I know its only November, but is anyone up for #AChristmasKiss? @ElizaJScott1 @RaRaResources

Happy publication day, Eliza.J.Scott and ‘A Christmas Kiss’! I am so excited to be sharing my review today, thank you so much to RaRaResources for the tour invite and ARC.

A sparkling festive romance that will warm your heart this Christmas.

The week before Christmas, GP Zander Gillespie finds his festive plans in tatters. He’s supposed to be flying out to his parents’ chateau in Carcassonne with his high-maintenance girlfriend, Melissa. But she has other ideas. She wants to spend Christmas in London with her party friends – and he’s not invited.

The prospect of facing his family, with their questions and their sympathy – not to mention the ‘I told you so-s’ – just isn’t an option. Instead, Zander decides to head to his holiday cottage in the quaint moorland village of Lytell Stangdale, where he intends to hide away with his faithful rescue Labrador Alf.

Eighty miles away, Livvie’s world has come crashing down. With plans to cook a romantic meal for her boyfriend, she heads home early and walks in on him in a compromising position with their neighbour. Fed-up of his lies and philandering ways, this is the final straw.

With her Christmas plans up in smoke, the thought of spending it with her parents and her smug, married sister with her pompous husband in tow, is enough to bring Livvie out in hives. So, when she fires up her laptop and finds the perfect little holiday cottage in Lytell Stangdale available to rent over the festive period, it seems the perfect solution. Or is it…?

Zander didn’t believe in love at first sight until he set eyes on Livvie.

Livvie had sworn off men until she met Zander.

The pair may be reluctant to give in to temptation, but fate seems to have other ideas…

What does TWG think?

Any book that has me reading it from start to finish in 2.5 hours without putting it down once, in my eyes, is a bloody belter of a read!

I don’t usually state my star ratings in my reviews, however this is one of the easiest 5 stars I have EVER awarded a book. I really do wish that I could bottle up my feelings of the story, just so everyone else can experience what I did. But, because I cant, I can only cross my fingers that you pick up this read instead.

The absolute star of the show who deserves to be a mascot of the entire series, is little Alfie boy. That four legged little cutie hasn’t had the best of times and his owner, Zander, briefly explains what happened to him. I’ll be honest, it brought tears to my eyes. How anyone can treat a defenceless animal like dirt, causing them harm, is beyond me. Alf’s antics had me in hysterics and his personality was such fun to read about. I loved him!

As for the rest of the storyline, I loved that too. Whilst the general vibe of the story is fun and full of humour, the author does touch upon several topics such as coersive control, manipulation, infidelity, and emotional abuse. For some readers, those topics may be difficult to read, however the author has written them with such sensitivity and grace, and I thought that they were all delivered very well and had a strong reason to be a part of the overall storyline. I’m not saying that I wasnt affected by what I read, because I have, just like many, been in a similar position myself. In fact, I was utterly livid with the way that Livvie was treated, and the way it had the dominio effect on her confidence. She really didn’t deserve that at all, but I was so glad that she had someone in her corner.

I’m not really a believer of love at first or people falling in love in a short space of time. Now I’m not saying that it doesnt happen, because evidently it does, I just personally cant see it….probably because it has never happened to me. Anyway, despite my slight pessimism surrounding that, I truly did believe the connection between Zander and Livvie. I felt the sizzling tension, the crackling romance fizzing in the air between them, and that is all down to the outstanding talent of Eliza.J.Scott. If it wasnt for her beautiful character creation, the well thought out romance, and her incredible, incredible writing talent, I would have sat and eye rolled Zander and Livvie’s ‘love at first sight’ stuff.

It just goes to show that, if something is written well, readers will believe anything. It’s all in the power of the craft and I am very, very impressed at what Eliza.J.Scott achieved in this book.

It was so lovely to recognise some of the other characters who popped up in this story as, weirdly enough, I had missed them and it was fab to catch up as though we were all long lost friends.

I hope that this series keeps on going because i will be absolutely devastated should it end. I have loved ALL of the previous books in the series, yet they just keep on getting better and better each time – I really have no idea how she does it.

Like I said, I’m not a believer in love at first sight, but I can assure you that once you meet Alf, you’ll be inviting that four legged cutie into your bed!

Sublime, addictive, enchanting, poignant – utterly, utterly brilliant. I dont know what else I can say except buy it, read it, and I can guarantee that you will love ‘A Christmas Kiss’ as much as I did.

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