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#BlogTour! #Review – Silent Night by Geraldine Hogan (@gerhogan) @Bookouture

Thank you to Geraldine Hogan and Bookouture for inviting me to take part in the blog tour for ‘Silent Night’, and for the ARC. It’s an honour to be closing the blog tour today – hope you enjoy my review:

‘She reached into the pram and placed her hands on the cotton blanket. It was still warm. But her smiling, new baby sister, with her wide blue-grey eyes, was gone…’

Twenty five years later, three bodies are found at a ramshackle cottage in the Irish countryside, and Detective Iris Locke is sick to her stomach. The victims are Anna Crowe and her two young children.

Iris has only recently joined the Limerick Murder Squad. Against her father’s advice, she’s working the narrow lanes and green hills of her childhood. Iris still remembers Anna, who was just a small girl when her baby sister was snatched, never to be seen again. It was the one case Iris’ own father never solved, and Iris can’t help but wonder if the two crimes are connected.

She’ll stop at nothing to find Anna justice, but a fire has destroyed almost all the physical evidence, and Limerick is the same small town she remembers: everybody protects their neighbours, and Iris has been away for too long.

Can Iris unpick the lies beneath the surface of her pretty hometown, and catch the most twisted individual of her career, when reopening the old case means reopening old wounds for her team, the rest of the community, and her own father?

What does TWG think?

You may be sitting there thinking to yourself, ‘this name sounds familiar’, and you would be right. Geraldine Hogan, as a lot of you may already know, has written contemporary novels under the name of Faith Hogan. When I found out that she would be writing a crime novel, I was a little apprehensive as her other books are deeply moving, emotive, dynamic reads, and I just wasn’t sure.

‘Silent Night’ is the first book in a brand new series which follows Detective Iris Locke’s policing journey into the Murder team, and she is certainly thrown into the deep end with her first investigation!

I wasn’t taken by the storyline at first, I’ll be honest. There was a lot of information up in the air, with the storyline to-ing and fro-ing between the characters without first making sense of what had already been written. I didn’t really like the feeling of mismatch, but I tried to keep an open mind.

Thankfully the last 40 percent of the book completely turned my opinion around. I was shocked by the difference as it felt like I was reading a completely different story than the one I had started with. Perhaps Geraldine Hogan grew in confidence towards the end of the book, who knows, but I was so pleased by the strength of the latter chapters.

Iris Locke is such an intriguing character, and I can just tell that there is a lot more to her colleagues that meets the eye. I am rather looking forward to finding all of that out, that’s for sure.

The concept of missing child, devastating secrets, and murder, was such a compulsive and gripping mixture which, by the end of the book, had my pulse racing. I did not expect the turn of events, and I certainly did not expect my opinion of the book to change so drastically, but it did.

Geraldine Hogan has taken a promising step into the crime fiction genre, and I am looking forward to see where it takes her next.

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