What’s on your mind TWG? – Spoilers in a review, yes or no?

Welcome to my new weekly feature –  ‘What’s on your mind TWG?’. I can talk quite a lot, and I have a lot of opinions on a lot of topics. Who doesn’t? That is why I came up with this feature!

What’s on my mind today, well, it’s a topic that has been on my mind for a while, but came to light the other day on a Facebook group.

Do you write spoilers in your reviews?
Do you like reading reviews which include spoilers?

I am probably going to sound like a teacher’s pet here, but when I write my reviews, I do not include spoilers, and I will continue not to include spoilers. Why? Well lets put it another way. If you were excited about watching a film in the cinema and someone came back to you that had seen it first, telling you parts of the film, would you be happy about it? No, you wouldn’t.

People might say ‘don’t read the review then’, but when reviews are such an important factor for authors to get noticed, why should they read reviews that contain spoilers about their own books? Why give away details of the book that you don’t have to give away?

When I write my reviews, I extend on the blurb vaguely, and I talk about the books shell. For example, the shell being the basic information of the characters (names, jobs, age etc), where the book is based and a generally summary. I also include things that I liked and disliked. However, I don’t go into much detail about the things that I really liked because usually that is something massive.

I have read reviews in the past that state that the book has a lot of ‘twists and turns’, and I don’t like reviews to tell me that as I end up waiting for the twist and turns and realise that I have missed them because I was looking for them. The whole point of reading a book is to get involved with the storyline, characters, plot, pets, everything. Reading a book is an experience. An experience that no two people will share, even if it’s the same book as everyone interprets stories differently. That’s why opinions vary about books; one person may squeal about a book and rate it 5*’s and another person may think it was rubbish. But that is okay! But, just because you may dislike the book, doesn’t mean spoilers should be in the review.

I know Goodreads have the option to ‘hide spoilers’ and I actually think they should get rid of that option. I am aware that people may have their own reasons to include spoilers. I am not having a rant about specific reviewers putting spoilers in. I’m having a whinge about spoilers in general. It will always be a discussion that will leave me confused. I just don’t understand why important information that has taken the author ages to conceal within the storyline, gets divulged willy nilly.

I know I am just a reviewer/blogger so I don’t know how the details of reviews affect authors. However, I can only assume that when an author has a book published after months of hard work, and some of their reviews contain spoilers, it must hurt their sales because people might not wish to buy it as they already know what’s going to happen? Authors – could you clarify that for me please?

Rounding up, no I do not like reading spoilers in reviews because I enjoy reading people’s opinions on the book instead of reading vital information of the storyline. No, I do not write spoilers in my reviews.

So, my lovely TWG readers, what is your opinion on spoilers? Do let me know in the comments, tweet me @kaishajayneh or get involved via the blog’s facebook page HERE!

‘Love Me for Me’ says Jenny Hale! TWG says..#bookreview!

Love Me for Me.
Published: 21st May 2014 by Bookouture.
Available to buy from Amazon UK and Amazon US.
Add it to your GoodReads shelf!

‘Sometimes you find perfect where you least expect it…
Libby Potter has just lost the perfect job, the perfect apartment and the perfect boyfriend. Moving back to the home town that she couldn’t wait to escape when she was younger was definitely not on her to-do list. Especially as it means running into the man whose heart she broke when she left.
Pete Bennett can still make Libby’s world stop with just the sound of his voice – even ten years on. Only now, she is the last person in the world that he wants to see.
As everyone else welcomes Libby home with open arms, she realizes she’s missed that special closeness that comes from lifelong friendship. And, as Libby seeks to make amends with Pete, she begins to wonder whether she made the right choice in leaving all those years ago.
When an amazing career opportunity gives her the chance to leave again, Libby will have to decide what her version of perfect is… and where she really belongs. ‘

Jenny Hale has always been a familiar name that has stuck in my mind for ages, and I couldn’t quite place where from. I mean, I knew she wrote books, obviously, but which ones? I knew I had seen them somewhere. So, one rainy day in May, I scurried off to Amazon to do a little bit of detective work. As you do. Within 0.1232 seconds I had a lightbulb moment. I KNOW WHAT BOOKS! How do I know? Because I had put a load of them into my wish list…and never bought them. Such an idiot!!!!! Soon after I was involved in ASI (author scene investigation 😉 ), I noticed on Twitter that Jenny was about to release a new book Summer at Oyster Bay (casually throws in a clicky to the new book). Anyway! Back I went to Amazon and gave myself a swift talking to. I wanted to read her new book but I had to read an older one first, for research purposes….’Love Me for Me’ it was!

Libby has lost her livelihood; her job, her boyfriend AND her home. For someone who has to have a plan in life, Libby finds herself faced with severe uncertainty of what lies before her. Which path should she choose? She gave up her old life to move to the big city, and now people of the big city have given Libby up. It’s time to see whether Libby follows her heart or her head….or her mother’s influence….
When you’re of a certain age, with your whole life in front of you to do whatever you choose, it can make you feel incredibly powerful. Your life, your decisions, yes? Well, it’s never that simple. What if you were made to think that a well paid job in the big city and power meant success? What if you were made to think that staying local meant you had failed?
After reading ‘Love Me for Me’ I felt so disappointed in myself because I had no idea why I hadn’t picked this book to read before now. You can tell that Libby is a lost soul, she has no idea whether she is coming or going, or what she wants to do with her life. As far as she is concerned, she made her bed and now she has to lie in it. I loved walking down memory lane, so to speak, with Libby and Pete. Finding out where they used to go as children, who they used to hang around with, all the little things that never seem important at the time. Yet, as soon as you’re an adult, it’s those little things that make your jigsaw complete. I saw some of myself in Libby’s personality because of the way she couldn’t find the confidence to go with her heart instead of worrying what people would think of her.
I seem to be saying that a lot, that I can relate to quite a few characters in stories, but I love feeling connected to a book in that way.
Reading some of the novel with Pete’s thoughts and feelings in the back of my mind, I could tell how much of an ‘old soul’ he was. Heart in the right place, but he was going with his head, the complete opposite to Libby.
I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Love Me for Me’. There was always something within the storyline to keep me wanting more, whether it was an emotional part or nosiness! I can honestly say I could not find one fault with this book AT ALL. Well, except that it had to end, but I suppose that one is allowed ;). Just like Libby, family has always been important but I have never been the sort to do family meet up’s. However, after reading Libby’s story it made me realise that family won’t be around forever and instead of thinking ‘i’ll go see them soon’, change that to ‘now’. Soon may never come around. Memories will stay with you, but so will regret, just as Libby finds out.
Such a thought-provoking read filled with love, passion and learning to make the ‘right’ decisions for the ‘right’ time. Absolutely brilliant.

Time for a Weekly Wrap Up!

Weekly Wrap Up!

If you have been hiding under a rock this week or you were washing your hair, then you have missed all this lovely lot! Time for The Writing Garnet’s debut Weekly Wrap Up!

This week has seen the lovable Maya Berger talk about her Luna Tree in her guest post:
An insight into Maya Berger’s ‘Luna Tree – The Baby Project’.

I managed to have a natter with the lovely Evie who features in ‘Goodbye Ruby Tuesday’ by A.L.Michael. Managed to grab and exclusive from her aswell. A.L.Michael can’t say no to me, obvs ;).  Such fun!
*NOT TO BE MISSED*. Evie from ‘Goodbye Ruby Tuesday’ by A.L.Michael stops by for a chat, and an EXCLUSIVE!

Now, it seems that I have two posts this week that have been fighting for top spot in terms of views. Goodbye Ruby Tuesday and…..Darcie Boleyn’s book Something Old, Something New!
So much for a bank holiday weekend, we went on tour with Darcie and Annie, and decided that moonwalking was the in thing. Or rather I did, alone, completely alone. Whilst watching Annie admire a lolly stick…..
The Blog Tour bus has stopped right here with ‘Something Old, Something New’ with Darcie! (and Annie!)

This week has also seen the release Lily Graham’s Summer Escape novel and I decided to sit down with Lily and talk about The Magic Faraway Tree, as you do. Oh, and the book obviously….
TWG speaks to Lily Graham on the publication day for Summer Escape. OUT NOW!!

Oh there is more! Samantha Tonge decided she fancied a bit of Poldark for breakfast. No, wait, Poldark’s breakfast? Ahem. Ah, Samantha decided to reveal Poldark’s breakfast! No, still not right? How many innuendo’s can one fit in a paragraph…..
Pfftt fine, Samantha Tonge had a reveal of her gorgeous new cover for ‘Breakfast at Poldarks’. Can see where I went wrong….
**COVER REVEAL** It’s time for ‘Breakfast at Poldarks’ with Samantha Tonge!

And if all of that wasn’t enough fun for you, we went on tour AGAIN courtesy of a lovely Bear(@batbtweets). ‘I wish I could remember you’ by L.J.Epps.
Book Tour of ‘I Wish I Could Remember You’ by L.J.Epps.

Books received:
I’m only going to write the physical books as I may have, ever so slightly, lost track of the kindle ones…I haven’t been buying more, I swear. Pinocchio what are you doing here?!?

My lovely book post this week was: ‘We’ve come to take you home’ by Susan Gander and ‘Now and then friends’ by Kate Hewitt.

I also bought a physical book: ‘The Girls’ by Lisa Jewell.

The number of books that I have read this week has only been three, I think!

Next week sees more book reviews, book tours, Q&A’s and giggles! Enjoy your week!