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Happy ‘eat tons of chocolate until you feel nauseous’ day! Aka happy Easter!

I’m rather excited this morning, blogging for the first time using the app on my phone! Amazing right?! Probably should be excited that I have Easter eggs in my kitchen….but….I’m a fully grown, mature adult that doesn’t get excited over things like that. Okay that was a lie…

Who has Easter eggs today?! Are you going to be eating them whilst you read books? I am hoping you’re saying no to that! Don’t make me panic! Can you imagine having chocolate marks on the pages of your favourite book?! I feel faint, this is all too much…..books are….are….like a precious stone! See what I did there?! You impressed I’m that clever at 10.25am, on a Sunday? 

Hope you all have a lovely Easter! Don’t forget the writing garnet is on Facebook as well if you fancy popping a like on the page!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite chocolate is! Hopefully  I’m not the only one to sit on my own eating copious amounts of chocolate and then feeling like I’m going to burst! I’m a galaxy chocolate fan I must admit!

Enjoy, gems!