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Escape to Tuscany this summer with Karen Aldous’s brilliantly uplifting read. Perfect for fans of Erica James and Cathy Kelly.

A summer she’ll never forget… 

When Olivia Montague’s grandmother passes away, she decides it’s finally time to make some changes in her own life. So she breaks up with her ‘going nowhere’ boyfriend and embarks on a journey to her Nonna’s home in Tuscany.

Until now, Olivia has always believed that she’s incapable of love, after being abandoned by her parents as a baby. But with each day spent at the gorgeous villa nestled in the rolling Italian hills, she feels her heart begin to flutter…

And when handsome antiques dealer Hugh St. James arrives on the scene, she realises things might be about to change forever!

What does TWG think?

I really need to give Olivia Montague a big round of applause! GIRL POWER!! Nothing like a sassy, confident, independent woman to get a storyline going, right? I genuinely thought to myself ‘wowza, she could teach me a thing or two!’. I admired the characters flair 100%, as it was great to see a character taking charge of their own life. 

The way that Olivia was portrayed at the start was youthful, she was described as such a bubbly sort of person with such a young sounding ideology. I honestly thought she was in her late twenties/early thirties! Some of her choices were a bit questionable, I’ll admit. So, when I found out that Olivia was a lot older than she came across as; my whole opinion of her changed. Olivia’s personality didn’t seem consistent to the age that she was given. Don’t get me wrong, I know that age is irrelevant as it’s only a number, but for me, Olivia was being portrayed as one character, yet acting like someone different. I hoped that in the latter part of the storyline, Olivia would have grown into her personality and become a teeny bit more consistent.

Did she? YES! I thoroughly enjoyed the second half of the novel as the storyline had warmed up, inconsistencies seemed to have disappeared, and things start becoming beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, me and Olivia weren’t bosom buddies and I couldn’t quite warm to her, yet her antics made me laugh.

I have never been to Tuscany, yet after reading Karen Aldous’ descriptions, I felt as though I was right there, soaking up the sunshine and gazing at the spectacular views. If I’m honest, the authors portrayal of Tuscany and the surrounding areas, were my favourite parts of the book. It was as though I had been put under a spell, such a surreal feeling.

As for Olivia’s love life, it seems to be the main focus of the story (apart from Tuscany itself, naturally). She dumped one boyfriend because there was no spark, but then she meets an OTT Italian, Alberto, who wants to give her anything and everything…right there and then. If a guy came onto me like that in a plane, two seconds after meeting him, I would have gone ‘uhhhhh BUHBYE’, yet Olivia was completely infatuated! Her reaction to Alberto, was quite surprising I’m not going to lie, but I couldn’t help but giggle. I would have loved to get inside her head and find out what on Earth goes through it! As the story progresses, Olivia meets guy number three. I really liked Hugh! He came across as such a gentleman, I just wanted to give him a big cuddle and a slice of battenburg cake, whilst letting him talk to me about his family history! Sooooo cute!

Despite my opinion of Olivia, her antics kept me thoroughly entertained, and somewhat agog, throughout the entire novel. I cannot fault the author on her enchanting writing style, and beautiful descriptions. I could tell that those moments were written from the heart.

Under a Tuscan Sky is ideal for a summer holiday read as it isn’t too heavy, too complex, nor does it require much sussing out. Instead it’s a lighthearted, romantic novel, which is set in such a mesmerising and beautiful country.

Thanks HQ Digital/NeverlandBT.

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About Karen Aldous:
Karen Aldous enjoys village life on the edge of the north-downs in Kent with easy access to the buzz of London. Not only does she love the passive pleasures of reading and writing, she also craves the more active pursuits with her family and friends such as walking, cycling and skiing especially when they involve food and wine!

Karen gets much of her inspiration from her travels and if she had to choose, France, Greece, Switzerland, Italy and the USA would be her favourites. However, wherever she goes, she discovers a new character emerges in ‘Karen’s World’. She likes to write about strong independent women who can direct their own lives – but struggle to control them! And, of course there’s always a gorgeous hunk or two!

Website: http://www.karenaldous.co.uk/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/karenAldous_

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#BlogTour! The Accidental Honeymoon by @PortiaMacIntosh @HQDigitalUK @LoveReadRomance

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The Accidental Honeymoon Cover
What happens in Vegas…When Georgie discovers that her fiancé has been cheating on her, only a few days before her cousin’s wedding, her whole world explodes. Facing a romantic trip to Vegas alone, she decides to go out and have some fun…

…but Georgie never expected to wake up wed! And even worse, she can’t remember who to. So when gorgeous Jack reveals himself as her husband, she can’t believe her luck – he’ll act as the perfect wedding date!

Even if it is their very accidental honeymoon, surely the newlyweds can keep their emotions in check for just a few days more?

Don’t miss the laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from Portia MacIntosh, author of It’s Not You, It’s Them. Perfect for fans of Rosie Blake, Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk.

What does TWG think?

Snort inducing, giggle fest of an author, Portia MacIntosh, is back with her brand new novel, The Accidental Honeymoon! Georgie’s fiancé has been cheating on her, so, she decided to go on a trip that had already been paid for; Las Vegas baby! Getting used to being single again as well as dealing with being cheated on, took Georgie a whole load of ‘I do not give a F….’. But the truth is, of course she gave a fluff. I mean, who wouldn’t? Let’s just say that Georgie’s trip to Las Vegas didn’t quite go to plan…at all.

I was so excited to get my hands on Portia MacIntosh’s new novel, I have loved all of her previous books and was uber glad to be able to get my fix with this intriguing little blighter. I loved the beginning, the authors fantastic humour is evident from the start and her writing style just pulled me in, as always. When the storyline unfolded a little more, I could see straight away what was going to happen. Unfortunately I felt that the plot ended up being a bit predictable, and the concept itself wasn’t that unique. I must admit that I was a little disappointed as, for me, the author has always written storylines in a unique and sassy sort of way. Whilst Portia MacIntosh has included sass in this particular storyline, it was the fact that it wasn’t unique which disappointed me as I have read other books in the same vein. Now, I feel really mean for saying that as I adore the authors work and she is brilliant at what she does, but it was just that minor detail which let it down a little.

However, Georgie and Jack’s relationship had me in hysterics! I totally had couple envy. As for the chocolate cake situation; BRILLIANT! That was such a genius move. I couldn’t stop laughing! Georgie is such a fireball type of character and Jack is totally her match, it was really fun watching their relationship pan out. I was convinced that their relationship would go a completely different way to how it actually went.

Even though I admitted that I had an issue with the overall plot, Portia MacIntosh still managed to make me love her new book. How? Because the last half of the book was written in true MacIntosh style; the sass, the wit, the humour, the cringe worthy moments. For me, that is what the author is all about, she writes the types of stories which some authors wouldn’t dare to do. That is why I found the first half of the book not consistent to the authors usual style. In my eyes, MacIntosh redeemed herself well and truly. It isn’t often that I get to laugh like a hyena, so when I do, I relish it. Portia MacIntosh is one of the few authors who can make me do that.

Aside from my issue above, I found ‘The Accidental Honeymoon’ to be a laugh out loud, perfect night in, type of read. Incredibly entertaining and fiery, Portia Macintosh’s novel had me giggling for days after I had finished it. Belter.

Thanks LRR & HQDigital UK.

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Author Info:

Portia MacIntosh has been ‘making stuff up’ for as long as she can remember – or so she says. Whether it was blaming her siblings for that broken vase when she was growing up, blagging her way backstage during her rock chick phase or, most recently, whatever justification she can fabricate to explain away those lunchtime cocktails, Portia just loves telling tales. After years working as a music journalist, Portia decided it was time to use her powers for good and started writing novels. Taking inspiration from her experiences on tour with bands, the real struggle of dating in your twenties and just trying to survive as an adult human female generally, Portia writes about what it’s really like for women who don’t find this life stuff as easy as it seems.

 Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

#BlogTour! #Review – The Gin Shack by Catherine Miller (@katylittlelady) @HQDigitalUK


As most of you are aware (well, if you’ve been a fan of TWG since the beginning), I am a huge fan of Catherine Miller’s work. Her two previous novels are such thought-provoking, beautiful reads which still resonate with me to this day. When Catherine Miller personally asked me to be involved with the blog tour for her new book, The Gin Shack, I was completely taken aback. Not only that, the author wanted little ol’ me to kick off her blog tour….ON her publication day, what an incredible honour! Thank you Ms.Miller for giving me the honour of supporting you and your brand new book today.

Let me kick off this tour by wishing Catherine Miller a truly amazing HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!


You’re never too old to try something new!

When octogenarian Olive Turner is persuaded by her son to move into a retirement home, she congratulates herself on finding the secret to an easy life: no washing up, cooking or cleaning. But Olive isn’t one for mindless bingo with her fellow residents, and before the first day is over she’s already hatching a plan to escape back to her beloved beach hut and indulge in her secret passion for a very good gin & tonic.

Before long Olive’s secret is out and turning into something wonderful and new. Only a select few are invited, but word spreads quickly about the weekly meetings of The Gin Shack Club. Soon everybody on the beach wants to become a gin connoisseur and join Olive on her journey to never being forced to grow older than you feel.

A journey of friendship, defiance and a quest for the perfect G&T.

What does TWG think?

Finding out that Catherine Miller’s third novel was going to be about gin, really did surprise me; especially as her previous two novels had quite a serious topic for the storyline. I was aware that the author wanted to try something new, but, as someone who isn’t allowed to drink alcohol, I wasn’t sure what to make of the concept.


It  didn’t matter whether I drank alcohol, liked alcohol, didn’t like alcohol, or fancied dressing up as a llama whilst necking several tequila, the storyline of ‘The Gin Shack’ was absolutely brilliant! To be honest, the entire novel was cleverly written – it blew any umm-ing and ahh-ing of out of the water.

Olive has reached a time in her life where her mind thinks she’s 20, but her body tells her that she’s eighty-wonderful. Unfortunately, Olive’s son is concerned about leaving her sharp mind and her weakening body alone to care for herself. As far as Olive is concerned, moving into a care home is going to be bliss; no cooking!! There is one major downside to that move; no free access to her beach hut…..

I fell in love with Olive’s character straight away, whilst at the same time disliking her son’s character. He annoyed me big time! As for Olive, I’m surprised her beach hut was able to accommodate her personality, it’s larger than life! I adored her cheeky and free-spirited side, aka the ‘not giving a f….’ side, she couldn’t give two hoots whether people liked what she got up to, all that mattered was whether Olive was happy. What exactly is wrong with that?

There is so much more to Catherine Miller’s latest novel than just gin, and it’s very moving.
There were times throughout the storyline where I felt incredibly sorry for Olive. All she wanted to do was keep her hobbies, it wasn’t really asking for much yet for Olive it was as though she had lost part of her. Aside from the fact that this book is mostly about gin, the storyline does have a back story to it and most of the characters are more than what they seem. You’ll find out when you read it!

I wish I could sit here and explain my views a little better, but if I did that I wouldn’t be too popular due to spoilers. Soooo it means that this review is quite tricky to write. Apologies!

Olive is the sort of person that everyone should have in their lives; she has sparkle, confidence, a big heart, as well as a touching back story which will no doubt make you have ‘something in your eye’. I love her to pieces.

In my eyes, Catherine Miller has done it yet again! She has written such a memorable, heart-warming, soul-searching, addictive and magical novel which warmed my body from the tips of my toes, to the top of my head. Catherine Miller’s enticing words made me giggle, sigh, and for the first time ever, make me feel as though I was ‘one of the gang’ (even though I don’t drink). To an outsider, a Gin Shack may seem to be a waste of time or pointless. But, to Olive, her friends, and now the readers of Miller’s brand new book, ‘The Gin Shack’ is THE book to read and losing yourself in. Yes it’s funny at times. Yes it’s bonkers at times. Yes there is copious amounts of gin. But you know what? I have never, ever felt more at home in a storyline as I have with Catherine Miller’s.

Such a fantastic, fun, and moving novel, perfect for reminding you of what is TRULY important in life (alongside gin). Out-gin-standing. The Gin Shack is my top hug in a book, book ever.

Catherine Miller is definitely an author to watch in 2017; phenomenal work as always.

Huge thanks to HQ Digital UK & Catherine Miller!

Buy ‘The Gin Shack’ by Catherine Miller, NOW!

This is only day ONE of the tour don’t forget, so make sure you follow the other folk on Catherine Miller’s tour! Apparently there is a World Gin Day? Who knew!!


#Review – Right Here Waiting For You by Rebecca Pugh (@RebeccaPAuthor) @HQDigitalUK

Becca P

We used to be best friends…

Magda used to be the girl everyone wanted to be – most likely to achieve her every wish. That is until suddenly her perfect life seems to be anything but!

Sophia has never regretted her life, sure it isn’t perfect, but being a single mum to a daughter she loves is pretty great. Perhaps she never moved away from home, or got to live out her dreams, but what she has right now isn’t so bad.

That is until an invitation to their school reunion arrives, throwing both their lives into a spin – because these two used to be friends and it might finally be time to face up to that one big mistake that happened all those years ago…

What does TWG think?

Rebecca Pugh is known for writing feel-good, romance novels (you only need to read her previous novels to confirm that!) and because I wanted something über light-hearted to curl up with, I couldn’t wait to get stuck into her latest book after reading a heavy storyline beforehand.

‘Right Here Waiting For You’ has a storyline which is pretty much centred around a ‘best friend’ style relationship. Magda and Sophia were, once upon a time, sisters from another mister, but due to growing up and making wrong choices, their friendship went from 100-0 in a flash.

Sophia is a single mother with her whole life dedicated to her daughter; some might say that she hasn’t lived her life as she didn’t move away like the others did, or make comments about her dreams having drastically changed. But then there’s Magda; married with a lifestyle to envy. However, are the lives of the two women as they seem? Or is there more to it that meets the eye?

Sophia and Magda’s friendship broke apart due to miscommunication and a sense of feeling betrayed. Sophia had her reasons as to why she felt hurt about the situation, yet Magda seems to see things differently.

I am going to sound like a right youknowwhat here, BUT, most of the novel was spent describing the rawness of the betrayal, Sophia’s emotions, and her black and white outlook at the situation; yet when the situation arose for the two women to come face to face, those emotions remained for all of five minutes and it was as though Sophia turned into a ‘yes person’. Before you start thinking I am a judgemental person who holds grudges (cough), let me explain; Sophia had her views and seemed to chisel them in stone, yet when she was able to have a conversation with Magda, Sophia’s views remained with such urgency I thought she was going to be all Peggy Mitchell-esque. What surprised me was the drastic change oh so suddenly. Don’t get me wrong, I know that its unhealthy to harbour grudges and moving forward is the mature thing to do, but bosom buddies two seconds after being at loggerheads?

For me, Sophia went from bulshy and black and white, to sickly nice and a yes person in such a short space of time. It was TOO nice. Like I said above, I don’t mean to come across  like a youknowwhat myself, but I really wanted to tell her to woman up and grab a pair of balls! I didn’t like the fact that Sophia lost her edge and her individuality towards the end. I would love to see her come back in another storyline with some fight, but that is just my opinion on the character, not on the author’s style of writing.

I enjoyed the overall concept of the novel as it covered such modern, and relatable topics which, in my opinion, a lot of readers of different ages will most likely be able to associate with. Rebecca Pugh’s light-hearted and unique sense of humour, gave the storyline the entertainment factor, making it a good book to sit and curl up with.

Even though the storyline didn’t blow me away, it warmed my heart and made me extremely envious of anyone with a best friend. I could definitely see what Pugh had set out to do with this novel, especially as the world is full of such hate and divide, the authors storyline tried to fill the world with happiness and life. I can’t really fault the author for writing a storyline with other people’s happiness at the forefront of her mind.

An entertaining and heart-warming novel, ideal for putting the smile back on your face.
Never mind ‘Right Here Waiting For You’, Pugh has delivered a ‘sunshine on a rainy day’ style novel.

Thanks HQ!

Right Here Waiting For You by Rebecca Pugh, will be available to download from the 31st May. You can pre-order your copy right now from Amazon.

#Tour #Review The Many Colours of Us – Rachel Burton @bookish_yogi @NeverlandBT @HQDigitalUK

Many colours 1

Finallyyyyy!!! It’s my turn to host today’s stop on Rachel Burton’s blog tour for her debut novel, The Many Colours of Us, which was published by HQDigitalUK on the 26th April 2017! I hope you enjoy reading my review as much as I enjoyed reading this book.

Many colours

What if your life was built on lies?

Julia Simmonds had never been bothered about not knowing who her father was. Having temperamental supermodel, Philadelphia Simmonds, as a mother was more than enough. Until she discovers she’s the secret love-child of the late, great artist Bruce Baldwin, and her life changes forever.

Uncovering the secrets of a man she never knew, Julia discovers that Bruce had written her one letter, every year until her eighteenth birthday, urging his daughter to learn from his mistakes.

Julia begins to dig deeper into the mysterious past of her parents, opening up a history she’d never have imagined, but as she discovers the truth she needs to decide if she is willing to forgive and forget…

What does TWG think?

What do I think….what do I think….

1. Julia’s mother needs a stern talking to and a ruddy good shake.
2. Julia’s father should have been made to see sense when he was alive.
3. Julia needs a bloody big hug, with someone trustworthy to lead her in the right and TRUTHFUL direction.

Review done. kthx.

Fine, I’ll do a proper one! Although if I was asked to say three things about this storyline, the above is what I would come out with! Now, seeing as I haven’t been asked for three things in particular, I can now squeal and ramble!

Sometimes when I sit down to read a novel, I ensure I am on Twitter at the same time as I quite like tweeting the author whilst I read their book; Rachel Burton was one of those authors!

I have to say one thing first though as it really shocked me, to be honest I still can’t get my head round it….

HOW THE PICASSO IS THIS RACHEL BURTON’S DEBUT NOVEL?! DEBUT?!? DEBUT!?! I didn’t realise it was her debut until afterwards! The entire novel read as though it was written by an author who had perfected her craft! Can you tell that I was gobsmacked? If this is what Rachel Burton manages to deliver with a debut novel, I cannot WAIT for book two.

Julia Simmonds has grown up knowing one parent, her mother. Every time Julia tried to bring up the subject about her father, her mother culled the conversation, using the excuse of lack of memory for lack of information. As far as Julia was concerned this was her life, she trusted her mother and the information she had been given over the years. Her mother hadn’t exactly given her cause for concern regarding her father….

How could you not be hooked with a storyline like this? I thought my family had a lot of skeletons in our closets but EEEESH! It didn’t take me long at all to sink my teeth into the gritty and intense storyline, as soon as I was hooked I couldn’t put the book down, hence why it only took me a matter of hours to read. Unfortunately, I was able to relate to several of the situations that unfolded in this book, especially where Julia’s father was concerned.

Seeing as I read this book like an outsider looking in, I attempted to see the situation from each of the characters points of view to begin with, but I couldn’t help getting angry at Julia’s mother. Well, and her father! Their ‘logic’ was extremely selfish in my opinion. But like I said, I can relate to certain aspects of the book which is why my views are more emotionally based, and a lot harder than others.
Just to clarify, but views up to this point are solely on the storyline and not the way the author has written it, btw.

‘The Many Colours of Us’ blew me away on more than one occasion. It wasn’t all light-hearted and lovey dovey, the storyline was incredibly black and white at times (in a good way), powerful and unbelievably soulful. I don’t think I have ever read a debut novel that carried itself with such grace, intensity, and emotion, like Rachel Burton’s. I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t stand a couple of the characters in the book yet they brought another dimension to the novel, so they were put in the book for the right reasons (even if they did irk me).

Again, this is yet another review that I have to be rather vague about as every event and emotion in the book is linked to another. I don’t wish to get into trouble for causing a domino effect of spoilers!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘The Many Colours of Us’; Rachel Burton really has done herself proud by writing such a beautiful, but raw storyline. A lot of people are going to read this book and feel as though their own lives are being written about; yes, it really is that relatable.

Such a poignant and impressive debut novel. I loved it! Absolutely flawless.

Thank you HQ.

Buy now from Amazon UK

Author Bio:

Rachel Burton has been making up stories since she first learned to talk, prodigiously early. In 2013 she finally started making one up that was worth writing down. 

She has a BA in Classics and an MA in English and has never really known what to do when she grew up. She has worked as a waitress, a legal secretary, a yoga teacher and a paralegal. She never quite made it to law school.

She grew up in Cambridge and London but now lives in Leeds with her boyfriend and three cats. The main loves of her life are The Beatles and very tall romantic heroes

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bookish_yogi

The Many Colours of Us Schedule Graphic

#Review! One Endless Summer by @LaurieEllingham @HQDigitalUK @HQStories

Laurie Ellingham

Three best friends.

Three continents.

Three months to live.

How long can you keep a secret?

Three best friends are embarking on an all-expenses paid trip of their dreams. The only catch? Every moment will be documented on film.

Lizzie’s battle with cancer is coming to an end, and now she’s ready to embrace adventure for the very first time. There are only three months, but it is Lizzie’s time to finally start living!

Jaddi is known for her stunning looks, flirtatious attitude and many conquests. But Jaddi has a secret and on this last trip together she needs to decide whether her best friends will ever know the real her.

Samantha has always been the ‘grown up’ of the group, the one with a five year plan. What Lizzie and Jaddi don’t know is that Sam is trapped, and her perfect life isn’t quite what it seems…

As they trek across the globe Lizzie, Jaddi and Samantha must come to terms with loss, love and trusting one another. But will it all be too late…

What does TWG think?

I know I keep saying this, BUT, I am so glad that I tend to avoid reading the blurbs of novels before I read them. I have just read the blurb for Laurie Ellingham’s book; if I had read it before I started reading, I would have been a tad miffed as it gives a little too much away for my liking. I chose this book to read because of the three sentences on the front cover; ‘Three best friends. Three continents. Three months to live.’. Those words (and the beautiful cover itself), were enough to make me go and buy this book for myself. Why? Because Laurie Ellingham has written the type of book that needs to be left to do the talking, it needs to speak for itself. The magic needs to be read in the moment…and not before.

‘One Endless Summer’ pulled me in by my heart-strings nion straight away; there was absolutely nothing I could do to prepare myself for any eventuality within the storyline. Lizzie, Jaddi and Samantha are three completely different women in terms of personalities and beliefs. One thinks with her heart, one thinks with her head and the other one leaves decisions to ‘fate’. I’m sure you can guess how problematic that would have been!

It didn’t take me long to focus on Lizzie’s story and everything else that went with it, including the camera man. Now, because my mind was focused on Lizzie’s hurdles, when another character was involved in a secretive situation, it completely caught me off guard. I had assumed that this storyline was going to centre around one circumstance in particular, so when the storyline spread its wings and took various different paths all at once, goosebumps covered my body from head to toe.

To be able to write a storyline containing several shocking situations involving most of the characters, as well as being able to maintain the high level of suspense and intensity, really does take a considerable amount of talent – Laurie Ellingham has done exactly that. Outstanding.

Throughout the entire novel it felt as though every time I turned the page, there was going to be even more shocking events, or rifts between characters, or something else utterly unexpected and bewildering. It most certainly kept my on my toes, but let’s just say that my emotions were becoming even more difficult to control.

As I said above, I assumed that this storyline was going to follow one path from start to finish, it didn’t; I am so, so glad that my assumption was incorrect as ‘One Endless Summer’ just kept on giving.

It’s incredibly difficult to write a vague review for a book that I adored, as all I want to do is go ‘OMG! Did you read the part where….’, and I can’t say anything along those lines.

All I can say really is that your own eyes need to read this mind-blowing, enchanting, heart-breaking, moving, spell-binding and emotional novel. I have never, EVER read a book like ‘One Endless Summer’; to be honest, I hope that I never read another book like it because it really is one of a kind. In my eyes, it’s going to take something completely flawless (of a similar genre) to be able to knock Laurie Ellingham’s book off my favourites list.

Words cannot describe how much I loved ‘One Endless Summer’, it really is THAT beautiful as well as thousands of other adjectives. Laurie Ellingham has blown my mind with this phenomenal storyline that’s for sure!

‘One Endless Summer’ is one of my MUST READ books of 2017 without a doubt. It’s also a book that will stay in my heart for a very, very long time.

Buy ‘One Endless Summer’ NOW!

#CoverReveal! The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters by Jaimie Adman. @neverlandBT @HQDigitalUK

Weekly Wrap Up! (1)

It’s cover reveal time!

I must admit, I’m pretty intrigued about this book! Luckily it is being published in the not so distant future; 7th June to be precise! It’s going to fly by, right?! Waiting for new books seems to require loooooooads of patience -taps foot-. Obviously a cover reveal is better than nothing, SO, I am rather excited to be sharing with you the rather delightful book cover for Jaimie Adman’s new book!!

The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters2-large

Where dreams come true…?

Wendy Clayton stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago. Instead, she has a ‘nice’ life. Nice job. Nice flat. Absolutely no men. Until her life is turned upside-down when her elderly neighbour, Eulalie, passes away and leaves her the Château of Happily Ever Afters!

But there’s a catch: she must share the sprawling French castle with Eulalie’s long-lost nephew, Julian. And no matter how gorgeous he is, or how easily she finds herself falling head over heels, Wendy needs to find a way to get rid of him…

Because surely happily ever afters don’t happen in real life?

Helloooooo pretty book! If you’re just like me and patience for books is inexcusable, you can pre-order your copy right now:

Pre-order Jaimie Adman’s book HERE

#Review – The Choir on Hope Street by Annie Lyons (@1AnnieLyons) @HQStories #HopeIsComing


The best things in life happen when you least expect them

Nat’s husband has just said the six words no one wants to hear – ‘I don’t love you any more’.

Caroline’s estranged mother has to move into her house turning her perfectly ordered world upside down.

Living on the same street these two women couldn’t be more different. Until the beloved local community centre is threatened with closure. And when the only way to save it is to form a community choir – none of the Hope Street residents, least of all Nat and Caroline, expect the results…

This spring, hope is coming!

What does TWG think?

I’ve got to admit, whilst I was looking forward to Annie Lyon’s new novel, the cover had me thinking that the storyline was going to be a lot tamer than what it actually was. Don’t get me wrong, the storyline wasn’t all harsh and completely serious but the cover was rather simple for such a rollercoaster ride of a book. It really was a pleasant surprise.

One of the main characters, Nat, has just been told five words that no wife (or husband), really want to hear; ‘I don’t love you anymore’. As far as Nat was concerned, everything was fine and their family life with their son was a happy one. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The other main character, Caroline, has a life where anything she requires, she gets. Is her life like the ‘Jones’s’, a way of over compensating for many years of resentment? Both ladies are like chalk and cheese yet they come together to support a community building’s closure by starting their very own choir. A contender for the number one spot in the music charts, you think?

Nat’s family situation was quite heart wrenching to read as everything she had ever known to be real, now had a big, red question mark looming over its head. Would she have to move out of the family home with her son? How would she explain the split to their son? Rather her than me, I’ll be honest. Despite all of that, her attitude to life in general was fantastic. The way she tried to solve her problems with humour had me in hysterics. Yes, sometimes she went over the top but who am I to judge? People deal with things in a different way; her included.

I found Caroline a little bit hit and miss as her personality and attitude drove me up the wall to begin with. However, when the storyline began to unfold a little bit more and we got to see a different side to Caroline, I found myself becoming a little more lenient to the way she came across. You’ll need to read the book yourself to find out what I’m meaning!!

To look at Annie Lyons’ novel at first, you may assume that all it contains is a choir, when in actual fact, the community starting their own choir just seemed to be the key to unlock a whole chest of drama, secrets and hidden agendas. There is A LOT more to this novel than ‘just a choir’, and whilst the change in direction caught me by surprise, I found myself respecting the author even more as she was able to completely change my views.

Overall, ‘The Choir on Hope Street’ is a fabulous, fun and surprising read which covers a lot of topics from serious family matters, to hilarious personal dramas. If you’re after a storyline to tickle every single one of your literary taste buds, then my friends, this book is most definitely one to buy. As long as you have support from good friends and family, and your very own choir, what more could you possibly want? After all, it is Hope Street, right?

A heart-warming, cosy read from the wonderful Annie Lyons and The Choir on Hope Street. I wonder if they did get their number one chart position….

Thank you HQ & Netgalley.

The Choir on Hope Street by Annie Lyons, published by HQ (HarperCollins), will be published on the 6th April 2017 in e-book and paperback. It is currently available to pre-order right now from: Amazon UK (go, go, GO!)

Happy birthday to me! TWG turns ONE! #happybirthdayTWG #bookblogger #authors #firstbirthday


AHHHHHHHHH!! Happy birthday to TWG! One year ago today, 15th March 2016, my first ever blog post was published. I even remember which one it was too – The woman who upped and left – Review. I didn’t even think anyone would read my reviews, let alone be following me a year down the line. It has been a surreal year for TWG and I have loved every single moment of it. Well, most of it!

This last year I have:

– Created a signed book collection of 35 books, containing novels from authors such as Lindsey Kelk, Jodi Picoult, Carol Wyer, Paige Toon, Sophie Kinsella, Michelle Visage, David Videcette, Mary-Jane Riley, Liane Moriarty, Sue Moorcroft, Sue Watson, Sam Carrington, Louise Jensen, Tilly Tennant, Sue Fortin, Jan Brigden, Laura James, Marcie Steele, Holly Martin, Sarah Morgan, Elli Darkins, Eva Jordan, Lisa Jewell, Cathy Bramley, Mhairi McFarlane, Susan Gander, Rosie Blake, Heidi Swain, Milly Johnson, Jennifer Bohnet, and Rebecca Raisin.

Huge thank you to the authors who have sent me those signed books as a competition prize or for another reason, thank you to the publishers, and thank you to the authors for signing those books so that they were available to buy. I feel extremely lucky and I will forever be grateful.

– Became friends with most of those authors above, AND MORE. A year ago I was in dream world when it came to authors tweeting me back. A year later, I am still in dream world when they do that and have to pinch myself when I am in conversation with them. Am I dreaming?

– Found some truly loyal bloggers to build brilliant friendships with. I also am so thankful to Joanne R for taking me under her wing at the very beginning, making sure that I wasn’t on my own in a huge group.

– Huge thank you to Anita Chapman for letting me know about Book connectors FB group! Without you, I don’t think I would have known anything about it.

– Received books to review from publishers and authors I have admired for many, many years. Every time I get book post it feels like it’s my birthday all over again. Thank you to Accent Press for being the first publisher to put me on their blogger list, and a huge thank you to all of the other publishers who continue to bless me with bookpost and book related things. Living the dream.

– This last year I also met Jodi Picoult. Another author who I have admired for many years and made me catch my breath when I met her, with fellow blogger Dee. Amazing experience.

There are so, SO many highlights from this past year, I couldn’t begin to list them all. I have been on several hundred blog tours, taken part in multiple cover reveals, been lucky enough to interview Jenny Colgan, Ali McNamara, Carol Wyer, Cathy Bramley, Andi Michael, Tilly Tennant and many, many more. My interviews are no longer called ‘interviews’, some authors know of them as interrogations! A fellow blogger, Lorraine, let me know that I was now the ‘blogger who made authors cry’ (in a good way), with my reviews. I don’t set out to do that (honestly)! A special thank you needs to go to Carol Wyer and Kim Nash. When I first started blogging, I had no idea about most things yet Carol became such a good friend in such a short space of time, becoming the support network and confidante that I treasured, and I still do. Carol stood by my side and championed me and TWG from the very beginning, and she still does to this day. I will always be grateful for your kind words and support Carol, you truly are one of kind. As for Kim Nash, you were the first publisher I ever spoke to directly (well, over e-mail) and we built a good friendship from that moment. Plus, you had copious amounts of patience with me when I kept pestering you! Thank you for believing in me now and today.

This last year has seen me read a total of 214 books (so far), with 154 books being from 2016 and 60 being my current total. I have been lucky enough to try so many new authors and fall in love with genres I never thought I would see myself reading. I have been made to feel included to various book groups on FB and this whole year has seen my blog posts being shared far and wide by bloggers. BLOGGERS, thank you for always sharing my posts, championing my reviews and being such stars. You are all incredibly wonderful and it’s a pleasure to become your friends. You all know who you are!

This year has also seen an article of mine get published on mental health and illness website, The Mighty. Within 2 weeks it had been shared over 3000 times. You can find my article here. I also have had one of my quotes published on the back of a paperback, with another one (or two) to be expected further on in the year. I have also found my quotes on publishers publicity pictures, and yes, a year later the feeling is still surreal with every new one. Thank you.

This post could go on forever, as there are so many people I would like to thank for helping my dream get on its way to becoming a reality. Reading books is my only respite from the hell of daily life and for that reason, I will forever be in authors debt for writing those books that allow me to travel to France, New York etc, or allow me to ‘work’ in various different places without having to worry about my P45!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to write and be involved in books/writing some way or another. I’m involved in books thanks to my blog. I just need someone to give me that break to change my life, and allow me to work freelance as a writer/publicist etc. It’s getting to a point now where the chances of me working outside are slim. Fingers crossed that 2017 allows me to get even closer to getting that job. Thank you all for following my blog, supporting me, reading my posts and just being you.

Lots of love,



#Review of Rosie’s Little Café on Riviera by Jennifer Bohnet (@jenniewriter) @HQDigitalUK


Escape the winter blues with Jennifer Bohnet’s deliciously heartwarming read.

A summer of taking chances!

Rosie Hewitt’s dream of opening a little French café on the Riviera is finally coming true. She’s giving up on love and instead chasing her own perfect recipe for happiness…

Only, she never expected the oh-so-sexy, award-winning chef, Sebastian Groc, to set up a rival restaurant next door – or for his freshly-baked croissants to smell quite so delicious.

But with just a few days until she opens her doors and all her sugar-coated dreams crumbling around her, Rosie isn’t prepared to give up without a fight!

What does TWG think?

If you’re needing an escape but can’t quite afford a summer holiday just yet, have no fear because Jennifer Bohnet is here!

I have to admit that I was on the fence with this book to begin with, purely because it is yet another book which has a café as it’s setting and I assumed it was going to ‘just another cafe’ book. By golly, Rosie’s café served me my own words alongside a coffee, as I could not have been more wrong about Jennifer Bohnet’s book.


Because, even though the café is an important part of the storyline, Rosie’s life veers off from the café which means that the story wasn’t completely centred around chequered table cloths and afternoon tea. Also, whilst Rosie is determined to get her café up and running (and highly popular), her personality is able to shine through and I didn’t just see her as Rosie, owner of the Café on the Riviera. I saw her as Rosie.

Yes, okay, the storyline featured other businesses’ trying to steal Rosie’s thunder, getting her all geared up for competition, BUT, it wasn’t samey like others. Jennifer Bohnet has her own distinctive way of writing and regardless of who or what she writes about, Jennifer owns her storyline and characters with such passion and poise. Admirable.

I don’t want to say too much about the main characters as their lives are an important part of the storyline, however, all three ‘main women’ as it were, were such fun to read about. It was as though I was unwrapping their personalities every time the storyline veered back to them because of their depth and complexity. Despite that, the characters complexity didn’t make the storyline too intense which my brain was very thankful for!

I must admit, Jennifer Bohnet’s book caught me off guard on more than one occasion as I wasn’t expecting the routes the storyline took. I loved how we were able to dabble in the sights of Monaco, mingle with people who were deemed ‘richer than rich’, as well as being able to relax by the sea in France. I was in awe at being able to delve into another culture and having every sight, smell and taste, described to me in such an enchanting way.

Rosie’s Little Café on the Riviera is a very busy book, there is a lot going on and there are a lot of characters who are linked in one way or another to everyone local. For me though, that busyness wasn’t a bad thing at all, in fact, it was exciting as there was so much to see and do and learn, I felt like I had just been given a big slice of cake. Yes, I was THAT giddy. I actually do think, believe it or not, that some things with certain characters could have been delved into further, especially as it seemed as though there was a little bit of unfinished business…

Jennifer Bohnet has written a truly enchanting tale which will either leave you absolutely starving, or have you booking a holiday to the south of France before you have even finished reading. This book was the escape I needed, even if it was for a short time, and you really cannot argue with the greatness of that, can you?

Thank you HQDigital!

Buy ‘Rosie’s Little Cafe on the Riviera’ from Amazon