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This Christmas pantomime is about to be the talk of the town! Luna Bay’s festive preparations are well under way and the much anticipated annual pantomime is to be, once again, the highlight of the season. Too bad that the village’s very own actress and darling of Broadway, Alice Woods, isn’t feeling in the mood for Christmas.

Until the pantomime comes under threat and a grief-stricken Alice is forced to push her personal pain aside and step up to direct – after all, the show must go on..

So with (more than) a little help from her new found friends, not to mention one very gorgeous Hollywood A-list celebrity, the play begins to come together, but will Alice finally believe that Christmas is a time for miracles after all?

What does TWG think?

Silver bells, silver bells, soon it will be Christmas dayyyyyyy!! I seriously cannot be the only person to sing that song upon reading the title of the book! It’s my stop today, on the blog tour for Lynsey James’ festive read. Just like the other books in the Luna Bay series, it is a standalone so it can be read without reading the other books beforehand.

We are back with Alice in Luna Bay this Christmas and it seems as though it will take more than a mince pie and an elf, to get her into the Christmas spirit this year! The downside to not being in the Christmas spirit, is the fact it is made ten times worse as the rest of the town are channelling their inner Buddy from Elf whilst they arrange the villages pantomime. Will Alice stop being a Grinch? Or will Hollywood need to send an A-list celebrity to try to win her over?

The Silver Bells Christmas Pantomime is my favourite book of the Luna Bay series, hands down. The humour that jingles out of the book like a Christmas carol, is on point and gives the book a another dimension. Even though it was pretty clear that there would be some action under the mistletoe at some point within the storyline, it didn’t make me think any less of the book. Instead, it made me want to curl up with mulled wine (I hate mulled wine), and sing Santa Baby into my hairbrush. Yes, I’m odd, but Lynsey’s book brought out my Christmas spirit in more ways than one!

I thought that it was brilliant how Lynsey managed to incorporate a celebrity into the mix, making the pantomime stand out from the rest. I have never watched a pantomime, but if Alice and Luna Bay’s pantomime hit the stage locally, I would be there with bells on…silver ones!

Such a fun, majestic and truly festive read; The Silver Bells Christmas Pantomime will have you curled up on the sofa with a box of chocolates on your lap, this book in hand and a double CD of Christmas songs playing in the background.

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day if Lynsey’s book was part of the deal. Fabulous!

Thank you HQDigitalUK, Lynsey James and NeverlandBT!

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About the author.

Lynsey James was born in Fife in 1991 and has been telling people how to spell her name ever since. She’s an incurable bookworm who loves nothing more than getting lost in a good story with memorable characters. She started writing when she was really young and credits her lovely Grandad- and possibly a bump on the head from a Mr Frosty machine- with her love of telling stories. She used to write her own episodes of Friends and act them out in front of her family (in fact she’s sure she put Ross and Rachel together first!)

A careers adviser at school once told Lynsey writing wasn’t a “good option” and for a few years, she believed her. She tried a little bit of everything, including make-up artistry, teaching and doing admin for a chocolate fountain company. The free chocolate was brilliant. When Lynsey left my job a couple of years ago, she started writing full-time while she looked for another one. As soon as she started working on her story, Lynsey fell in love and decided to finally pursue her dream. She haven’t looked back since.

When Lynsey‘s not writing, eating cake or drinking tea, she’s daydreaming about the day Dylan O’Brien FINALLY realises they’re meant to be together. It’ll happen one day…

Author Links: Twitter | Facebook | Blog

Lynsey James, you’re FAB ‘Just The Way You Are’!

‘Just The Way You Are’ by Lynsey James.
Published 8th May 2015 by Carina UK.
Available to buy from Amazon UK.

Dear Ava,
How do you start writing a letter to someone, six years after breaking their heart? 
Ava is unlucky in love as well as in life. The new office bitch has landed the dating column Ava wanted, and she can’t remember the last time she had a second date. It’s a good thing she has best friends Max and Gwen to pick up the pieces.
Deep down, Ava knows the reason why one date never turns into two – she’s in love with someone else. Someone she’s never even met.
It all started six years ago, with a letter from a secret admirer, Mr Writer… but then they suddenly stopped and Ava was heartbroken.
Now the letters have started again and Ava knows it could mean winning back the dating column at work. This time she’s determined to unmask Mr Writer… and find out once and for all if he’s Mr Right or Mr Very Definitely Wrong!’

It is incredibly surreal when an author you’re aware of, messages you and asks you to review their books as they love your blog! When I received a message from Lynsey James asking me to do just that, I was a tad stunned. Thank you Lynsey!

Most of you will know by now that I like incorporating songs into my posts. I mean, who doesn’t like a good sing song? But, Lynsey’s title of her book has done the song for me, instead of reading the cover, I sang it! Well, don’t I sound weird now….ahem!

Anyway, moving on!
Have you ever dreamt about your ideal partner? Imagined what they would look like, act like, hobbies and so on? But what would you do if you were head over heels for a special someone and you haven’t even met them, but you have been in contact with them?
Sounds a bit like AOL chat room meeting Tinder doesn’t it? But it can happen. Apparently.

Ava has a fear. A fear that has made her stop in her tracks and question her judgement. No, I’m not talking about spiders either. Rejection. Because of her fear, she doesn’t want to put herself out that and wear her heart on her sleeve. But one day, after six years of quiet, she realises the mysterious letters have started again. Will Ava finally be able to wear her heart on her sleeve and allow herself to be loved? Or will Ava get rejected all over again? People say that love comes when you least expect it, but what if it has been there all along?

Not only does Ava have mysterious letters to contend with, she has the office bint to contend with too. You must have come across the sort; nasty, brown noser, up their own backside so much that it turns into a hat, you know, THOSE people. Although to be ‘fair’, they often come across different headings and not just ‘office bint’. Ava can never do anything right in her job it seems. Not only is she frightened of getting left behind and hurt, she’s battling with her confidence at work. Can see why she is a tad miffed just now eh!

Ava has her two best friends though, Gwen and Max. The two people who know her better than anyone else. I quite enjoyed reading about their friendship. Came across as such a strong bond. Given the nature of the storyline, I kept changing my mind as to whether I knew where it was heading. One minute I knew, the next I was back on the fence as part of the story swerved my decision. The typical ‘it can’t be, can it?’ thoughts, except I said mine out loud. Geez I get too involved in books ha!

All three main characters; Ava, Gwen and Max made some stupid mistakes, I did get quite annoyed with their actions and I punished them by not liking them for a few minutes. Maturity at its finest! I did enjoy reading ‘Just The Way You Are’. It was a fun distraction from my problems and I definitely needed something very slushy to read. Slushy is a compliment by the way. By slushy, I mean romantic…and the fact that the ending made me cry. Oh, did I say that it was slushy soppiness? By crying whilst reading this book I definitely wore my heart on my sleeve, but seeing as the book kept on giving, I definitely wasn’t scared of any rejection.