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Another RaRaResources blog tour for you all this afternoon, but this time its for something a little more festive. Many thanks to Rachel for inviting me to take part in the blog tour for ‘Daisy’s Christmas Gift Shop’, and to ChocLitUK for the ARC. Here is my review on day two of the blog tour:

Daisy Kirk is a sucker for a love story, which is why she opened up her gift shop –because there’s nothing that makes Daisy happier than when she’s helped a customer achieve their own ‘happily ever after’ by finding the perfect Christmas gift for their loved one.

And she absolutely does not just sell ‘soppy presents and frilly pants’ as her brother’s infuriating best friend, Eli, is so fond of suggesting. The sad fact is that whilst Daisy is helping others with their love lives, hers is non-existent.

But when unusual circumstances take Daisy and Eli on a road trip from London to rural Wales, will she finally get the happily ever after to her own Christmas love story?

What does TWG think?

What I was expecting was a festive read full of Christmas antics.

What I got was a festive read with Christmas antics, PLUS the characters being all James Bond with their spying and what not.


I got really into this! I thought the gift shop idea was a unique idea, as it isn’t your average gift type shop and started the story on a good foot. It just goes to show that it really is the little things that make all of the difference, regardless of where you are in your life.

As I was enjoying the festive treats and banter between Daisy and her best friend, all of a sudden the storyline went from sleigh bells ringing to diamonds are forever when Daisy’s brother, Ben, seemed to disappear into thin air! Where on Earth that angle came from is beyond me! It was different, very different. Do I think that it worked well with the rest of the storyline? In all honesty, no, not really. I did feel as though I was reading an entirely different book to the one I was reading at the start. I understood the whole sibling closeness and the worry which came with Ben disappearing, however, I felt that the delivery of it and the jumping to conclusions on the boat was a little bit too farfetched. If the story had started off in a similar style, I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid.

Romance is a big part of ‘Daisy’s Christmas Gift Shop’, and so is humour. For me, the humour parts stole the show and gave the story such a wonderful depth to it.

So yes, I did enjoy what I read, however I was also on the fence due to the other parts I’ve mentioned. This is a unique read, with a storyline a lot fuller than your roast on Sunday plate!

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