#BlogTour! #Review – Something To Live For by Richard Roper (@RichardRoper) @OrionBooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n

It’s another busy day here at TWG, and first up is my review of Richard Roper’s ‘Something To Live For’. Many thanks to Tracy Fenton and Orion for the blog tour invite and ARC. Here is my review:


Sometimes you have to risk everything to find your something…

All Andrew wants is to be normal. He has the perfect wife and 2.4 children waiting at home for him after a long day. At least, that’s what he’s told people.

The truth is, his life isn’t exactly as people think and his little white lie is about to catch up with him.

Because in all Andrew’s efforts to fit in, he’s forgotten one important thing: how to really live. And maybe, it’s about time for him to start.

What does TWG think?

You’re bound to have seen the hashtag #FindYourSomething on Twitter over the last few weeks, but if you haven’t, that particular hashtag refers to the all important message within Richard Roper’s new novel, ‘Something To Live For’. We all know that it is far too easy to go through life in a daze, merely going through the motions out of habit. But what would we say if someone pulled us aside and asked us about our life? Would we be able to answer honestly and say that our life isn’t fulfilling us? Or would we lie and say that our lives are perfect when its not?

Why is there a lot of stigma attached to being honest about being unhappy in your life? Why must people pretend that everything is hunky-dory?

Well, to Andrew, having the ‘perfect life’ and ‘perfect family’ is what is expected of him. He thinks that to be ‘normal’, he needs to be married with a pigeon pair, socialise weekly, and be exactly where he wants to be at a forty-something man. By pretending to have the perfect life, Andrew has forgotten to do something extremely important. He’s forgotten to live.

I know, I know. Sounds such a simple thing to do, doesn’t it?

Andrew has a job which made me stop and think to myself, ‘omg, people actually have to do that?!’. Yes, in simple terms Andrew works for a company which strives to put relatives in touch with a deceased next of kin. Albeit too late to rebuild any bridges admittedly, but there’s something pretty eye-opening about it because if Andrew and his colleagues didn’t find the all important next of kin, the deceased will be buried in what’s known as a ‘paupers grave’, with nobody likely to be at the funeral. It’s a shame.

I have seen so many people fall in love with Richard Roper’s novel, and I can see exactly why they have. I will admit that I probably didn’t fall in love with it as much as other readers have, yet I was able to appreciate the importance behind the authors words, especially about living your life before its too late.

Richard Roper has written an incredibly profound and poignant novel which took me on a journey I wasn’t expecting to go on at the age of 29. I’m glad that I was able to embark on the journey of perspective and self discovery, as I would have hated reaching Andrew’s age and feeling as though I had no more path left to walk on, or be too afraid of changing habits I had spent so long perfecting.

‘Something To Live For’ is a very fulfilling and emotive read, guaranteed to stop you in your tracks and take a good hard look at your life and what you want from it. There’s too much force being put on trying to fit in, when instead we should all be loved for who we are. However, we need to learn to love ourselves first. If you can’t ‘find your something’, at least be your own ‘something to live for’.

Buy now!


#BlogTour! #Review – A Summer Reunion by Fanny Blake (@FannyBlake1) @AlainnaGeorgiou

Blog Tour A Summer Reunion
It gives me great pleasure to welcome Fanny Blake to TWG today as part of the ‘A Summer Reunion’ blog tour! Huge thanks to Alainna and Orion for the blog tour invite and ARC. Here is my review:


One perfect villa, four old friends, and a holiday that will change everything…

Amy, Linda, Kate and Jane were best friends at school. Now, years later, they have grown apart. When Amy discovers her husband has been stealing from her successful interiors business, and with a milestone birthday looming, she decides it is the time to reach out to her old friends once again.

So, she decides to invite the other three to her beautiful villa in Mallorca for a reunion weekend. As the four friends gather, secrets are unearthed, old scores settled and new friendships forged. Will this holiday bring them together or tear them apart? And will each of them grasp their second chance for happiness…?

What does TWG think?

Oh I thoroughly enjoyed this!! If you’re sitting there thinking that ‘A Summer Reunion’ is going to be all sunshine and relaxation, you have another thing coming. I, like you no doubt, thought the same when I first saw the cover of Fanny Blake’s new novel. So, the more of the book I read, the more surprised I was to find that ‘A Summer Reunion’ has a lot more to it than I originally thought.

As the title suggests, the book is about a reunion which happens in the summer. However, what the cover doesn’t state is just how stressful that particular reunion is. Firstly, the four women involved; Amy, Jane, Linda and Kate, haven’t seen each other for many years. The last time they were in close proximity of each other ended up severing ties for them. Aside from Jane and Kate though, they’re the only two who have had any involvement in the years that have passed since their school days.

What on Earth could have caused such a ruckus? I know that not everyone stays friends with who they went to school with, but seeing as their friendship group is the reason that Amy’s life didn’t quite go to plan, it must have been something major for them to part ways.

I’m not going to go into detail as to what the ruckus ended up being, and even though the author hints at issues throughout the book, the truth doesn’t get revealed properly until nearer the end. What an absolute bombshell. I mean, considering the extremity of said situation, I was very impressed by the way in which Fanny Blake handled the finer details surrounding it. It is an incredibly difficult thing to talk about and, as weird as this sounds, I just loved the way the author approached it as she did the characters, and anyone else who had been in a similar situation, very proud.

I flew through the pages of ‘A Summer Reunion’, and I lapped up the storyline like the four women lapped up the sunshine in Mallorca. It made a nice change to read about characters who were at a later stage in their life, instead of reading about characters who were merely starting theirs and didn’t know much. The wisdom of the four women enlightened me and got completely under my skin – I loved it!

‘A Summer Reunion’ is an uplifting tale of true friendships, emotional hardships, and uncertain futures. Fanny Blake has written such a heartwarming, atmospheric storyline which allows the reader to be captivated by the trials and tribulations of each individual character. It’s deep, it’s moving, it’s detailed, and it’s empathetic. It has everything I could have wanted from a book, and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to lose myself in Amy, and her friends lives.

‘A Summer Reunion’ is published on the 13th June. Pre-order now.

#BlogTour! #Review – #BonnieAndStan by Anna Stuart (@AnnaStuartBooks) @Tr4cyF3nt0N @TrapezeBooks

Bonnie and Stan blog tour 1
Many thanks to Tracy Fenton for inviting me to take part in the blog tour for ‘Bonnie and Stan’ by Anna Stuart – I am excited to be sharing my review today as part of the blog tour. Thank you to Trapeze also, for the ARC. Here is my review:


After 50 years together Stan still adores his wife… so why is he dating again?

Bonnie and Stan are soulmates. They met during the Swinging Sixties, to the soundtrack of The Beatles and the Merseybeat scene. Now they’ve grown up and grown old together, had children and grandchildren. They are finally building their dream home, when disaster strikes.

Stan is running out of time, and can’t bear the thought of leaving Bonnie alone. Alongside his teenage granddaughter Greya, he forms a plan to find Bonnie a new love of her life. And she must never find out…

What does TWG think?

What a soundtrack this book has!!! I wasn’t born in the swinging sixties, yet I know all of the songs mentioned in this book, AND I was able to do a little sing song whilst reading it!

If you were to open a dictionary and look up the word ‘love’, I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw the definition as being ‘Bonnie and Stan’. No matter what those two lovebirds went through, their love for each other seemed to get stronger and stronger with each passing day.

In this story, we get to follow Bonnie and Stan’s life in the present, as well as in the early sixties when their paths originally crossed. A time where the Beatles were huge, and fashion was a statement nobody dare forget even now. Even though many years have passed, Bonnie is still by Stan’s side, and visa versa, but the thing is, due to the fact that in the parts of the book where the sixties are mentioned and Stan was part of a band, they didn’t use their real names. Bonnie wasn’t always by Stan’s side, though when Bonnie needed it the most, Stan rushed to hers with no questions asked. Can you work out which band member Stan was?

You really do need to believe in romance to appreciate every iota of this storyline, something which I have never been good at. That said, I totally appreciated the emotion behind the romance and the hurdles the couple had to jump over to reach the here and now.

Poor Bonnie and Stan have another massive hurdle to get through, one which will no doubt make your heart break due to the unfairness of it all. Like I said, I’m not a romantic sort, yet even my heart decided to smash. Life can be so, so unfair.

Anna Stuart took me on a journey I won’t forget in a hurry. A journey which told the story of two characters who were written with incredible depth and warmth. I adored the authors powerful storytelling, and I feel that she captured the essence of Bonnie and Stan’s love for each other, absolutely beautifully. Such a poignant, tender, loving novel with an absolutely BELTER of a soundtrack to boot.

Pre-order now from Amazon! Publishes 30th May.

#BloggerBlast! #Review – #TheNightBefore by Wendy Walker (@Wendy_Walker) @AlainnaGeorgiou @OrionBooks

Another Orion blogger blast coming to you this evening, this time it’s for ‘The Night Before’ by Wendy Walker. Once again I want to say a massive thank you to Alainna and Team Orion for asking me to be involved in these blasts. It has been such an honour and I hope you enjoy reading my review!


Rosie Ferro and Laura Heart are sisters, but as different as it is possible to be. One is lucky in love and has a conventional family: a husband, and a small son. The other has a troubled past she is still struggling to break free from.

When Laura disappears after going on a date with a stranger she met online, Rosie, her protector since they were young, springs into action to look for her. But as she slowly uncovers more about the situation, Rosie begins to fear that her sister might have been more of a danger than the man she went out with.

Told in duel timelines – the night of and the night before, Wendy Walker’s new novel is a riveting examination of family loyalty, obsession, and how just how far we will go for love.

What does TWG think?

Well, well, well! What an interesting read!! I wasn’t too taken with the storyline at first as I just couldn’t sink my teeth into the book deep enough to fall under its spell. The thing about ‘The Night Before’, in my opinion, is that it’s a very slow burning novel which increases its levels of suspense ever so slightly with each turn of the page. Do not, under any circumstance, let the fact that the book starts off exceptionally slow whilst also setting the scene in a dot the i’s, cross the t’s sort of way, put you off. I am so glad that I kept an open mind with Wendy Walker’s new book as my goodness, the wait is definitely worth it!

I kept looking at Rosie’s surname wondering why I was always hungry every time it caught my eye – I stupidly thought it said Ferrero…..after the chocolate! What a numpty! Anyway, back to the book….

Laura is an intriguing character. She is often treated with kid gloves by her sister, Rosie, as its like Laura cannot be trusted to live life on her own terms. Obviously I had no idea whether that actually was the case or not, as it took a little while for Laura’s past to become apparent, but even then, there were quite a few gaps in the story. Don’t fret though, those gaps are filled by the end of the book. Now, whether they will be filled in the way that you think they should be, remains to be seen. Did I see it coming? No. I genuinely didn’t. It wasn’t until I had reached 80% of the book that the puzzle pieces started to fit together, but even then I wasn’t sure what to believe knowing just how brilliant Wendy Walker was at leading her readers into a false sense of security.

‘The Night Before’ is a dual timeline read of the night before, and the night after, whilst also switching between both Laura’s and Rosie’s lives. It works. It really does. Yes, the thing about different timelines is that they can end up making readers confused, but I found that this book did the complete opposite. Instead of being confused by the to-ing and fro-ing, I felt invigorated by the snippets of new information that were being dropped by the author each time. It was very cleverly done and, unfortunately for me, enabled my mind to switch camps like nobodies business. Whose camp do you think you’ll be in? Rosie’s? Laura’s? Neither?

I was absolutely hooked by Wendy Walker’s atmospheric storytelling! At times nothing seemed to make sense, and then all of a sudden, everything made complete sense. ‘The Night Before’ is a novel which changes its stance, so to speak. You might feel that you know where the book is heading at the beginning, yet before you can say ‘omg!’, the author changes the direction of the storyline and leaves you wondering what on earth to believe next.

Slow burning it may be, but boring and predictable it definitely is NOT! A psychologically twisted, complex and sinister novel – I can guarantee that, the morning after you will be thinking about ‘The Night Before’.

Buy now!

#BloggerBlast! #DegreesOfGuilt by HS Chandler (@HSCInkpen) @AlainnaGeorgiou @OrionBooks

It has been a huge honour to be involved in the blogger blast for Degrees of Guilt by HS Chandler, thank you so much to Alainna and Orion for asking me to take part, as well as allowing me to receive one of the very rare proofs of the book. Without further ado, here is my review:


When you read this book, you will think you know every twist in the tale.

Maria is on trial for attempted murder.

She has confessed to the crime and wanted her husband dead.

Lottie is on the jury, trying to decide her fate.

She embarks on an illicit affair with a stranger, and her husband can never find out.

You will think you know who is guilty and who is innocent.

You will be wrong.

What does TWG think?

Er HELLO MIND FUNK!!! Gee whizz and all that jazz – the last two lines of the blurb are absolutely bang on. I read through ‘Degrees of Guilt’ feeling all smug with myself that I knew who did what, who would end up in trouble and so forth, but I could not have been more wrong if I tried.

Apologies for the incredibly vague review, but it is needed as I would hate to give anything about this book away to any of you!

Maria is on trial for the attempted murder of her husband. A man who has a large following. A man who is incredibly respected due to the work he does. So, why did Maria want him dead? Unfortunately, whilst there is two sides to every story, the fact that only one of those sides can be vocalised personally adds insult to injury. Pardon the pun.

Whilst Maria’s fate looks as though it has been sealed, Lottie (a person who is on the jury) is about to see her own future flash before her eyes. Why? Well, that would be telling but again, there are two sides to every story.

I throughly enjoyed every aspect of this book. It made such a nice change to have a storyline predominantly set in a courtroom instead of just dabbling in that setting for several chapters. At the start of this review I stated that this book was a mind funk, and I completely stand by that as it completely blew my mind from all different angles. Not only does the story focus on the accused, Maria, it also focuses on the actions of the jury both inside of the courtroom, and outside of it. People take things at face value in life. If they can see something, then they believe it. If they cannot see something with their own two eyes yet someone is adamant a situation or a feeling is happening, nobody believes it. Well, some might, but disbelief is what comes first. Physical abuse is just that; physical. You can see it. You can touch the outcome. Emotional abuse, again, is just that; emotional. You can’t physically see the scars. You can’t physically see someone’s life being torn about from the inside. However, why is it that, even though abuse is abuse in every sense of the word, people only believe it when it’s staring them in the face?

‘Degrees of Guilt’ has ‘abuse’ at its core and I’ll be totally honest, the theme of the book definitely gave me food for thought and made me look at things differently. Hell, and that’s even coming from someone who has been on the receiving end of both physical AND emotional abuse. No two situations are the same.

HS Chandler delivers suspense and intensity throughout this book like rockets. Every inch of the book was laced with psychological brilliance and jaw dropping situations – honestly, I’ve said it once and I’ll happily say it again – it blew my mind.

‘Degrees of Guilt’ is a brilliant, brilliant, novel which puts simple ideologies to the test and will have readers questioning every inch of their judgement. You may find that you read this book on the side of one of the characters, yet end the book being on the oppositions side.

I honestly cannot recommend this author, and this book, enough. A psychologically brilliant, highly atmospheric, and addictive read which left my jaw unhinged until the very last page.

Buy now from Amazon (E-book)

#BlogTour! #Review – #Twisted by Steve Cavanagh (@sscav) @orionbooks @orion_crime @Tr4cyF3nt0n #ThisBookIsTwisted

Anyone feeling a bit Twisted today? I am, and I get to share my review of Steve Cavanagh’s book as well! Many thanks to Tracy Fenton for the blog tour invite, and huge thanks to Orion for the ARC. Here is my review:


1. The police are looking to charge me with murder.
2. No one knows who I am. Or how I did it.
3. If you think you’ve found me. I’m coming for you next.

After you’ve read this book, you’ll know: the truth is far more twisted…

What does TWG think?

What the actual f….!!!!!

I finished reading Twisted a mere 24 hours ago, crossing my fingers that by the time I went to write my review, my head wouldn’t be full of cotton wool and actually able to put my thoughts into sentences which made sense. I cannot guarantee that this review will be as coherent as others, but I will try my best.

Seriously though, what the f…!

I have see ‘Twisted’ making itself known on social media for weeks. So many people reading it, and so many people loving it. The hype behind this book was incredible – but would it live up to such high expectations?

The answer to that question is a big, fat YES x 13273747473. Bloody hells bells! ‘Twisted’ didn’t just live up to my expectations, it exceeded them and gave me my biggest book hangover of 2019 so far.

If you read this book and feel all smug that you know where its heading, the chances are you probably don’t. I was convinced that I knew which character was in the firing line and which ones would die – but I was wrong. So very, very wrong.

‘Twisted’ is exactly that, its twisted as hell and yet still exceptionally clever. It’s as though the author led his readers into a false sense of security, showing them things that they wanted to know in order to make them believe, whilst pulling the rug from under them at the same time.

My nerves were shot to shizzle by the end of the book, and I was sitting on my sofa with tremors a martini mixer would be envious of. Now, whilst I do admit that reading through lunch and what not, probably exacerbated the shakes, Steve Cavanagh’s storyline is what put them there in the first place.

Honestly, this is a book like no other book I’ve read before and, omg its effing brilliant. The attention to detail was insane! Gorey, but wow. The psychological elements had me tied in knots and left me questioning every little thing. And, the brilliance of the entire storyline was second to none!

Wow, wow – this is severely Twisted and by far one of the best books I think I have ever read!!

Buy now!

#BlogTour! #Review – Swallowtail Summer by Erica James (@TheEricaJames) @OrionBooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n

Huge thanks to Tracy Fenton for the blog tour invite, I am excited to be reviewing Erica James’ new novel, ‘Swallowtail Summer’ today. Thanks go to Orion Books for the ARC.

They thought they were friends for life – until one summer, everything changed . . .

Linston End on the Norfolk Broads has been the holiday home to three families for many years. The memories of their time there are ingrained in their hearts: picnics on the river, gin and tonics in the pavilion at dusk, hours spent seeking out the local swallowtail butterflies. Everyone together.

But widower Alastair has been faced with a few of life’s surprises recently. Now, he is about to shock his circle of friends with the decisions he has made – and the changes it will mean for them all. For some, it feels like the end. For others, it might just be the beginning . . .

What does TWG think?

Okay, so I may have been a little impatient at first, wanting to be gripped from the get go. Erica James’ novels don’t work like that, and I don’t mean that negatively. ‘Swallowtail Summer’ is the type of read which takes patience for it to flourish, with the beauty of the authors words coming alive as the storyline progresses.

This is such a cosy, comforting and heartwarming read which made me sigh with contentment and apologise to the story for my lack of patience at the beginning. I’m being vague on purpose as I urge readers to discover the storylines beauty themselves, instead of me divulging too much.

Erica James is such a descriptive and magnetic writer, it was a delight being able to follow Alistair’s journey.

Buy now!

#BlogTour! #Review – HIM by Clare Emspon (@ClareEmpson) @OrionBooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n

Many thanks to Tracy Fenton and Orion for the tour invite and ARC. Here is my review of HIM by Clare Emspon for day two of the blog tour.

‘You’re stuck there, aren’t you? Right at the end. And I wonder if it might help to go back to the beginning, to put everything in some kind of order.’

Catherine has witnessed something so traumatic that she can’t speak. Or won’t speak.The doctors say the only way forward is to look into her past.

Catherine needs to start with HIM .

Fifteen years ago she met Lucian at university and fell into a passionate love affair. They were meant to be together forever. But something happened. Something that destroyed them.

Catherine married someone else. Had two children. She moved on – or so she thought. Now Lucian is back, showing her how different life could have been.

But going back to the beginning won’t change the ending.
In fact, it might be the thing that finally breaks her…

What does TWG think?

Did I read it right? Is this really a debut novel? Wow – I am amazed!!! ‘HIM’ is twisty, it’s detailed, it’s atmospheric, it’s unique. It really is one of a kind and I cannot believe it is a debut!

Catherine has a lot of regrets, constantly thinking about the ‘one who got away’ despite being married to the ‘one who decided to stay’. Sam may have given her two children, and he may have been her rock when her mother passed away, yet there’s just something about him and the marriage which isn’t ticking Catherine’s boxes. He’s not Lucian, the one who got away.

The storyline switches between the past and the present, with the main narrative coming from Catherine now, in hospital, unable to speak due to trauma so, because of that, she tells the story of what happened to the readers as she cannot voice the truth out loud.

I thought that Clare Empson nailed the intensity of the storyline pretty much straight away. What happened to make Catherine stop speaking? Why is Sam so angry with her? What is Catherine hiding? As the storyline progressed, the answers to those questions became clear. Well, all but one because the storyline itself leads the build up to the conclusion by dropping hints. I worked out the truth before I reached the end of the book, and I will admit that I thought the ending was way too abrupt given the delicacy of each situation in the book.

It’s not that I wasn’t ready for the book to conclude, it was that one moment I was gripped by a shocking turn of events, and then the next everything halted and the book ended. For me personally, it just didn’t seem as strong as the rest of the book.

However, I thought that ‘HIM’ was such a gripping and psychologically twisted novel which completely messed with my head. Clare Emspon is one to watch and if her debut novel is anything to go by, I cannot WAIT to read future books.

Buy now.

#BlogTour! #Review – #TheScandal by Mari Hannah (@MariWriter) @AlainnaGeorgiou @orionbooks @orion_crime

You’ll have to excuse how close to the bone I am with posting my review this afternoon, it’s just that I am not at all well. However, I am unbelievably excited to be today’s stop on the blog tour for ‘The Scandal’ by Mari Hannah. Many thanks to Alainna and Orion for the blog tour invite and ARC. Here is my review:


When an young man is found stabbed to death in a side street in Newcastle city centre in the run up to Christmas, it looks like a botched robbery to DCI David Stone. But when DS Frankie Oliver arrives at the crime scene, she gets more than she bargained for.

She IDs the victim as Herald court reporter, thirty-two-year old Chris Adams she’s known since they were kids. With no eyewitnesses, the MIT are stumped. They discover that when Adams went out, never to return, he was working on a scoop that would make his name. But what was the story he was investigating? And who was trying to cover it up?

As detectives battle to solve the case, they uncover a link to a missing woman that turns the investigation on its head. The exposé has put more than Adams’ life in danger. And it’s not over yet.

What does TWG think?

‘The Scandal’ fits the definition of the word ‘fabulous’ to a T! That said, given the theme of the book it’s probably surprising that it does – but I loved it! Mari Hannah’s new book is the third book in the ‘Stone and Oliver’ series. Personally, I think that they work perfectly well as standalone, but if you’re wanting to know more about the relationship and history between the two main characters, you might find that you would benefit from reading the books in order – entirely your choice.

‘The Scandal’ does what it says on the tin – it really is a scandal. In fact, I would go as far to say that the entire storyline is like one of those double-sided puzzles; complex, uncertain and insanely addictive. I thought it was brilliant how the author slowly reels in her readers with a hint of what’s to come, and then takes it away again only to make the reader ‘work’ for it. To put it simply, the storyline is slow and steady, but due to the complexity of ‘the scandal’ and the intricate details which the main characters unearth, it needs to be like that otherwise I don’t think it would pack the same amount of punch that it did.

I will fully admit that I spent a bit of time with my eyebrow raised, unsure of where the storyline was going. It’s not that I was confused, it’s more that the puzzle pieces I was trying to fit together, won’t doing as they were told. I’ve said it once before, and I’ll happily say it again – I would make a diabolical detective!

I thought this book was bloomin’ clever, highly gripping and left me wanting to lose myself in yet another Mari Hannah novel. I adore this authors unique and complex writing style – she always has me on the edge of my seat with every book I read.

I highly recommend ‘The Scandal’ as it really is such a detailed, gripping, and very clever piece of writing – especially as Frankie’s fiery personality had its own pedestal throughout the novel!

Pre-order now! Published 7th March

#BlogTour! #Review – #LouisandLouise by Julie Cohen (@Julie_Cohen) @OrionBooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n

I am delighted to be reviewing Julie Cohen’s latest novel, ‘Louis & Louise’ for my stop on the blog tour today. Many thanks to Tracy Fenton for the blog tour invite, and thanks to Orion for the ARC. Here is my review:

If you could look at one life in two different ways, what would you see?
Louis and Louise are separated by a single moment in time, a strike of chance that decided their future. The day they were born is when their story began.

In one, Louis David Alder is born a male.
In the other, Louise Dawn Alder is born a female.

Louis and Louise are the same in many ways – they have the same best friends, the same parents, the same dream of being a writer and leaving their hometown in Maine as soon as they can. But because of their gender, everything looks different. Certain things will happen in their lives to shape them, hurt them, build them back up again. But what will bring them back home?

What does TWG think?

I’ll be honest, i wasn’t sure what to expect with this novel and, as weird as this sounds, i hadn’t really sat and thought about gender in a complex manner before. I mean, i know what gender is, obviously, but i hadn’t paid too much attention to the differences in society. I’m not saying i havent’t done that because of ignorance on my part, it’s simply because i haven’t had the need to. Until now.

‘Louis & Louise’ highlights the differences in how society sees gender, as well as how the two genders are potrayed socially in groups. Not only that, this book highlights how Louis and Louise’s individual actions affect those around them from a physical and emotional point of view. Julie Cohen has constructed her novel in an incredibly clever way which makes her readers think without even being aware. This story is about the same life being told twice – how does Louis’ life differ from Louise’s? Most importantly, WHY should it differ? Surely both genders should be able to do the same things with prejudice, like playing football, watching romantic comedies, to name a couple of examples.Why should people assume that just because someone is a girl, that they shouldn’t play football and should only wear pink? And why should males be told that they need to be ‘macho’ and not show emotion, purely because of their gender?

‘Louis & Louise’ is such a one of a kind, powerful read which has been written with intense emotion and dry humour. Like i’ve already said, I really didn’t know what to expect but i am bowled over by just how magical and thought provoking this novel was to read. I may not have had any expectations beforehand but, thanks to Julie Cohen’s iconic novel, this novel is definitely going to stay with me for a long time to come.

Insightful, eye-opening, emotional and beautifully written, ‘Louis & Louise’ has put itself on the map in a variety of ways. I really did enjoy this!!

Buy now from Amazon UK