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#Review of Rosie’s Little Café on Riviera by Jennifer Bohnet (@jenniewriter) @HQDigitalUK


Escape the winter blues with Jennifer Bohnet’s deliciously heartwarming read.

A summer of taking chances!

Rosie Hewitt’s dream of opening a little French café on the Riviera is finally coming true. She’s giving up on love and instead chasing her own perfect recipe for happiness…

Only, she never expected the oh-so-sexy, award-winning chef, Sebastian Groc, to set up a rival restaurant next door – or for his freshly-baked croissants to smell quite so delicious.

But with just a few days until she opens her doors and all her sugar-coated dreams crumbling around her, Rosie isn’t prepared to give up without a fight!

What does TWG think?

If you’re needing an escape but can’t quite afford a summer holiday just yet, have no fear because Jennifer Bohnet is here!

I have to admit that I was on the fence with this book to begin with, purely because it is yet another book which has a café as it’s setting and I assumed it was going to ‘just another cafe’ book. By golly, Rosie’s café served me my own words alongside a coffee, as I could not have been more wrong about Jennifer Bohnet’s book.


Because, even though the café is an important part of the storyline, Rosie’s life veers off from the café which means that the story wasn’t completely centred around chequered table cloths and afternoon tea. Also, whilst Rosie is determined to get her café up and running (and highly popular), her personality is able to shine through and I didn’t just see her as Rosie, owner of the Café on the Riviera. I saw her as Rosie.

Yes, okay, the storyline featured other businesses’ trying to steal Rosie’s thunder, getting her all geared up for competition, BUT, it wasn’t samey like others. Jennifer Bohnet has her own distinctive way of writing and regardless of who or what she writes about, Jennifer owns her storyline and characters with such passion and poise. Admirable.

I don’t want to say too much about the main characters as their lives are an important part of the storyline, however, all three ‘main women’ as it were, were such fun to read about. It was as though I was unwrapping their personalities every time the storyline veered back to them because of their depth and complexity. Despite that, the characters complexity didn’t make the storyline too intense which my brain was very thankful for!

I must admit, Jennifer Bohnet’s book caught me off guard on more than one occasion as I wasn’t expecting the routes the storyline took. I loved how we were able to dabble in the sights of Monaco, mingle with people who were deemed ‘richer than rich’, as well as being able to relax by the sea in France. I was in awe at being able to delve into another culture and having every sight, smell and taste, described to me in such an enchanting way.

Rosie’s Little Café on the Riviera is a very busy book, there is a lot going on and there are a lot of characters who are linked in one way or another to everyone local. For me though, that busyness wasn’t a bad thing at all, in fact, it was exciting as there was so much to see and do and learn, I felt like I had just been given a big slice of cake. Yes, I was THAT giddy. I actually do think, believe it or not, that some things with certain characters could have been delved into further, especially as it seemed as though there was a little bit of unfinished business…

Jennifer Bohnet has written a truly enchanting tale which will either leave you absolutely starving, or have you booking a holiday to the south of France before you have even finished reading. This book was the escape I needed, even if it was for a short time, and you really cannot argue with the greatness of that, can you?

Thank you HQDigital!

Buy ‘Rosie’s Little Cafe on the Riviera’ from Amazon

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#BlogTour! The Little Teashop of Broken Hearts by Jennifer Joyce (@writer_jenn) @HQDigitalUK


New week means new blog tours and today I have the pleasure of kicking off Jennifer Joyce’s blog tour! Jennifer’s new novel, The Little Teashop of Broken Hearts, was published on the 8th February 2017 by HQ Digital. Here is my review for her book and make sure you follow the rest of the blogs on the tour!


From fairy cakes to first dates!

Maddie Lamington’s dreams are crumbling around her. If she doesn’t come up with a plan to save her little teashop on Sweet Street soon, it might be too late…

So when she sees how the perfect apple crumble brings together her lonely father and faithful customer Birdie, inspiration strikes: she’ll set up a dating night involving all her sweetest bakes.

Luckily, seriously gorgeous Caleb is on hand to help sprinkle a little magic – and a lot of sugar! Could one night of scrumptious first dates fix Maddie’s heartbreak and save her beloved teashop, too?

What does TWG think?

When I first saw the cover and title for Jennifer’s book, I felt a sense of Deja vu and it took me a good while to work out why. But then, as I was trawling Amazon for more books (to add to my 42254456 (estimate) unread books on my TBR pile, I worked out why I got deja vu. The title is incredibly similar to a book that was published last year by a different author, but it really caught me off guard as I thought I had already read Jennifer’s book.

Maddie Lamington had a dream; a dream which was WAY bigger than her, but she was still going to try to achieve it. The thing is, whilst baking cakes are either a recipe for disaster or a recipe for a start, Maddie’s long-term dream doesn’t even come with a recipe. Lets hope her timings aren’t out and she doesn’t get a ‘soggy bottom’.

Firstly, excellent surname choice for Maddie! A very clever use of words! If you don’t know, lamingtons are a cake and Maddie makes cakes…
Whilst I am an absolute sucker for a decent cake and a good cuppa, I am finding the whole teashop/café settings a bit too over used. Don’t get me wrong, they are fantastic settings where chic lit’s are concerned; I just feel a bit full up of the same theme. Of course I don’t HAVE to read them, BUT seeing as many of my well liked authors are setting the scene in a café and writing them well, it’s a bit devil you do, devil you don’t. Yes, it’s popular, but so is cake.

Despite my slight irk with the theme (not the authors work fyi), I did enjoy this book overall. Putting cake and dates together was such a genius idea that was, indeed, thoroughly entertaining. Well, as well as tummy rumbling. Mine, not theirs.

There was a lot going on with most of the characters within the storyline and sometimes it was a bit ‘woah’, but looking back on the nature of the storyline and what had to unfold, the storyline needed those character dramatics to add more depth. A couple of the characters situations had me in hysterics and I thought (out loud); ‘you plonker’, because it was most definitely something I would have done! I’m not saying who’s as you need to find out for yourself so it has the right effect. So bonkers in such a light-hearted, fun way.

I really did enjoy the comforting vibe that Jennifer’s book gave me. The storyline gave off such a homely feel which made me feel warm and cosy the whole time I was reading it (apart from when I was salivating, but shhh).

Jennifer Joyce has put a unique twist on the popular teashop theme; and it works. The only thing about this novel that screams ‘samey’ is the title. The overall storyline screams ‘eat me & date me’, and yes, I’m talking about the cakes. It’s flirty, it’s fun, it’s refreshing but most importantly, you are able to eat as many cakes as you like without consuming any calories. Oh the beauty of stories.

The only thing that broke my heart about this book was that the cakes weren’t real. This is definitely a pick me up book on days where you feel as flat as a pancake as it will make you rise like a soufflé.

Thank you Jennifer/Netgalley/HQ Digital.

Buy ‘The Little Teashop of Broken Hearts’ now.

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#BlogTour! #Review of ‘Be My Baby’ by @ALMichael_ @HQDigitalUK @NeverlandBT #giveaway



Two’s company…

If you asked Mollie whether she struggled as a single mum, she’d have to cover her daughter’s ears before answering. Surrounded by friends, watching Esme grow into the sassiest eleven-year-old in North London, and building her name as TV chef Mollie Makes, Mollie’s never been happier. Well, that’s what she’d tell you. But as her best friends pair off, and Esme starts getting into trouble at school, Mollie wonders whether life would be different – not better…but easier – with a team mate.

Three’s a crowd?

But Esme’s dad, Jamie, would be the last man Mollie would team up with. After all, he made it clear eleven years ago that he wasn’t interested in playing the family game. So when he suddenly reappears, Mollie can’t believe her eyes. And soon, she’s got to ask herself the hardest question yet: she knows she can succeed as a single mum. But what if her daughter doesn’t want her to?

What does TWG think?

YAY! Finaaalllllyyyyy able to review this BEAUTY! It does feel a little bittersweet though. I mean, all three books are fabulous…but…’Be My Baby’ is the third and FINAL book in the House On Camden Square series! I cannot believe we are here already, it feels like yesterday when the series started with ‘Goodbye Ruby Tuesday’. I’ll be very sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful bunch of characters. My fingers are crossed that A.L.Michael gives in to my persistent nature and writes more! Here’s hoping!

‘Be My Baby’ focuses on Mollie and Esme’s relationship, as well as their everyday lives. Mollie has met her match in daughter Esme and she finds herself wondering what life would have been like if Esme’s father was in the picture, or if she had found love after Esme was born. Seeing as Mollie is a single mum and her daughter’s school life is about to be turned upside town, Mollie starts questioning how well she is actually coping…that is, until someone waltzes into her life; again.

As a single mummabear myself, I was able to relate to the storyline rather easily, and incredibly quickly. Well, I have a three year old instead of an eleven year old, but the concept is similar! It’s very clear that Mollie just wants to do right by her daughter, but no matter what she does, it never seems to be the right thing as someone will always be a bit miffed by her choices.
Personally, I felt as though the storyline attempted to rid single mums from the stigma that seems to surround them, especially when people assume it’s a chosen path. Sometimes it isn’t. A.L.Michael has taken such a complex situation and has written about it with such ease, determination and power. For that, I thank her.

In the previous books, Esme’s personality was on point even then, but oh my goodness!! This book in particular showcases her intelligence and sharp wit, I spent most of the book thinking ‘why didn’t I say that?!’. Absolutely brilliant, she has been such a consistent character and a wonderful one to watch grow up from a small witty person, to a witty person that will give adults a run for their money.

The last third of the book was a little bit tricky for me to read. Nothing against the A.L.Michael’s writing, but I found myself deeply involved with the situation and found it difficult to remove my own feelings from that. Jamie got on my nerves swooping in and acting like he had been there all along. Part of me did wish Mollie had a little more fire in her belly to take charge and stick to her guns. But, like I said, that is just my opinion and it is nothing against the writing or book. It does contain a topic that will get people talking so I am sure A.L.Michael knew that beforehand!

‘Be My Baby’ has got to be my absolute favourite book of all three due to its huggable, cosy feel and relatable circumstances. The humour throughout the book, as always, was on point and then some! My belly hurt from laughing so hard afterwards. Such an inspirational read full of gusto, beautiful relationships and a lot of love.
A.L.Michael has completely outdone herself with ‘Be My Baby’. Another stunning book from a very talented author. I cannot WAIT to see what comes next from A.L.Michael and her magical writing fingertips!

Thank you A.L.Michael & HQDigitalUK!

Buy ‘Be My Baby’ from Amazon UK.

Fancy being in with a chance of winning a goody bag which is inspired by one of the characters in the book? Of course you do! The giveaway will close on the 12th December and is UK ONLY! To be in with a chance all you need to do is:

About A.L. Michael

A.L Michael is a writer and workshop leader from North London. She has a BA in Creative
Writing with English Lit, an MA in Creative Entrepreneurship and is starting an MsC in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes. She likes learning and hates essays.
She’s a fan of cheap wine, expensive chocolate and still wants to be a secret agent when she grows up, but she’ll settle for lying on the page.

Links: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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#CoverReveal! Secret & Fries at the Starlight Diner by Helen Cox (@helenography) @HQDigitalUK

Author of the tantalizing ‘Milkshakes and Heartbreaks at the Starlight Diner, Helen Cox, returns with the next book in the series! -dances-. If you fancy spending New Year in NYC (via a book), you’re going to LOVE this. I have been asked to help reveal the STUNNING cover of Helen’s new book, so, without further ado I bring you……

Secrets & Fries at the Starlight Diner!!

What brings Bonnie Brooks to The Starlight Diner? And why is she on the run?

As the front-woman in a band, Bonnie is used to being in the spotlight, but now she must hide in the shadows.

Bonnie only has one person who she can turn to: her friend Esther Knight, who waitresses at the Fifties-themed diner. There, retro songs play on the jukebox as fries and sundaes are served to satisfied customers. But where has Esther gone?

Alone in New York City, Bonnie breaks down in front of arrogant news reporter, and diner regular, Jimmy Boyle. Jimmy offers to help her. Can she trust him?

When the kindly owner of the Starlight Diner offers Bonnie work, and she meets charming security officer Nick Moloney, she dares to hope that her luck has changed. Is there a blossoming romance on the cards? And can Bonnie rebuild her life with the help of her Starlight Diner friends?

Luckily you won’t have too long to wait to get back to Starlight Diner as it will be released on the 16th December! Nice little Christmas present to yourself eh! Secrets & Fries at the Starlight Diner is available to pre-order right now from Amazon UK

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#BlogTour! Brides & Bouquets by Rebecca Raisin (@jaxandwillsmum) @LoveReadRomance @HQDigitalUK


Whoop! It’s publication time again for the fabulous Rebecca Raisin and book two in the Cedarwood Lodge series, Brides & Bouquets! Congratulations! Not too long ago you saw social media buzzing as the first book in the series, Celebrations & Confetti, was published. In case you missed it, you can find my review for the previous book here: #Tour! Celebrations & Confetti by Rebecca Raisin (@jaxandwillsmum) @LoveReadRomance @UKCarina



Christmas has come to Cedarwood Lodge in the second part of the feel-good romance serial from best selling author, Rebecca Raisin!

Dreaming of a happily ever after at Cedarwood Lodge is Clio Winters’ current focus, especially with a winter wonderland wedding expo planned. But with brides coming from far and wide the heat is on for Clio to fulfil everyone’s dream of a Christmas wedding!

It seems like Clio’s new business might be off to a rocky start and surrounded by love struck brides she can’t help but hope for a little Christmas romance of her own…

Cedarwood Lodge is a delectable romance told in three parts – following Clio Winters journey back to her hometown of Evergreen. This is Part Two.

What does TWG think?

It only feels like yesterday that we were giving a warm welcome to Clio Winters and Cedarwood Lodge! Luckily for us though, barely any time at all has passed and she is BACK! Well, technically she isn’t back as she didn’t leave Cedarwood Lodge in between books…you know what I mean. ANYWAY!

Brides & Bouquets is centred around what Clio does best; wedding planning. However, wedding planning at Cedarwood Lodge is a bit different for Clio this time around, as she is working with an unfinished lodge. Will Clio and her Cedarwood army be able to turn Cedarwood lodge into a wedding haven for her bride visitors?

I have been so excited about this book ever since I finished reading ‘Celebration’s and Confetti’. Such a moreish storyline with intriguing characters, my expectations were rather high for Brides & Bouquets! I believe that this series can be read standalone, but in my honest opinion, I would advise that you read them in order, from the beginning otherwise you might end up wondering who the pansy everyone is.

It did take me a little while to warm up to the storyline. I genuinely thought that I could slip back into it as if I hadn’t been away, but I felt like a bride with cold feet. It could be the fact that I had read the first book a few weeks ago, read quite a few books and come back to the series again…I may have sabotaged myself. Anyway, once I got into it, the storyline warmed me up like a cup of hot cocoa by the fire!

The descriptions of each room, the Christmas tree, as well as items from the bridal expo made me feel as though I was in Cedarwood Lodge myself, seeing everything with my very own eyes. Surreal feeling!

I must admit, this review is a bit difficult to write as I am having to be super careful not to give anything away, especially as every situation in the book is very closely linked to another. Just to clarify, that isn’t a bad thing! Not for you anyway, it is for me as I want to tell you ALLLLLL of it, but I can’t. That would be mean.

I found myself liking Clio even more in this book as we got to see more of her personality, as well as watching her grow as a person. She has more of an edge to her this time but I have a feeling that there is more to her that we haven’t seen yet. Compared to the first book in the series, Brides and Bouquets felt more emotional in a way I can’t really explain, definitely positive though!

Brides and Bouquet is a heart-warming tale that may leave you wanting to change your career straight after reading it. Full of fabulous humour, likeable characters and a truly cosy setting, this book will warm you from the inside out and fill your heart with a bouquet of joy!

Thank you LRR, Rebecca and HQDigitalUK

Buy links.

Amazon | Amazon UK | B&N | Google Play | Goodreads



I hope the bridal expo goes off without a hitch. Have I told you yet that I’m glad you came home? Life was never really the same after you left. Looking forward to that dinner whenever you’re free.

Timothy x

Life was never really the same? But he got married and had a family about three minutes after I was out of sight! I’m sure I wasn’t on his mind one little bit. I didn’t hold any grudge or strong feeling about it – we’d been so young, really. But still, he had moved on fairly quickly. Would something bloom between us if I just let go and lived for the moment? The same niggle bothered me. Kai. Even if nothing happened with him, would it be fair to date Timothy when secretly my heart beat a double rhythm when I thought of my Australian surfer guru?

Taking my cell, I hastily sent Timothy a thank you text back, avoiding any talk about the dinner date invitation.

This was why I loved work. Being busy gave me the ability to shelve any boy dilemma and focus on the task at hand. I found a crystal vase and took the bouquet to my office. That done, I went back to the ballroom and checked off my list.

Every vendor was accounted for, set up and ready to go. Isla and Micah had the activities organized. Aunt Bessie was getting her donuts out of the van and ready to serve… so what was I missing? I’d forgotten something, I could feel it.

I wandered around the tables we’d set up in different themes, lifting champagne flutes, checking for smudges. The cutlery was lined up perfectly reflecting prisms of light from the chandeliers. Georges would serve canapes as soon as the guests –

Georges! Normally he’d be singing and bellowing in the kitchen, foodie scents wafting down the hallway making my mouth water, but I hadn’t seen him arrive yet. I dashed down the hall to check. The kitchen was empty, not a pot on the stove and more worryingly not a sign of Georges. Snatching up the phone I called him, picturing the worst – a car crash, the roads were slippery this time of year. My heart was in my throat by the time he answered on the third ring.

“Hi Clio, did you get my message? I’m sorry to let you down like this, but I couldn’t say no, you understand, don’t you?”

Blood drained from my face as I checked my watch. Three hours until our brides were due and my chef was telling me he wasn’t coming. Trying to halt the erratic beat of my heart I said, “What message, Georges? Where are you?”


Author Info

Rebecca Raisin is a true bibliophile. This love of books morphed into the desire to write them. She’s been published in various short story anthologies and in in fiction magazines, and is now focusing on writing romance. Rebecca aims to write characters you can see yourself being friends with. People with big hearts who care about relationships, and most importantly believe in true love.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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#Tour! It’s Not You, It’s Them by @PortiaMacIntosh @LoveReadRomance @HQDigitalUK


Oh Em Geeee!!!! It’s that time again -bounces-, another book from the oh so fabulous Portia MacIntosh!! I am absolutely thrilled, and super excited to be todays stop on the tour for such a wonderful lady’s new release; ‘Its Not You, It’s Them’! Review and excerpt anyone? Silly question eh!


First comes love. Then comes family…

After a lifetime of kissing frogs, Roxie Pratt has given up on finding her own fairytale romance. That is, until she meets her very own Prince Charming, Mark Wright, and he sweeps Roxie off her feet!
So when Mark finally gets down on one knee and pops the question, there’s only one thing left to do: meet the family! And when everything has been picture-perfect so far, what could possibly go wrong…?

What does TWG think?

Wow! I thought that Portia had set the bar high with her previous book, ‘Truth Or Date’! I was rather apprehensive (yet very excited) about Portia’s newest book because I loved her previous one so much, I was hoping this one would be similar in writing style and wouldn’t disappoint. SQUEAL! It was similar yet even better than her previous book! I didn’t even think that was possible (it was fab fyi).

Roxie has met her Prince Charming, her one and only, the man of her dreams (you catch my drift) with Mark Wright. Where Roxie is concerned, he most certainly lives up to his last name (even though I’m sure a lot of you will be thinking TOWIE!). The happy couple is living in their own loved up bubble and are pretty certain that nothing will come along to burst their bubble. Well, certainty isn’t guaranteed really is it? Especially when the time has come…to push the button….of her boyfriends parents house! Dun dun dunnnnnnnn!!!

I snlaughed by the end of the first page, no joke. I am however, starting to wonder what goes through Portia’s mind given the fact she can reduce someone to tears of laughter in a few sentences. Genius.

Roxie and Mark’s relationship is fuelled by their love of Ann Summers…and some, as well as being super lovey dovey. I honestly thought that I would find it too sickly sweet, but Portia’s incredible one liners ensured that I wasn’t shouting at the book to ‘get a room!’. I did feel quite sorry for Roxie many times throughout the book due to the way that she was being treated, but then Portia being Portia, ended up making me laugh whilst Roxie was feeling sad! I’m not mean, honestly! It was just incredibly hard NOT to laugh during this book as every single thing was followed by hints of sarcasm or the odd innuendo. Despite that, the book was an honest representation of what meeting the parents can be like, from a female point of view.

I am actually laughing right now as I write this! When the storyline concentrates on the events with Mark’s family, actions spoke far louder than words and Mark’s family seemed to be making a name for themselves. An unpleasant name. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t evil, they were just damn right rude, especially when Mark played into their hands! The way that Roxie handled herself in those particular situations spoke volumes. She was just being herself yet showing the readers that things like that do actually happen when you go and meet the parents. Well, not all of the antics that Roxie engaged in, I’m sure..

I had no idea whether Mark and Roxie’s relationship would stand the test of time, especially given the fact that Roxie felt like seducing her boyfriend in his parents house, multiple times! Absolutely hilarious, cringey and just….hilarious. Disturbing too, but as I said above, I wonder what goes through the author’s head! Oh to be able to mind read!! It is quite possible that many readers may be able to pick up some tips from this book! If you do, please don’t tell me about them haha!

Portia writes such brilliant, engaging and truly hilarious novels, I never want them to end once I start reading. ‘It’s Not You, It’s Them’ has got to be my favourite book Ms.MacIntosh has written because of the genius one liners, fabulous storyline and on point situations. Honestly. I absolutely LOVED reading this book, everything was perfect. My sort of book from start to finish, Portia MacIntosh has delivered yet again, if she doesn’t get an award for this and her humour I will be stunned. It’s Not You, It’s Them has found its way into my Top 5 books of all time and I cannot recommend this book enough. You HAVE to read it.

Thank you LRR, Portia and HQ!

Book Links: Amazon | Amazon UK | B&N | Google Play | Goodreads

Author Info:
Portia MacIntosh has been ‘making stuff up’ for as long as she can remember – or so she says. Whether it was blaming her siblings for that broken vase when she was growing up, blagging her way backstage during her rock chick phase or, most recently, whatever justification she can fabricate to explain away those lunchtime cocktails, Portia just loves telling tales. After years working as a music journalist, Portia decided it was time to use her powers for good and started writing novels. Taking inspiration from her experiences on tour with bands, the real struggle of dating in your twenties and just trying to survive as an adult human female generally, Portia writes about what it’s really like for women who don’t find this life stuff as easy as it seems.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
Tour Link

Extract of ‘It’s Not You, It’s Them’ by Portia MacIntosh.

‘God, I’m bored,’ I whine, like a petulant child. ‘I hate long car journeys.’
Mark laughs. ‘We’re five minutes from home, Roxie,’ he reminds me. ‘And fifteen minutes from your parents’ house. Still nervous?’
‘Still nervous,’ I reply.
It just feels so strange to be meeting the parents after getting engaged, like we’re doing things in the wrong order.
‘They’ll love you,’ Mark tells me for the millionth time. ‘It’s a long journey; you can’t spend it worrying.’
‘I know, I know. At least we’re making a stop to see my parents, then we can get a nice, warm coffee in us. It’s freezing!’
‘Oh, no, I know how this goes,’ Mark laughs. ‘You’ll drink too much, and we’ll have to stop so you can use the loo every ten miles…’
‘Oi,’ I laugh. ‘I’m a grown-ass woman. I’ll be thirty next year. I’m fully in control of my bladder, thank you.’

I shudder a little, at the thought of turning thirty. ‘Next year’ makes it sound like it’s a long way away, but it’s December now, and my birthday is in February. Mark doesn’t think it’s a big deal – he’s thirty-two, and assures me that nothing changes when you hit the big 3-0. He’s promised me that my face won’t instantly wrinkle, that I won’t become boring overnight, and that I won’t suddenly be turned away from night clubs for looking too old. While I fear that, as I grow older, things are only going to go downhill for me looks-wise, Mark only gets better with age. Mark is the very definition of tall, dark and handsome, and even though a few grey hairs are starting to creep in on the sides of his head – my God – it looks so sexy. My newly cut blonde lob might have a few greys in there, maybe, but I wouldn’t know because I have my hair routinely highlighted. If I did have grey hair showing, though, it would not look good. On Mark it looks hot and this is beyond unfair. Like he’s not already out of my league; as we grow older, the fact we’re in different leagues is only going to seem more obvious. Can’t wait for the day he’s walking around all George Clooney and I’m looking like Mrs Doubtfire.