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Many thanks to Tracy Fenton for the blog tour invite, and thank you to the Orbit/Little Brown Books, for the ARC.

Kate Collins has been ghosted.

She was supposed to be moving in with her new boyfriend Scott, but all she finds after relocating to Brighton is an empty flat. Scott has vanished. His possessions have all disappeared.

Except for his mobile phone.

Kate knows she shouldn’t hack into Scott’s phone. She shouldn’t look at his Tinder, his texts, his social media. But she can’t quite help herself.

That’s when the trouble starts. Strange, whispering phone calls from numbers she doesn’t recognise. Scratch marks on the door that she can’t explain.

And the growing feeling that she’s being watched . . .

What does TWG think?

If I asked you whether you had ever been ghosted, would you know what I was talking about? Unfortunately, like Kate Collins, I have been ghosted before. In fact, I’ve been ghosted several times. Ghosting is basically talking to someone all fine, and then the next you never hear from them as though they have disappeared off the face of the earth. And the thing is, there isnt usually a reason as to why that happens…well, aside from the ghoster being a doorknob that is. It is a horrible thing to happen, so yeah, I did of course sympathise with Kate! She was about to move her entire life into her boyfriends flat in a mere 48 hours and yet he goes completely off the radar! Who does that?!

Mind you, my sympathy towards Kate only lasted for a short while. Personally, I dont get why she went along with the move if she was unsure and hadn’t heard from Scott. I know that she wanted answers but it was abundantly clear that she wasnt going to get any! I understood her frustration, it’s really not a nice position to be left in, especially when the ghoster ended up making up his life as he went along.

I couldnt tear my eyes away from this book. The storyline was so twisted, so addictive, and yet I still couldn’t help but think ‘what the f…… am I reading?!’. The plot starts off believable, but ends up being so far fetched I’m still undecided as to whether it worked or whether it just made everything spiral out of control.

The topic of social media is incredibly rife in this book, and yes it will probably make you start checking, double checking and triple checking all of your security settings across the platforms. It is an unnerving read, its also a chilling and pretty disturbing read.

I did enjoy the book, to a point. I mean, Jason Arnopp can clearly write and sure knows how to create a memorable tension between his characters. I appreciated those elements of the story, I really did. As for the whole supernatural, farfetched parts? I didn’t hate them. Would they have worked better in a different storyline instead of cramming everything into one? Most definitely!

I wont be forgetting this in a hurry, that’s for sure!

Buy now.

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