#BookReview – Love Connection by Camilla Isley (@camillaisley) #RNA #RomCom #firstcomeslove


Have you ever wondered what might have been?
Gemma’s at the airport, staring at two plane tickets to two different cities. Two different weddings. Two different futures. She’s at a crossroads.
Be maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding or crash her ex’s?
Gemma’s decision, unknown to her, hinges on a delayed flight and a chance meeting. Now her life is about to go down two parallel tracks—will Gemma fly toward a life with her first love or a future with a man she’s not even met yet?

In concurrent storylines, Gemma lives out the consequences of each journey. Different stories unravel with unpredictable outcomes for Gemma and her loved ones. As the alternative realities run their course, humor and romance intertwine raising questions about fate and chance. Will these parallel universes converge? Is true love meant to be? Is everyone destined to have a soul mate? Or are one’s cards just a choice away from reshuffling?

Love Connection is a romantic comedy about one woman, life’s infinite possibilities, and the destiny that lies beyond two different choices. First Comes Love is a series of interconnected romantic novels. However, each book in the series can be read as a standalone novel.

What does TWG think?

I am rather ashamed at the length of time it has taken me to get round to reviewing this novel! Camilla Isley is the type of author who manages to find a way to connect with her readers, pretty much straight away. As a fan of her previous novels, I crossed my fingers and prayed to Cookie Monster (what?!) that this novel wouldn’t disappoint.

Two big decisions; Gemma’s chance at happiness or her best friend’s? Two uncertain outcomes, but one giant leap of faith. Or is it? Gemma has a huge decision to make. A decision which is either going to make or break her AND her friendships, but which one is the right way to go? Unfortunately for Gemma, she won’t know until she chooses. But, luckily for us, we get to see her live out both scenarios. However, if you think it’s going to a plain sailing, predictable ‘love connection’, then you’re wrong. ‘Tinder’ has nothing on Camilla Isley and her infamous ‘Love Connection’, trust me.

As soon as the book begins, we are graced with Gemma’s presence and THAT decision. Er, my sofa made pals with my backside, seeing as I wasn’t going to move until I knew everything (aka The End). In real life we actually have to make a decision and stick with the one, we don’t have the luxury of being able to dabble like that. It would save so much hassle if we could though, especially with relationships….and choosing a pair of shoes. Two of THE biggest decisions, obviously.

Just when I thought this book could not get any better, I think I peed a little in excitement when I saw Ally Mcbeal & Grey’s Anatomy mentioned! It was as though the book was made for me, I LOVE those sitcoms! I thought that was such a fab touch as a lot of females will relate to those sitcoms, especially when it comes to relationships.

The storyline flowed absolutely brilliantly, even with the cringey ‘oh she didn’t!’, moments! Camilla’s trademark humour is back with a bang in ‘Love Connection’, generously sharing her fantastic, dry humour with her characters. Gemma is the ballsy character who everyone will wish for as a best friend; she’s loyal, generous and extremely kick ass, definitely my favourite character.

You just cannot fault Camilla Isley’s memorable writing skills, nor her relaxed (yet relatable) way of keeping the reader entertained the entire way through. Despite that, she has even managed to add a hint of seriousness to the storyline as she highlights the importance of making decisions that are right for YOU, and nobody else. Under all of the humour and sass, there is a message which needs to be listened to; you just need to find it and believe it. Be true.

Yet another brilliant, fun, sassy novel from rom com writer, Camilla Isley. A joy to read from the first page, to the last page; apart from when it said ‘The End’. Now THAT I didn’t like!

Thank you Camilla!

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Book review – The List by Joanna Bolouri


Phoebe Henderson may be single but she sure doesn’t feel fabulous. It’s been a year since she found her boyfriend Alex in bed with another woman, and multiple cases of wine and extensive relationship analysis with best friend Lucy have done nothing to help. Faced with a new year but no new love, Phoebe concocts a different kind of resolution.
The List: ten things she’s always wanted to do in bed but has never had the chance (or the courage!) to try. A bucket list for between the sheets. One year of pleasure, no strings attached.

Simple, right? Factor in meddlesome colleagues, friends with benefits, getting frisky al fresco and maybe, possibly, true love and Phoebe’s got her work cut out for her.

What does TWG think?

Sometimes you just fancy reading something different, maybe a book that isn’t your typical read for a weekday night. Or maybe a book by a brand new author (to you). One lonely night, I to fancied something different. I had just finished reading a couple of rather deep and dark novels and decided that I deserved a book session on Amazon. Within moments I spotted ‘The List’, the cover made me go ‘ooer‘ and because I wasn’t wearing my glasses, I could only see the large writing. The ambiguous large writing that makes you wonder why the hell someone has written a book about a shopping list…(I didn’t think that…honestly). I literally began the book none the wiser.

Just to clarify, this book isn’t about a list for your weekly shop! If you could write a list of things you would like to achieve in a year, to do with just one topic, what would you choose? A list of adventure sports you’ve always wanted to try, but some of them may involve the possibility of the odd break, but you still go for them anyway? Or maybe a list of countries you want to visit, some of which have HUGE spiders at 1cm long, but you’ll be brave and pluck up the courage and go? OR what about a list of ten things that you have always wanted to try in bed? No, I don’t mean trying to do a headstand on your bed as one of the ‘things’, that’ll be stupid. (Can anyone do a headstand on their bed…asking for a friend…).

After Phoebe found her boyfriend getting jiggy with another woman in HER bed, she has felt a little deflated. Mind you, it was a year ago, but she struggles to get over the heartbreak, and the size of the woman’s melons..
New year, new start, new Phoebe. After a wine fuelled session with her best friend Lucy, Phoebe decides that her New Year’s resolution will be ticking everything off on her list. The list being ten things she has always wanted to do in bed, you need someone to do that with don’t you? But where would Phoebe find a male willing to explore her list, and some? Ah, she’ll manage it fine, it’s no big deal…right?

This review has taken me ages to write because I have to stop typing every 0.5 seconds as I’m laughing at the book. ‘The List’ had me in hysterics. It got to the point where I was laughing so hard, I thought I would have to get shares in Tena Lady! I’m not a prude by all means, but if Ally Mcbeal is on the TV in the background and a guy wants to disturb me on the bed, you can bet which one win out of the guy and Ally McBeal! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Ally McBeal! Got to be something impressive to stop me from watching that! With that in mind, many of the quotes in the book were along the same lines as mine! I mean, a big chocolate egg or sex? The chocolate egg obviously!!!!

Joanna’s humour is incredible, it is literally a side-splitting, gut wrenching, nose drippingly hilarious read. Obviously, if you’re a prude, you don’t like the C-bomb and don’t wish to know what sexual antic is like childbirth in reverse, then clearly the book isn’t for you! I actually found Joanna’s novel to be quite relatable in a weird sense. There are a lot of females (or males) out there that don’t have the confidence in bed, don’t have the confidence in themselves to try new things, or even think of sex as a taboo or embarrassing subject. But then you meet Phoebe. She ticks all of the boxes above, yet takes you on her journey of self discovery (literally) and turns the ‘taboo’ subject into a ‘hang on, it’s natural!’ type moment. Don’t get me wrong, Phoebe went above and beyond with her list, she clearly was going to go for it with no holding back! Some of her choices along the way sounded a bit desperate, but despite having a cringe moment whilst reading it, I squealed like a twat with high-pitched laughter. I’m sexy and I know it!

This review is quite a tricky one to write as I want to say my opinion on the whole book, but if I did that, I would end up giving it away, and that wouldn’t be good. So can you please go and buy it, read it, and then discuss it with me?!

‘The List’ is a book that will make you forget as you’re too busy laughing your ass off at the words in front of you. Hands down, it was THE funniest book that I have ever read, in multiple ways. It has disgustingly hilarious moments, cringy hilarious moments and ‘omg I can’t breathe I’m laughing too hard but I’ll keep on reading’ moments. Absolutely FANTASTIC book to read. Joanna, please can you be my new BFF cause you are an absolute riot!

The List by Joanna Bolouri, published by Quercus, is available to buy right now from Amazon UK and Amazon US