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#BlogTour! #Review of Finding Secrets by Lauren Westwood (@LWestwoodwriter) @Aria_Fiction


What does a new week require? A brand new blog tour, that’s what! Aria Fiction have given me the honour of kicking off Lauren Westwood’s blog tour today, for her new book ‘Finding Secrets’! Make sure you follow the rest of the bloggers on the tour too, as they’re all pretty fabulous! Lets get the tour bus rolling shall we? Day one sees a review from TWG HQ, enjoy!


A country house, a precious jewelled locket, and a puzzle dating back to the
London Blitz and Imperial Russia. Utterly captivating, a fantastic romance
from beginning to end. Perfect for the fans of Carole Matthews and Milly


Alex Hart loves her dream job as manager of Mallow Court, a historic Elizabethan
house, even if her friends think she needs to get out more. But a discovery in the
pocket of an old coat – a jewelled mechanical locket shaped like a bird – changes
everything, and Alex discovers that things are not as they seem.
From an old diary, to a handsome barrister, a mysterious clockmaker, and the
darkest hours of the London Blitz, Alex must follow the trail of the jewelled bird
to uncover the truth about the things she holds dearest – and someone is
determined not to let sleeping dogs lie!
Only by finding the secrets of the past can Alex find the keys to her future – and

her heart.

What does TWG think?

First of all, the cover of this book completely threw me off the scent so to speak. Whilst it is pretty to look at, it really doesn’t match the storyline at all! Whilst completely unexpected, the way in which the storyline unfolded, compared to my initial expectations due to the cover, it was a very welcome surprise.

Alex Hart is the manager of Mallow Court, a country house which gives visitors a taste of Elizabethan history every single time the door is open. Alex has been involved in the running of Mallow Court for many years, yet the day-to-day routines have been quite simplistic and calm…until now. Alex knew a little bit of information about her blood relatives, but it wasn’t quite enough to complete the puzzle. Life at Mallow Court is about to get very intense, lets just hope that Alex is up for Finding Secrets.

I’d be lying if Alex and I became bosom buddies straight away as I found her character to be a quite unattached and cold about her past. For me, something didn’t quite add up with her the way she was reacting to the knowledge, it was as though she didn’t care about it. I really did find her a tough personality to warm up to, I must admit. After several chapters had passed and the storyline began to unfold in an ‘oooo intriguing’ kind of way, Alex’s personality seemed to suit her better. Well, I think it was that! More characters emerged as the storyline progressed, each one coming with their own skeletons and personal secrets. That was when I truly knew that I was going to enjoy this novel.

If you step back and focus on the shell of the novel, you might find that it is purely a book about a country house that does guided tours, has a gift shop and has a man who takes yoga classes. However, whilst those facts may be true, there is a lot more to ‘Finding Secrets’ that meets the eye. I loved how the book took me on a rollercoaster ride! There were so many twisty corners to the entire storyline, I’m surprised I didn’t end up with travel sickness!

Lauren Westwood has incorporated a lot of fascinating, historic information within ‘Finding Secrets’, and, despite being unaware of the intensity to that particular history, I loved finding out more. I have only really read historical novels which centre the UK around its findings whilst including other countries and events as extras; I hadn’t read a novel which features monarchy from another country which THEN links with the UK. Incredibly fascinating! So much so, I had google open whilst I was reading it so that I could find out more. The author has embedded those facts deep within the storyline so it’s as though you, the reader, are the one uncovering that history for the very first time. Does that make sense? It wasn’t the focal point of the story, yet it wasn’t overshadowed by the individual characters and their own lives.

Overall, I found ‘Finding Secrets’ to be a storyline with a multitude of layers, some were expected yet most of them caught me off guard in such a positive way. Whilst I had reservations about the storyline to begin with, Lauren Westwood managed to win me round with her cosy and descriptive writing style, whilst teasing me (as a reader) with one or two red herrings. Lets just say the author kept my curiosity in check, and then some.

‘Finding Secrets’ is an unexpected, intense and highly fascinating read which highlights the importance of not judging a book (situation) by its cover. Not only that, ‘Finding Secrets’ teaches us readers that a wrongly kept secret and not learning the truth, can make a person’s individual walls come crashing down with no warning whatsoever. An eye-opener in more ways than one, ‘Finding Secrets’ kept me on my toes and is definitely a book which kept on giving.

Thank you Aria.

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About Lauren Westwood

Originally from California, Lauren relocated to England in 2000. She works as a
lawyer for a renewable energy company. Laure’s first novel, ‘Finding Home’ was
inspired by her family’s 3-year search for a house that made them the bane of
home county estate agents. She currently resides in a pernickety 400-year old
house in Surrey with her partner and their three daughters. She enjoys travel,
visiting old houses, baking with her daughters, dance, playing piano, and hates


Twitter: @LWestwoodWriter


Lauren’s previous book, Finding Home is out now:

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#BlogTour! #Review of You Drive Me Crazy by Anna Premoli @Aria_Fiction #YouDriveMeCrazy


What girl doesn’t dream of an amazing promotion working on the other side of
the world?
This once in a lifetime opportunity is presented to 28 year old investment
banker, Maddison Johnson and instantly fills her with abject fear.
It isn’t the New York transfer she had set her heart on… she’s going to South
Korea, instead. To make things worse, her boss Mark Kim doesn’t go out of his way to make it easy for her to adapt to her new environment.
Plunged into a world she knows nothing about with a man she can’t stand,
Maddison finds herself forced to adapt and grow up quickly. Maybe in the

process she will stumble over something wonderful and quite unexpected…

What does TWG think?

Maddison has had her fingers and toes crossed for transfer day, for what seems like ages. She has her heart set on FINALLY being able to go to New York for work and EVERYONE is routing for her to get her break. I’m guessing you can imagine her face when Mr. Boss Man calls her into his office to tell her that she IS transferring to a different country, just not the one she wanted. After all, going to South Korea for a year and working with a boss who acts like he would prefer it if she wasn’t there, it sounds fiiiiiiiine; right?
Maddison doesn’t seem to think so!

You Drive Me Crazy was scheduled in my diary for today (obviously), but as I’m a fast reader and I looked at my diary last week, I had the choice of reading this book or picking something completely different as I really needed a light-hearted, pick me up style read. So I went with this one as it intrigued me the most, especially as I had never ventured to South Korea via a book before.

The storyline wasn’t jam-packed with information, yet it contained just enough to keep boredom at bay. For me, the beautiful thing about the storyline was that it was simple and didn’t require me to overexert my brain cells whilst reading it. I didn’t need to think, I didn’t need to decipher any hidden agendas; all I needed to do was put my feet up and read, at my own leisure. Bliss.

As for the characters, they most certainly were a mixed bunch! Personalities were brought together which, in any other situation, probably wouldn’t have gotten on well, but it worked. A couple of them leaned more towards having a bizarre personality, don’t get me wrong, but they were fun and most certainly unique. It made a change to read such diverse characters who are so full of life, as opposed to the samey sort of characters that pop up frequently.

I LOVED visiting Korea via book form as I have never been before, so I have no idea how close the authors descriptions of the country were to the real thing. I’m hoping very close as Anna Premoli’s descriptions were incredibly vivid.

Overall, You Drive Me Crazy was rather fun to read. Ok, no, it didn’t blow me away as such or shock me in any way, but, it didn’t really need to do those things either. I was able to just lose myself in the book, without having to have my emotions or reactions on high alert. A joy to read, You Drive Me Crazy was just the book I needed to stop me from driving myself crazy.

Buy: Amazon | Kobo | iBooks | Google Play

Thank you to Aria Fiction for asking me to be involved in the tour!


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#BlogTour! #Review of Just the Two of Us by Georgie Capron (@GeorgieCapron) @Aria_Fiction


Funny, warm, and a story for our time, Just the Two of Us will make you laugh and cry, and remind you never to give up on love.

Lucy is the wrong side of thirty and tormented daily by the idyllic family pictures cluttering up her Facebook newsfeed. All of her friends seem to be getting married and having babies, and yet here she is, resolutely single, and no prospect of creating the perfect family she’s always dreamt of.

How she longs for it to be her turn.

But finding love is complicated, and as time passes she wonders if there might just be another way to make her dreams come true. Is she brave enough to go it alone, or is the fantasy of ‘baby makes three’ just too precious to give up on?

What does TWG think?

Absolutely delighted to be today’s stop on Georgie Capron’s blog tour for, Just the Two of Us, which was published 1st February by Aria Fiction. I really hope I can the storyline justice with my review. Enjoy!

You should know by now that I am pretty much a cover jam tart, as I use them instead of the blurb to decide whether I will read the book or not. ‘Just the Two of Us’ was no exception. However, I have since read the blurb and kudos’ to the blurb writer for not giving too much away! So refreshing to have a blurb that doesn’t hint at things before you’ve even had a chance to read the novel. Any who, I’m dithering, apologies. Now, seeing as I have just told you I pretty much judge a book by its cover (sorry!), it will probably be a surprise when I tell you NOT to judge THIS book by it’s cover. Why? The cover is beautiful, as is the storyline, but to look at the cover AFTER you’ve read the novel, you wouldn’t think that the two are related as it were. Does that make sense? No? Okay, let me explain…

The book cover is eye-catching yet beautifully simplistic; on the other hand, the storyline is anything BUT simplistic, yet it is beautiful. Expect the unexpected.

All Lucy wants, is to feel loved and have the opportunity to love a child of her own. It really isn’t that much to ask, is it? She thought she had found her mr right, her soul mate, but life seemed to have different ideas for Lucy’s love life. One thing that hadn’t changed was Lucy’s urge to have a baby, she couldn’t imagine life without being a mother and she was determined to make that happen.

In regards to Lucy’s baby dilemma, I was able to relate to Lucy in a lot of ways. I’ve read some of the reviews for this novel and how a couple of them have stated that they cannot fathom wanting a baby to the point of being ‘obsessed’. I am actually going to defend Lucy here (yes, I know she isn’t real, but hey), and say that if you haven’t been in the position of wondering if you’ll ever have children due to health reasons, life style reasons etc, let me tell you, it’s a horrible feeling. You want something SO bad, so bad it hurts and you get emotional at the possibility of it never happening. Those feelings aren’t something which you can rectify by popping out to your local Tesco; it isn’t a sugar craving. Due to all of that, I felt unbelievably of the fact that Georgie Capron championed single mothers at one point, sticking up for them instead of joining the masses of people who say ‘children need two parents’. As a single mum myself, that made me well up and I truly thank you for showing us single mummy’s in a positive light.

I was absolutely glued to Lucy’s life and the hurdles she overcame with her choices and her family. It was refreshing to read a book that did its own thing and owned a controversial storyline as the norm. Like most books I read, I have favourite characters as well as not so favourite ones, so I was surprised to only dislike one person in this novel! On a positive character note, three characters stood out for me in multiple ways and they were fabulous to read about. I won’t say who as I don’t want to give anything away or sway your views!

The last part of Georgie Capron’s novel gave me goosebumps and all of my reactions were on high alert. I had no idea what was going to happen and as stupid as this sounds, I was actually concerned as I had invested a lot of my emotions into the storyline without even realising it.

‘Just the Two of Us’ is a beautifully written, thought-provoking read, that highlights the underlying strength of a mother’s unconditional love. Full of laughter, tears and uncertainty, Just the Two of Us will leave your heart glowing and your soul hugged. Georgie Capron has truly blown me away with her debut novel and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next.

Thank you Aria/Netgalley.

Buy: Amazon | Kobo | iBooks | Google Play

About the author.

Georgie lives in South West London with her husband. She works as a primary
school teacher, and writes during the holidays. She studied Italian and History of
Art at the University of Edinburgh, and loves travelling, yoga and all sorts of arts
and crafts. Just the Two of Us is her first novel.

Author Links:

Facebook: @georgiecapron
Twitter: @GeorgieCapron

Make sure you don’t miss any of the other stops on the blog tour!


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#BlogTour! Secrets We Keep by Faith Hogan (@GerHogan) @Aria_Fiction #Review & #Q&A


Today is Sunday 5th Feb which can only mean one thing; ITS MY STOP ON FAITH’S BLOG TOURRRRRR! Can you tell that I’m excited? I was GUTTED that I couldn’t be part of Faith’s previous tour as I was still the new kid on the block. However, I’m here now and what a stop I have for you! Not only am I reviewing Faith’s new book ‘Secrets We Keep’, I was also given permission to interrogate the lovely author herself AND keep both spoiler free. I hope you enjoy!


Two distant relatives, drawn together in companionship are forced to confront their pasts
and learn that some people are good at keeping secrets and some secrets are never
meant to be kept..
A bittersweet story of love, loss and life. Perfect for the fans of Patricia Scanlan and Adele
The beautiful old Bath House in Ballytokeep has lain empty and abandoned for decades.
For devoted pensioners Archie and Iris, it holds too many conflicting memories of their
adolescent dalliances and tragic consequences – sometimes it’s better to leave the past
where it belongs.
For highflying, top London divorce lawyer Kate Hunt, it’s a fresh start – maybe even her
future. On a winter visit to see her estranged Aunt Iris she falls in love with the Bath
House. Inspired, she moves to Ballytokeep leaving her past heartache 600 miles away –
but can you ever escape your past or your destiny?

What does TWG think?

At first I did wonder whether the novel was going to go down the old life = new start route, with the character rejigging their life and having a happy ending. Predictable, so I am sure you can sense my relief when it became clear that the main characters life wasn’t that straight forward…in the slightest. Kate Hunt had done a bit of to-ing and fro-ing over the years, but little did she know that she was going to clock up even more miles on her return to Ireland. Heartbroken and emotional, Kate has multiple decisions ahead of her, none of which can be solved over a cup of tea and a jammy dodger.

I couldn’t get enough of this storyline! Yes, I was a bit concerned that it was going to end up predictable, however, ‘Secrets We Keep’ is a storyline with incredible depth. The highlight for me was the historical influence. Not only did we delve into the characters past, we were also made aware of the history behind certain points in Ireland. Being part Irish myself and having never been, the insight to the history of certain buildings and areas was mind-blowing.

Everything flowed really well overall, although I did find myself becoming a bit impatient when males came on the scene as I wanted to get back to Kate’s family history! I sound a geek now eh!
I really do think that ‘Secrets We Keep’ is Faith’s best novel so far as its shown a different side to her writing  without having to add a severely drastic situation to the overall storyline. It kept me on my toes, had me wondering ‘what ifs?’ and even had me sitting there with my mouth open trying to catch fish (that’s shocked to you and me by the way). There is something incredibly special about ‘Secrets We Keep’ and I really believe that that special something is the fact it was written from the authors heart.

Gripping, heart warming and positively eye-opening; ‘Secrets We Keep’ goes above and beyond with such an enchanting and emotional storyline. It is pretty clear that a lot of research went into the novel as well as a lot of effort. Faith Hogan, you’ve done yourself proud; a truly wonderful read.

Thank you Aria!

Buy Links.

Amazon UK // Amazon US // Kobo // Google Play // iBooks

Q & A with the lady herself, Faith Hogan!

Welcome back to TWG, Faith Hogan!

First off, thanks for having me Kaisha! It’s lovely to be back dropping in on TWG!

TWG: For those that aren’t overly familiar with your work, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be a published author?

Well, like you, I’m a Mammy first (Irish mothers are always Mammy’s!!) I live with my husband, four children and a fat cat called Norris in the beautiful, if somewhat windswept west of Ireland. I just love books, always have and once I discovered eBooks, well let’s just say I’m a seriously happy bunny. I’m one of those people who has always written, whether it was sitting in a waiting room or wrestling with a longer piece of fiction. The road to publication was what it was – I think we get to where we’re going when we’re ready to be there. I’ve been lucky, my agent is the best and Aria Fiction are a seriously dedicated and lovely bunch – I can honestly say, I’ve loved every minute. Now, I get to talk to bookish types like yourself all the time and it’s even better than I could have hoped for!

TWG: Your first novel, My Husbands Wives (published by Aria in May 2016), has got such a deep and dark feel to it in comparison to your new novel, The Secrets We Keep. Was it intentional to write two books with storylines verging on both ends of the spectrum, as it were?

I’m not sure any book is intentional – they just sort of need to be written! I always believed I’d write crime and My Husbands’ Wives grew from the question of ‘What If…; My agent felt I had a women’s fiction book in me, if we could just get it out! Now, it’s flowing out of me and the words are just flying onto the pages – it’s amazing to love what for so long you resisted.

Secrets We Keep was born of the place – Ballytokeep is based on a small seaside town near where I Iive. The characters are from my imagination, but there is an old Bath House dug into black stone cliffs and I’m sure I’m not alone in having looked at it and maybe asking that same question once more – What if…

TWG: How hard has it been to write two novels and get them both published, in under a year? I am in awe! What’s your secret?

Well, the writing is actually the easy bit! Aria Fiction are the wizards who got them out there. I had started Secrets We Keep once I sent off My Husbands’ Wives – it was a way of keeping my nerves even! Really, it’s down to time and making the most of it. We have a busy house, but I’m lucky – I have a husband who is happy to dig in and a family around me who are all rooting for me, in all the best practical ways.

TWG: Having read both of your books (and thoroughly enjoyed them), were there any parts of the storylines that you find quite difficult to write, on a personal level?

In the first draft of Secrets We Keep we had a tragic death and to be honest, I’m really glad that I changed that in a later draft, the change was actually more emotional than the death. It felt as though I could touch on the notion of soul mates. Secrets We Keep had a working title of MFEO – Meant For Each Other and I think that was the bit that kind of got me!

As regards things that would cause me sleepless nights – I never write about children in peril, never write about children as victims – I know, I couldn’t cope with that at all – in fact, I love a good thriller, but I won’t read anything with a child victim – I think it affects me more now I have children of my own. Life is too short to go reading things that make you sad or upset!

TWG: Your second novel, Secrets We Keep, has just been released, congratulations! How did publication day feel the second time around?

To be honest, the night I got the news that Aria were interested in taking me on was the best night ever. We announced to family and opened a bottle of champagne – I’m not a drinker, but even I had a glass of bubbly that night!

On the night of publication,(My Husbands’ Wives,) I thought I’d explode with excitement. I lay in bed for hours, spinning everything from the text to the blog tour over in my mind. It dawned on me, that I was going to bed as a writer, but I would waken as an author and in some profound way, I felt it changed me from what I always wanted to become to who I was meant to be!

For Secret’s We Keep, the party was planned well in advance, just a very nice meal out with my nearest and dearest, well, it’s not every day you publish your second book, is it?

TWG: Secrets We Keep seemed to be centred on genealogy, which I found extremely interesting. Have you ever had (or wanted) to delve further into your own family history?

I think every family has secrets – sometimes, there better left alone!

In Secrets We Keep it all turned out for the best, but in real life, what’s good for one can be disastrous for another. I live in the same area that my family has lived in for generations. Recently, my husband visited a graveyard about twenty miles from where we live and he stumbled across my great, great, great grandparents graves, by chance more than by design. I knew they were there, but I’ve only been there twice. The man with him remembered the ‘old master’ (my father’s family were all teachers) and he sang a song that had been written about him in the village where he taught. It’s nice to hear things like that, but I’m sure that there are many other ditties written about school masters back in the day that were not so very complimentary!

TWG: Were there any characters from your books that you found yourself disliking?

Now, let me see – would you fancy Duncan Delaney?

TWG: Those that are familiar with your work know that you have joined the ever growing list of Irish authors. I have Irish heritage yet I have never been there! How important was it to you that you set, The Secrets We Keep, in Ireland? Is that a theme you will use for your other books going forward?

I suppose I’m inspired by the landscape – by the wind and rain, maybe more than by the sunshine. There is nothing to compare with the autumn sound of the wind raging through the trees and the scatter of tawny leaves at your feet. Perhaps one day, I’ll decide that I just love sun, sand and sangria and move to… you see, I can’t think of anywhere else I’d want to be. So, probably yes, for now I’ll be writing about what fills my soul – those bright and breezy days, walking along the coast or through shaded woods, far from that ‘madding crowd.’

TWG: This is a question that gets asked in every single interview that I do: what was your favourite book(s) as a child? Oh, I’m quite boring that way, I grew up on a diet of Enid Blyton. I could blame her for my love of crime fiction, but the truth is, I graduated from her, probably too early to Agatha Christie and then I ended up getting a compendium of Arthur Conan Doyle and I was hooked forever. Thankfully, my reading cache has widened somewhat, but that’s where I started!

With the kids I’ve gone back and read Roald Dahl and I’m probably the biggest Harry Potter fan in the house. Now, I’m loving David Walliams too – he’s funny, current and brave.

TWG: If you could walk into a book shop, pick up any book and have the author name change to yours, which book would it be and why?

It would have to be Kate Atkinson – I love her style of prose.

Then, I’ve also gotten lost in quite a few Kate Morton books and everything about them is just dreamy as a writer – I’ve even bought some of them in hard back – although I’ve read them on my kindle! They’re just the right mix of women’s fiction, historical fiction and intrigue. 

TWG: When you’re not busy writing books for me to read (I’ll share them, honest), what would we find you doing?

Did I mention that I have four children, a husband and very fat cat…

Seriously, I love the simple things, going for a walk, meeting up with friends, hanging out with the kids. My oldest is partial to a Netflix binge, so although I’m hopelessly behind on anything cool I love to sit late into the night with him for that (occasionally)!

And of course, there’s always chocolate…

TWG: As you know, TWG LOVES an exclusive (or two), do you have a little something that you can tell me about any upcoming books? It’ll be ‘The Secret We Keep’, honest ;).

Well, there is talk of a trade paperback for My Husbands Wives in May, now that’s been a well-kept secret for a while…

TWG: It is still very early in 2017, how is the rest of the year looking for you, book wise? Are there any new books on the horizon? Different genres?

I have something very close to finished. It’s a story about three women who decide to strike out and change their lives and we all know how easy that is!! Let’s just say, it’s not as straight forward as they thought 😉

TWG: One last question; in ONE sentence only, what advice would you give someone who wants to enter the world of authors, and publish a book?

I’d say first, write because you want to write, not because you want to get published. Write because it’s what you do, because it’s who you are.

Then, I’d say read, read, read. Read books like you want to write, good books and terrible books, they all have something to teach. Read books that show you specifically how to write, there are lots of them out there.

Finally, the most important thing, buy, get or borrow a very comfortable chair – you may be sitting in it for a very long time!

Thanks again, Kaisha for having me on the blog –I love TWG!!

Faith x

Thank you so much for letting me interrogate you!
If you wish to keep up to date with Faith’s books, here are a few author links for you to nosey at:


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#Review of Whatever Happened To Vicky Hope’s Back Up Man by @laurajanekemp @aria_fiction #Tour


A tender, funny and haunting coming-of- age novel which asks if the past
can ever be part of your future.

Twenty-one and insecure, Vicky Hope comes up with a plan on the eve of travelling the world with her high flying friend, Kat Lloyd: if she isn’t married by the time she’s thirty, she’ll marry her geeky best mate Mikey Murphy.

Fast-forward eight-and-a-bit years, Vicky, now Vee wakes up on her thirtieth birthday in Brighton, expecting a proposal of marriage from her arty boyfriend Jez. Instead he tells her their relationship is over and she has no choice but to return to her parents’ home.

Devastated and alone in her childhood bedroom, she decides she has nothing to lose and tracks down her two old mates. With shock, she discovers Mikey, now Murphy, is a successful app designer driven by his tragic upbringing. Kat, or Kate, never made it – but she hides a devastating secret, which threatens the happiness of all three.

What does TWG think?

I would hang my head in shame seeing as I managed to worm my way onto this particular blog tour, but I’m not going to. Instead, I am going to get my pom poms out, sprinkle a bit of glitter and be honoured that I am able to help champion Laura Kemp’s latest novel. Be prepared though; this book takes you on a walk down memory lane and BOY does it feel good. It’s even better than a Tamagotchi (and that’s saying something).

Cover + title = one rather curious reader. How could anyone NOT be intrigued about a back up man? Ahhhhhh, oh to be 21 again! I say that like I’m in considerably older (I’m not, i’m nearly 27), but memories of our youth can always stir up a teensy bit of nostalgia. Well, unless you’re Vicky of course! A teensy bit is quite an understatement. You see, Vicky made a plan; a plan to have a back up man if she wasn’t married by the time she turned 30. No pressure, right? What Vicky didn’t really account for was life, and how fast that bad boy moved. She decided to see the world, be free, live a little, find her inner peace….and end up on her own. It is safe to say that Vicky’s fool-proof idea didn’t exactly go to plan.

Fast forward nine years where Vicky finds herself at a crossroad; make…or break?

Delving into Vicky’s youth had me in absolute hysterics! The reminiscing of childhood favourite items and go to things, made me put my head in my hands and forget how to breathe due to my oh so sexy, full-blown belly laughing. Laura managed to keep those all time favourite memories in their own little bubble, without tainting them in today’s world. In my eyes, Laura had reached legen-DARY status with that alone. Genius.

As I sunk my teeth into more of the storyline, it soon became clear that the novel had more to it than just laughter. The characters had depth, quirky personalities and most importantly, relatable emotion. I didn’t dislike any of them either, I just understood some of the characters more than others.

I’ll cut to the chase; I absolutely LOVED this book. There was just something rather special about the entire storyline and I cannot put my finger on exactly what that is, even after having weeks of letting it settle in my mind. It was just…unique. Fragile perhaps. Maybe even soulful. No, definitely soulful. Yes, the humour was off the chart; but so was the emotion, lifestyle turbulence of the characters and the ‘I cannot stop reading this book’ factor.

Laura Kemp has written such a down to earth, relatable and highly amusing read which takes hold of your soul, emotion and all of the cringey memories from your youth that you wanted to hide (but secretly think about). Absolutely brilliant read, I cannot recommend this book enough.

Thank you Aria & Netgalley.

Whatever Happen to Vicky Hope’s Back Up Man is available to buy now from the following:

Laura’s previous book, THE LATE BLOSSOMING OF FRANKIE GREEN is available

About Laura Kemp.


Laura lives in Penarth, Cardiff with her supportive husband, gorgeous son,
playful dog and ancient cat. Writing is compulsive to Laura. With 15 years
journalistic experience and several successful books to her name, writing is her
escape and her love.

Follow Laura

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#coverreveal! Secrets We Keep by Faith Hogan (@GerHogan) @Aria_Fiction

Two cover reveals in two days, how exciting!! Now, I am sure a lot of you have heard of this author and/or read her first novel; if you haven’t, you can find my review of her debut novel here: #Review! My Husband’s Wives by Faith Hogan (@GerHogan) @Aria_Fiction #AriaAddict.

Today I get to help reveal the cover of her next novel, Secrets We Keep, and it is a stunner!! Ready??


Two distant relatives, drawn together in companionship are forced to confront their pasts and learn that some people are good at keeping secrets and some secrets are never meant to be kept. A bittersweet story of love, loss and life. Perfect for the fans of Patricia Scanlan and Adele Parks.
The beautiful old Bath House in Ballytokeep has lain empty and abandoned for decades. For devoted pensioners Archie and Iris, it holds too many conflicting memories of their adolescent dalliances and tragic consequences – sometimes it’s better to leave the past where it belongs.
For highflying, top London divorce lawyer Kate Hunt, it’s a fresh start – maybe even her future. On a winter visit to see her estranged Aunt Iris she falls in love with the Bath House. Inspired, she moves to Ballytokeep leaving her past heartache 600 miles away – but can you ever escape your past or your destiny?

Cannot wait to read this, sounds and looks incredible! The Amazon link is below if you fancy pre-ordering it!!

Links to buy:

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About the author

Faith lives in the west of Ireland with her husband, four children and two very fussy cats. She has an Hons Degree in English Literature and Psychology, has worked as a fashion model and in the intellectual disability and mental health sector.

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Facebook: @FaithHoganAuthor
Twitter: @GerHogan
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#BlogTour! The Other Wives Club by Shari Low (@sharilow) #Guestpost @Aria_Fiction #TOWC

Today is TWG’s stop on the blog tour for Shari Low’s ‘The Other Wives Club’, and I am bringing you a guest post! Stay tuned though as I’ll no doubt be bringing you a review at some stage too, this book has alerted my curiosity!
Thank you Shari for the guest post, and Aria for inviting me on the tour!

Guest Post.

“When the voyage of a lifetime comes with excess baggage…”

Kaisha’s question…

‘Was she was involved in any clubs at school and if not, what club would she have made up?’

Hi Kaisha,

Thanks for the question! I was in every sports club at school, netball, hockey, athletics, volleyball, even when my teenage rebel kicked in and I realised that boys were much more fun than galloping around a field on a Saturday morning in the bitter cold of a Scottish winter.

I blame this mindshift on Jackie Collins. If I could have made up a club, it would have been the Jackie Collins Life Aspirations Society, as reading her books at a shamelessly young age gave me the firm conviction that I’d one day live in LA and have windswept, breath-taking affairs with blokes called Dirk and Lance.

I’m still waiting. However, the theme of taking ordinary people and putting them in hopelessly glamorous, sexy situations definitely applies to The Other Wives Club.

The three women in Drew Gold’s “Wives Club” are his first wife Sarah, 49, his second spouse Mona, 38, and his new bride, Tess, 23.

They are all at different stages in life, each one dealing with her own issues.

Tess is wondering if her driven, workaholic husband will ever make time to actually see her, never mind start the family she longs for.

Bitchy fashion journalist, Mona, now remarried to a wealthy businessman, is contemplating whether she should give up mindless affairs with finely-sculpted male models.

And Sarah, mother of Drew’s adult children, has decided that after fifteen years of romantic drought, it’s time to bin the big knickers and start living again.

The women have no desire to be in each other’s company, but they’re thrown together when Drew invites his extended family, past and present, to join him on a luxury cruise to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Will Tess get the romantic, relaxing break she’s hoping for?

Will Mona manage to stay faithful and sort out her floundering marriage?

Will Sarah find love and manage to stop herself from tossing the woman who stole her husband overboard?

And which relationships will still be afloat by the time they get back to dry land?

Thank you Shari for the fabulous guest post!

About the author.

Shari Low writes a weekly opinion column and a Book Club page for the Daily Record. The latter is her dream job because it means she gets to lie on the sofa with the latest Harlan Coben novel and call it work. Over the years, Shari has decamped to Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, London and LA, but now lives in Glasgow. Thankfully, she has been married to a very laid-back guy for twenty three years and has two athletic sons, aged 14 and 15, who think she’s fairly embarrassing, except when they need a lift somewhere. For this reason, she regularly writes while sitting in sports centre car parks drinking coffee from a styrofoam cup

towc2-pngThree women thrown together on a surprise Mediterranean cruise to celebrate a milestone birthday of the man they all once loved. What could possibly go wrong?

Tess Gold – the current wife. 
When Tess married Drew Gold, she knew his two ex-wives were still in his life.

Now Drew has planned a luxury cruise to celebrate his birthday … and the former Mrs. Golds are all coming too.

Mona Gold – the second wife. 
When it comes to style, fashion editor, Mona, never puts a Louboutin wrong.

Now it’s time to reclaim the only man she ever really loved … if she can tempt Drew away from his new wife for a second time.

Sarah Gold – the first wife, the original. 
When Drew left her for Mona, Sarah’s emotions went into hibernation.

Now she’s decided to shave those legs and start living again…

The Other Wives Club by Shari Low, published by Aria Fiction, can be purchased now from Amazon







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Day 4 of TWG’s tour for Lucy Scala (@LucreziaScala)’Someone To Love’ (@Aria_Fiction)TWG&Love?

twgtol(Picture credit to WallpaperCave)

-sniffs- It’s the fourth and final day of TWG’s solo blog tour for ‘Someone To Love’ by Lucy Scala. So far on the tour we have had Lucy Scala tell us what love means to her, TWG’s review of the book AND an interview with the lady herself. I’m sure you’re probably thinking what else can I bring you on this tour? Well my little gems, I will be rounding off this tour with TWG’s take on love!

TWG’s take on love…interesting concept. Think I’ve thrown myself into the deep end with this one! For those who know me well, you’re probably wondering how I am going to write this post. Afterall, I’ve been single for 3 years and I don’t exactly have guys standing outside my house like paparazzi , trying to catch a glimpse. -looks outside- No, I actually don’t. My idea of love is sitting on the sofa with a good book, cuppa, chocolate and watching my favourite programs (outside of being a mum). I know my daughter loves me, she is three, but that is a different love.

People’s own take on love can get a bit cloudy due to the Prince/Princess charming scenarios that we come across in films, or even books. Is that even realistic? If you’re a bit of a love cynic then you’ll probably be saying no to that question. But, if you’re a hopeless romantic, of course you’ll think it is. Where do I fit in with those? Honestly? I have no idea. I used to think that love was cringy, slushy and just not for me. Granted, I was at the age where I didn’t know true love if it came and bit me on my bottom, but, relationships I entered didn’t do much to change my personal views.

I see people completely loved up, being loved for who they are and what they do and of course I would love that. I would love to be loved for who I am. The thing is, I have too much against me as a person to have someone love me like that. Due to my past, I can’t let my guard down. That said, I haven’t found the right person that I feel comfortable to do that with….yet. For a long time I told myself that it would never happen and try to get used to that fact, force of habit. However, as I have gotten older and opened my eyes and heart to the possibility of love, I would like to think that maybe one day that will change.

Will I actively go seeking for love? No, I won’t, not from another person. I need to actively seek love from myself. I need to learn to love myself before anyone else can fall in love with me. I have opened my heart to the possibility of finding true love or ‘the one’, but I am in no rush to. If it happens, it happens. Maybe one day I will find the guy that I click with, or maybe I will be sitting on the sofa in my Minnie mouse pj’s, watching other people fall in love. Who knows what the future will bring. Even if I don’t find my someone to be IN love with, I know that I will always have my someone to love in a different sense, with my daughter. Unconditional.

Thank you for all of the support, shares and RT’s over the last four days. It truly means a lot as I was really nervous about doing this solo tour. I hope you have enjoyed it, thank you for staying with me and tuning in! I hope you all find your someone to love!


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Day 3 TWG’s tour for ‘Someone To Love’!#Interview with Lucy Scala(@LucreziaScali)@Aria_Fiction


Welcome to day 3 of TWG’s tour for Lucy Scala and ‘Someone To Love’! Hope you’re enjoying the tour so far, cannot believe that tomorrow is the final day! -cries-.
To help you get to know the Italian author a little bit better, I was allowed to ask her a few questions:

TWG: Could you tell us a bit about you and your background before you began writing? 

If I look back on my childhood, I see a little girl with a book and a pen in hand. I write from my life, from my own memories. I could not imagine my life without books, because I owe everything to them. As a child I never dreamed of becoming a writer but instead I wanted to be a veterinarian. I had written several novels before Someone To Love, but I was never convinced. I felt it was not the right time. This is why I started writing a blog, always talking about books, and then two years ago I embarked on this adventure. I am a normal girl, who lives with a boyfriend and a fur ball named Bubu. I am almost graduated from veterinary school and I hope one day to look back with satisfaction. 

         TWG: Have you always wanted to become a published writer? 

Oh, no. When I was a little girl I did not recognize the role of a writer because I always saw a shop assistant in the library. Only with time I understood, but I was focused on other professions and passions. I love animals and would like to find a job that relates to my University studies, but life sometimes takes you down different paths. Thankfully I had that moment that made me believe in myself and in my work that lead to me getting published. 

        TWG:  If you could pick one character from Someone To Love, who would it be and why? 

Surely the main character, Mia. There is so much of me in her: my dreams, my childhood memories, love for animals and children, the link to her grandparents and the need to be loved. To be honest, I have so much to learn from Mia. She is a strong, determined woman, focused on what she loves and loves with her whole being. I wish I had her courage. 

         TWG: Have you ever disliked any of the characters in your book? 

No, in general I create characters who have something good about them or who has a message which should be communicated to the reader. For me it is important to make sure the characters are capable of arousing emotions. 

         TWG: What influenced your thoughts to begin writing Someone To Love? 

Sure you want to know? My dog: Bubu. It was one afternoon, it was raining outside and I was bored. I turned to see my dog, sleeping belly up and, like a thunderbolt, came the long-awaited light. 

         TWG: Mia has two love interests in the book, was it difficult to think up two completely different love interest personalities? 

Mia is a woman who runs away from love. She decides not to suffer anymore and to devote to herself to her passions and her work. After all, we all want to be loved and Mia will face a crossroads. Two completely different men who will test her. Head or heart? This is the choice Mia must make Mia and fast. I tried to create two very different characters, both from the physical point of view but also character. Readers like good-looking, bad men, but also those who are romantics who provide security.  

         TWG: If you were Mia, would your ‘Someone To Love’, be completely different? 

You are referring to the choices that make Mia? Yes, I would not have changed anything. But she’s very similar to me, and it was easy to talk about her love life. 

         TWG: Time for a tough one, if you could choose any book that has already been published to be the author of, which one would you choose and why?

There are many. Until a few years ago I would have answered Little Women, but today I would say you Gone Girl for a simple reason: it is too brilliant and diabolical.

 TWG: One final question. What advice would you give to a writer that wants to be published? Any words of wisdom?

I am very bad in giving advice. Each person has a different fate, a different personality and a different talent. If you have a dream, then you will find a way to make it come true. Never force things, because they are more beautiful if they are unexpected. Have fun, write for yourself and do not miss the ones that surround you. Read, read so much and never have negative thoughts. Request insight from someone who is close to you, but then create your own path.

Even answering questions Lucy writes beautifully! Thank you to Lucy Scala for taking the time to answer my questions! Hopefully you as readers will feel a little bit more connected to the author, maybe some of you might relate to her answers? Tomorrow is the fourth and final day of the tour and I will be sharing my own personal views on love. I hope you will join me! Until then, I will leave you with the all important book details and the links you need.


A heart-warming story of a young woman’s search for her one true love. Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes.

Mia is thirty, has a history of unhappy love affairs and a mother who arranges blind dates for her. Every night Mia dreams of her ideal man, but in the morning she wakes up next to a brute with drooping ears and a bristly coat. By day she runs one of the best-known veterinary clinics in Turin and organizes pet therapy sessions at the local hospital. True love never seems to enter her life. Or so Mia thought, until she meets Alberto, an attractive doctor, and Diego, a policeman who has just moved to Turin from Puglia.

At last Cupid is going to shoot his arrow; will he manage to pierce the heart of the right man for Mia?

Buy from Amazon UK
Buy from Amazon US
Buy the Italian version

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TWG Solo Tour For Lucy Scala (@LucreziaScali) & ‘Someone To Love’. Day 2 -Review @Aria_Fiction



A heart-warming story of a young woman’s search for her one true love. Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes.

Mia is thirty, has a history of unhappy love affairs and a mother who arranges blind dates for her. Every night Mia dreams of her ideal man, but in the morning she wakes up next to a brute with drooping ears and a bristly coat. By day she runs one of the best-known veterinary clinics in Turin and organizes pet therapy sessions at the local hospital. True love never seems to enter her life. Or so Mia thought, until she meets Alberto, an attractive doctor, and Diego, a policeman who has just moved to Turin from Puglia.

At last Cupid is going to shoot his arrow; will he manage to pierce the heart of the right man for Mia?

What does TWG think?

I must say, books that are set in a vet are few and far between, so it was a lovely surprise (and change) to read a storyline that had that particular setting. I do realise that I have mentioned the vets before the part of the world that the book is set, and that is because, at first, I didn’t have a clue WHERE in the world Turin was. At least I’m honest! Thanks to Lucy’s wonderful descriptive writing, Turin soon became special, as did the vets!
My first thought of ‘Someone to love’ was that is was going to be about people falling in love with each other. However, despite that being part of the storyline, it wasn’t the main focus.
The main character, Mia, has been given the green light to run pet therapy sessions at her local hospital, trying to bring a smile to very poorly children’s faces. The amount of love that shone through the story when those visits happened, was truly phenomenal. Being able to visualise the children’s happy faces when they saw the dogs wouldn’t have been possible if Lucy hadn’t written the scenario with love herself.
I thought the entire storyline was well thought out and it was very easy to lose myself in the happiness of the animals. Every character stood out, some in more ways than others, but I could definitely see which ones were going to cause the most trouble! That said, I was rather shocked with the way that Mia found her love! I know that the phrase; ‘love comes when you least expect it’, can be true, but I didn’t realise how true until I saw how it happened! It was even unexpected for me, and I wasn’t the one that it was happening to!

‘Someone to love’ shouts about finding love in different ways. Maybe it’s not about FALLING in love, maybe it’s about loving something or someone just enough to bring happiness. Love is found in mysterious ways and Lucy Scala has made me fall in love with a country that I have never even been to, as well as changing my opinion on love itself. Such a light, cosy and loveable read, ideal for cuddling your blanket and curling up on the sofa with!

Thank you to the publishers for giving me a complimentary copy of the book in return for my honest views.

‘Someone To Love’ by Lucy Scala, published by Aria Fiction, is available to buy now from Amazon UK. The Italian version is also available from the Italian Amazon!

Thank you so much for joining TWG for day 2 of the Someone To Love blog tour! We are halfway through, I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am, Lucy Scala & Aria Fiction; I Hope I’m doing you both proud! Day 3 will see TWG interview the lovely Lucy Scala, so I would love to see you back here tomorrow!