave their home office! But she needs the work – and less proximity to an endless supply of tea and biscuits can only be a good thing right? So she sets off, with energetic puppy Rosie close by her side.

Polly’s new job isn’t quite in her comfort zone… Arriving in the small fishing village where everyone knows everyone’s business, any upsides (all those yummy scones and clotted cream) of course have their downside – she’s completely forgotten to pack her sea legs, and the temptingly handsome Will Robertson is making her job difficult at every turn.

It’s so much easier to keep things strictly professional in the virtual world – but with no e-mail to hide behind Polly must admit that Will’s smile is incredibly, deliciously distracting…’

Jennifer Bohnet has been on my ‘author to read’ list for quite a while, and still is because there are a few others I just need to read. After reading a rather deeply emotional book, I needed to find something shorter to read, so obviously Jennifer came to mind. As soon as I saw the title of this book on Amazon, I just had to buy it. Curiosity got the better of me because I thought ‘is this about dating websites?’ ‘is this book about someone dreaming?’, I had no idea! That in itself made me excited. I like playing the guessing game with books because I no longer read the blurbs, I want to find out the information for myself. ‘I’m Virtually Yours’ was certainly no different. You’re probably thinking I am a tad on the odd bookish nerd side, but I can tell you one thing, after reading this particular book, I am SO glad that I go by the title and covers of books instead of the blurbs (mostly).

Polly is a ‘virtual assistant’. She works for clients without meeting them (or leaving her home office). However, the job that she was asked to do meant she had to leave her home and play detective for a boat business. There is one slight hindrance with that, Polly and boats do not mix well, especially when everything is not as it seems!

As soon as I found out Polly’s job, I wondered (and still do) how I could make that my job! (PS, if you know, do tell me!)
Polly is such a loveable character, she comes across in the story as such a down to earth person. I must admit that I did warm to her straight away! As the story unfolds it’s quite clear my original guess about the book is completely way off mark, and I’m glad because it had considerably more oomph to it than my guess. ‘I’m Virtually Yours’ is a novella (short story), and it is ideal if you fancy something to read that isn’t too heavy, but has enough detail in it to keep you interested. I loved how the story was quite fast paced in terms of the storyline, but I am curious as to what happened after with Polly and the boats. They say romance happens when you least expect it. Jennifer Bohnet certainly hit the nail on the head with that, especially as Polly went to Devon to investigate the boats, NOT the boatmen.

Reading ‘I’m Virtually Yours’ has given me a taster of Jennifer’s writing style; which means I am now more excited to read the other books she has written. This novella is such a fun, light-hearted and warming read. I needed to read a book that let me get lost within its words..this book did just that. Such a pleasure to read.

A book review of ‘Little Acts of Love (Mishaps in Millrise Book 1) by Tilly Tennant.

Little Acts of Love (Mishaps in Millrise Book 1) by Tilly Tennant.
A novella – Book 1 of a 4 part series.
Published 10th May 2015.
Available to buy from Amazon UK

Almost five months have passed since Phoebe and Jack first met in the grotto of a drunken Santa at Hendry’s toy store in Millrise. Since then, Jack and his adorable daughter, Maria, have turned Phoebe’s life around. As she and Jack get closer, Phoebe decides it’s time to put her stagnating career back on track too, which means going for a big promotion at work.
But nothing is ever simple in the strange little world of Hendry’s, and Phoebe is soon wishing she’d stayed on the tills. At home, things aren’t much better as the couple brace themselves to meet their respective in-laws. It’s clear from the start that making friends and influencing people has never been harder. And to make it worse, Phoebe must compete for the affection of Jack’s parents with the perfect partner and mother – who’s been dead for five years…

After reading a few books recently that have had quite deep storylines, I fancied something light to read. I thought to myself as I sat in my zebra print pyjamas, I wonder what author would be able to assist my bookish needs. I opened up Amazon on my laptop and sat staring at the screen with my blueberry muffin hanging out of my mouth, as you do. But then I felt like I was on a rollercoaster. Why would I be on a rollercoaster, in zebra print pyjamas whilst eating a blueberry muffin? How absurd! Then I thought that life is obviously a rollercoaster, just got to ride it! No, I didn’t think that, but I had those lyrics in my head again, because I knew exactly what author….TILLY TENNANT! Seriously Til’, if you’re going to serenade me can you quickly change the song because I’m getting a bit travel sick on this rollercoaster! (Thanks again to Ronan Keating for making yet another appearance where Tilly is concerned!)
But yes, anyway, I decided on this little beauty to read – Little Acts of Love. A novella that is part one of a four book series.

Most of the story is based in a toy shop where Phoebe works with her good friend that doesn’t give a tutu. Despite the fact that she hasn’t worked at the toy shop for long, she decides that a promotion is the way forward. Phoebe thought she had read the job description thoroughly, but on the morning of the interview she is told that she needs to have a presentation ready for the interviewing panel. To you and me, a presentation might be a slide show about the job or store, to Phoebe it soon becomes clear that her presentation isn’t as straight forward as a slideshow.
Honestly? I thought Phoebe’s presentation was hilarious to read. Cringy, but hilarious!
How gorgeous is the cover by the way! Very vintage chic!  I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it was a light read and it was hilarious. The humour throughout the book is fantastic and definitely brought a smile to my face on multiple occasions. Despite some of the storyline having sad points, it was a lovely read and definitely left me wanting to find out what happened next. So much so, as soon as I had finished it, I ordered part 2; ‘Just Like Rebecca’. Because it is just the beginning of the storyline as such, the characters are just beginning to develop and so far a couple of them have made me incredibly intrigued. There seems to be a secret amongst one or two of the characters and I am looking forward to finding out what it may be.
Already the storyline is starting to show warmth and personality so stay tuned for my review on part two of the series!

(If you are confused by the references to Ronan Keating, please do click here to find out what I am on about, but warning, don’t be drinking as you read as it’s funny and I can’t afford your dry cleaning bill! TWG welcomes the fantastic…..Tilly Tennant!)

Book Review of ‘Let’s Be Just Friends’ by Camilla Isley

Let’s Be Just Friends by Camilla Isley.
Released: 4th April 2016 on e-book.
Available to buy on Amazon UK & Amazon US.

‘What if the man you’ve always loved isn’t the right one for you?
Rose Atwood has been in love with her best friend since she was twelve years old. The only problem is, he’s the biggest player to have ever landed on Earth. Rose has waited forever for Tyler to grow up, all the while keeping her feelings under wraps for fear of getting hurt. But after watching Tyler go through girl after girl, Rose has lost hope he’ll ever change. Being Tyler’s best friend is becoming more difficult with every passing year and every new woman in his life—especially when the girlfriend du jour is Georgiana, a snotty, beautiful girl who’s in Law School with them and who never leaves Tyler’s side.
When Rose, dumped by her long-term boyfriend, moves temporarily into Tyler’s apartment, tension spikes. Georgiana wants Rose out of the house. Rose wants Georgiana out of Tyler’s life. And Tyler … well, he doesn’t really know what he wants.
As an unexpected argument brings Rose and Tyler closer than they’ve ever been, they must decide if there’s more to their relationship than being just friends. And they must do it quickly, as Georgiana is determined to do everything in her power to keep Tyler and Rose apart. After all, all is fair in love and war.
Will Rose make a leap of faith and trust Tyler with her heart?
Will Tyler make the right choice, or will he be too late?’

Have you ever been in the position of wanting someone you can’t have? Many of you I’m sure. Have you ever tried your luck with someone despite worrying that it was going to end in tears? Nodding your head again I bet. With the previous question in mind, have you taken things even further after brushing those niggling feelings aside just….because? Well, Rose would be nodding her head to all three of those questions. Rose and Tyler have been best friends since they were young. Boyfriends and girlfriends have come and gone, or in Tyler case, girlfriend + girlfriends best friend + girlfriends neighbours sisters mother in law…..catch my drift?
Rose and Tyler get jealous every time the other one is in a relationship, but why? Is it because they want what they can’t have?
As soon as I started reading this book, I had a feeling I knew where it was going in terms of the storyline. Usually that would have bothered me, but seeing as I had just finished a very deep and dark book, I wanted something more fun to read. This certainly ticked the box for fun. Part of me felt sorry for Rose, but then part of me thought ‘oh come on!’. She had an inkling what Tyler was going to be like in the future based on his past, yet she still dipped her toes! I did take an instant dislike to Tyler. I’m being brutally honest. Of course it isn’t because of Camilla’s writing, it’s because she has written a character in such a descriptive way that I felt like I knew him. Fortunately I don’t know him, but unfortunately I do know guys like him. ‘I’m still with my girlfriend, but I’m free tonight, I’ll break up with her later if that is what you want.’. Those types of guys. Tyler’s personality did make for excellent reading because boy did I laugh when Rose started talking to his nemesis.
Let’s Be Just Friends is a fun and romantic read, one that you can sink your teeth into without thinking too much because the author has everything there. Does that make sense? Don’t get me wrong, it had several jaw dropping moments as well as ‘oh no he didn’t!!!’ (said like the lady in the shoe advert on TV…) moments, but I enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to think too much. It flowed nicely, it was an enjoyable read, and most importantly, I giggled. My favourite moment of the book was when the storyline turned to ‘independence’. See how I can write my favourite part without giving a spoiler! I found that part to emphasise power and confidence. I’m sure many females/males could even take a leaf out of the character’s book for that bold move.
I do have one little niggle with the book though. I didn’t like the way it finished at 85% on the Kindle, I found that to be a bit abrupt, especially in terms of percentage. That isn’t a negative against the contents of the book in any way.
If you’re after a light-hearted, romantic novel with hilarious parts; one that you can lay in bed with and just sink into the book, then this one is for you. An enjoyable read for definite. I already have another of Camilla’s books waiting to be read too, cannot wait!

How to get hitched in ten days by Samantha Tonge. A Book Review.

How to get hitched in ten days by Samantha Tonge. (Novella)
Published: 11th February 2016 by Carina.
Available on Amazon in Kindle format.

‘How not to get the girl…

Meet Mikey, every girl’s best friend – he bakes the creamiest cheesecake, loves movie nights and is a great dance partner.

For Jasmine, Mikey is the perfect flatmate – he owns a 50s diner that turns out the best food around, gives the best bear hugs and amazing romance advice – after all they’re scoping out the same hot guys! So when her boyfriend proposes in the worst possible way, Jazz knows her best friend will be there to pick up the pieces with gourmet popcorn, Pinot sleepovers and a shoulder to lean on.

But Mikey isn’t about to let Jasmine give up on love, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to mend her broken heart – even if it means helping the one person who sees him as the enemy…

Because at the end of the day, all’s fair in the pursuit of true love… right?’

How far would you go to fix things for your best friend? To the end of the Earth I’m sure. But how far would you go to fix your best friend when there is someone involved that seems to have lost their tongue and gained rudeness? Tough one isn’t it.

Well, Mikey loves to retro, nice clothes, his diner, but most importantly, he loves his best friend Jasmine. Mikey is the shoulder to cry on and the person to turn to when you need a dose of chick flick movies and wine. But, it seems as though Mikey is disliked by someone who is a ‘permanent’ fixture in his life. Who could that be I wonder? Why would a fun-loving, hug giving best friend be disliked?

Jasmine has a boyfriend, good job with good prospects, but a past that keeps haunting her. Thanks to her boyfriends disastrous mistake, her past is too close for comfort. Can she move past her past to settle down with someone who she loves? Or will the decision already be made for her due to other people’s stupidity?

I hadn’t read a novella before (short story), so I wasn’t sure how much information and description would go into one. I was pleasantly surprised because despite the length of the book, it didn’t feel as though you were missing out on anything. Mikey and Jasmine were written with very likeable personalities, as well as having the ‘cover face with hands because you weren’t thinking’ characters. Of course I don’t mean in terms of Samantha’s writing!! I mean the fact that one or two made stupid mistakes and you end up sitting there thinking ‘why the roly poly did you do that?!’. So yes, that’s why I covered my face with my hands. I never realised someone could be that….idiotic! It did make me laugh, and as I have just said…cringe, several times. I also felt sorry for some of the characters! For a light read, it definitely packed a lot of punch into the storyline and even covered some issues that are quite prominent in today’s society. I found that to be an extremely clever turn in the story. Such a lovely, light-hearted book to  relax and get cosy with, definitely one I will be reading again! Thank you Samantha!