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Three kids, Milo, Mia and Birdy, are on a countryside holiday when they wander into an Enchanted Wood. Among the whispering leaves, there is a beautiful tree that stands high above the rest. The Magic Faraway Tree is home to remarkable creatures including a fairy called Silky, her best friend Moonface and more. Birdy is delighted to find that fairies are real. Even her older brother and sister are soon won over by the magic of the Faraway Tree and the extraordinary places they discover above it, including the Land of Unicorns. But not every land is so much fun. Danger looms in the Land of Dragons. Will Moonface’s magic work in time to save the children?

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton was Jacqueline Wilson’s own favourite book as a young child. Now Britain’s favourite contemporary children’s author, creator of Hetty Feather and Tracy Beaker, revisits this glorious magical world, weaving a brand-new story perfect for the next generation of young readers. Discover the magic!

TWG’s Thoughts.

‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ has always been my most favourite book ever – the original one that is, with the original gang of Jo, Bessie and Fanny (not forgetting cousin Dick of course). So when I saw that THE Jacqueline Wilson was bringing out a new children’s book based on that very faraway tree where trees go ‘wisha wisha’, and a character is covered head to toe in saucepans who ironically, is hard of hearing (I wonder why), I couldn’t help but feel both excited AND nervous.

‘Why the nerves?’ I hear you ask. Well, if your most favourite book in the whole world was being brought into the 21st century by your most favourite author in the whole world, keeping the tree and the trees residents at the heart of the storyline whilst creating a new story at the same time – wouldn’t you be a little nervous? I was very unsure as to how it would play out. ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ is an iconic book in my opinion, and I was worried that the new version would dilute the magic of Silky and Moonface and end up making me dislike the entire thing.

I could not have been more wrong if I tried. ‘A New Adventure’ is exactly that, a brand new adventure. Jacqueline Wilson kept the magical characters at the heart of her story, bringing them back to life after what has felt like ages. That said, it felt as though they had never been away, as though I was catching up with friends I hadn’t seen for a long time. Yes, there were a lot of similarities between the books, such as three children going off on their own into the woods with personalities that would be relatable to a lot of children in this day and age, just like Jo, Bessie, and Fanny did back in the day. Not only that, visiting different lands at the top of the tree, and even getting covered in Dame Wash-a-lots water were also iconic similarities. However, there were subtle differences which gave the book its own identity. For example, the concept of time was different, and the children’s lives weren’t as important outside of the faraway tree as they were in the original.

Even though ‘A New Adventure’ is a novel in its own right (despite the obvious inspiration), it felt like a continuation of the magical story we have all grown to love and adore. I was in my element reading this story, and I was so excited to be back with the gang – all my Christmases had come at once! I was swept up in the magic of the faraway and lost in Jacqueline Wilson’s brilliant storytelling – what more could I have wanted?

So yeah, its understandable if you’ve seen this book and felt a bit apprehensive, as though you’re cheating on Enid Blyton’s original, but please don’t despair. It is worth the read and then some. I loved it! Once again I didn’t want to leave Silky and Moonface, so I was gutted when it had to end.

Until next time The Magic Faraway Tree!

Buy now from Amazon.

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#Review of Clover Moon by Jacqueline Wilson (@fansofjwilson) @RHKidsUK #CloverMoon



Clover Moon’s imagination is her best escape from a life of hardship in poverty-stricken Victorian London. When tragedy plunges her into a world of grief, Clover realizes that everything she loved about the place she called home is gone. Clover hears of a place she could run to, but where will she find the courage – and the chance – to break free? And could leaving her family be just what she needs to find a place that really feels like home?

What does TWG think?

Ever since I can remember, Jacqueline Wilson’s books have been part of my life. When it came to writing book reviews at school, Jacqueline’s ‘The Lottie Project’ was usually the first book that I chose, and, 19 years on, it still remains one of my most favourite books. As a lot of you are aware, Jacqueline writes books aimed at children and young adults. However, given the topics her books cover, I am sure a lot of adults would still appreciate the literary genius that is Ms.Wilson.

As soon as I was given the opportunity to read ‘Clover Moon’, I grabbed it with both hands and snuggled up on the sofa with copious amounts of excitement bubbling as I began to read. ‘Clover Moon’ is set in London during the Victorian era; the poverty end in particular. Clover Moon is just a young girl. A young girl that has a lot of responsibility looking after her younger brothers and sisters, as well as the neighbours children. Before you even add poverty to the equation, Clover’s life seems very hectic already. In the Victorian era, people didn’t have the luxuries that we take for granted now; things like clothes, hot water, food and even medicines. Reading about Clover Moon’s life and the struggles that she had to face, opened my eyes in more ways than one.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew that life was very different back then, but when you’re focusing on one or two families, the reality of the situation becomes even more clear. When Clover faced grief head on, my heart went out to her. The little girls safety net and best friend was gone, and the only thing that poor Clover could guarantee now was pain.

Jacqueline Wilson has taken yet another harrowing topic, built a story with that topic in mind based on events from our history, and has written it in such an easy to understand way. Not only that, Jacqueline Wilson has kept the gritty reality at the forefront of the story, whilst explaining what younger children had to face and the options that they had.

I found a lot of the storyline quite hard to read in terms of emotion behind the powerful truth, yet it was delivered brilliantly.

Yet another exceptional book from the highly talented Jacqueline Wilson. In the 19 or so years that I have read Jacqueline’s books, I have never come across one that I didn’t like. Absolutely fantastic. Roll on her next book!

Thank you Penguin Books.

Clover Moon by Jacqueline Wilson is available to buy now from Amazon UK

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Blog Tour! The Be Careful Home Series by Kriss Keller (@BeCarefulHome)@AuthorightUKPR


Today is my stop on the blog tour for the ‘Be Careful – Home’ series, thank you to AuthorightUKPR for inviting me! I am ever so gutted that I wasn’t able to physically hold these books as planned (hence my late posting) as I think that these are such brilliant books for parents and little fingers alike.


The Be Careful series covers ‘Hot Things’ and ‘Sharp Things’, two topics that little people will be wondering about every single day. Now, if you’re not a parent, do not fret; even if you work with children, or there are young children in your family, these books are a fabulous read regardless of height and age!

Obviously, the most important clientele of these particular books are our little people; our very inquisitive and impressionable little ones. Several things stood out for me with both books, not only are the pictures bold and attention grabbing, the words are written as little rhymes which is a sure-fire way to hold a little one’s attention too. I noticed that the font of the books is very easy to read (handy for when they are learning how to read themselves). Also, the content reiterates exactly how dangerous sharp and hot objects can be for little fingers.

I am incredibly impressed by these books because they’re aimed towards the children as opposed to a ‘do’s and don’ts’ manual for adults. Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended!

To buy links:

Sharp Things – Amazon UK
Hot Things – Amazon UK

About the author:

Kriss Keller is the art brand founded in 2014 by Kristina Kucerova. Kucerova studied teaching and Fine Art at the Comenius University in Bratislava. She went on to study graphic communications at St. Louis Community College in the United States. She has built a career working as a child care professional with clients around the world. Her writing is inspired by her work with children, and she combined her graphics skills with a desire to prevent childhood injuries. Kucerova lives and works currently at Zurich, Switzerland.

Author Links:

Be Careful – Home Facebook Page

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TWG is going on an adventure to ‘The Petal Planet’ with Zak & Jen!

‘We’re all going on a, summer holiday, no more working for a…week or two. Fun & laughter on a, summer holiday, no more worries for me & you.’
Today is my stop for on the blog tour! Huge thank you to Natalie and Chris for giving me this opportunity!
TWG is going on an adventure!!!! -bounces up and down like a hyper child-. Not just any old adventure though, no sireeee. This adventure is in space! Now, before you start thinking that I am going barmy (well, you probably think that now after I serenaded you…again), I know it is tricky to go on an adventure to space. But if you’re a child, you can dream to go anywhere you like and be whoever you like, yes?
Last month a lovely lady called Natalie got in contact to see if I would be interested in reviewing her debut children’s book. Of course I said yes. It was such an honour to be asked, and with this book, I knew just the person that was going to be able to help me. My daughter.
Receiving the book in the post felt like Christmas had come early, because it was in a beautiful box which had been painted by the illustrator of the book; Chris Rivers Nuttall. It wasn’t just any box though, it was a sensory box which included some of the items in the story.

‘Jen Lives alone on her solitary sand planet, until one day, a boy named Zak comes to visit. Through a little of Zak’s magic and an unusual umbrella, Jen is transported to a beautiful world, and her new friend helps her learn a valuable lesson along the way. ‘

‘To Jen, her life was a terrible bore.
She wished she had more than the landscape she saw.’

As soon as I began reading the book, I was greeted by the words above. Based on those two lines alone, I knew that it was an ideal book for children because of the rhyming. The book carries that rhyming theme throughout which, in my opinion, is brilliant. Such a catchy way to help children not only learn rhyming, but also might keep them interested. My daughter is too young to read, even though she likes to think that she can. Her opinion was based purely on the pictures, of course, she is two and pictures are an important part of a children’s book!

Natalie & Chris, this is my daughter Eva’s opinion on the book, her own words: ‘I see flowers, and trees and a moon and it’s blue! This a good book mumma.’
She is a book worm like her mumma!

Throughout the book there are wonderful pictures, from an adults point of view, they are incredibly magical. Take a look at a couple:


How beautiful are they!

As I was nearing the end of the book, I began to realise that the book had something very clever throughout. A hidden message. Jen finds her planet boring after taking a visit to Zak’s planet full of petals. However, when she returns home she realises that she missed her planet and its own kind of beauty. The message that I got from the story was: ‘Learn to appreciate what you have because it’s yours.’ Such an important message.
I had a friend visit who spotted the book and began reading it out loud, so I just sat and watched to see his expression. I noticed that while he was reading it, he had a massive smile on his face and said afterwards how much he enjoyed it. Now I’m not going to name him as he knows who he is and I don’t wish to get my wrists tapped ha ha. It just goes to show that whilst this book is directly aimed at children, it will also make pleasant reading for the adult that gets to read it with the child.
I found ‘Zak and Jen’s Astronomical Adventures – The Petal Planet’ to be such a captivating and fascinating book. Wonderful use of language throughout the book giving the storyline such incredible depth. Not only that, the illustrations are amazing and very detailed. It is very clear to see that a lot of time and effort has gone into creating the illustrations and making them stand out.
To me, this book doesn’t scream out debut. It screams out fantasy, imagination, enjoyment and pure brilliance. Natalie has written such a wonderful children’s book that has captivated and brought out my inner child, and it is definitely a story that I will never tire of reading or looking at with my daughter. You both should be incredibly proud of yourselves for your achievement.

On that note, I have also been given another great honour of giving you an exclusive. There is going to be a book two! Book two will follow Zak and Jen on yet another adventure. Here is a teaser:

‘After their adventure on the petal planet, Zak and Jen become firm friends and Jen is keen to head off on another adventure amongst the stars. This time, the pair find themselves on a jungle planet inhabited by all kinds of creatures including a Lion who is not all he seems.
Once again this second book will aim to combine Chris’s magical illustrations with a thought provoking story as Zak and Jen travel the galaxy with their magical umbrellas.’

‘Zak and Jen’s Astronomical Adventures – The Petal Planet’ is available to buy right now. You may even see it in your local W H Smith’s! For now, here is the Amazon link for the book where you can buy your own copy of such an enchanted book:
Buy ‘Zak and Jen’s Astronomical Adventures’ from Amazon


Once upon a time…..

……there lived thousands of books about magic. Not magician type of magic, but fantasy magic. Magic that makes your imagination run wild. Magic that has you dreaming about a life that doesn’t exist, yet it seems so real to you. A type of magic that stays with you into your adulthood. Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about children’s books. Now I’m sure many of you had a favourite book to read as a child? Or one that your parents or family member read to you, yes? Of course you did! I bet you can even remember it now. If you can’t remember, have a think about the books you came across as a child. There will be one that will jump out at you in relation to certain childhood memories. Thought of it? Let me know in the comments your favourite childhood book and why.

How many people reading this are parents? You’ll probably have a slight advantage here if your child likes to read. What book(s) does your child or children enjoy the most?

When I was a child I read a lot, apparently. No change there then! I read Jill Murphy’s ‘The Large Family’ and ‘The Worst Witch’; Roald Dahl’s books, especially ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,  James and the Giant Peach and the BFG. To name a few! But, the two books that remind me of my childhood the most are Noddy, and The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. Such classics. There are thousands of children’s books, some even being very popular today. Such as Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) and the fairy tales (Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella etc).

I will admit that as a late twenty-something woman, I still LOVE The Magic Faraway tree because it still takes me fall into the magical lands every time I read it. Such an incredibly clever written story. Anyone else familiar with it?

Despite there being multiple ways for children and adults to get access to books nowadays, it makes me feel sad when I get told a child doesn’t read books, or even when an adult tells me that they hate reading. Whilst I am fully aware that there may be health obstacles for the individual, it’s the choosing NOT to pick up a book just because. I sound like a book snob and I do apologise, BUT, who would choose not to escape into a make-believe story? A story that lets them forget their own troubles. What do you do when you go onto social media? You read. But you’re reading countless posts of the same thing over and over again. Somehow that is more appealing than reading a book wondering what Mary Berry would do, or finding out about a deep, dark secret within a family. I do realise that reading isn’t everyone’s cup of tea sadly, but it really is an incredible way of broadening your mind and your imagination. There is a book for everyone out there. So many authors that have been on the scene for years, are still bringing out amazing books, and there are authors debuting their novels which shoot straight up the Kindle chart (Katerina Diamond – The Teacher, if you’re interested!).

Who is reading this now that wishes they could read more, or that wants to get train themselves to read something other than social media? Fancy a challenge? I challenge every single one of you to find a new book and read it without giving up halfway through. Let me know how you get on with it, what you enjoyed and see if we can get #garnetchallenge trending on twitter shall we?

I would love to hear your thoughts on anything mentioned, and please tell me your favourite books!