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An ode to Gene Wilder and Roald Dahl’s Chocolate Factory.

Ah, Roald Dahl, a literary mastermind behind the incredibly popular and magical book that is ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. A book that brought out millions of children’s sweet tooth over the years (not that they would have needed any assistance mind), as well as taking adults back to their childhood with a ‘whizz pop, whizz bang’. As many bookworm say, certain film adaptations do not live up to the original books. However, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ was (and still is) one of the minority that stirs up delicious and inviting thoughts with the book AND the film.

Outstanding really isn’t it? Whilst the original concept of the book was obviously written by the extremely popular author; Roald Dahl, as well as being illustrated by his literary side-kick; Quentin Blake, the film adaptation will always be remembered┬ábecause of one particular man. A man who brought one of the main characters to life in extraordinary ways, a man that will always be remembered for the personality and wisdom he brought to the character from a visual perspective.

Mr Gene Wilder, also known as, Mr Willy Wonka (and many more), passed away this week due to complications with Alzheimer’s. A disease that was kept out of the public eye so that he could keep the memory alive of Willy Wonka, instead of allowing innocent children to see Willy Wonka as anything other than the legend himself. Such a selfless act.

(Willy Wonka – Roald Dahl)

As a child, it’s understandable that the words of wisdom that ooze from the book and the film, often go unnoticed. I mean, you have a humorous, witty line/quote on one hand, and a factory FULL of copious amounts of chocolate, edible treats, and sweet treats to make the Easter Bunny look stingy. Which one as a child would you choose?! After all, the ‘candy man can’, yes?


The entertainment industry has lost such a valuable and iconic influence, one that will always be remembered for many years to come.

‘Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination’.

Thanks to the creative mind that was Roald Dahl, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ wouldn’t exist. Thanks to Roald Dahl, children have grown up with, and will continue to grow up with, such wonderful books allowing them to be transported to a world of endless possibility.

Thanks to Gene Wilder as well, Willy Wonka was allowed to jump off the pages he had called home, and give children a golden ticket. A golden ticket not only for access to the chocolate factory itself, but a golden ticket to allow people to be proud of who they are and where they come from.

Gene Wilder, it has been a pleasure.