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I cannot believe I am kicking off the #blogtour for Dawn O-Porter! I am #SoLucky @hotpatooties @fictionpubteam

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It is an absolute honour to be kicking off Dawn O’Porter’s blog tour today for her brand new novel, ‘So Lucky’. Hugest of thanks to the publisher for giving me the opportunity today, and for my copy of the book. Here is my review:



Beth shows that women really can have it all.
Ruby lives life by her own rules.
And then there’s Lauren, living the dream.


Beth hasn’t had sex in a year.
Ruby feels like she’s failing.
Lauren’s happiness is fake news.

And it just takes one shocking event to make the truth come tumbling out…

What does TWG think?

What a good question; is anyone’s life as perfect as it looks?

As I am sure a lot of you are aware, social media is the haven for people to show their lives as more than what it is. Granted there are a lot of people who are honest about their lives, and post pictures to cement that fact, but then again there are also a large number of people on social media who refuse to show themselves as anything other than ‘perfect’. The thing is, what IS perfect? We all have our own definitions of the word. We all think that something is perfect when, oh I don’t know, our next door neighbour might think that it is utter tripe. So where does it stop? How far would someone go to make their life seem as perfect as possible?

Take Beth for example; a new mum, her own business, and married. On the outside, people think that her life is the ultimate goal. That she has the marriage of all marriages. That she is inspirational for going to work whilst she has a newborn baby.

And then there’s Ruby; a mum who has no confidence, a life she cannot grip hold of, and a daughter who she wants to make proud yet her insecurities are stopping her from taking that leap.

And finally, there’s Lauren. Lauren is the person who is no longer in touch with her true identity due to the amount of times her thighs have been retouched, her moles have been removed, and her online presence has had a personality transplant because of what she is or isn’t allowed to post.

Now, all three of those women do not think of their lives as perfect. Instead, they can’t help but compare their own lives to the strangers they see walking down the street, the lives of the people who comment on their social media posts, and the lives of the other parents at the nursery.

Isn’t that normal though? Don’t we all compare ourselves to other people?

We do. Well, I certainly know I do, but in all honesty, I am tired of it! Why do we have to show ourselves in a certain way for people to accept us? Why can’t they accept us for who we are, stretch marks, warts, excessive body hair, mental health issues….everything!

If you follow Dawn O’Porter on social media, you will already know that she is incredibly forthcoming with her posts. She’s honest. She’s blunt. She’s hilarious and, seeing as I have never met her in person, I like to assume that she is completely genuine. Hell, it would take a lot of time to fake half of the stuff she does on social media! With that in mind, ‘So Lucky’ is like the extended cut of Dawn O’Porter’s personality. Instead of shying away from real life concerns such as libido after having a baby, different ways of having sex, the realisation that marriage is actually hard work; Dawn O’Porter takes those thoughts and turns them into something which people will relate to and punch the air with gratification.

If you’re not a fan of sex in books then this isn’t for you as ‘So Lucky’ doesn’t just glance over the subject, it dissects it in a bold way which will either make you turn your nose up in disgust or, if you’re like Beth, make you extremely hot under the collar. Now, seeing as a large portion of the first part of the book is governed by sexual thoughts and what not, I really wasn’t sure where the storyline was heading, nor was I sure on what the authors train of thought actually was (apart from the obvious). However, once I began to learn more about each individual characters and their insecurities, the true heart of the storyline became more apparent and I nearly blinded myself with the lightbulb moment I had.

Learning to love yourself takes a lot of time. Learning to appreciate yourself can happen a lot quicker if you have the right support behind you, What I loved most about ‘So Lucky’ was the fact that each of the three women were perfectly flawed. They knew they were a little rough around the edges, but they also knew that they were themselves and that no other person would ever come close. I loved the realistic notion of the storyline and the message of perfect imperfections that Dawn O’Porter shouted loud and proud about. I adored the sarcasm, the witty one liners, the sexual innuendos which made bold sexual thoughts be deemed as ‘the norm’. I also thought the friendships which occurred in the book were so genuine and so tender, the level of empowerment between the women was so powerful and so poignant, I honestly which that feeling could be bottled – Dawn O’Porter would make a killing!!

‘So Lucky’ is a book which makes you look at life from an entirely different perspective, and it teaches you, in a roundabout way, that being true to you and yours, is the best gift you could ever give yourself. This is an extremely bold, extremely blunt, and extremely poignant novel about life and being proud of your own imperfections.

Dawn O’Porter should be incredibly proud of what she has achieved with this book – I flipping loved every aspect, every minute detail, every shocking situation. This truly is a book everyone should be ‘So Lucky’ to read, I know I am!

Outstanding x a million!

‘So Lucky’ is due to be published on the 31st October, but can be pre-ordered now via the link below:
Pre-order now from Amazon

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