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#CoverReveal! ‘The Things We Cannot Say’ by Kelly Rimmer (@KelRimmerwrites) @headlinepg @Phoebe_Swinburn

Ohhhhh I’m so excited today!!!! I have been asked by the lovely, Phoebe Swinburn from Headline books, to help reveal the cover of Kelly Rimmer’s new novel, ‘The Things We Cannot Say’. I am a hugeeeeeee, HUGE fan of Kelly’s – it’s an honour to help out with the cover reveal, so thank you!!

It feels like a bit of a ‘Kelly Rimmer’ day on TWG today as you’ll never guess what….I will be sharing my review of Kelly’s latest novel ‘Before I Let You Go’ as part of the blog tour for the paperback release! Make sure you check back later!

However, back to the task in hand and the beautiful new cover! Are you ready for this? I cannot wait to get my hands on this beauty!!

See what I mean? But that’s not all, for all of you blurb loving folks out there, here is a little bit more information about this intriguing novel:

What would you sacrifice for love?
Inspired by the author’s family history, a searing page-turner of war, family secrets and a love to defy all odds.

World War Two
Alina and Tomasz are childhood sweethearts. The night before he leaves for college, Tomasz proposes marriage. But when their village falls to the Nazis, Alina doesn’t know if Tomasz is alive or dead.

Present day
When Alice’s cherished grandmother is hospitalised, a hidden box of mementoes reveals a tattered photo of a young man, a tiny leather shoe and a letter. Her grandmother begs Alice to return to Poland to see what became of those she held dearest. 

In Poland separated from her family, Alice begins to uncover the story her grandmother is so desperate to tell, and discovers a love that bloomed in the winter of 1942. As a painful family history comes to light, will the struggles of the past and present finally reach a heartbreaking resolution?

If you like the sound of ‘The Things We Cannot Say’, the e-book is set to be released in March 2019, with the paperback set to follow in October 2019. If you wish to pre-order your copy now you can do so here:

Pre-order now from Amazon UK

I am so looking to reading this! What do you think? Is it up your street? Are you a fan of Kelly Rimmer? If so, which book is your favourite? Let me know your thoughts on the cover in the comments!

Please note that publication dates are subject to change at the publishers discretion! To keep up to date with the latest news from Headline, you can follow them on twitter Here. Or, if you wish to have the latest news of all things Kelly Rimmer, you can follow her on twitter Here!

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#CoverReveal! Just For The Holidays by Sue Moorcroft (@SueMoorcroft) @avonbooksuk

Sue Moorcroft is BACK! It only feels like yesterday that we were helping to reveal the cover of Sue’s previous novel, ‘The Christmas Promise’! Getting us all ready for any upcoming sun, sea, sand and….err, shoes, Sue Moorcroft is set to release her summer treat, Just For The Holidays, in May, and I am delighted to be able to help reveal her beautiful new book cover!




The #1 bestselling author returns for summer! Grab your sun hat, a cool glass of wine, and the only book you need on holiday…

In theory, nothing could be better than a summer spent basking in the French sun. That is, until you add in three teenagers, two love interests, one divorcing couple, and a very unexpected pregnancy.

Admittedly, this isn’t exactly the relaxing holiday Leah Beaumont was hoping for – but it’s the one she’s got. With her sister Michele’s family falling apart at the seams, it’s up to Leah to pick up the pieces and try to hold them all together.

But with a handsome helicopter pilot staying next door, Leah can’t help but think she might have a few distractions of her own to deal with…

A glorious summer read, for you to devour in one sitting – perfect for fans of Katie Fforde, Carole Matthews and Trisha Ashley.

If Sue’s new book will follow in the same vein as her previous novels, we are in for an absolute treat. Looks like this is going to be yet another book for my TBR pile!!!

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#CoverReveal! So, SO excited for this! @LisaStoneBooks @AvonbooksUK

Weekly Wrap Up! (1)

This is extremely exciting -bounces-. When this cover reveal landed in my e-mail inbox yesterday I squealed, bounced up and down and squealed some more. I ADORE this author, her writing is spectacular and I cannot wait to nab a copy of this.

I couldn’t even keep you in suspense! Cathy Glass is incredible and I am sure that ‘The Darkness Within’ will also follow suit. Here is the blurb:


 A gripping new crime novel from the global bestseller Cathy Glass writing as Lisa Stone
You know your son better than anyone. Don’t you?

When critically ill Jacob Wilson is given a life-saving heart transplant, his parents are relieved that their loving son has been saved.
However, before long, his family are forced to accept that something has changed in Jacob. Their once loving son is slowly being replaced by a violent man whose mood swings leave them terrified – but is it their fault?
Jacob’s girlfriend, Rosie, is convinced the man she loves is suffering from stress. But when his moods turn on her, she begins to doubt herself – and she can only hide the bruises for so long.
When a terrible crime is committed, Jacob’s family are forced to confront their darkest fears. Has the boy they raised become a monster? Or is someone else to blame?

How fantastic does this sound? Let me know what you think in the comments! Get sharing!

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TWG is teaming up with @AccentPress to do an AMAZING #coverreveal! #sisterssecret #comingsoon

Weekly Wrap Up! (1)

I LOVE helping publishers and authors with cover reveals, I’m like a big kid in a sweet shop (no, that’s a lie, I’m like a bookworm in Waterstones…)! It’s not often that TWG HQ gets a little cover reveal teaser in the post from the publisher; so when this(below) popped through my letterbox, I just knew the secret that I had promised to keep was going to be AMAZEBALLS.

sistersecret1(Photo – TWG HQ (& yes, that is my kindle underneath!)

Exciting isn’t it?! The book in question is being released by Accent Press on the 26th October 2017, and I am SUPER excited to get my hands on this beauty of a book. I suppose I had better show you the cover now too, eh?

Close your eyes.
Keep them closed.

1, 2, 3……Now you can open them!


Can you see why I am super excited? How STUNNING does this look?! (Ps. Karen B (Accent Press), feel free to send all my post like the above, just saying 😉 ).
Not only does the book LOOK incredible, it also sounds rather intriguing. Have a nose at the blurb here:

Can you really trust her?

Erin is devastated when her pregnant sister Claudia is left brain dead from a tragic accident. When Claudia’s boyfriend Ollie wants to switch off her life support, a desperate Erin finds herself fighting to give the baby a chance.

As she starts to uncover things Claudia never shared with her, Erin turns to the people closest to her sister. But why is everyone refusing to talk about her? And just where has Ollie run off to?

Yearning for her sister, Erin grows close to Claudia’s friend Jon. She refuses to get involved with another married man. But soon, this is the least of her worries.

The more people Erin meets, the less she can trust. And now, her life is in danger too …

I want to read this NOWWWWWWW -throws tantrum-.

Are you as excited about this book as we are? Let me know in the comments/tweets etc!! Roll on October! Big thanks to Karen B from Accent Press for asking me to be involved in this reveal, huge honour.

Let’s also give a TWG wave to the other three ladies teaming up with Accent Press, alongside me today:

Katie Scott – Blooming Fiction (
Linda Hill – Linda’s Book Bag (
Rachel Gilbey – Rachel’s Random Reads (


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#CoverReveal! Author Helen Rolfe (@HJRolfe) gets TWG to reveal her new book cover @RNATweets

Weekly Wrap Up! (1)

I have something truly special to share with you today! Author of the Magnolia Creek series, Helen Rolfe, has a brand new novel coming out rather soon and she has asked little, old me to reveal the book cover for her! Absolutely thrilled to be the one revealing it to you today, such an honour thank you Helen!

You should know how I do things by now when cover reveals are concerned! If you don’t, well now is the time to find out! Of course I’m not going to show you the cover just yet!! All in good time, all in good time ;). To wet your book appetite, here is the blurb for Helen Rolfe’s upcoming novel:

They say trouble comes in threes…
Headstrong and organised, Mia is a single mum who wants to fix the world – but the one thing she can’t fix is her family. Responsible older brother Will has fled Primrose Bay, unable to forgive and forget after the ultimate betrayal. And Jasmine, no longer the wayward baby sister, is determined to prove to her brother and sister that she’s just as capable as they are.
Together in the bay after years apart and a separation spanning three continents, it doesn’t take long for the siblings to clash when Mia calls everyone together in a family crisis. And with jealousy and resentment simmering between them, as well as faces from the past and new loves, the family ties could end up being severed forever.

Sometimes we need to lose ourselves in order to find each other again…

-bounces- does this sound fab, or DOES THIS SOUND FAB?! You do have the fantastic option of being able to pre-order the novel which you can do so at the end of the post!

I suppose I had better tell you the title and show you the cover now, hadn’t I?
Are you ready?
Are you ready ready?
Are you ready to rumble?

No, really, are you ready for this? It’s pretty darn strokeable….


SEE!!! Wherever that picnic basket is, I want to go there. Isn’t it such an enticing cover? I adore Helen’s novels, it’s like you’re returning back home once the story begins. Such a fantastic author and I am super excited to read this, The Summer of New Beginnings, and I hope you are as excited as Helen and I!

Remember, your summer of new beginnings can start right here via a pre-order link: Pre order

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Catherine Ferguson (@catherine_ann_f) is BACK & its time for a #CoverReveal! @AvonbooksUK

-shimmies- so, so, SO excited! Do you remember a book being released last year called; ‘Four Weddings & a Fiasco’? WELL, that book was written by Catherine Ferguson and it was a book I spoke lots about after reviewing it on TWG at the time. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s FAB.

Anyway, the lovely Catherine is BACK with her fifth novel, which is set to be published in e-book in April by Avon Books. Tonight, I am absolutely thrilled and super, super excited to reveal to you THAT cover for her brand new novel!!

When Holly breaks up with her boyfriend Dean, she’s at a loss as to what to do next. But things go from bad to worse when her beloved grandmother Ivy dies – and Holly is left in charge of sorting out Ivy’s house and garden. As she sorts through her grandmother’s belongings and makes her way through the wilderness outside, Holly soon finds that there is more to Ivy than meets the eye, and uncovers a surprising family secret that changes everything…

This is a heart-warming and hilarious story from Catherine Ferguson about starting over, learning to garden and most of all learning to love.

CAN YOU SEE WHY I WAS EXCITED NOW?!? Squeal!! It’s beautiful! I’ve just asked my three year old what she thinks of the cover and she said that it’s ‘cool’ and ‘beautiful’. Not only is the cover a looker, the book also sounds fabulous. Based on Catherine’s previous novel, I absolutely cannot wait to read this one.

What do YOU think of the cover? Will you be cheerleading it too? Let me know by either commenting/tweeting @kaishajayneh or sharing this post!

Pre-order Catherine Ferguson’s upcoming novel, The Secrets of Ivy Garden HERE!

Thank you Helena @ Avon Books for asking me to help reveal the cover!

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#CoverReveal!! SH! An @Aria_Fiction author is back with a brand new book, but WHO? #secret


Getting asked to do the cover reveal for a publisher and its author, is such an honour! I was completely overwhelmed to be asked. Big thank you to Aria for asking me to be involved!

I was under strict instructions to keep this reveal super close to my chest. Well, I was allowed to tease on social media with the above picture, but that was it. Are you curious? I hope so! Today I have the pleasure of revealing the cover of an authors BRAND NEW BOOK. It’s not just ANY author, no siree!

The author in question released their previous novel in July 2016.
Their previous novel is sporting an average of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon UK.
The author in question lives in Ireland and, as I am sure you have already guessed, is published by Aria (an imprint of Head of Zeus).

Any idea? No?
I’ll give you another hint: Authors first novel.

It gives me great pleasure to reveal to you, the cover of…..

Sian O’Gorman’s upcoming novel, Always and Forever!


A warm, witty, compelling and emotional novel about love, family and coming to terms with your past. Perfect for fans of Jill Mansell, Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain.

How can you find yourself again, when you can’t face what you’ve lost?

Joanna Woulfe is looking to get her life back on track after her husband John leaves their family home. Once a high-flying PR Director, Jo now looks after her son Harry and seeks support only from her mother Marietta and her best friend Nicole. But Nicole’s own marriage is facing its greatest ever crisis, and Marietta, too, is distracted by the reappearance of an old flame, ex-Showband-singer and lothario Patrick Realta.

Soon Jo enrols with a colourful local amateur dramatics group and begins a flirtation with the handsome young Ronan Forest. But is she really ready to move on from her old life – and from her years of marriage to John? And what was it that happened three years ago that sent the couple into free-fall?

Before long Jo will realise that is only by looking back that she will ever truly be able to move forward..

Isn’t it super pretty?! It also sounds rather fab, I CANNOT wait to read it! If, like me, you are rather excited for this novel, you can pre-order it right now from Amazon.
‘Always and Forever’ will be published on the 1st May 2017 by Aria! Can you wait that long?

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SQUEAL! TWG has a @Heidi_Swain #CoverReveal! @TeamBATC @simonschusterUK #comingsoon #newbook

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Hands up if you’re a Heidi Swain fan? Heidi has brought us three beautiful books so far; The Cherry Tree Café, Summer at Skylark Farm and more recently, Mince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas Market. However, come July 2017, Heidi won’t just have published THREE novels, no siree!! SHE WILL HAVE PUBLISHED FOUR! As you can tell, I am UBER excited about this because as you’re aware by now, I LOVE her books. This is why she has trusted me and two others, to reveal to you the stunning cover of her next novel, Coming Home to Cuckoo Cottage.

Before I reveal it to you, here is the blurb for the novel, you know, just to tickle your bookish taste buds as it were ;).

Pre-order Heidi Swain’s new novel, now!

When Lottie Foster’s grandmother’s best friend Gwen dies, she leaves Lottie her lovely
home, Cuckoo Cottage. Lottie loves the cottage but Matt, a charming local builder, points out that beneath its charm it is falling apart. Luckily he is always on hand to help with the problems that somehow seem to keep cropping up. But is he just a bit too good to be true? Certainly Will, Lottie’s closest neighbour, seems to think so.

Lottie plans to set up her own business renovating vintage caravans. She hasn’t told anyone about the project she has cooked up with Jemma from The Cherry Tree Café to repurpose Gwen’s old caravan and turn it into a mobile tearoom.

But before she can finally enjoy living with her legacy she must uncover who she can trust,
and who to avoid. And with two men vying for her attention, can she find love in her new

Pre-order Heidi Swain’s new novel, now!

You ready to be blown away? It is such an honour to reveal to you, Heidi Swain’s brand new cover of her upcoming novel, Coming Home to Cuckoo Cottage.

ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL!?!?! Ahhhhh! I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on this one I must say! If you love it too, the pre-order links are above and any rt’s on twitter or shares on fb will be welcomed to get this beauty out and about!!!!

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#CoverReveal! ‘There’s Something About Cornwall’ by @daisyjamesbooks @HQDigitalUK

EEEEE! It’s that time again folks! A Daisy James cover reveal! As I am sure you’re aware by now, Daisy James’ previous book covers have been GORGEOUS, and this one is definitely a beauty. It gives me great pleasure to be able to help reveal Daisy James book cover for her new novel;  There’s Something About Cornwall, which is set to be published on the 8th March 2017 by HQ Digital. You ready to see it?

You sure?



Life is far from picture perfect for food photographer, Emilie Roberts. Not only has her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, he’s also stolen her dream assignment to beautiful Venice! Instead, Emilie is heading to the wind-swept Cornish coast…

Emilie doesn’t think it can get any worse – until disaster strikes on the very first day! And there’s only one man to rescue this damsel in distress: extremely hunky surfing instructor, Matt Ashby.

Racing from shoot to shoot in a bright orange vintage camper van, Matt isn’t the conventional knight in shining armour – but can he make all of Emilie’s fairy tale dreams come true?

Isn’t it a beauty??!!! Beautiful AND intriguing! Judging by the first paragraph of the blurb alone, it sounds a SUPER read. Food photographer, a hunk AND a camper van?! Girls, we are getting spoilt!

If you want to ensure your hunk in a camper van arrives on your kindle, ready for you to wake up to (swoon), head on over to Amazon to pre-order your copy and give yourself a treat ready for the 8th March 2017.

I don’t know about you but I CANNOT WAIT to read this one!

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#CoverReveal! ‘It Started With A List’ by @LindseyPaley1 #ebook #bookboost #romcom

Whoop!!! Absolutely thrilled to be able to share with you yet another cover reveal! Today’s cover reveal is for the lovely Lindsey Paley and ‘It Started With A List’. Here is a little bit more about the book:

When life delivers lemons, make a list!

Even better, make three!

Becky Mathews is obsessed with making lists – she has a daily ‘To Do’ list, a Wish List and a meticulously researched Bucket List to end all lists. She loves to be organised and her favourite kind of day is when she can strike an item from one of her lists. But all her avid list-making has got her so far is an ex-husband and a tiny flat in Hammersmith. And now she’s lost her job!
Can Becky learn to ditch her lists and fly solo – without a safety net?

It Started With A List is a romantic comedy that will warm your heart and maybe deliver a few golden coins of happiness…

If you’re a fan of making lists AND romantic comedies, then this book might just be up your street! You ready to see the cover? Of course you are….

Oh!! Isn’t it just a beauty?!

If you fancy getting your hands on a copy of this beautiful book, you can head to Amazon now! Enjoy!