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Did any eagle eyed Tweeters spot the third clue on @AvonBooksUK Twitter last night? As you can see by the above graphic, AvonBooks are keeping things very secretive.

‘Our third blogger is a bit of a gem. She’s not a RUBY but a…..’

I LOVE that clue! If you hadn’t guessed it last night, I’m pretty positive that you will guess it right now!

Tadaaaaaa!!!! The third blogger is me, The Writing Garnet! I’ll secretly hope that AvonBooks do genuinely think that I am a gem, obvs!!!

Today I will be bringing you an extract from the fantastic second novel; ‘The Secret’ by Katerina Diamond, as well as the all important ‘to buy’ links. Naturally!

The Secret – Katerina Diamond

She could hear Estelle and Hitchcock arguing at the front door before it slammed shut. A moment later, her bedroom door opened and Estelle walked in. Flustered, she took the bottle from Bridget and sat down next to the Baby, beginning to stroke his hair.

‘I can take over now; he had to go.’

‘What were you fighting about?’

‘He wasn’t happy about bumping into you, that’s all. I told him earlier I had the place to myself. I thought you would be out. Come on, Baby.’ She lifted the Baby’s head on to her lap and put the bottle in his mouth – he suckled away. Bridget supposed as kinks went, it was a pretty harmless one.

‘I’m going to take a shower, then,’ Bridget said, before quickly exiting the room.

Their hot water wasn’t working again so Bridget gathered her things and went to ask Dee, who lived upstairs, if she could use her shower.

‘Are you sure you don’t mind?’

‘No, it’s cool. I was just getting ready to go out. What do you think of this?’ Dee did a twirl in what was obviously a stolen dress: blue sequins with a low neckline. She was a notorious shoplifter; some of the gifts she had given Bridget in the past attested to that. Dee was in between flatmates – previous tenants always looked for another house share after spending a few weeks with Dee and her sticky fingers.

‘You know those earrings of mine you like, the vintage blue crystal ones? They would look really nice with that dress. They’re in our bathroom downstairs, if you want them.’ Bridget smiled at Dee. It was always better to offer her things before she took them anyway.

‘You’re a star. Maybe tonight I’ll meet my millionaire,’ Dee said, blowing Bridget a kiss as she made her way down the stairs to the floor below.

Bridget loved the feeling of hot water. Living in this house felt dirty, everything felt wrong. She wished she could be back home with her family, or even call her mother, but that wasn’t an option at the moment. She washed her hair for the first time in a week, feeling the filth and grime hidden underneath the layers of hairspray. Dirty hair held a style better. Estelle would make her hair pretty again with rollers and a curling iron. Bridget was never any good with that stuff. Luckily she was naturally quite appealing, in fact she looked better without make-up on, but the men here weren’t interested in natural beauty. They wanted the hot plastic on their arm, with the push-up bras and the fake tans; they wanted the glamour-model look, not the girl next door. Mostly Bridget just provided dates, unlike Estelle, who was all about the extra-curriculars – that’s where the real money got made, that’s where you got to meet the important men. Bridget hadn’t proved she could be trusted yet.

She turned off the water and ran her fingers through her hair, it squeaked between her hands as she worked through the tangles. It felt so good to get all that shit off her. She threw a towel around herself and headed into Dee’s lounge, where she spotted several things of her own that had gone missing in the last few days. She didn’t begrudge Dee; she knew it was something she had no control over, and none of those stolen things meant anything to her anyway. Nothing in this life meant anything to her, except Sam.

She walked down the stairs back to her flat, wearing just her towel. The door was ajar. Something was off. She pressed her back against the wall and peered through the gap. She could see Dee’s foot, her blue patent shoe hanging off at the heel. Bridget crouched down and peered in further, she could hear a noise coming from inside. Don’t panic, she thought to herself. You know what to do. Still, her stomach twisted as she saw what was inside the room. 

Dee was laid out on the ground, eyes wide open, her face frozen in an expression of surprise. Bridget could see her body moving as she struggled for breath. Blood pooled beneath her, and her legs were wet with red. Bridget could see a five-inch slash mark high up on the inside of her thigh. Her femoral artery had been cut; she would be dead within minutes. One thought entered Bridget’s head. 

Shit. They know who I am. 

Bridget started to move forward into the flat, knowing she had to get her phone. It was barely six feet away. Dee’s eyes moved towards her, flashing her a foreboding look, a warning. She saw a tear falling from the side of Dee’s head on to the floor as her eyes filled with an emptiness Bridget was all too familiar with. This wasn’t the first dead body she had seen, but it was the first time she had actually witnessed someone die. She couldn’t think about that right now. Remember. What do you do now? Whoever had done this was still in the flat. She couldn’t risk it. You need to warn Sam. Bridget needed to get to a phone. Sam would know what to do.

To buy:
Amazon UK
Amazon US


Can you keep a secret? Your life depends on it…

When Bridget Reid wakes up in a locked room, terrifying memories come flooding back – of blood, pain, and desperate fear. Her captor knows things she’s never told anyone. How can she escape someone who knows all of her secrets?

As DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles search for Bridget, they uncover a horrifying web of abuse, betrayal and murder right under their noses in Exeter.

And as the past comes back to haunt her, Grey must confront her own demons. Because she knows that it can be those closest to us who hurt us the most…

To see if you can guess the next bloggers secret identity, make sure you pop onto @AvonBooksUK Twitter timeline every day at 4.30pm (ish) GMT.

But SHHHHHH!!!! Can YOU keep a secret?



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Cover Reveal! If I Ever Fall by S.D.Robertson (@SDRauthor) @AvonBooksUK

TWG has been asked to help reveal a cover for S.D.Robertson’s upcoming book, courtesy of Avon Books UK! Some of you may remember the sobfest that was ‘Time to say goodbye’, if you don’t remember then I want to know why as it was ALL over twitter round its release, and afterwards.

I have been told that you might need to stock up on the kleenex ready for S.D.Robertson’s newest book. If you think you might be ready to look like your face has just been dunked in water, with tissue stuck to your face, with the fact that THIS book is set to be even better than his first book, you do not want to miss this. I am quite partial to a real tearjerker of a book, so I am rather looking forward to the release of ‘If I Ever Fall’!


Publishing in eBook and Paperback: 9th February 2017

 Is holding on harder than letting go?

Dan’s life has fallen apart at the seams. He’s lost his house, his job, and now he’s going to lose his family too. All he’s ever wanted is to keep them together, but is everything beyond repair?

Maria is drowning in grief. She spends her days writing letters that will never be answered. Nights are spent trying to hold terrible memories at bay, to escape the pain that threatens to engulf her.

Jack wakes up confused and alone. He doesn’t know who he is, how he got there, or why he finds himself on a deserted clifftop, but will piecing together the past leave him a broken man?

In the face of real tragedy, can these three people find a way to reconcile their past with a new future? And is love enough to carry them through?

You can pre-order your copy right here: Pre-order from Amazon UK

February might be a few months away, but, judging by the blurb on this beauty, it definitely sounds worth the wait!

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Book review – You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi McFarlane.


What happens when the one that got away comes back? Find out in this sparkling comedy from #1 bestseller, Mhairi McFarlane.

‘Think of the great duos of history. We’re just like them.’
‘You mean like Kylie and Jason? Torvill and Dean? Sonny and Cher?’
‘I think you’ve missed the point, Rachel.’

Rachel and Ben. Ben and Rachel. It was them against the world. Until it all fell apart. It’s been a decade since they last spoke, but when Rachel bumps into Ben one rainy day, the years melt away.

They’d been partners in crime and the best of friends. But life has moved on: Ben is married. Rachel is not. Yet in that split second, Rachel feels the old friendship return. And along with it, the broken heart she’s never been able to mend.

Hilarious, heartbreaking and everything in between, you’ll be hooked from their first ‘hello’.

What does TWG think?

Yes….this book title had me go all Adele on you. Multi-talented, you impressed? Booya.

Anywhoo -clears throat-. Mhairi McFarlane is a name that I have seen multiple times because of her recent novel ‘Who’s that girl’ (which I still need to read). So when I felt the urge to buy a new book for my kindle, not that I needed anymore, Mhairi was first on my list. Yes, I did buy this particular book because the ‘hello’ made me sing Adele. I admit it (sorry not sorry).

Imagine that you’re planning your wedding, discussing the entertainment with your fiancé, how exciting would that be! Except, you’re no longer doing that, everything just….stops.
It’s times like those when you need your friends, luckily for Rachel, she has an incredible support network. However, one person from her support network gives her news that completely throws her off guard. A piece of news that will either bring her more hurt, or give her the happily ever after she craves. There’s one teeny tiny catch though, the news is male. What are the odds of him recognising her though? Will it be ‘Hello!’ or ‘Goodbye’?

As you’re already aware, this was the first book of Mhairi’s that I had ever read, part of me wasn’t sure what to expect. But, seeing as I follow her on Twitter, I knew (and hoped) that I would be laughing.
Oh and I did, multiple times! ‘You had me at hello’ had me in absolute stitches. It was written as though Mhairi wasn’t talking to readers, she was talking to a good friend. The way the book flowed was very laid back in a brilliant sense as it made it really easy to read, and that itself, makes it more enjoyable if you’re not sitting questioning the book.
The character’s had their own individual personalities and completely gelled as a group. My favourite would have to be Ivor! He does not give a flying monkfish! I must say I did take an instant disliking to Rhys, I found him to be such a pretentious and selfish bellend (sorry). It did make for great reading though as I was certainly giving Rachel the old ‘GO ON GIRL, YOU TELL HIM’. No seriously, I was. Girl power!

When it came to light about the male news that Rachel was given, it reminded me of the scene in Notting Hill where Hugh Grant is utterly determined to find the beautiful woman who caught his eye (Julia Roberts). Roles reversed obviously, and not EXACTLY like that, but yeah, definitely reminded me of it. I did work out where the storyline was going, well, at least I thought I did! Mhairi turned the storyline on its head at one point and I was in hysterics as she did so. The whole book for me was very cleverly written. The humour was brilliant. My sort of humour as it was dry, sarcastic with added blunt moments.

‘You Had Me At Hello’ is a hilarious book which highlights the importance about being true to yourself in such a light-hearted way. Life throws us curveballs all the time, but it’s what you do with them that is important. Mhairi McFarlane gave her character’s power to go for ‘it’ and leaves you feeling as though you have just gained a whole group of friends. A fun, easy-going read, definitely not one to be missed!

You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi McFarlane, published by Avon, can be bought right now from Amazon UK.

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Guess who’s back, back again…TWG is! Review of ‘Saving Sophie’ by Sam Carrington.


A teenage girl is missing. Is your daughter involved, or is she next?
Your daughter is in danger. But can you trust her?
When Karen Finch’s seventeen-year-old daughter Sophie arrives home after a night out, drunk and accompanied by police officers, no one is smiling the morning after. But Sophie remembers nothing about how she got into such a state.
Twelve hours later, Sophie’s friend Amy has still not returned home. Then the body of a young woman is found.
Karen is sure that Sophie knows more than she is letting on. But Karen has her own demons to fight. She struggles to go beyond her own door without a panic attack.
As she becomes convinced that Sophie is not only involved but also in danger, Karen must confront her own anxieties to stop whoever killed one young girl moving on to another – Sophie.

What does TWG think?

Do you remember, last Wednesday, TWG being involved in the cover reveal for ‘Saving Sophie’? Remember me saying that I absolutely could NOT wait to read it? Well, I wasn’t lying. In fact, ‘Saving Sophie’ hopped, skipped, jumped and flew over all of  the other books in my TBR pile. I started reading it last night, and finished it today (thank you to Sam for giving me the ARC).

So what DID I think of the book? One word. WOW. ‘Saving Sophie’ is in the genre of ‘psychological thriller’ which I am sure you guessed by the blurb! Oh my, it definitely fits within that genre no bother!
Sophie went for a night out with her group of friends just like any other seventeen year old I would imagine. A night of fun, laughs and being able to remember everything the next day, you know, good memories…right? WRONG. Sophie arrived home in no fit state accompanied by police officers. Now there is drunk, and then there’s Sophie. Her mum,  Karen, has had her own fair share of issues in the past which have left her with a severe bout of anxiety and then some. The only thing she can rely on to calm her down is her trusty paper bag.
Karen had a feeling, a bad feeling, that there was more to Sophie’s situation than was being let on by her or Sophie’s friends. But what was it? Why did Karen have a sinking feeling about that night Sophie went out? Why couldn’t Sophie remember anything about what happened? If she couldn’t remember anything then she shouldn’t be feeling guilty….or should she?

To be honest, I think Avon Books should package every paperback copy of ‘Saving Sophie’ with its own paper bag. By golly you would need it! Every time Karen went to use her paper bag to calm herself down and regulate her breathing because of her anxiety, in my head I was going ‘SHARE IT!!!!’. But she wouldn’t share her bag :(. I’m pretty sure I spent most of the book feeling as though my heart was pounding out of my chest. I don’t think I even remember breathing much to be honest. I must have done, obviously.

I was absolutely hooked on every single word that was written. The whole book was laced with spine tingling tension which made goose bumps put up tents on my arms. I had no idea what the outcome would be, despite the fact that there were  a lot of situations happening that made me think ‘could it be?’. Sam Carrington has written the book from three characters eyes as it were; Karen’s, Sophie’s and the police. I thought that was a very bold move as sometimes when books go between character views, the storyline can get a bit lost and confusing. Lost and confusing are not the words that I would use to describe what Sam did, no way. Sensationally gripping, are the words that I am going to use. Seeing certain events unfold from a different characters perspective gave the book even more depth and I was able to see the situation from another side. Every story has two sides to it.I took a bit of time gelling with Sophie’s character. I found her to be quite a cold person (at first). It worked though!

At about 80% of the way through (Kindle), it was as if I wasn’t reading. I was moving the pages along on my kindle like you do flicking through an Argos book as a child, at Christmas. Extremely fast. I was in shock, my heart was pounding, I HAD to find out what had happened that night. I couldn’t put the book down, I didn’t WANT to put the book down. I couldn’t believe what was unfolding in front of my very eyes, I was actually shaking as I continued reading. Many times I felt as though Sam had pulled me into the book herself and made me a spectator.

‘Saving Sophie’ is a book that will leave you having to physically compose yourself after reading it. I was exhausted because of the emotions that I had felt whilst reading the book, all down to Sam Carrington’s mind-blowing writing.If you want to read a book that will make you question every little thing, make your mouth incredibly dry after leaving it wide open whilst reading, then this is the book for you. If you want to read a book that makes you sit on the edge of your chair, with arms covered in goosebumps, then this book is for you.

Gripping and chilling from the onset;  ‘Saving Sophie’ will have you anxiously spellbound. An unbelievable debut from Sam Carrington. I most certainly will be sleeping with the light on tonight! Incredible read, here’s to book two (you’ve set the bar high for yourself now Sam!).

‘Saving Sophie’ by Sam Carrington, published by Avon, is released in E-book format on the 12th August 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.
The paperback copy is set for release in December 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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Cover reveal! ‘All She Ever Wished For’ by Claudia Carroll.

Can you be star struck over the internet…without ACTUALLY meeting the author? Well, I am!! I’m sure many of you have heard of the very talented Claudia Carroll, yes? This October she returns with her latest novel, and tonight, I get to reveal the cover to you -hyperventilates-.



Claudia Carroll

Publishing in eBook and paperback: 6th October 2016 by HarperCollins UK

A gorgeous story of chance meetings and unexpected friendships. Because sometimes what you’ve always wished for isn’t necessarily what life has in store . . . 

Marriage. It’s a dream come true. Isn’t it?
One wet winter night, two women meet on a bridge. One is Tess Taylor, a personal trainer on the way to meet her boyfriend for date night. The other is Kate King, a celebrity married to a handsome billionaire who just happens to make her cry. In the cold dark evening, there is nothing to link them together but the bridge they shiver on. Little do they know they’ll both hold the key to each other’s future marriage…
All She Ever Wished For tells the story of what happens when your dream is about to come true. And what happens when that dream turns into a bit of a nightmare…
Claudia Carroll brings you a Christmas gift filled with second chances, fateful encounters and a lesson in what true love means.

Available for pre-ordering now via Amazon

The Christmas books are being sent by Santa nice and early this year! I wonder what other beautiful books will be on his sleigh?!

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***COVER REVEAL*** Saving Sophie by Sam Carrington.

SQUEALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! She has only gone and done it!! Sam Carrington releases her debut novel ‘Saving Sophie’ on the 12th August 2016! A lot of people in the book world are routing for Sam (Hiya Book Connectors!) as she has been waiting for this moment for a while. Today I have the honour of sharing with you Sam’s cover of her new novel and all the details you will need to buy your own copy. You will really want to buy it once you have read the blurb (speaking from experience!).

Are you all ready for this? Drum roll please……


A teenage girl is missing. Is your daughter involved, or is she next?

Your daughter is in danger. But can you trust her?

When Karen Finch’s seventeen-year-old daughter Sophie arrives home after a night out, drunk and accompanied by police officers, no one is smiling the morning after. But Sophie remembers nothing about how she got into such a state.

Twelve hours later, Sophie’s friend Amy has still not returned home. Then the body of a young woman is found.

Karen is sure that Sophie knows more than she is letting on. But Karen has her own demons to fight. She struggles to go beyond her own door without a panic attack.

As she becomes convinced that Sophie is not only involved but also in danger, Karen must confront her own anxieties to stop whoever killed one young girl moving on to another – Sophie

Saving Sophie by Sam Carrington, published by Maze (Avon), is released on E-book 12th August 2016, and paperback 15th December 2016. You can pre-order your e-book copy now via Amazon UK.

To keep up to date with the latest book news from Sam Carrington herself, you can: Follow Sam on Twitter.

I don’t know about you, but I am SUPER excited to read this book! Good luck Sam (not that you’ll need it!)

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QUICK, LOOK (but don’t let anyone see you, watch your back) **Cover Reveal**

Are you ready to look both ways, twice?
Are you ready for a chill, a thrill, and shivers down your spine?
Are you ready for Angela Clarke’s latest novel?

TWG is treading carefully,I have goosebumps, and I am constantly looking over my shoulder….can you feel it too? The clock is ticking…

TWG is thrilled to help reveal the cover for Angela Clarke’s latest novel ‘Watch Me’!It will be released in both e-book and paperback on the 3rd November this year. (Pre-order here).

watch me

You have six seconds to view this suicide note, and twenty-four hours to save the girl’s life.

The brand new novel from rising star Angela Clark, and the second in her chilling and provocative Social Media Murders series. Feisty young journalist Freddie Venton and ambitious police officer Nasreen Cudmore are up against a depraved killer who takes pleasure in taunting them online.’

I have a feeling that this book is going to be quite unforgettable. If I was you, I’d watch my step…