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Sometimes your biggest mistake can also be a blessing . . .

Madison has always known she had a different father to her siblings. But it wasn’t until she turned eighteen that she learned his name. And now she wants to meet the man who shares her fair hair and blue eyes.

Robert is a very lucky man. A big house, beautiful wife, three handsome sons. Eighteen years ago, he made a mistake. A brief fling that resulted in a daughter nobody else knows about.

Robert must finally tell his family the truth. Will they ever be able to forgive him and accept Madison as one of their own?

TWG’s Thoughts.

Robert made a ‘mistake’. It’s now come back to royally bite him on the backside. And he has to pay….in more ways than one.

It was pretty obvious from the get go that once Robert’s new found daughter had met her new found siblings, a certain relationship was going to form. Now I’m not saying that in a bad way (obviously what I am saying will make more sense if you have read it), it just couldn’t have been more crystal clear unless it was surrounded by multi coloured flashing lights. Weirdly though, it fit with the consensus of the storyline. Like I said, if you’ve read it, then you’ll know what I am on about!

Naturally I felt sorry for Robert’s wife, the life as she knew it was going to come crashing down around her. She took it rather well though I must admit! I loved the character dynamics across the novella, there was such a mixed bunch of personalities that worked really well together.

For me personally, I found it to be a little bit sickly and a little over-predictable. That said, I only really gush at puppies and other baby animals!

‘The Kiss’ was the first book I had read by Santa Montefiore and overall I did enjoy it! It was pleasant enough, had the hook, snippets of drama, and little nuggets of humour – I cannot complain on the score!

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