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#Review! Holiday with the Mystery Italian by @EllieDarkins #HarlequinRomance @millsandboon


Since the accident that paralyzed him, Italian tycoon Mauro Evans vowed to embrace life. So when he stars in a dating show for charity, picking prickly journalist Amber Harris as the winner to take on holiday is a challenge he can’t resist!

In Amber’s experience, relationships equal pain, so she’s determined to ignore her attraction to charismatic Mauro. But his bravery and strength threaten to tear down her defences, giving her a new Christmas dreamringing in the New Year with wedding bells!

What does TWG think?

First of all, happy publication day to Ellie Darkins! Holiday with the Mystery Italian is available in e-book from today!

You know when you were a youngster and you’d see books that you really wanted to read, but they were classed as ‘forbidden’ reads? By forbidden I mean…books that probably wouldn’t have been suitable for a six-year-old to read. Curiosity is bound to peak, naturally. However, it only recently dawned on me that I am no longer a six year old, and that those books are no longer ‘forbidden’. Wahey!! As soon as Ellie Darkins mentioned her book, I caved. I just had to finally get my hands on one of these books!

I will describe this book in one word; FIRECRACKER. Seriously, someone turn down the heat cos I’m about to melt!
Despite Mauro’s life limitations, he just wants to enjoy his life and embrace it as much as he can. He has the opportunity to be part of a dating show for charity and he gives himself a challenge with a fusspot named Amber. The thing is, Amber doesn’t want to give into temptation so the harder she fights against it, the stronger the lust bangs on her door…

He likes her and she likes him, what’s the problem? WELL, seeing as one of the characters is like a walking check list of things she doesn’t want or like in a man, it proves rather difficult to marry Mauro and Amber off.
Yes, I spent most of the book going ‘oh come on, get it onnnnn!’, because you know, that’s totally what us adults do, ahem. They both seemed to enjoy the chase, but Amber seemed to be more set in her ways than Mauro, and took a while to warm up to the concept of embracing life.

The storyline itself was fabulous, cosy setting, sizzling attraction yet oodles of emotion. I didn’t have any idea what to expect before I read this book, but it most certainly surprised me in such a positive way. Not only was the storyline cosy, it was also really well written. I thought that the two characters antics came across as very realistic, relatable and not at all farfetched.

Even thought this book was the first ever Harlequin Romance I had ever read, after reading Ellie Darkins’ beautiful and spine tingling writing, it most definitely will not be my last book from this genre. Wowza.

Thank you Ellie.

Holiday with the Mystery Italian by Ellie Darkins, is available to buy now from Amazon

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@millsandboon author @EllieDarkins, talks about the ‘perfect ring’! @RNATweets #tuesnews

It’s very close to publication day for author Ellie Darkins and her latest release; Holiday with the Mystery Italian, courtesy of Mills and Boon! Ellie Darkins has written a guest post especially for TWG about choosing the perfect engagement ring. An important ring to choose…so I hear! I don’t know about you, but I am rather intrigued…

Choosing the perfect engagement ring
Ellie Darkins

One of my favouring things to do when I’m writing a brand new Happy Ever After is to think about what would make the perfect proposal and engagement ring for my heroine. I’m a diamond solitaire girl myself – classic, timeless, goes with anything. But I know that that’s not the choice that’s right for everyone. And then there are so many other things to consider for a proposal – does the hero buy the ring in advance, or pop the question without any forward planning? So, each of my happy couples, here’s what I consider!

Is the hero a planner?        

My husband definitely was. In fact, he put a good eight years of thought into deciding to propose (but that’s another story…). There was crafting involved in the ring box. Spontaneity wasn’t the order of the day, but he scored very high for effort! Some of my heroes have been planners, some haven’t. One hero was even proposed to by his very spontaneous heroine! In some ways, I think the more of a planner the hero is, the bigger risk he has to take. My BFF’s hubby was a planner and a researcher. Not only did he want to find the perfect diamond, he found a jeweller who used the same technique as is used to make samurai swords – so so perfect for my comic-loving friend. I was commandeered to provide advice on design and sizing, and – oh my goodness the pressure! Luckily, he got it totally spot on and she still loves her totally unique ring.

Is the heroine quite … particular?

Ahem, this may have applied to me (something to do with spending my teenage years working Saturdays in a jewellery shop). After all the planning and crafting, and eight years to think about it, my husband decided he wanted to choose our ring together. So my hand-made ring box held a placeholder ring, and then we had an amazing day out in the jewellery quarter of Birmingham, looking at tiny (and not so tiny!) diamonds displayed in glass cases and wrapped in folds of paper. Quite a few of my friends felt the same – if you’re going to wear something for the rest of your life, you better be sure that you like it! But a fair few of the others were in the opposite camp – they’d been surprised, loved what their other half had chosen, and were happy not to have the pressure of choosing something!

What makes their love story unique?

This is where I really get to have fun as a writer. For the sculptor hero in my second book, who worked mostly in wood, I knew that this had to influence the ring that he designed for his love. And for my latest hero and heroine, whose love was forged on the side of an active volcano, I knew that nothing short of a fire opal would capture the heat and the spark of their relationship. And as for how he proposes? You’ll have to read their story to find out!

How can anyone fall in love on the side of an ACTIVE volcano?! Surely that is enough to get anyone to read! If you feel like picking up the book when it is released on Thursday 1st December, here are a few more details as well as the all important buy link.

Thank you to Ellie Darkins for her glitzy guest post!



Since the accident that paralyzed him, Italian tycoon Mauro Evans vowed to embrace life. So when he stars in a dating show for charity, picking prickly journalist Amber Harris as the winner to take on holiday is a challenge he can’t resist!  In Amber’s experience, relationships equal pain, so she’s determined to ignore her attraction to charismatic Mauro. But his bravery and strength threaten to tear down her defenses, giving her a new Christmas dream—ringing in the New Year with wedding bells!

Buy from Amazon

About the author.

Ellie Darkins  writes heart-warming stories about falling in love, finding your soul mate and fighting hard to make real relationships work. The HEA is guaranteed, but nothing else along the way is. Expect to see surprise babies, breath-taking settings and alpha heroes by the bucketload. Plus steamy kisses, heaps of sensual tension, and fireworks just audible from behind a closed bedroom door.

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TWG’s Don’t-Snooze-You’ll-Lose Deal Day With….

TWG is back with another Don’t Snooze You’ll Lose deal day, and have I got something rather ‘chic’ for you!


See, I wasn’t even fibbing…it is ‘chic’! Rachel Dove has a belter of a bargain for you and you have approximately 27 days to make good use of that bargain!


Yes, you heard right! Rachel Dove’s DEBUT novel; ‘The Chic Boutique on Baker St’, is only 99p until the 31st August!
(Please note: the price could change at anytime without any prior notice, therefore the price may increase BEFORE the 31st August.)


‘Recently single and tired of the London rat race Amanda is determined to make her dreams of setting up an idyllic countryside boutique come true, and the picturesque village of West¬field is the perfect place to make a fresh start.

Local vet Ben is the golden boy of West¬field, especially to resident gossip Agatha Mayweather, who is determined to help Ben get his life back together after his wife left.

When a chance encounter outside the ‘chic boutique’ sets sparks flying between Amanda and Ben, Agatha is itching to set them up. But are Amanda and Ben really ready for romance?

The Chic Boutique on Baker Street is the debut novel from Rachel Dove, winner of The Prima Flirty Fiction Competition. You won’t be able to resist this heart-warming romantic story set in an idyllic Yorkshire village, full of lovable characters and laugh-out-loud moments…as Amanda finds her way to a second chance at life and love. This is the reading escape you’ve been looking for!’

It seems as though summer has left us for 2016, so you might as well make it warmer in your house with something flirty! You really do NOT want to snooze on this one because you really will lose out on a fabulous deal.

The Chic Boutique on Baker St by Rachel Dove, published by Mills & Boon, is available to purchase right now from Amazon UK.

You can keep up to date with Rachel via her Twitter and her Blog.