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Sorry it’s a late one! Can’t believe I nearly missed #TheWeddingOnMistletoeIsland! @orionbooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n @Sophie_Pembroke

As always, thanks go to Tracy Fenton for the tour invite, and Orion for the ARC – here is my review of ‘The Wedding on Mistletoe Island’ by Sophie Pembroke.

Welcome to Mistletoe Island, where dreams can come true…

The snow is falling and Fliss’s friends have arrived to celebrate her wedding for a week at Holly Cottage. It’s the perfect way to kick off her brand-new life, isn’t it?

Except Ruth wishes she was anywhere other than a remote Scottish island, Caitlin is keeping a secret from her friends, Lara is suddenly facing her ex a decade after turning down his proposal and even the bride has something to hide…

But as the friends prepare for a week to remember, will Fliss’s dream wedding go off without a hitch, or will the secrets they’ve been hiding change everything?

What does TWG think?

If a title contains a word associated with Christmas, you would think that the storyline would follow the same path, right? Wrong!

I was half expecting a fully blown, inflatable-esque Santa type storyline where the characters lived and breathed Christmas. However what I got was a book which contained a little dusting of festive activity, and a lot of soul searching from both myself AND the characters. Was I disappointed that the book ended up being something I wasnt expecting? No, far from it, in fact I was genuinely surprised by how the storyline became a book that I hadn’t even realised I needed.

Fliss is due to get married to Ewan on Christmas Eve Eve. She has her theme the way she wants it, her cake is literally the icing on the cake, and she cannot wait to become Mrs Bennett. Of course the mother and the mother in law had their own ideas as to how the wedding should be, ignoring the fact that they were making changes against the brides wishes, turning the wedding into something Fliss no longer recognised. But that’s ok….yeah?

With her group of friends beside her, Fliss cant help but reminisce about their deeply entwined paths where certain nicknames were given, relationships were made, and memories were cemented into everyone’s brains; both the good AND the bad. But how well do the group really know each other? Are they just pretending to be a person who they think others would like, without being true to themselves? Or are they being genuine and honest, rather than throwing a spanner in the works by disagreeing with one of the strong personalities?

At first, I couldn’t work out what route the story was taking, nor could I see the point behind each of the characters throwing things up in the air and the storyline leaving them dangling until much later. Of course I needed to be patient, which I soon realised the more of the book I read, however I couldnt help but be a little doubtful.

Good things come to those who wait, and the point of the story became much clearer in the latter half of the book. Finally truths came out and the characters ended up showing who they truly were and why they ended up hiding. Or, in Lara’s case, what was worrying her. Well, they all had worries.

The whole soul searching aspect of the book was such a poignant piece of writing and it certainly made me stop and think about my own character, and whether I am actually being true to myself. I think that everyone lives their life for another person at some point in their lifetime, yet people need to realise that living life for yourself is in no way selfish, and is your right as a human being.

Seeing as I thought that Sophie Pembroke’s novel was going to be a lot more light hearted, I really did appreciate the emotive situations and deep rooted thoughts between the characters, which in turn led me to think outside the box. I was not expecting it at all and, now that I understand what the author was trying to achieve now that I have read the entire book, I can safely say that ‘The Wedding on Mistletoe Island’ is a story that delivers on humour and inspiration, whilst also being rather emotive. I ended up really enjoying this book, and I am so glad that I told myself to be patient as this was definitely something worth waiting for.

Buy now.

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