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Lizzie wants nothing more than to start over and put the past behind her. So when she is offered the chance to live and work at Rowan Hill, a beautiful country estate and bustling community of artists, it feels like a dream come true.

But soon after her arrival a series of accidents and misunderstandings begins to threaten the happiness and livelihoods of everyone at Rowan Hill. And when suspicion quickly falls on Lizzie, she discovers that the past is not so easily forgotten.

To keep the life she has just begun to build, Lizzie will have to race to uncover the truth before there are disastrous repercussions for everyone involved. In this heartwarming story of friendship, loss and love, the stakes are high but so are the rewards. If Lizzie can find a way to stay true to herself, she might have a chance at something she has always wanted: a place to call home.

What does TWG think?

There are moments in our lives where we just think ‘screw this, I’m worth more’ and finally unearth the courage to move on from the hurt; aiming to start a new life. There are also moments in our lives where we have to gloss over certain aspects of our pasts in fear of rejection and embarrassment; stopping us from turning towards the sun. Just ask Lizzie; she has a chance to make things better for herself at Rowan Hill, start fresh and be loved for the REAL Lizzie.
However, glossing over our pasts isn’t always as permanent as we would like; the cracks begin to show and you’re left with a decision which could change everything: gloss over it again on a whim, or strip it bare and do it properly.

I want to live at Rowan Hill, end of haha. Emma Davies didn’t just describe the location as a few trees with the odd flower and that it has a bunch of people making bits and bobs and eating cake. No, Emma Davies wrote about the tree as though it was significant and right outside my window. She described the locations noises in such a vivid way, I tilted my head to the side to see if I could hear those same noises. Every blade of grass, every flower petal and every pattern on the tablecloths were given meaning; an identity if you will. Does that make sense? Basically, she did a bit of an M&S advert through her book! Such wonderful, enchanting words which sent shivers down my spine.

As for the characters; there were a few that rubbed me up the wrong way throughout the storyline (not saying who as I don’t want to give anything away). I loved the diversity of them all as each character had its own individual personality and brought something to the table which another character didn’t.

In ‘Turn Towards the Sun’, circumstances aren’t always picnics in fields; things started to take a turn as trust, friendships and loyalty were all put to the test. How well do you truly know someone? Are things always best left unsaid?

The storyline had me laughing, smiling and even imagining Emma’s words being brought to life. That said, the storyline had me slightly teary, shocked and a bit heartbroken. I had become so invested in the characters lives and Rowan Hill that my emotions ended up being a fly on the wall character (in my mind I was IN the story). Incredible writing from the author without a shadow of a doubt.

Turn Towards the Sun is a tale of loyalty, fresh starts, truth and listening to your heart. A tale which will have you giggling one moment and a bit down the next. A tale which let you escape to the beautiful place that is; Rowan Hill.

An outstanding, poignant and heart warming novel from best-selling author, Emma Davies. Such an absolute joy to read.

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#CoverReveal x4! Best selling author Emma Davies (@EmDavies68) is revealing 4 beauties!

What a STUNNING way to start off November folks! Best selling author of ‘Letting In Light’, Emma Davies, has given me the honour of helping her to reveal not one, not two, not three, but FOUR covers. FOUR novella covers! How awesome is that! I am only able to give you one of the novella details today as it’s a book that has already been published but is getting a make-over for Christmas. The other three novella covers will be revealed to you too but the details and to buy links will be coming soon!

Are you ready?

Book One.

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Sherbourne Mistletoe has been prized and sold at the annual Mistletoe Fair for over a hundred years; but could this year possibly be the last? With her father’s sudden death and debts mounting up it looks as though Freya’s only hope for the future is to sell her beloved family home. And to make matters worse, the only contenders to buy Appleyard Farm, are the people she’d least like to sell it to – her rival growers, the Henderson brothers, who seem always to make life so difficult for her.

It’s magical stuff though, mistletoe, and the arrival of the mysterious Amos Fry, brings a glimmer of hope that might just mean Freya can fall in love with Christmas all over again.

As the snow begins to fall, cosy up and find your sparkle this Christmas with another big-hearted, and wonderfully warm read from the author of Letting in Light.

Book Two.

tfa1Out 17th November 2016.

Book Three.

tfa2Coming in 2017.

Book Four.

tfa3Coming in 2017.

I am sure you’ll agree with me when I say that those covers are beautiful! I cannot wait to get my hands on each and every one of the novella’s in the series! How exciting!!!