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One girl.  Two guys.  It’s complicated.

First there is Isaac, the ex-boyfriend who threatens her move to a sunny new life on the west coast when he suddenly comes back into the picture.  The chemistry is intoxicating and Josie starts eating, breathing, and sleeping with him again until the move.  Things are hard enough saying goodbye to her childhood home and very best friends, but when Isaac makes it seem like he might actually want her to stay, Josie wonders if she’s giving up on him too quickly. Josie takes the plunge and moves to California.
Then comes Carter. Sweet, doting – and, oh my god! – former boy band heartthrob, Carter. Josie’s new life falls into place, with new friends and a job working as the personal assistant for Carter as he plans the re-launch of his career. When it seems like there might be something between Josie and her new boss, she can’t help but hold back in fear of crossing a line and, worse yet, getting her heart crushed.  Once again.
What spirals into a complicated, heart wrenching, unexpected love triangle forces Josie to face a decision that she is not sure she can make.  Carter or Isaac.  Or – who knows? 
It’s Sex in the City meets Bridget Jones Diary under the Hollywood sign.  A masterful debut novel of love, sex and rock & roll in the New Adult genre.

What does TWG think?

Sometimes we just need a little relationship drama (not our own obviously), a little bit of sass and a pinch of spiciness to indulge in once in a while, agreed? ‘Let’s Try This Again’ is a modernised version of the infamous UK T.V series, Sex Chips & Rock and Roll. If you have no idea what I’m on about, google/YouTube it!

Don’t get me wrong, some parts of the storyline I found to be a little bit cheesy and over the top, however the majority of the storyline was full of flirty fun and such relatable, girl drama which a lot of females will nod their heads in agreement with. We’ve all been THERE, we have all had THAT dilemma, after all we are only human.

‘Let’s Try This Again’ is a breath of fresh air in terms of overall storyline. Instead of taking the usual (and over used) route in a rom com novel where boy meets girl – they argue over smelly socks – split up – get back together and live happily ever after; Jordyn stands out from the crowd with her new-age rom com approach. Kudos to her for writing a novel that will be remembered for its fun and sass, but more importantly its real life, diverse concept.

All females need this book as a travel companion or a new fangled self-help book to remind us of FUN.

Thanks iReadBookTours!

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About the author.
Jordyn Woodtke is an exceedingly gifted new author who is destined to take the New Adult genre by storm with her debut novel entitled Let’s Try This Again. A graduate of NYU, she majored in screenwriting with a minor in bottomless brunching, skills she took with her when she moved to Los Angeles to follow her dream of becoming a writer.
Jordyn started writing poetry and plays in high school, garnering prestigious awards and accolades from the Hartford Stage, Drexel University, the Waterbury Young Playwrights Festival and the national Scholastic Art & Writing awards, among others.
Now, on any given afternoon you are likely to find Jordyn petting random dogs on her street, noshing at any of the numerous brunch spots in LA, or bingeing Netflix on her couch. She’s grateful and dedicated to the art of storytelling because it lets her say all the things she wished she’d said when she had the chance.
And if Let’s Try This Again is any indicator of future success, Jordyn will get to keep saying them for a long, long time.

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A Brush With Death – Malcom Parnell #Extract @paintauthor @3ppublishing1 @emmamitchellfpr

TWG is one of the blogs to be kicking off the blog tour for ‘A Brush With Death’ by Malcom Parnell, and I am bringing you an extract from the book! As well as the important to buy links of course!  Thank you to Emma Mitchell for inviting me on the tour!

A BRUSH WITH DEATH by Malcolm Parnell


25 years ago

The boy pulled back the curtains and peered through his bedroom window. The view was to most eyes nothing spectacular, but for him it was magical. Straight ahead he could see across open farmland. Over to his left, separated from the farm by a meandering brook lay an area of marsh land. Mundane and of no practical value to some, to him it was a very special place, a place where all things were possible, a place where you might encounter lizards, snakes and all manner of creeping things. Rats and voles lived there and further on where the earth sloped upwards onto drier ground, foxes, rabbits and who knows what else roamed free. The boy watched his world unfold as light from the sun transformed the grass from a colourless mass to every shade of green. Each blade dancing as the lightest of breezes touched the tips bringing movement like the rolling sea.

Inside, the house was quiet. The only other occupant was his father and he had yet to awake, still clinging to the last vestiges of sleep. His day had not yet begun, but when it did the boy doubted it would involve snakes and lizards.


Water droplets fell like diamonds shimmering in the morning sun as the small net swung round in an arc and then hovered expectantly over the waiting glass jar. Peering into the net, the boy held his breath as he examined his prize. Scooped from its watery lair the great crested newt clambered up the sides of the net before falling back exposing its fiery belly. With a shout of triumph the boy plucked the newt from the net and dropped it into the jar. Holding it up to his face both boy and newt scrutinized each other, the captor and the captured caught in a moment of time, both bathed in the glow of the rising sun, one relishing it, the other, desperate to hide.

The stream gleamed and sparkled, bent and fragmented by stones and tree roots, it seemed to go forever twisting like a coil of rope through the meadows.  Where he was standing was the widest point and the water was calmer here among the shallows, providing the perfect home for frogs and fish. The reed fringed banks giving way to a vast bed of water lilies that constantly nudged and swayed against his wellington boots. Further on, the banks grew more steeply and behind the blackthorn bush the lichen covered bricks of the old bridge could just be seen. How long the bridge had spanned the stream no-one knew. Neither could anyone fathom the reason for it being there. No road ran across it and either side was overgrown with wild blackthorn and holly. Those of a fanciful nature suggested it was a bridge to another world, but there seemed nothing other worldly about its overgrown walls and wild flower covered floor, although it is true that if one wandered into the darkness beneath the arch a gap in the bricks could be found. The boy had once explored this further, but after negotiating the almost un-penetrable array of spikey leaves and thorns, he eventually came disappointedly into the open air of the meadow which could have been accessed by the easier route of skirting the bridge further downstream.

The boy gave the newt one final look and lowered the jar into the water. He watched as the newt eager to be free, swam down into the depths and disappeared amongst the vegetation.

 A sudden splash caught his attention and without turning his head he said, “You came then?”  

From behind, a cheerful voice said, “’Course. I said I would, didn’t I?”

“I thought you were going to be dragged off shopping.”

“Nah, made a bit of a fuss. Mum chucked me out. So, Peter me lad, it’s you and me.”

The boy turned to greet his friend. John lived a few doors down from him and they had grown up together.  People in the street saw it as a strange alliance as the boys were like chalk and cheese, both physically and in temperament. His friend was short and dark with a mercurial nature, subject to whims and flights of fancy. His attention span was short and he got bored easily which often led him into trouble as his need for thrills caused conflict with the elders. Peter, on the other hand was tall and willowy, prone to deep thought and consideration. He was a shy boy and considered by some to be easily led, but he had a sharp mind and inquisitive nature. 

“Not caught anything then?” his friend asked surveying the now empty jam jar.

“I had a crested, just let it go.”

“Have you had a go for Billy?”

“No not yet.”

Billy was a fish, a bullhead, commonly known as a millers thumb. He inhabited a half-submerged rusty oil drum that lay on its side further downstream, here the brook flowed through a small coppice. As bullheads go he was big, at least the size of the boy’s hand and though often seen, was elusive, as the water was deeper there and once the bottom was disturbed, clouds of silt would obscure the view.

“Still, there’s plenty of time.”

The boys grinned. Today was the first day of the school holidays and the immediate future held six glorious weeks of climbing trees, hunting, fishing and exploring. New worlds would be discovered and the prospect was mouth-watering.

The next few hours were spent engrossed in the world of water. Taking turns, they pushed and prodded the fishing net through lily beds and rushes. Many fish were caught, including – to both boys delight – a small jack pike weighing around 1lb. By the middle of the afternoon they had wandered about half a mile upstream and had come to the spot where the blackthorn embraced the old bridge. Climbing out of the water, the boys scrambled through the thick thorns and holly roots before emerging, scratched and torn under the dark recesses of the bridge. Sitting on the moss covered stones they each produced packs of sandwiches and bottled water from their jacket pockets.

“This bridge is creepy.” His friend muttered, chewing on ham and tomato.

“Yeah it’s brill.” Peter answered also chewing on his lunch.

“It’s supposed to be haunted. Tommy Greenway says that a long time ago some kids disappeared from somewhere around here.”

Peter shrugged. He too had heard the story, but was unimpressed.

“Tommy Greenway’s a girlie. He’s scared of his own shadow.”

“Yeah, but, you’ve gotta admit it’s a funny place.  For one thing there’s no sound. I don’t like it, I’m going back.”

“What? Why?

“Don’t like it.” John got up to leave and turned his head. “You comin’?”

“No, not yet, I’ll catch you up.” Peter answered and watched his friend back track through the water until he reached the part where the brambles gave way to clear meadow. Soon John was out of sight.

Peter stopped chewing and tilted his head. It was true, it was quiet, the silence only punctuated by the occasional bickering of squabbling coots further upstream. But then, a sound could be heard, difficult to make out at first, a sort of scraping noise. The sound a knife makes when being honed to a sharp point across a sharpening stone. Peter quickly looked around, his eyes wide trying to penetrate the gloom. Then, terror struck as a shadow emerged from the walls of the bridge and moved towards him.

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34 Days by Anita Waller (@anitamayw) Blog Tour! #Guestpost @bloodhoundbook


Absolutely thrilled to be a part of the blog tour for a book that seems to be running up the book charts just now! Thank you to Helen from Bloodhound Books for inviting me on the tour, my first one for you guys, exciting!

Author of 34 Days, Anita Waller, has written a guest post for me to share with you all today. Enjoy!

Guest Post by Anita Waller.

I can remember being around eight years old and going to the Headmaster’s office daily to read a list of twenty words to him, then going back in the afternoon and spelling them. Mr. Ellis is my hero. He instilled in me a love of the English language; Mrs. Heyworth, my class teacher, compounded it by ‘compositions’. My composition was never a short story, it always had chapters. I am also gifted with a photographic memory, which I suppose was the main thing that saw me never misspell in my daily spelling lessons with Mr. Ellis!

            From being that age, I never stopped writing; I began novel writing in my thirties by taking what I thought of as the easy option and writing for Mills and Boon. Soppy love stories? Dead easy. I now have six novels sitting on a shelf, all hard copy because I wrote on an Amstrad 8256, that I will never use, because writing for Mills and Boon is anything but ‘dead easy’. It was only when murder crept into my mind that I began to change.

            In 1995 I wrote a novel called Beautiful. I never saw it as belonging to any specific genre, it was just a novel. I sent it to a couple of publishers who gave me excellent feedback while saying it wasn’t for them, and then I sent it to a publisher called Ringpull Press. They accepted it immediately, and we were within a day of meeting to sign the contract when they went into liquidation. They returned my manuscript; I bundled it up and stuck it in the attic. I stopped sending anything to publishers, decided they were all rubbish, and began to teach creative writing instead.

            In 2014, at the ripe old age of 68, I decided Beautiful had to be typed into my computer at the very least. I am not a copy typist and had to look at every word; it took me eighteen months. I finished on the Saturday morning. The previous day I had seen a publisher called Bloodhound Books were looking for submissions. I did no homework on them, had no idea what they published, but sent them the first twenty pages, as requested, on that Saturday morning. By Wednesday we had signed the contract. Six weeks later it was published.

            I am now 70 years old, my third book is due for launch any day, and I followed my dream. It took a long time and I wish I could personally thank Mr. Ellis and Mrs. Heyworth but I can’t, they are long gone. My best advice to any aspiring writer? Never, ever give up. The dream will keep you going. That’s what dreams are for.

Thank you Anita for the kick up the backside; listen to her folks, NEVER give up on your dreams. Lovely Anita is proof that you shouldn’t!


How much can your life change in just 34 days?

Anna and Ray have been married for thirty-five years. They are parents and grandparents and appear to be a normal couple. But behind closed doors something isn’t right.

On the day of their wedding anniversary Anna makes a decision that changes everything and throws her family into turmoil. Anna will discover that she is not the only one who has suffered and by leaving Ray she sparks a series of events so awful that it might just end in murder…

34 Days by Anita Waller, published by Bloodhound Books, is available to buy now from Amazon UK

Blog tour: Alzheimers Research – Little Kitty by Caterina Longtail & co! @brookcottagebks @aruknews

This morning’s blog post is a rather special one as it extremely significant. As soon as I saw the information about this book, I knew I had to show my support in any way that I could, granted, not as much as the authors involved have!

All of the authors involved in ‘Little Kitty the Cat Burglar’ have donated their time free of charge and have written one chapter of the book each. All proceeds from the book will go to Alzheimers Research UK. You can find out more about the charity right here. The amazing authors involved are: Suzan Collins, Tottie Limejuice, Jo Wilde, JB Johnston, Lucy Rayner, Ros Lyons, Ann Bowyer and Tracy Terry. Together, they became known as Caterina Longtail!

Buying this cute book will not only give you a lovely bedtime story to read (for yourself or to a child!), it will also help to support a charity carry on their vital work in aid of such a devastating disease.


‘We are the UK’s leading research charity aiming to defeat dementia. We power world class studies that give us the best chance of beating dementia sooner. Our pioneering work focuses on prevention, treatment and cure. We are energising a movement across society to support, fund and take part in dementia research. We aim to empower people across all generations through greater understanding of dementia. Together we have the power to defeat dementia.’

‘Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, but there are other types of dementia too. It is possible to have more than one type of dementia at the same time. Alzheimer’s is sometimes seen with vascular dementia or dementia with Lewy bodies. You might hear this called ‘mixed dementia’. (all info taken from Alzheimer’s Research UK website).


What does TWG think?

With a beautiful looking book like this, how can you NOT like it? This gorgeous book is a perfect little read for both and adults and children. Plus, it has outstanding illustrations, so if you don’t fancy reading it, at least you have the option to look at the cats! My three-year old daughter loves looking at this book and has claimed it as her new bedtime story. If, like me, you’re an avid reader and may want something lighter to read in between your other books; ‘Little Kitty the cat burglar’ will be perfect. Perfect length, stunning illustrations AND all for a good cause too. It really is a win win situation.

Want a chance at winning your own paperback copy of the book? You can enter the giveaway here:
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It’s TWG’s turn on Julia Wilmot’s blog tour for ‘Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan?’


Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan? by Julia Wilmot.
Available to buy now from Amazon UK & Amazon US.

‘Emma Butler doesn’t know it but she is about to get bit more angelic help than she was banking on.
Someone has messed up, or have they?
It appears that Emma is about to be ‘recalled’ to heaven but has completed none of the tasks she had set herself for this life time. They must be completed before she is recalled and time is running out. Arch Angel Gregory decides to take over. He will be her Guardian Angel to ensure it all gets done.
There’s a lot to do and a very short time to do it in. Gregory is determined that it will all be completed by hook or by crook. But where does that leave free will and what about Jack who has been chosen to be Emma’s love interest? How will this impact him? Jack and Emma have no idea what is going on, but it’s not going to be plain sailing.’

How exciting! Today it is TWG’s turn on Julia’s blog tour for her debut novel! Big thank you to Julia for allowing me to read her book in exchange for my thoughts, and a huge thank you to Jenny at NeverlandBT for inviting me to take part.
Lets get down to what I thought, shall we?

‘Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan?’, such an intriguing title don’t you think? I definitely thought so because I said yes to reading the book based on the title. I was so curious! A life plan? I know people sometimes have a ‘five year plan’, but I wasn’t entirely sure what a ‘life plan’ actually entailed. Luckily, not long into reading the book things began to make more sense. Only on the title front though, I was yet to delve deeper into life as an Angel.
The book is quite heavily based on the spiritual life because of the Angel’s, Heaven and what people might believe to happen after their own ‘recall’. You don’t need to believe in it to enjoy the story because it is such an extravagantly fun read, you’ll no doubt be laughing yet questioning your own life plan at the same time. I definitely did!

As the story develops you’re introduced to various Angel’s in Heaven, as well as multiple Guardian Angel’s. Every person in the story has a Guardian Angel to guide them through life and keep them safe without interfering in their life. I must say though, one Guardian Angel in particular, Brian, was described exceptionally well. His personality had such sass. I could imagine his stance and facial expressions as various situations unfolded. Very cleverly written.

‘Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan?’ is a very well thought out book, which actually makes this review quite tricky to write because everything in the book linked to the final scenario. Nothing bad about the book, just the fact that I am being careful to keep the surprises for when you read it yourself!

I loved the diversity between the characters. Each one had such a memorable personality, several of them have stayed in my mind since I finished reading the book (I finished it 3 days ago). Although, as with any book, there is always one or two characters that you don’t quite ‘gel’ with, this book was no different. One in particular got me rather annoyed as his attitude was appalling. However, he made the book, if that makes sense?

In the book, Julia describes how everyone has a ‘life plan’, and the aim is to do everything that you set out to do before you get ‘recalled’. I’d be lying if I said that that didn’t get me thinking. Because it did. The fact that anyone could get ‘recalled’ at any moment, without so much of a warning is quite scary. But to go through life with the attitude of ‘ahhhh, I’ll do it later, plenty of time.’ is much scarier. Later could be ‘too late’ and unfortunately we don’t all have a Julia Wilmot to write us a different recall date on our life plans.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Emma Butler and her life plan. It was such a different type of book compared to anything I have read already. It put a fun spin on the dreaded ‘D’ word and everything associated to it. The Angel’s were brilliant and the storyline ticked multiple boxes for me in such a positive way.

Do I believe in Guardian Angel’s? I don’t know, 50/50.
Do I believe in Julia Wilmot and her debut novel? Yes, I do. It takes such talent to write a story involving such a diverse and maybe ‘taboo’ (in people’s eyes) subject, yet still make it an enjoyable read. I am rather looking forward to see what Julia has up her sleeve (or under her wing) for her next book!

About Julia Wilmot:
Julia Wilmot began her exploration of the spiritual life as a teenager at school. She was fortunate to meet a wonderful family who all practised Transcendental Meditation (TM) and her future was set. At the age of 15 Julia learnt TM and felt she had found her path in life. She was so sure that this path was the only one for her that she decided not to go to University and study law as she had previously planned but to devote herself to teaching TM and working within the charity that teaches the technique.
At 20, Julia was one of the founding members of a 300 people strong TM community in Skelmersdale, Lancashire and at 28 Julia became the Centre Chairman of the largest teaching centre for TM in Europe, which was based in Central London. Teaching Transcendental Meditation to people from all walks of life.
Julia began this novel in 1995 but it remained in a drawer for many years. She came across it again in the early 2000s and fitting in with becoming a mother in 2002 it took until 2015 to finish it.
Julia currently focusses her attention on her writing, blogging and looking after her family. Forty years on and she still practises TM, as do her husband and son and they live in the Chilterns in Buckinghamshire, UK.
Julia’s Website

Fancy your chance at winning 1 of 3 copies of Julia’s book? Luckily for you there is a giveaway —>Enter here<—

Book Tour of ‘I Wish I Could Remember You’ by L.J.Epps.

Today it is my turn on the one month book tour for ‘I wish I could remember you’ courtesy of The Books and The Bear. Thank you for giving me opportunity to be involved with this book!

I wish I could remember you by L.J.Epps.
Available to buy now from: Amazon US/Amazon UK/
Apple iBook/Kobo

‘Emily wants romance in her life—the kind of romance that leads to a perfect marriage. She dreams of having a husband who loves her and treats her with respect, someone she can spend the rest of her life with. She meets—and marries—Steven Montgomery, hoping he will make all of those things come true.
Finally, after so much devastation, Emily leaves Steven, files for divorce, and moves on with her life. Her sister, Monica, introduces her to a wonderful man named Robert. Emily falls in love with him. He is kind, gentle and sweet—all things now missing from her marriage. She is happy, in love again, and well on her way to divorcing Steven.
But, Steven doesn’t want the divorce; and, since he is a savvy lawyer, he tries everything to prevent it. Although Emily still has residual feelings for Steven, she knows that it could never work between them. She wants to move on with the new love of her life, Robert.
After a horrific accident, Emily can no longer remember Robert and all the things he has meant to her, and she can no longer remember all the horrific things Steven has done to her.’

Who would say no to romance or a happily-ever-after type relationship? Not many people I would imagine. When two people get married, they don’t except abuse after abuse, disaster after disaster or the dreaded control, do they? I can only assume no, I’ve never been married. That wasn’t the sort of relationship that Emily thought she would get when she married Steven. A ‘perfect romance’ to begin with, the ‘perfect man’, everything just slotting into place, that was Emily’s dream. But did Emily’s dream come true? Or did she find herself in an unbearable situation?
Emily and Steven’s relationship spiralled into a cloud of negativity, so bad that Emily filed for a divorce and tried to move on with her life with a wonderful man named Robert. But Steven wasn’t daft. He wasn’t going to leave her alone, and he had people he could call on for ‘favours’. Steven wanted Robert out of the picture, and there was only one way he was going to be able to make that happen, illegally.
Unfortunately, he got more than he bargained for. Emily suffers an horrific car accident which leaves her with the inability to remember the recent and happy moments with Robert, but it’s left her remembering the ‘wonderful’ things about her and Steven’s relationship. Pretty much a case of ‘rose tinted glasses’. She refused to believe her past, what Steven was capable of and he knew that, but he also used that to HIS advantage and not hers.
‘I wish I could remember you’ covers really tragic and unfortunately circumstances, some of which many women and men suffer on a daily basis. L.J.Epps, in my opinion, has written about those situations in a realistic way to show exactly how damaging it is and that it isn’t a laughing matter. It’s a very serious matter and should not be ignored. However, when you’re living that life, you don’t see it, so the rose tinted glasses stay on. I enjoyed the book because of how it was written and how ‘normal’ the characters were. Obviously the topic within the novel wasn’t enjoyable but because it was a subject that happens, I still found it to be part of a good story. One thing I would say is though, L.J.Epps delves into the situations and circumstance with great detail throughout, however, the last part of the book I found that it halted far too quickly without much of an explanation. The basis of the explanation was there, but that was it. Now, that is nothing against the writing or the book because it just shows that I wanted more of the book and didn’t want it to end.
The storyline was incredibly gripping and quite unpredictable which, for me, made it even more enjoyable. I like feeling that I’m reading a book which leaves me sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation. ‘I wish I could remember you’ was one of those books. Full of emotion, raw reality and very unfortunate circumstances. Those things MADE the story. There were times within the story that I gasped, cried, got angry and thought ‘what the’…the makings of a mind blowing story.