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#BlogTour! #Review – The Christmas Cafe at Seashell Cove by Karen Clarke (@karenclarke123)

After seeing loads of pretty Christmas decorations in a shop today, I am very much in the Christmas spirit, just in time to review Karen Clarke’s newest novel. Thank you to Bookouture for the blog tour invite and the ARC. Here is my review:

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the café at Seashell Cove, where there’s hot chocolate to keep you warm – and the man of your dreams could be waiting…

Interior designer Tilly Campbell loves being carefree and single. But her latest job is redecorating the cosy local café for a Christmas party, and when her friends confess their plans for the big night – including a proposal, a declaration of love and a pregnancy announcement – Tilly starts to wonder if she might be missing out…

Transforming the café into a winter wonderland is more of a challenge than she thought, so when she bumps into gorgeous newcomer Seth, Tilly welcomes the distraction. Seth is a single father, struggling to settle his son Jack into their new cottage, and Tilly is determined to help them make their house into a home in time for Christmas.

But with the café still in chaos just days before the party it looks like it’s going to be a Christmas to remember for all the wrong reasons… With friends old and new relying on her, can Tilly save the Christmas party?

And could she finally find love waiting for her under the mistletoe?

What does TWG think?

It feels like ages since I was last in Seashell Cove! I was so excited to catch up with all of the characters and find out what they have been up to since I last ‘saw’ them. At first I didn’t recognise the place, probably because I half expected to be back with Meg as the main character. It was wonderful to see snippets of her story live on in this one though, that’s for sure.

I did find the book to be a little of a slow starter as I took a while to warm up to Tilly, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the overall vibe of the book. Once I got further into the storyline, my opinion of Tilly changed and I found myself warming to her like marshmallows to a fire. How the hell she put up with her sister, Bridget, without committing a murder is beyond me!! Romy, Bridget’s little girl, had me in hysterics! She reminded so much of my own little girl. If only we all went through life without a care in the world like children!!

Tilly is a very independent character who is so set on doing things for other people, she sometimes forgets just how much one person can hold on their shoulders. Fortunately for her, newcomer, Seth, helps her see otherwise. As for his mother though, geezzzzzz!!!!!! I don’t get why he didn’t stand up to his mother! I know that Felicity wanted to do right by her grandson, but surely she must have realised that alienating him wouldn’t be the answer?

Even though this is a Christmassy book, the festive theme isn’t overpowering for those who dislike Christmas in October. I do think that as festivities were an apparent part of the book, that there should have been more oomph with it. That said, Gwen’s antics with the Christmas pudding kept Christmas on the map.

All in all, The Christmas Cafe at Seashell Cove kept me thoroughly entertained from start to finish, with Romy being my star at the top of the Christmas tree. I really do hope we get to see more from the gang in Seashell Cove, as I can’t wait to find out what else others are hiding! A fun, light hearted and addictive read – a great follow up novel in an already fabulous series.

Buy now!

About the author.

Karen is the author of the popular BEACHSIDE and SEASHELL COVE series of romantic comedies, published by Bookouture. 

She’s also written three romcoms with a paranormal twist, all available to download

When she’s not working on her novels, Karen writes short stories for women’s magazines and has had over three hundred published globally. Some of them can be read in her short story collection ‘BEHIND CLOSED DOORS…and other Tales with a Twist’ 

Karen lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband and three grown-up children, and when she’s not writing loves reading, walking, baking and eating cake.


Author Social Media Links: 





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#BlogTour! #Review – The Little Christmas Teashop of Second Chances by Donna Ashcroft (@donnashc) @Bookouture

I am thrilled to be able to share my thoughts of Donna Ashcroft’s latest novel with you all today, as I host today’s stop on the blog tour! Huge thanks, as always, to bookouture for the blog tour invite and the ARC. Here is my review:

Snow is beginning to fall around the cosy Castle Teashop, with its toasty log fire, scrumptious mince pies and delicious hot chocolates. Romance is in the air and Lily King is hoping some winter magic will help to make her dreams come true…

Twenty-five-year-old Lily King is wondering when her life is going to start. She adores working at the much-loved Castle Teashop, surrounded by familiar faces and delicious cakes. But she’s stuck in a rut. She’s just been dumped by her boyfriend and her dream job seems to be slipping through her fingers.

When her best friend Emily Campbell needs urgent help to organise her enchanting Christmas wedding, Lily realises it’s finally her moment to shine and reach for the opportunities she’s been wishing for. Can she pull off the biggest celebration Castle Cove has ever seen or will something – or someone – make things more complicated than she imagined?

Rebellious and handsome photographer Josh Havellin-Scott has always felt like an outsider, especially next to his perfect older brother, who is about to get married. At the last minute, Josh finds himself roped into plans for the Big Day, the very last thing he wants to do, until he is meets creative and quirky Lily King…

When Lily and Josh are thrown together, it’s clear they couldn’t be more different. But they begin to realise that opposites can attract – and sometimes when you’re not looking for love, it comes and finds you when you least expect it. With some festive magic, will they manage to work together and save the day?

And could they discover a winter romance of their very own along the way?

What does TWG think?

Oh my mince pies, could this book BE anymore fabulous?!?! I really did enjoy the first book in the series, but I have to say that this festive delight is something else! I was hooked from the very beginning, intrigued about Lily’s personal past as well as what made Josh tick. Yes, Josh is one of those characters who you should instantly dislike due to his arrogant nature, however I couldn’t help but be taken under his spell almost straight away. How the holly and ivy Lily managed to be immune to his charms for a little while was beyond me!

Even though this story is full of tantalising, stomach rumbling treats and friendships to last a life time, the thing that got right under my skin in such a beautiful manner , was the cleverly incorporated ‘hidden’ theme which made me relate to Lily on such a deep level. Take it from me, we have all felt as though we aren’t good enough, and I am sure we have always ensured other people were happy before ourselves. And, I am also sure that a lot of us have put our emotions aside and done something because of someone else, ignoring our own personal feelings about the situation. Yes? Of course we have – we are human. It’s not until you sit back and think about it or, in this case, read it in black and white, that you realise you have been living your life in the way that other people would prefer you to. Before anyone says anything, I know that it is our choice as to how we live our own life, but sometimes emotions get the better of us, just like Lily’s in this book.

Lily’s situation caught me off guard, despite seeing some of myself in the character. Weirdly, it was quite emotional. I also think that a certain family member of Lily’s needs to get caught by some holly and ivy. What a bleeping bleep bleep they are!!

I absolutely loved this book from reading about the yummy treats, to following the characters around as they plan nuptials, to watching Lily and Josh’s journey play out. Donna Ashcroft’s novel is such a feel good, life affirming, huggable and touching novel which will leave you wanting to plan your own nuptials to Josh. He’s definitely my sort of guy! Why are all the good ones fictional?!?! Pfft.

Honestly though, this book gave me the feels and I couldn’t have wished for anything more as Donna Ashcroft ticked every single box. In my eyes, she is now the Mrs Claus of Christmas reads.

Buy now!

About the author.

Donna Ashcroft was born in London and grew up in Buckinghamshire. She went to university in Lancashire and, among other things, worked as a copywriter, buyer, waitress, secretary and marketing manager. 

Donna wrote novels for over ten years before being published. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and was a joint winner of the Katie Fforde Bursary in 2017. 
Donna loves a happy ending and is never happier than when she’s escaping into a romance novel or movie. When she’s not reading or writing she’ll probably be found hoovering … or negotiating with her teenagers about who is doing the washing up.

Author Social Media Links: 




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#Review – Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings by Wendy Holden (@Wendy_Holden) @HoZ_Books


First in a laugh-out-loud new series that fans of The Devil Wears Prada, Bridget Jones and Sophie Kinsella will love!

She’ll need a triple-barrelled name for the castle one.
She’ll need a gallon of glitter for the woodland one.
She’ll need a lobster-shaped hat for the Shoreditch one.

Laura Lake longs to be a journalist. Instead she’s an unpaid intern at a glossy magazine – sleeping in the fashion cupboard and living on canapés. But she’s just got her first big break: infiltrate three society weddings and write a juicy exposé.

Security will be tighter than a bodycon dress, but how hard can it be? Cue disappearing brides, demanding socialites – and a jealous office enemy who will do anything to bring her down…

What does TWG think?

Have you ever finished watching ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and thought to yourself; ‘oh I WISH the producers did a re-boot of this film or created something just as brilliant!’? Does that sound familiar? After all, EVERYONE loves ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Never fear though…


Oh em geeeeee, SQUEAL!!! As soon as I saw the cover of this novel, I just knew I had to get my mitts on a copy. As soon as I began reading this novel, I knew straight away that my phone would no longer be looked at, my t.v would turn itself off because I’ve left it on its own AND my cup of tea would go stone cold. Why? Errrrrr because I wasn’t lifting my head up or diverting my attention from THIS book unless it was a life or death situation….or I needed to pee. Same thing though, right?

Laura Lake’s lifelong dream is to become a journalist, rubbing shoulders with oh-so-fabulous celebrities; but instead she is in Paris, taking part in an art installation thingy-me-jig with a stranger named, Caspar. Oh the things you do when you need extra cash! Laura soon realises that journalism opportunities are few and far between in Paris, and that London is clearly the way to go. However, there’s one slight problem, Laura doesn’t want to leave her extravagant grandmother, Mimi. You only live once, right?

I LOVE Mimi! She is extravagance at its finest and she could totally give everyone a lesson in LIVING. As for Laura Lake herself, well, can I PURLEASEEEE have her as my new BFF?! She is absolutely HILARIOUS! What I found even more funny was how her antics were considered to be ‘the norm’ for her personality, yet to us ‘boring’ outsiders, she appeared to be absolutely bonkers. I mean, seriously, she had nowhere to live so set up camp in the fashion cupboard?! Brilliant idea nonetheless but still! I could just imagine her lying there, getting up for work the next morning and just saunter into the office flicking her hair, acting like she had started work hours before anyone else. Well, technically she did…I think?

I actually don’t think I stopped laughing whilst reading about Laura’s antics. The fact she came face to face with an enemy from her past, was somewhat predictable yet I couldn’t wait for the sparks to fly. It was clear that Wendy Holden wasn’t going to bypass the opportunity to allow her characters to get their claws out and play dirty, and what a genius addition to the storyline.

There was SO much happening in this book yet I didn’t find the storyline too busy or hard to follow. In fact it flowed really well; there was enough grit, fireworks, humour and controversial situations to keep me going until dinner time!

Wendy Holden has written my kind of book to an absolute T. It has humour. It has flirting. It has weird and wonderful characters with incredibly large personalities, and AWESOME names. It has ‘bonkers’ written right through the storyline like a stick of rock. It is absolutely fantastic.

I read Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings one night when I needed to laugh like I’ve never laughed before, to escape from my daily hell for longer than ten minutes, be transported to a place where only ‘bonkers’ and ‘bizarre live’; Wendy Holden’s novel did that for me. I cannot recommend this book enough and I REALLY want the next book, er, now please? Thank you very much!

A hilarious giggle-fest from the very first page, Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings is THE book to read and enjoy without even hiding it as a ‘guilty pleasure’.
Pleasure? Yes. Guilty? Hell no!!

Thank you Head of Zeus!!

Buy now from Amazon UK

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#BlogTour! #Review – Evie’s Year of Taking Chances by @ChristieJBarlow @Bookouture

It’s Evie’s birthday and the start of a year she’ll never forget. An emotional story of love, friendship and grabbing life by the horns.
Evie’s job has always been her safe haven. As a librarian in the little town of Becton she loses herself in books – after all it’s far easier to read about other people’s problems than set about solving her own.

Then, one birthday, everything is turned upside down. A mysterious parcel containing a beautiful book with a poignant inscription arrives for Evie. It’s the beginning of a new chapter for Evie and she’s inspired to try and find her real mother. 

Evie’s search leads her to meet handsome author Noah Jones. Charming and intelligent, Noah seems the perfect catch but what Evie doesn’t realise is that he is hiding something – a key to Evie’s past. 

As Evie gets closer to Noah and discovering her mother, she must take a giant leap of faith. Can she embrace the new and make this her year of taking chances? And if she does, will she get her heart broken?

A romantic, funny and poignant story of living life to the full and finding love in the most unlikely of places. Fans of Debbie Johnson and Cathy Bramley will adore this book!

What does TWG think?

Er, why is Mrs Barlow JUST popping her TWG cherry?! I am disgusted with myself for not having Mrs B on my blog before now! Forgive me? Good! Thrilled to be a stop on Christie’s blog tour today with a review of her new release, Evie’s Year of Taking Chances. Enjoy!

Have you ever fallen in love with a book very early on in the storyline? I don’t mean ‘fallen in love’ as in you love the book, giggle, close the book, giggle and put it away. No. I mean falling head over heels in love with the front cover, the characters, the setting; all before you’ve gotten to the nitty gritty moments? Yes? Well, I have, and thanks to Christie Barlow, it was her book that made it happen.

First of all the main character, Evie, is a librarian which means that most of the storyline is set surrounded by books. Er hello, heaven! Second of all, Evie has such a warm personality and a huge heart, it was a bit difficult to do anything except LOVE her. I just wanted to hug her as she came across as such a fragile soul, and with her past in mind it’s no wonder why she is fragile. Evie’s birth mother gave her up soon after she was born, meaning that Evie was taken in and loved by a second mother, with no idea who or where her biological mother was.

There was something incredibly special about this entire novel, it felt as though the storyline was a game of pass the parcel and underneath each layer sat something rather beautiful. For me, Evie was the star of the show with her adopted mum a close second. Everywhere either of them went, they were able to light up the area or someone’s face by doing very little. Their personalities just gave off that vibe; people like that are like gold dust.

I’m struggling with my words here, apologies. I can’t find the right words for how this book made me feel, but I really am trying my best.

Reading Christie’s novel had me laughing like a hyena one moment, and then ugly crying the next. The humour that oozed from this book was incredible, so natural, unforced and extremely on point. Don’t get me wrong there were a couple of moments where my laughter was due to proper cringy moments (yet oh so fabulous!).

I really felt as though I got to see various different sides to Christie in terms of her writing ability. Within the space of a chapter she had created an emotional moment which also had a smidge of humour attached to it, as well as keeping the flow of the storyline intact and perfect. How many authors could be so diverse in one chapter, yet still keep the momentum? Absolutely incredible.

Now, I tried to be a brave girly whilst reading this novel. I had told myself that I wouldn’t cry as I was aware it had already made several people rather teary, so I gave myself a kick up the bottom and told myself to be brave. Ha ha ha…yeah I can see that worked well! Christie Barlow!!!! What did you do to me woman! I was blubbering like a baby yet I wasn’t the one going through everything like Evie was! Absolutely beautifully written and such poignancy in regards to such a sensitive subject; I had even more respect for the author after that.

I am in awe of ‘Evie’s Year of Taking Chances’ and Christie Barlow’s outstanding delivery of an emotionally charged, humorous storyline which became the home to a family of such warmth and depth. Every small detail, every emotion, every action and  every description were written flawlessly. I wasn’t just reading about characters going through heart breaking moments and walking the path of love, no; I was feeling every single emotion alongside those characters.

Reading ‘Evie’s Year of Taking Chances’ felt like being on the receiving end of a warm, safe embrace from an extremely good friend. Full of heart ache, true friendships, love, respect and enough books to last you…..several months; Christie Barlow has written such a beautiful and poignant novel which will keep your heart full from the first page, until the last, whilst highlighting the importance of believing in yourself.

Utterly spellbinding (even if it did take me ages to stop ugly crying!), Evie and her friends are now included in my list of most favourite books, EVER.
Christie Barlow, you are a fantastic, fantastic author.

Thank you Bookouture.

Buy now from Amazon UK
Buy now from Amazon US

About the author

Christie Barlow was born in Cheshire and had a successful career as a civil servant until she decided to trade it in for something more glamorous: ironing, mucking out chickens and horses and chasing a mad cocker spaniel while rearing four children. Christie wrote her debut novel, A Year in the Life of a Playground Mother, as an example to her kids about realising their dreams.


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#Publicationday #Review for ‘Girl 99’ by Andy Jones (@andyjonesauthor) #humour


When Tom’s girlfriend walks out on him the day before Christmas, he feels humiliated but not necessarily heartbroken. Sadie wasn’t, after all, The One. If we’re being precise, she was number eighty-five.

And so, for reasons that are only mostly wrong, Tom embarks on a mission to bring his number of encounters up to a nice neat one hundred.

Over the course of his quest he sleeps with a colleague, a colleague of a friend, a friend of a friend, a friend of a friend’s wife, the estate agent selling his flat and several more besides.

Everything is going, if not well, then at least according to plan…and then Tom meets Verity. Whether she’s The One remains to be seen, but she’s certainly more than just another number.

What does TWG think?

You’ve no doubt heard males (sorry guys) talking with their mates about ‘notches on bedposts’, right? Maybe females have their own phrasing where their sexual endeavours are concerned, who knows? After all, I’ve always been led to believe that it’s a high-five kinda thing for guys to up their notches on their bedpost. Although notches, or even lists; they’re pretty much the same thing aren’t they? A lot of people have lists for their weekly shopping; Tom has a list for his sexual endeavours, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon!

As a female, my first impression of Tom was – chauvinistic. He seemed to enjoy women as merely an object; an object to satisfy his needs before he dipped his wick elsewhere. However, whenever it comes to males getting their end away and celebrating multiple, or even triple figured amount of conquests, as outsiders, we only get to see one side. The ‘manwhore’ side, also known as a first impression; pretty much like mine. It took me a little while to rid my mind of my initial thoughts on Tom and his antics, I’m not going to lie. That said, being able to delve a little deeper into Tom’s emotions made me stop and think ‘HEY! This dude DOES have feelings’, and that he doesn’t always need to think with his man bits where females are concerned.

Tom’s best friend was pushy yet hilarious. If he wasn’t going through his own hurdles in life, I highly doubt that he would get away with half of what his character did. I did find the best friend moments a little heart breaking I must admit. Well, when I wasn’t spitting my cuppa out due to laughter, obviously.

As I reached the halfway point of the novel, I began to relax and enjoy the storyline for what it was; one of a kind. There were moments throughout the storyline when I felt a teensy bit warm and needed to loosen my collar. HINT: definitely not a book to show your grandma, just saying. Some may say that the book was quite predictable; I’m not one of those! Tom first came across as such a manly man, full of sexual confidence whilst being incredibly blasé about it; as the storyline went on he grew a pair (not that he needed any extra help), and learnt what love was all about. That’s why, for me, the predictable factor didn’t even come into it.

As a tale of antics between the sheets and a bedpost full of notches to rival Hugh Heffner, Girl 99 is quite simply a novel like no other. Full of tongue in cheek moments, racy antics and plenty of humour; Andy Jones has written a book that will get everyone talking. Girl 99 is full of life; what with its modern-day twist quite similar to the well-known film; Thoroughly Modern Millie. Naughty but rather nice, Girl 99 is most definitely in a league of its own; alongside Tom of course.

Thank you to the author & Netgalley.

Buy ‘Girl 99’ from Amazon

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#Review! My Sweet Revenge by @JaneFallon @penguinUKbooks @penguinrandom



I want to make my husband fall back in love with me.

Let me explain. This isn’t an exercise in 1950s wifeydom. I haven’t been reading articles in old women’s magazines. ‘Twenty ways to keep your man’. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I want him to fall back in love with me so that when I tell him to get the hell out of my life he’ll care. He won’t just think, ‘Oh good’.

I want it to hurt.

Paula has had Robert’s back since they got together as drama students.
She gave up her dreams so he could make it.
Now he’s one of the nation’s most popular actors.
And Paula’s just discovered he’s having an affair.

She’s going to remind Robert just what he’s sacrificing.
And then she’s going to break his heart like he broke hers.
It will be her greatest acting role ever.

Revenge is sweet.
Isn’t it?

What does TWG think?

Your wife/husband has been cheating on you; how do you feel? Of course, you’re going to be fuming, devastated and so on. Would you confront them about it? Or would you be badass and seek revenge?! Well, Paula has found out that her world is about the crumble (pretty much rivalling the amount of crumble on a good ol’ apple crumble to be honest); but instead of getting in his face and turning the air around them rather colourful, she is taking matters into her own hands.

The thing is, millions of people have been cheated on and continue to do so for reasons that are only known to themselves. Jane Fallon knows that, that is probably why she took one of the most relatable, soul-destroying and realistic situations and severely owned it.
Have you been cheated on? I have, multiple times. It was the most confidence shattering experience ever; an unforgettable experience if you will. Never mind self-help books, I needed a book like this!!! Writing novels, you have the ability to make people do things that you probably wouldn’t do yourself, yet some other books that contain situations similar to this one, have the characters doing what us readers would do ourselves.

Instead, Jane Fallon has created a badass, sassy and phenomenal main character who does the complete opposite. She seeks revenge! Paula is officially my heroine, she totally needs to be made into a super hero character! Sorry, going off subject. Anyway. The steps that Paula takes to turn her heartbreaking situation around are very bold, very daring, very ‘oh my god you’re doing what?!’, yet unbelievably brilliant. A couple of times throughout the book, I did wonder whether Paula was acting slightly childish with the tit for tat and wanting to ‘get him back’ so to speak. However, that swiftly became a thing of the past the more that Robert annoyed me.

There is A LOT to take in with ‘My Sweet Revenge’ and you do need to keep extra focused in case you do miss out on any vital information, but oh my goodness it is SO worth it! The storyline to’s and fro’s, changes direction multiple times but it really is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat in anticipation.

Jane Fallon has exceeded my expectations with her latest novel, especially as her sharp humour is on point from start to finish. I thought Paula was a clever heroine but Jane Fallon has taken that role over!

My Sweet Revenge is a book that will have you crying, laughing, forming a group of solidarity with a woman who is only alive on paper, and realising that it IS okay to put your foot down and own a situation.
Absolute brilliant read; I definitely recommend this as your not-so-guilty secret. Girlpower!

Thank you Penguin, Netgalley & Jane Fallon.

‘My Sweet Revenge’ is available to buy now from Amazon.

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#Review! The Year of Saying Yes Part 1 by Hannah Doyle (@HannahShowbiz) @Headlinepg


The first of four exclusive part-serialisations of THE YEAR OF SAYING YES by Hannah Doyle.

Dear Readers

It’s drizzling outside, which totally matches my #currentmood. Pigs in blankets, all the mince pies and a festive Baileys or five are distant memories. You know the drill – it’s January. Everyone’s banning booze (terrible idea) or cutting carbs (impossible). To add to the misery pile, my plans to seduce the man of my dreams at the stroke of midnight flopped spectacularly.

I’m Izzy. I don’t just need a New Year resolution, I need a whole new life. And I need YOU. My dreary life is about to get a total makeover – it’s my ‘Year of Saying Yes’. And this is where you come in. It’s up to you to #DareIzzy. I’m saying yes to your challenges, no matter how nuts, adventurous or wild they are. The sky’s the limit – I’m at your mercy, readers!

Wish me luck. I have a feeling I’m going to need it.


Izzy x

What does TWG think?

Brand new year and what better way to kick off 2017 on TWG than with a review of ‘The Year of Saying Yes’ but debut author, Hannah Doyle! Millions of people probably gave themselves New Years resolutions in the run up to 2017, whilst several million people probably knew that they would break the resolutions in the first few hours (so didn’t even bother). Although, there may be some of you reading this now, who constantly give themselves a list of ‘don’ts’ for a brand new year.
For example:
Don’t eat too much.
Don’t drink too much.
Don’t stay up too late.
Don’t be too trusting.

Sound familiar? If you’re nodding, the ‘don’t’ list is quite popular. Take Izzy for example; she constantly gives herself tough boundaries which often cause more stress than they’re worth. I mean, what’s an extra vodka martini between friends? So, one morning at work, Izzy’s brain and mouth didn’t feel like talking to each other and she pretty much dug herself a hole with her own PERSONAL idea. Thing is, it’s no longer personal. It’s everywhere. It’s Izzy’s year of saying YES… dares sent in by her readers. Brave….very, brave!

Hannah Doyle’s new book is part of a series with each part being released individually. Now, I first spotted the #yessquad on Instagram and I knew straight away that I had to say yes to whatever it was about, but I was too late..sniff. However, I finally got hold of a copy of the book and at 4% in, I was already laughing out loud and snorting. Sexy, I know, but true. If 4% of a book could make me laugh so much in such a small amount of time, it’s a keeper. Luckily though, the other 96% of the book just kept getting better, and before I knew it, the blasted thing had ended!! Seeing as the book is split into parts, it does mean each individual part is relatively short (meaning you speed through it like a bunny eating a carrot and wonder why it’s ended so quickly).

Despite the incredible humour, the book is centred around a fabulous idea. We constantly say ‘no’ to things if they’re out of our comfort zone, or brand new to us, as we are often too afraid to just go for it in fear of our own opinions (and others). What IS so bad about saying YES? Don’t get me wrong, some of the things that Izzy got dared to do, were even out of my comfort zone by miles. However, good on her for going for it!

I CANNOT wait to see what Izzy gets up to next in part 2 (out January 12th). Hannah Doyle is definitely one to watch for 2017, especially as this is definitely a book to say YES to!

Part One of The Year of Saying Yes is available right now from Amazon UK!

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#Review of Who Does He Think He Is? by @EmilyKerrWrites @crookedcatbooks #publicationday



Lady Aurelia Osbourne-Lloyd has long wished her bank balance was as big as her name. But her home, Leydale Park, is more of a pile in a state than stately pile, and with her father off ‘finding himself’ in Thailand, it’s up to her to turn the family fortunes around by entertaining demanding tourists.

When – thanks to her father’s interference – a Hollywood production company chooses the estate as a location for a Regency movie, a whole new level of chaos enters Aurelia’s life. Her quiet days shattered and privacy non-existent, she has no choice but to go with the flow and let them take over.

Never mind the added distraction of dishy leading man, Xander Lord, who may have an ulterior motive for wanting to get close to her…

Can Aurelia keep her cool in light of all the upheaval?

What does TWG think?

I would like to start by saying a HUGE congratulations to Emily Kerr, as today is the publication day for her debut novel, ‘Why does he think he is?’! How exciting!
I noticed the cover of the book straight away as it began to do its rounds on Twitter a few weeks ago. OF COURSE I made a lot of noise about it. Who wouldn’t? I must have shouted really loudly as Emily contacted me asking if I would review her book! After I did a little dance around the living room in my Minnie Mouse pjs (don’t laugh), I got settled with her book.

Due to the little clues on the cover, there is a little bit of ‘lights, camera, ACTION’ going on in the storyline which gave me a few giggles along the way. What I didn’t expect though, was for the storyline to go from a Hollywood buzz to a stately home needing funds. I’m not complaining in the slightest as it was impressive seeing the storyline change so effortlessly. One moment we were being taken on a tour and surrounded by historical features, and the next we were seeing how the other half live on a film set! Honestly, you won’t be bored reading this book as there is so much going on. It’s the right amount of hustle and bustle for a book, if that makes sense?

Not only that, by golly is there a few colourful characters in this novel! I am not going to say who as that will spoil the surprise! Lets just say that they’re FABULOUS and hilarious and have a few things up their sleeves. The only thing that irked me was that I felt like a couple of the characters were lacking purpose. Don’t get me wrong, they seemed nice enough, but they just didn’t seem to be beneficial to the story. Again, I won’t say who they are as it is my personal opinion about the book and not a negative point towards the author.

‘Who Does He Think He Is?’ is a laugh out loud, warming tale that highlights the importance of the word ‘believe’. Emily has written such a timid main character who, thanks to path she has to walk down, learns to believe in what has been under her nose the whole time. It’s hard to believe that this is a debut novel so hats off to Emily Kerr and her book full of giggles.

Thank you Emily!

Who Does He Think He Is? is out NOW to buy from Amazon UK

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#Review of Miss Wrong and Mr Right by Robert Bryndza (@RobertBryndza) @Bookouture


‘This is men,’ said Gran. ‘When they vant you, but you don’t vant them, they stay. But let them know you vant them, they no longer need you, and they go! It’s like that movie, Nanny McPhee.’

Natalie Love has worked hard to have it all. She runs a successful London theatre that’s about to host one of Hollywood’s leading stars, Ryan Harrison. She’s pretty sure she’s found her man in yoga boyfriend Benjamin, despite his annoying habit of saying Namaste! every time he speaks. And her eccentric, glamorous Hungarian gran is always on hand to offer sage advice and steaming bowls of goulash.

Life in the bright lights of London has always been Natalie’s escape from her chaotic family in rural Devon and Jamie, the childhood sweetheart she left at the altar fifteen years ago. Until he turns up at her theatre door…

Jamie is in town producing a West End show and with rivalry suddenly clouding old feelings, this isn’t quite the reunion Natalie was expecting.

Will Benjamin prove to be Natalie’s perfect match? With Ryan turning her head, Natalie is more confused than ever. And what about Jamie – could he be her second chance at first love?

What does TWG think?

A lot of you may have heard of, or read, Robert Bryndza’s books, and if you haven’t I want to know why! Mr B seems to be one of THE most talked about authors right now so given the fact I hadn’t picked up one of his books to read, until now, I just HAD to find out whether Mr B could tick TWG’s boxes with his latest release, Miss Wrong and Mr Right.

Ever since Natalie got taken to London with her up and coming, sassy gran; the city became her safety net and her ‘go to’ place. After all, she left her groom at the altar when she was a teen, she had to run somewhere! Since arriving in London, Natalie has made a name for herself within the theatre community and is loving every minute of it. For now..

The book begins by throwing readers into the middle of Natalie’s life with her boyfriend, Benjamin. Ahhhh Benjamin…what an utter…cactus! It only took me a few sentences to dislike him! He was so far up his own toosh that he ended up creating new yoga poses! Honestly, I’m not judgemental (overly), but he was something else. Good on Mr B for creating a character that had such an effect on me though, admittedly not the greatest effect, but I do enjoy books where there are marmite characters.

‘Miss Wrong and Mr Right’ most definitely was a book that kept on giving. The storyline never stopped, characters grew in front of my very eyes and drama went up a notch every chapter. Every where that Natalie went, drama followed her like a little lost puppy, as did pigeons. But, seeing as it would be mean of me to include spoilers in my review, you will need to read the book to find out why!

Even though I enjoyed the storyline immensely, I did find the Ryan situation to go on a bit too long. I would have loved to read more of gran’s one liners and on point humour. It’s safe to say that gran became my all time favourite character within the book. That woman has a lot of gusto. She is brilliant and added so much to the storyline with her presence. Such a gold dust character. Hilarious.

So, did Mr B tick TWG’s boxes with this book? Of course he did! Miss Wrong and Mr Right is such a fun, light-hearted yet quirky read, full of drama and humour. I can honestly say that you will never be bored just as long as this particular book is on your lap. It’s bonkers, it’s brilliant and it’s another smashing hit from Mr Bryndza. I am rather looking forward to seeing what he releases next in this genre, maybe gran will get her own spin-off book!

Thank you Bookouture.

Miss Wrong and Mr Right by Robert Bryndza, published by Bookouture, will be released on the 8th December 2016. You can pre-order/order your copy right now from Amazon

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#Review of ‘Mad Love’ by Nick Spalding (@NickSpalding) #LakeUnionPublishing #humour


Can two people who have never met make a marriage work? Popular dating site Sociality thinks so, and is marrying London lad Adam to California girl Jessica to prove it.

What better way to show that your ‘love algorithms’ work than to put two complete strangers together in an expensive publicity stunt? But, as livewire Jess and lazybones Adam quickly discover, just because a computer says you’re the perfect match, it doesn’t make it so!

Two million Sociality subscribers and the media are following the happy couple’s progress, and they have to make a go of it or they’ll lose everything, look like idiots, and destroy Sociality’s reputation. But can the mismatched pair, who seem to be constantly at each other’s throats, put their differences aside and work their way into each other’s hearts?

Nick Spalding, bestselling author of Fat Chance and Bricking It, will make you cry with laughter at this story of marital warfare—complete with sinking boats, badly aimed flatulence, well aimed tennis balls and some very suggestive pastry.

What does TWG think?

You see a familiar name crop up on the book scene, act like Buddy from Elf with ‘I KNOW HIM/HER I KNOW HIM/HER’, then realise you only recognise the name but haven’t read any of their books before..
Sound familiar? ‘Mad Love’ was one of those moments. How I haven’t ever read any of Nick’s books is beyond me. For that, I apologise, don’t tell me off -sniff-.

I truly think that the title sums this book up completely. Well, the ‘mad’ part anyway! Seeing as I knew OF Nick’s work, I knew that he wrote rather funny books, so I was waiting for the giggles from the beginning. Unfortunately, it did take me a couple of chapters until I laughed, BUT, once I started laughing like a seal, I couldn’t stop. The predicaments that Adam and Jessica, got themselves into was a mixture of cringeworthy, hilarious and ‘omg you didn’t!?!’, moments. Put it this way, all the ’embarrassing’ things that people hide or deny in relationships; Jessica and Adam showed them in all their glory.

Despite the way that the couple found each other, they did make a pretty good go of it and their arguments were absolutely HILARIOUS to read. I mean, I will never look at a tennis match in the same way…or the Eiffel Tower.

Seeing as my laughter button seemed to a bit hit and miss for the first two chapters of the book, I did sit on the fence about the storyline as it was sheer bonkers. I didn’t know what to expect at all, but I was a little bit concerned that I would be able to keep up with the bonkers lifestyle which Jessica and Adam, live. (I did btw!)

Nick Spalding has such a laid back way with words;  it really is genius the way he can write embarrassing situations as if they’re the ‘in thing’, in such a fabulous way. Even though the storyline is sheer bonkers, and the insults are more laughable than hurtful, ‘Mad Love’ gave me a much welcome distraction with its breath of fresh air vibe.
If you need a light hearted, guaranteed to belly laugh read, you would be MAD not to read Nick Spalding’s latest read.

Cheers Nick & Netgalley!

‘Mad Love’ by Nick Spalding will be released on the 6th December and can be pre-ordered/ordered from Amazon