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Brand new week with a brand new blog tour, what more could you want?! Today, the blog tour for ‘The Silent Pool’ by Phil Kurthausen kicks off! I am thrilled to be one of the blogs helping to kick things off! Sit tight as not only do I have a review for you, there is also a giveaway!


How long can the past be kept secret?

It is a time of austerity. Financial cuts are biting hard and the once great City of Liverpool finds itself now almost bankrupt. At the eleventh hour funding is found in the form of enigmatic billionaire Kirk Bovind, a religious zealot, determined to change the moral and religious fibre of his old hometown and bringing salvation to the streets.
So when a man disappears without trace solitary lawyer, Erasmus Jones, agrees to track down missing Stephen, but quickly discovers that this is more than just a missing person case. Men are being brutally murdered across the city and Erasmus suspects the deaths are all linked. As the search for Stephen grows and the ripples from the past begin to spread Erasmus has to ask himself whether Bovind could be behind the killings or if someone is trying to frame him and weaken the strangle hold he has over the city?
Who will be the next to die…?

What does TWG think?

 I am probably not the only one to say this, or the last, but WHAT A NAME! The hero of this book is sure to be remembered with a name like ‘Erasmus’! Again, what a name! There is more to ‘The Silent Pool’ than just the main characters name. A lot more in fact; I did have to pay a lot more attention to the storyline and the information given, in case I missed anything.

Truthfully, ‘The Silent Pool’ is a book that took me out of my comfort zone. I had a feeling it might, and seeing as I do like to push my book boundaries, I kept going. Erasmus has been asked to take on a ‘missing person’ case; a gentleman named Stephen. Erasmus soon realises that it isn’t just a case of a missing person and is about to uncover a lot more than he bargained for..

As I said above, there is a lot of information to get your head round as the storyline seemed to branch off in every direction and uncover even more red tape situations. I found myself trying to work out what had happened and who was involved in things throughout the whole book. I wouldn’t make a good detective though; I became rather indecisive and at one point, I put the blame on myself! Yes, I questioned my own sanity multiple times reading this.

‘The Silent Pool’ is full of mystery, gritty circumstances and a treasure chest full of ‘whodunnits’, it is exceptionally hard not to involve yourself in the storyline. Poor Erasmus gets pulled everywhere as his list of hero antics becomes even longer! I enjoyed the too-ing and fro-ing of evidence, as well as the constant turbulence in regards to the disasters.

Even though ‘The Silent Pool’ isn’t in my ‘go to’ genre, I am glad that I took a chance on it as I did enjoy the nitty gritty parts, even though I struggled to absorb all of the information written.

A nail-biting, busy read, which will keep you on your toes and have you questioning everything that you thought you knew.

Thank you HQ & NeverlandBT

The Silent Pool is available to buy now from Amazon UK

About the author:

Phil Kurthausen was brought up in Merseyside where he dreamt of being a

novelist but ended up working as a lawyer. He has travelled the world working as a flower
salesman, a light bulb repair technician and, though scared of heights, painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Ken Dodd once put him in a headlock for being annoying.
He has had work broadcast on BBC radio 4 extra, published some short stories and his novel ‘The Killing Pool’ won the Thriller Round in the Harper Collins People’s Novelist Competition broadcast on ITV in November 2011 and appeared in the final. It was later
shortlisted for the Dundee International Literary Prize in 2012. He lives in Chester.


The giveaway is for a £10 Amazon gift card (UK ONLY) and to have a character

named after the winner in Phil Kurthausen’s next book. It is for one winner. 
Ends 19th December 2016.


Guess what Jennifer Bohnet! Surprise! ‘I’m Virtually yours.’

I’m Virtually Yours by Jennifer Bohnet.
Published 9th December 2013 by Carina UK.
Available to buy in E-book format from Amazon UK.

‘Polly Jones is taken aback when a new client asks her to investigate the Robertson family business in Devon, after all, a ‘virtual assistant’ doesn’t usually leave their home office! But she needs the work – and less proximity to an endless supply of tea and biscuits can only be a good thing right? So she sets off, with energetic puppy Rosie close by her side.

Polly’s new job isn’t quite in her comfort zone… Arriving in the small fishing village where everyone knows everyone’s business, any upsides (all those yummy scones and clotted cream) of course have their downside – she’s completely forgotten to pack her sea legs, and the temptingly handsome Will Robertson is making her job difficult at every turn.

It’s so much easier to keep things strictly professional in the virtual world – but with no e-mail to hide behind Polly must admit that Will’s smile is incredibly, deliciously distracting…’

Jennifer Bohnet has been on my ‘author to read’ list for quite a while, and still is because there are a few others I just need to read. After reading a rather deeply emotional book, I needed to find something shorter to read, so obviously Jennifer came to mind. As soon as I saw the title of this book on Amazon, I just had to buy it. Curiosity got the better of me because I thought ‘is this about dating websites?’ ‘is this book about someone dreaming?’, I had no idea! That in itself made me excited. I like playing the guessing game with books because I no longer read the blurbs, I want to find out the information for myself. ‘I’m Virtually Yours’ was certainly no different. You’re probably thinking I am a tad on the odd bookish nerd side, but I can tell you one thing, after reading this particular book, I am SO glad that I go by the title and covers of books instead of the blurbs (mostly).

Polly is a ‘virtual assistant’. She works for clients without meeting them (or leaving her home office). However, the job that she was asked to do meant she had to leave her home and play detective for a boat business. There is one slight hindrance with that, Polly and boats do not mix well, especially when everything is not as it seems!

As soon as I found out Polly’s job, I wondered (and still do) how I could make that my job! (PS, if you know, do tell me!)
Polly is such a loveable character, she comes across in the story as such a down to earth person. I must admit that I did warm to her straight away! As the story unfolds it’s quite clear my original guess about the book is completely way off mark, and I’m glad because it had considerably more oomph to it than my guess. ‘I’m Virtually Yours’ is a novella (short story), and it is ideal if you fancy something to read that isn’t too heavy, but has enough detail in it to keep you interested. I loved how the story was quite fast paced in terms of the storyline, but I am curious as to what happened after with Polly and the boats. They say romance happens when you least expect it. Jennifer Bohnet certainly hit the nail on the head with that, especially as Polly went to Devon to investigate the boats, NOT the boatmen.

Reading ‘I’m Virtually Yours’ has given me a taster of Jennifer’s writing style; which means I am now more excited to read the other books she has written. This novella is such a fun, light-hearted and warming read. I needed to read a book that let me get lost within its words..this book did just that. Such a pleasure to read.