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#BlogTour! #Review of #PuzzleGirl by Rachael Featherstone (@WRITERachael) @AccentPress

Love is a riddle waiting to be solved…

Clued-up career girl Cassy Brookes has life under control until one disastrous morning changes everything. When she finds herself stuck in a doctors surgery, a cryptic message left in a crossword magazine sends her on a search to find the mysterious puzzle-man behind it. Cassy is soon torn between tracking down her elusive dream guy, and outwitting her nightmare workmate, the devious Martin.

Facing a puzzling love-life, will she ever be able to fit the pieces together and discover the truth behind this enigmatic man?

What does TWG think?

Ever since Accent Press started posting the book cover on social media (to tease me) at the end of last year, Puzzle Girl had put itself on my radar. There was just something rather unique and exciting about a multi-coloured, puzzle piece tree and I wasn’t going to rest until I had read the book. As always, I’m true to my word and my excitement about #PuzzleGirl began to grow every time Accent Press posted anything about the book. I’m sure you can guess the look on my face when I got approached to review the book for the blog tour!

Now, I’m not the cleverest person when it comes to completing puzzles, especially as Sudoku reminds me of trying to work out your BMI (awfully frustrating), but I was intrigued to see how puzzles were going to be made into a storyline. I thought that maybe I needed to go on a word search(sorry!) to find out, but I ended up having a few cross words with myself due to the constant brain teasers of the storyline! Sorry, I will stop now!

It all started by Cassy finding a puzzle book in a doctor’s surgery waiting room, working out and adapting a few clues (multiple times), whilst finding a mysterious replying puzzle man in the process. I can’t even get people I know talking to me, never mind a stranger responding to me via a puzzle book!! Cassy had a bee in her bonnet and was adamant that she would find out who her puzzle man was, however, the only way that she could do that was by finding multiple (bizarre) reasons to drop into the clinic to check the puzzle book. The bee in the bonnet became an obsession, and the obsession started taking over her life, her friendships and her work life. Thanks to a smidge of rivalry in the office, Cassy’s workplace was already taken over by a different kind of obsession…

At first, I found Cassy’s obsession with her puzzle man quite funny, especially as she was making herself look like an absolute fool every single time she made an excuse to go to the clinic. She let it rule every part of her life which made me feel like she had taken the whole excuse thing completely overboard, making it more about finding excuses as opposed to finding out who the mystery puzzle person was. Her rivalry with a work colleague was hilarious, even if I did think that she had created a completely different version of her rival in her head! Martin didn’t appear to be as big of an arrogant ogre as Cassy made him out to be, but her reactions to his antics were sometimes OVER dramatic that it was brilliant.

‘Puzzle Girl’ is the type of book that to believe it, you need to read it. There are so many unique, clever and utterly bonkers moments throughout the whole book which need to be ravished by your own imagination. There really is something truly hypnotizing about this book, I can’t even put my finger on exactly what it is but all I know is that it filled a large void. I have never, ever read a book like ‘Puzzle Girl’ and I have read  A LOT of books. Every character had a place in the book (even the grumpy receptionist!), not one of them gave off the vibe that they were just ‘there to fill up the storyline’. Obviously, some of the characters were more memorable than others, but they all brought something completely different to the overall feel of the book. For me, that added even more depth to an already puzzling storyline.

Seeing as I was so excited to read ‘Puzzle Girl’, I had everything crossed that my excitement wasn’t going to be short lived once I had begun reading it. I really had no need to worry as Rachael Featherstone’s book ticked each and every box for me, multiple times. Yes, some parts of the storyline, for me, were over exaggerated at points, but it didn’t ruin the book in any way. I just put those OTT situations down to Cassy’s individual personality. After all, she is definitely a unique cookie!

It’s hard to believe that ‘Puzzle Girl’ is Rachael Featherstone’s debut novel, as to read it you might think that she had a fair few novels under her belt. Instead, she just has puzzle pieces!

Puzzle Girl is a humorous, bonkers and unique story which shows that love can be found in the most unexpected places, as long as you have a bit of  two down and three across (not even a clue btw).
A fantastic, witty debut that resulted in me closing the book with a massive smile on my face. Absolutely loved it.

Thank you Accent Press!

Buy now from Amazon UK

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TWG is teaming up with @AccentPress to do an AMAZING #coverreveal! #sisterssecret #comingsoon

Weekly Wrap Up! (1)

I LOVE helping publishers and authors with cover reveals, I’m like a big kid in a sweet shop (no, that’s a lie, I’m like a bookworm in Waterstones…)! It’s not often that TWG HQ gets a little cover reveal teaser in the post from the publisher; so when this(below) popped through my letterbox, I just knew the secret that I had promised to keep was going to be AMAZEBALLS.

sistersecret1(Photo – TWG HQ (& yes, that is my kindle underneath!)

Exciting isn’t it?! The book in question is being released by Accent Press on the 26th October 2017, and I am SUPER excited to get my hands on this beauty of a book. I suppose I had better show you the cover now too, eh?

Close your eyes.
Keep them closed.

1, 2, 3……Now you can open them!


Can you see why I am super excited? How STUNNING does this look?! (Ps. Karen B (Accent Press), feel free to send all my post like the above, just saying 😉 ).
Not only does the book LOOK incredible, it also sounds rather intriguing. Have a nose at the blurb here:

Can you really trust her?

Erin is devastated when her pregnant sister Claudia is left brain dead from a tragic accident. When Claudia’s boyfriend Ollie wants to switch off her life support, a desperate Erin finds herself fighting to give the baby a chance.

As she starts to uncover things Claudia never shared with her, Erin turns to the people closest to her sister. But why is everyone refusing to talk about her? And just where has Ollie run off to?

Yearning for her sister, Erin grows close to Claudia’s friend Jon. She refuses to get involved with another married man. But soon, this is the least of her worries.

The more people Erin meets, the less she can trust. And now, her life is in danger too …

I want to read this NOWWWWWWW -throws tantrum-.

Are you as excited about this book as we are? Let me know in the comments/tweets etc!! Roll on October! Big thanks to Karen B from Accent Press for asking me to be involved in this reveal, huge honour.

Let’s also give a TWG wave to the other three ladies teaming up with Accent Press, alongside me today:

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@JennyKaneAuthor talks coffee stops as part of her Christmas Collection #Tour! @AccentPress


I get the pleasure of being the first blog to kick off Jenny Kane’s tour for her Christmas Collection! How exciting! Without further ado, I am thrilled to hand over the post to the lovely lady herself, Jenny Kane!

Coffee Stops at Christmas
Jenny Kane

Many thanks for inviting me to visit your wonderful blog today, Kaisha.
This is the first stop on a blog tour which features my three novella anthology, Jenny Kane’s Christmas Collection.
There is something very special about the Christmas season- the extra levels of hope, love
and kindness the season engenders make it the perfect time in which to set a romantic story. Writing the three seasonal novellas, that form part of the Another Cup of…series, was tremendous fun. I swear that when I wrote them all – even though each tale was created in the July preceding its release – I could almost smell the mulled wine. I certainly got into the mood by humming Christmas carols while I wrote. As I write all my stories from the corner of a cafe in my local town, this caused much bemusement and amusement amongst my fellow coffee shop dwellers.

I adore writing in cafes, so it was perhaps inevitable that I’d end up creating an entire series of books centring on a coffee house and its staff and customers. At Christmas time in particular, cafes are a haven of people watching potential. As I sit in my writing corner, I am forever speculating about what might be inside the vast number of shopping bags beneath the tables. I marvel at the speed at which dedicated Christmas gift purchasers arrive, down their drinks, and go!
Frequently, I have no choice but to overhear the simmering discussion’s that are destined to row into full fledged rows by the time Christmas dinner comes around. Then again, I often smile as I hear parents and grandparents urging their offspring to be good while they grab a much needed five minutes sanctuary from the stress of the season, with mentions of how Father Christmas rewards good children…

Coffee stops are always a mine of inspiration for the writer.
Coffee stops at Christmas are a gold mine just waiting to be tapped!

jkBlurb for the Jenny Kane Christmas Collection-

There is something very special about Christmas…
Jenny Kane’s Christmas Collection combines all three seasonal shorts from Jenny’s best-
selling Another Cup of … series in one festive anthology. In ‘Another Cup of Christmas’, we return to Pickwicks Coffee House in London, the setting
for Jenny’s bestselling novel Another Cup of Coffee. Together with old friends Kit, Amy, Scott and Peggy, we meet new Pickwicks waitress Megan, who’s in charge of organising a charity event for the local hospital…is romance as well as seasonal goodwill in the air?

‘Christmas in the Cotswolds’ sees Megan, now an established face at Pickwicks, travelling to the beautiful Cotswold countryside after an emergency call from her friend Izzie. Can Megan help Izzie pull off the perfect Christmas at her Arts and Crafts Centre – and save the business from disaster?

Kit Lambert, Pickwicks’ writer-in- residence, takes centre stage in ‘Christmas at the Castle’. Already nervous about appearing at her very first literary festival, in the grounds of a magnificent Scottish castle at Christmas time, Kit suddenly finds herself co-organising the whole thing – and trying to repair old friendships – with the deadline fast approaching…


Another Cup of Christmas was the first festive special to follow on from my bestselling
novel, Another Cup of Coffee. (It isn’t necessary to have read the first novel to enjoy the
Christmas stories.) Another Cup of Christmas is set five years after the first story of life, love and friendship in and around Pickwicks Coffee House in Richmond, London. Café owners Peggy and Scott and their waitress Megan, are organising a Christmas fundraising auction for the local ospital to thank them for all the help they gave Scott after he was involved in a traffic accident. So, rather than simply serving copious amounts of coffee to Pickwicks’ writer in residence, Kit, as she writes away in the corner of the cafe, Megan is spending most of her days emailing, Nick, the hospital liaison clerk about the charity event. As the auction draws nearer, Megan becomes more and more curious about meeting Nick in person…

Here’s how Another Cup of Christmas begins…

Having politely escaped her third ‘So what are you doing for Christmas?’ conversation of the day, Megan Johnson was retreating back to the counter when she spotted Pickwicks’ most regular customer sit up from her work and brush a stray red hair from her eyes.
Knowing it had been at least half an hour since Kit’s caffeine addiction had been
attended to, the waitress swiped up the percolator jug and headed in her direction.
Without bothering to ask if it was required, Megan poured the steaming liquid with
practised care, before taking advantage of the lull in Christmas shopping trade, and sitting
down opposite her friend. ‘Going OK?’
Swivelling the laptop round to face Megan, Kit rubbed the back of her neck, ‘I’m
sure I’ve missed something. What do you think?’

Pickwicks Festive Fundraiser!
Spoil Yourself With An Afternoon of Pickwicks’ Finest Festive Fare.
In Aid of the Royal Free Hospital’s Spinal Ward.
Saturday 22 nd December from 2pm.
Deluxe Buffet And Festive Fundraising Fun!
Tickets are ONLY £25 per person
Don’t miss out!
Book your place at Pickwicks Coffee Shop, Richmond – NOW!!

Megan scanned the poster. ‘Oh, that’s fabulous! I thought you were writing your latest
‘To tell you the truth, that’s exactly what I should be doing, but Peggy asked me to
do some publicity for the fundraiser and I thought I’d better get on with it. Time seems to be dissolving. It’ll be the 22nd before we know it.’
‘I know what you mean.’ Megan started to collect the dishes left by a couple who’d
just vacated a nearby table. ‘The next three weeks are going to fly by.’
‘Two and a half weeks!’
‘Oh, hell! Really?’
‘That’s why I want to get these done; otherwise everyone will be too booked up with
their own celebrations to have time to come.’ Gesturing towards the kitchen, Kit asked,
‘How’s Scott doing out there, or shouldn’t I ask?’
Megan’s permanent smile widened further across her lightly freckled face. ‘He’s
amazing. I have no idea how he does it. The temperature in that kitchen is tropical, and yet
Scott’s still beaming that massive toothy grin of his. I’m seriously beginning to think he is
physically unable to stop cooking! Surely he must have pre-prepared as much as he can for
the fundraiser by now?’
Kit nodded. ‘He probably has, but Peggy is getting paranoid there won’t be enough
food.’ Glancing around, checking that Megan wasn’t needed by a customer for a moment, Kit pointed to a fresh pile of abandoned cups. ‘If I clear those, will you have a proper read of the poster? I’m sure I’ve missed something obvious but I can’t put my finger on it?’
Kit was already standing up and taking a tray from Megan’s hands before the
waitress said, ‘On one condition.’
‘Which is?’
‘I can check my emails? I’m supposed to be liaising with the hospital about this for
Peggy, but we’ve been so busy over the last few days I haven’t had time to see if Nick has
got back to me about how many of the ward staff are coming.’
Megan silently cursed her inability to prevent the involuntary warm pink blush that
hit her pale cheeks, ‘Yeah, he’s the admin guy for the ward that cared for Scott after his
‘Nice, is he?’ Kit gently teased the petite blonde waitress, wondering, not for the
first time, why someone as kind and pretty as Megan hadn’t been snapped up years ago.
‘I’ve never met him, but he seems friendly. Well, he does via email and over the
phone at least.’
‘You’ve spoken to him then?’
‘There are loads of things to sort out.’ Megan, knowing that the crush she’d
developed on Nick’s Irish accent was utterly ridiculous, turned her full attention to the poster on the screen before her…


I hope you enjoyed that little festive taster!
All three of my seasonal novellas, Another Cup of Christmas, Christmas in the Cotswolds
and Christmas at the Castle, can be read in isolation, or in order. They can be purchased as
separate downloads, together, within Jenny Kane’s Christmas Collection.
And if you love reading them as much as I loved writing them, then you could finish off the
series, by searching out the final tale in the series, Another Glass of Champagne.
A full length novel, Another Glass of Champagne, brings big changes for all of the Pickwicks team- especially Jack and Amy…
Happy reading.
Many thanks again for letting me visit today.
Jenny xx

Now you can see why I let Jenny take over the post today, she had every single thing organised, as well as a little festive taster!  Thank you Jenny! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a tad festive after reading this, the book taster has piqued my interest! So much so, I need to buy it! Where oh where will I get the link to be able to do that?
Buy Jenny’s Christmas Collection – Amazon UK
Buy Jenny’s Christmas Collection – Amazon US


About the author.

Jenny Kane is the author the contemporary romance Another Glass of Champagne, (Accent
Press, 2016), Christmas at the Castle (Accent Press, 2015), the bestselling novel Abi’s
House (Accent Press, 2015), the modern/medieval time slip novel Romancing Robin Hood
(Accent Press, 2014), the bestselling novel Another Cup of Coffee (Accent Press, 2013), and
its novella length sequels Another Cup of Christmas (Accent Press, 2013), Christmas in the
Cotswolds (Accent, 2014), and Christmas at the Castle (Accent, 2016). These three seasonal
specials are now available in one boxed set entitled Jenny Kane’s Christmas Collection
(Accent, 2016). Jenny’s fifth full length romance novel, Abi’s Neighbour, will be published in June 2017. Jenny’s first medieval murder mystery, The Outlaw’s Ransom will be published in December 2016 under the pen name, Jennifer Ash.
Jenny is also the author of quirky children’s picture books There’s a Cow in the Flat
(Hushpuppy, 2014) and Ben’s Biscuit Tin (Hushpuppy, 2015).
Jenny also writes erotica as Kay Jaybee.

Keep your eye on Jenny’s blog for more details.

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#BlogTour! @AccentPress author, Kristen Bailey (@baileyforce6) talks about comfort food!


Absolutely thrilled to be alongside the one and only ‘Souper Mum’, Kristen Bailey, for her blog tour. Look at all the fabulous bloggers that are on the tour bus too! Make sure you follow all of the bloggers on Twitter, as well as their blogs, to read fab and fun posts from Kristen Bailey herself!

On TWG today, Kristen is talking about comfort food! What is YOUR favourite comfort food?

Guest post by Kristen Bailey.

In my book, Souper Mum there is a recipe for fish finger pie that I often get asked about. I
don’t have an exact recipe for it but it was once made for me by a university friend who
emptied a pack of fish fingers into a baking dish, covered them in tomato soup and put the
concoction in the oven for about half an hour. He then topped it with cheese and shoved it
under the grill. Because we were students in halls, I remember we all ate it out of various
receptacles: mugs, cereal bowls. I ate mine out of an old lunchbox. Was it tasty? To be
honest, we were students so we ate anything. We thought a chicken tikka naan from Hot
Spot down the road was haute cuisine. I just remember it was the colour of highlighter pens and I mopped it up with a piece of cheap value white bread lavished in butter.

I really like how this is now immortalised in print, as to me these are the best sorts of recipes, the ones you’ve grown up with, that soothe the soul and create memories. They’re not fancy or restauranty, sometimes they’re merely two ingredients. In our house growing up, it was fried eggs and rice. My mum always cooked this on a Sunday evening when energy and will was lacking. She’d put a nob of butter on the rice, a little soy sauce. Now, it still remains my go-to perfect comfort food. Add a slice of fried Spam and you’ve got a piece of culinary perfection just there. Second on that list is Lorna Trotman’s trifle. Lorna Trotman is the grandmother of a family I used to work for as a nanny. Whilst under their employment, I ended a relationship with a then boyfriend and was pretty distraught. As I left that evening, Lorna stopped me at the door and handed me a whole trifle. I went home. I ate it all. It really was the best trifle I had ever eaten – so much so that I asked for the recipe. Now, when my soul is need of reparation, I make it and allow the custard and raspberries to work their magic.

But my favourite comfort food ever – it’s really simple. It’s toast. White buttered toast. Sometimes with Marmite, raspberry jam, smooth peanut butter or simply on its own. My Nana used to give it to us sprinkled with a bit of sugar if we were poorly. It can be the cheap stuff, cut fresh from a loaf, thick or thin but toast will always bring back lovely snuggly family memories…and probably my best memory ever, when my first son was born. It’s a very vivid memory for me; I was holding this new baby, completely in shock, delirious with fatigue and I remembered the midwife came in with a mug of sweet tea and four slices of white buttered toast. I remember devouring the lot – it was the tastiest darned thing I had eaten, ever.

Comfort foods like these feature a lot in Souper Mum and Second Helpings too. When we
hear about food nowadays, it’s all in relation to budgets, diets, super foods and preachy TV
chefs. I hope my books and my heroine, Jools Campbell help us remember that cooking for a family is also steeped in real life, it’s sometimes a bloody bind but it’s all about recipes and traditions that build memories and families. So, in a week of weird election results, my kettle breaking and my husband away on business, I am putting my hands up tonight and telling the world I’m making fish fingers for dinner. When the children are in bed, I’ll polish off a tub of custard. We are what we eat and tonight, I will be happy. Jools Campbell would be proud.

LOVE this! As for the ‘after birth toast’, I got told before I had my daughter how that particular toast would be the best toast that I would ever eat. I thought ‘how ridiculous’, it’s just toast. How could toast from a hospital be the best toast ever? Well, lets just say that I ate my words…and the toast! Unbelievably scrumptious! Thank you Kristen for the fabulous post! Please do let us know your favourite comfort foods in the comments!

Book Blurbs

Souper Mum


Souper Mum is the story of Jools Campbell, a stay-at- home mother of four, who becomes
an unlikely foodie hero when she stands up to a pompous celebrity chef, Tommy McCoy
on a reality show. Armed with fish fingers and a severely limited cooking repertoire, we
watch as she becomes a reluctant celebrity and learns some important life lessons about
love, family and the joyless merits of quinoa.

Second Helpings


Exactly eighteen months after squaring up to a pompous TV chef, Jools Campbell finds
herself back in the fame game as she becomes a judge on a family cooking show. How
will she cope being back in the limelight, juggling being a working mum? What happens
when she finds out her old nemesis, Tommy McCoy is her fellow judge? The knives are
sure to fly as ‘Souper Mum’ makes her triumphant return.

Buy Links –
Buy Souper Mum | Buy Second Helpings


About the Author

Mother-of- four, gin-drinker, binge-watcher, receipt hoarder, hapless dog owner,
enthusiastic but terrible cook. Kristen lives in Fleet, Hampshire in a house overrun by
Lego and odd socks. Her debut novel, Souper Mum was released by Accent Press in June
and its sequel, Second Helpings was released on 17th November.

She writes a blog about being a modern mother. That and more can be found at:
You can also find her on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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Author of ‘I do..Or Do I?’, Karen King (@karen_king), joins TWG with a #guestpost @RNAtweets


Absolutely thrilled to welcome author Karen King, back to TWG! Not so long ago I reviewed Karen’s book; ‘I do..Or Do I?’ and you can find my review for that right here:
Book Review ‘I do? – Or do I? by Karen King (@Karen_king) @AccentPress

The lovely Karen King has written a guest post about her personal writing journey, especially for us here at TWG! Enjoy!

My Writing Journey

I’ve always loved reading and writing. When, aged eleven, I had my first poem published in the children’s corner of a local newspaper I had no idea that twenty years later I would be writing for a living. It didn’t happen overnight, I got married, had four children, scribbled stories whenever I could and eventually started sending them out. After several rejections I had an article accepted by Jackie magazine and soon I was writing photo stories, articles and short stories for Jackie, Blue Jeans, Patches and Loving.

Then I started working for Marvel comics, doing comic strips, text stories, activities and puzzles. I was asked to work for other comic companies too, and before long I was writing for four or five different titles a month.  Most of them were for licensed characters such as Rainbow, Thomas the Tank Engine, Barbie, Sindy, Rosie&Jim. It was hard work and I often worked late into the night but it provided me with a regular income. I was now writing for a living.

Writing activities for the magazines, and making things with my own children, gave me ideas for activity books and I wrote several for Scholastic. I was also approached by publishers to write books about various licensed characters, including Teddy Ruxpin and Henry’s Cat. So at that stage most of my work was commissioned.  When you are writing for a living you’re constantly writing or planning the next book, and then the next, because writing is the way you earn your bread and butter so I was delighted when I was offered more and more commissioned work. I’ve written joke books, plays, activity books, story books – anything that paid the bills! To date I’ve had over 120 children’s books published

I kept writing and eventually got some picture books and story books published too. Children’s books, especially for young children, are very short so it wasn’t difficult to write several a year and bring in a steady income. I love writing for children and as I had young children myself, this fitted in perfectly with my life at the time. But I dreamed of writing a long book, one I could lose myself in, like the chick-lits or romances I read whenever I could find the time.  However, as I was the family breadwinner it wasn’t financially viable to take a chance on spending months writing a book like this and hoping I’d find a publisher, so I told myself that one day I would do it.

Then my chance came. My children grew up, I got divorced, had less financial commitments and more time so I decided to follow my dream. I didn’t even know if I would succeed  – the longest book I’d ever written was 20,000 words! I wrote furiously, in between tutoring writing and commissioned work, and eventually completed and found publishers for two romance novel and two YA’s.

Spurred on by this success, and now happily remarried, I decided to join the RNA and write a chick-lit novel. I already had an idea forming in my mind, about a woman whose wedding plans were being hijacked by her future ‘monster in law’ and then she bumped into her first love again and wondered if she was doing the right thing. So ‘I do?…or do I?’ was born – and at 75,000 words it’s the longest book I’ve ever written.

To my delight it was snatched up by Accent Press, who contracted me to write two more and  also republished my earlier romance novels, The Millionaire Plan and Never Say Forever. So finally, I’m writing my dream and I love it! And to think it all started with that little poem when I was eleven!

Wow! Who knows, if you were into reading Barbie or Marvel as a youngster, it may just have been written by this lovely lady herself! I am in awe. Karen has written some very wise words in that guest post, and I am going to listen to them myself! Thank you Karen!

If you fancy nabbing copies of Karen’s books for yourself, here are some more details and the all important buying links:

I do? … or do I?’


Local journalist Cassie is getting married to hot-shot, reliable Timothy and his mother, Sylvia, who Cassie has nicknamed ‘Monster-in-Law’, wants to plan the entire wedding. When Sylvia books the exclusive ID Images to take photographs of the extravagant do, Cassie has no idea what she’s walking into.  The elusive JM, ID Images’ newest photographer, just so happens to be Jared, Cassie’s first love and ex-fiancé, who broke off their engagement to travel and take photos of far-reaching wonders. He’s back to pay for his next wild adventure.  Cassie decides it’s best to pretend not to know him, but when she’s asked to write an article for her newspaper, she’s tasked with a column surrounding all things wedding related. When Cassie jokingly writes a column meant for herself depicting her situation, a co-worker submits it in place of the real article and it’s soon making headlines, with readers asking the age old question – Who Will She Choose?

 Buy Links

 The Millionaire Plan


Love or money, what would you marry for?

Amber Wynters is on a mission to find a millionaire to marry – and fast. Her parents are nearly bankrupt and being forced to sell their family home, a beautiful Tudor house that has been in the family for generations, thanks to Amber’s ex-fiancé persuading them to invest in his dodgy shares. Armed with a self-help book and a ten-point plan, she sets off to hook herself a rich husband. On a millionaire’s yacht, she meets the drop-dead gorgeous Jed Curtess. The attraction between them is sizzling. It’s a shame that he is only a hired hand. Can Amber ignore her heart and follow her plan?

Buy Links

 Never Say Forever


Do you follow your dream or follow your heart?

That’s the decision Kendall McKenzie has to make when she meets hunky businessman Jake Newman. He’s as attracted to her as she is to him – but Kendall has vowed never to get married, and it seems that Jake has too. When they are together, sparks fly. It’s obvious to everyone except themselves that they’re meant to be together. Can Kendall trust Jake enough to give him her heart? And if she does, will she have to give up her dream?

Buy Links

Author Bio.

A member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, the Society of Authors and the Society of Women Writers and Journalists, Karen King writes sassy, contemporary romance just right for reading on the beach.  ‘I do …or do I?‘ her first chick-lit for Accent Press, was published in May. She has been contracted for two more. And she is delighted that Accent Press have republished her earlier romance novels, The Millionaire Plan and Never Say Forever.

I do… or do I? has been nominated for the RONA. The Millionaire Plan was nominated for the RONE Award in 2014.
Karen has had several short stories for women’s magazine and 120 children’s books published.
When she isn’t writing, Karen likes travelling, watching the ‘soaps’ and reading. Give her a good book and a box of chocolates and she thinks she’s in Heaven

Author links

Website | Twitter | Karen King Romance Author Facebook Page | Karen King Children’s Books Facebook Page | Pinterest | Instagram


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Book Review ‘I do? – Or do I? by Karen King (@Karen_king) @AccentPress


Local journalist Cassie is getting married to hot-shot, reliable Timothy and his mother Sylvia nicknamed ‘Monster-in-Law’ wants to plan the entire wedding. When Sylvia books the exclusive ID Images to take photographs of the extravagant do, Cassie has no idea what she’s walking into.

The elusive JM, ID Images’ newest photographer, just so happens to be Jared, Cassie’s first love and ex-fiancé, who broke off their engagement to travel and take photos of far-reaching wonders. He’s back to pay for his next wild adventure.

Cassie decides it’s best to pretend not to know him, but when she’s asked to write an article for her newspaper, she’s tasked with a column surrounding all things wedding related. When Cassie jokingly writes a column meant for herself depicting her situation, a co-worker submits it in place of the real article and it’s soon making headlines, with readers asking the age old question – Who Will She Choose?

What does TWG think?

Thank you to Accent Press for a copy of the book in exchange for my unbiased opinion!

Would you get married for safety? No, I don’t mean the protection from harm, type safety. I’m talking about being in a relationship that is….safe. That is it. Just…safe. Would you get married just for that? Add a monster-in-law to the mix and you’re pretty much walking into a marriage that you have no say in. Well, not you, Cassie. She is engaged to a popular, rich, ‘well respected’ man who is governed by his mother. A man who lets mummy make all the decisions, even when it comes to the wedding photographer. How much will Cassie be able to take before she says ‘I don’t’ instead of ‘I do?’?

Oh my goodness me! Sylvia is such an interfering witch, but Karen has written her absolutely perfectly! Such an on point description of an interfering family member, I’m sure a lot of readers will be able to relate with a personality such as Sylvia’s. I’m sure a lot of families have extended family members like her, I know I do!

I couldn’t put this book down at all, it only took me a few hours to read because I was absolutely hooked! I was eager to find out whether Cassie married Timothy, did Sylvia get put in her place, what else Sylvia interfered with….everything! It is definitely the type of book that shouts ‘drama’, I mean, look at the title of it! But the level of drama within the storyline will be determined by your perception of interference.

The nitty gritty, intense storyline was absolutely brilliant. I only found one part of the book predictable, to an extent, but then the drama train came along again and had me on tenterhooks! Every character within the book stood out, they all had a purpose, all be it some of them annoyed me, but they were still memorable. If Karen had written the same book but without the nuisance characters, it wouldn’t have the same effect. You need the drama and pain in the bouquet type people in amongst the rest, it gives the storyline that extra depth.

Not only did the storyline contain intense moments, the added hilarity was perfectly timed as well as creating a way for the reader to become more involved with the book. Such a cleverly written, hilarious and fun book with bucketful’s of drama. Absolutely loved it! Karen’s way of writing is so refreshing, modern and flows perfectly; a bit like a light breeze on a summer’s day: amazing.

I do? Or do I by Karen King, published by Accent Press, is available to buy now from Amazon UK.